Friday, December 26, 2014

Delaware was the Smoking Gun – AC Transit is the Murder Weapon

My side reporter Kim King got some pretty fantastic evidence that might finally indict Bloom Energy for their crimes against nature and humanity.   Kim got AC Transit the Bay Area public transportation authority to send internal documents on their purchase of 400 kilowatts of the Bloom Coffins.

The data in these documents show greenwashing and bloomdoggling on a scale that exceeds the crime in Deal Away.  AC Transit gave away all 52 cards to Al Gore and his partners in their Bloomdoggle.   I had blogged in September calling the AC transit deal a Rube Greenberg. 

We now know the extent of the rip-off and here is the content of an email I just sent to legal and technical staff at AC Transit.

“Dear all at AC Transit

I spent an hour reading the information you provided Ms. King.  There was a treasure trove.  Bloom claims to have 52% efficiency lower heating value.  They also claim 97% capacity factor.  The economic model shows 25% of the fuel will be fossil natural gas and 75% will be biogas.  The memos claim 1,500 metric tons per year of CO2 savings.  Also claim the 65 kg per day of H2 will be produced using electricity from the Bloom 400 kw fuel cell system.

I then did some math:

The 65 kgs of H2 have 7.406 mmbtu/day of LHV.  With 67% efficiency in the electrolyzer 11.053 mmbtu/day of electricity is needed .  This is 135 kw running for a day.  Approximately a third of the capacity of the Bloom Boxes.  The remaining 2/3 of power is used to offset power that would have been purchased from the grid.

Had the hydrogen been produced in a steam methane reformer at 75% efficiency 9.875 mmbtu LHV per day of gas would have been needed.  The Bloom boxes at 400 kw and 52% efficiency LHV use 62.99 mmbtu LHV per day.  135 kw of Bloom boxes use 21.26 mmbtu per day LHV.  Hence the hydrogen if made from the biogas going to a simple steam methane reformer would have used only 46.5% of the biogas the Bloom boxes used to generate the electricity that was used to electrolyze water to hydrogen.  This is a Rube Greenberg !!!!!

The memos then talk at length about competitive bidding yet only one bid for a "solid oxide fuel cell" was received.  The three other bidders who did not bid Accumentrics, Versapower, and Ztek could not supply the large fuel cells.  Accumentrics makes cells from 500 watts to 2.5 kw.  Versapower had been working on a 10 kw system. Ztek likewise had never been in the business of selling 400 kw of fuel cell systems.  See the links at the end of this email.  This bid was rigged!!!

Now we know the bid was sham and let's get to the pricing paid to Bloom for the systems.  The document shows $5,596,250 paid to Bloom for 400 kw.  This is $13,990 per kw.  At the very same time Bloom sold systems for $10,318 per kw.  See the cash flow sheet.  In Delaware the bloom boxes averaged just under $9,000 per kw.  Can you all explain the higher price paid by AC Transit???????

Now we know the whole project is a Bloomdoggle and a Rube Greenberg to waste precious biogas and ratepayer and taxpayer money, I suggest a meeting be held with the executive management of AC Transit, Ms. King and I.    The memos show Mr. Armijo, Mr Pachan, Mr Ewing, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Levin, Ms Mary King, Mr Butler, and Ms. Babington all had a hand in approving this Bloomdoggle.  I suggest each of them attend the meeting with Ms. Kim King and I.  We want this meeting ASAP.  Note I have copied Elizabeth Wagner and Vicky Nguyen of NBC Investigates as they did a wonderful investigative piece on the greenwashing by Bloom Energy.  Also copied is Matt Nippert of the New Zealand Herald who has written an article on the Kiwi involvement in the funding of Bloom Energy.


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine”

I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!   The year has had some green news some good rains in Northern California.  Our county is now green, all the hills are green, the gardens are green, and our Congressman has given up talking about the drought.    Our reservoirs are full and we can now go about the business of enjoying life in Marin County without worrying about a drought.

George Bush senior maligned our county 12 years ago by calling us Hot Tubbers.  Sadly the former president is not well and is in the hospital.  I wish him well from Jacuzzi that is now full.

Actually there are probably more Nissan Leafs and Teslas in Marin County than there are Hot Tubs.  This county is full of greenies with greenbacks.   I am a bit out of place driving an old C280 but I did fill up at $2.59 a gallon for mid-grade this week.  

Our local Starbucks was open today even though it is Christmas and I did pick up my wife’s daily drink.  The Starbucks is also green.   They give a 10 cent discount if you bring your own cup.  Of course I do not bring my own cup as I prefer the taste of coffee in wax paper.   Starbucks has a big problem with garbage and my guess is they would love to have the Green Machine come up with a plan of how to deal with all those wax covered paper coffee cups that remain after the crowds leave after hours of internet searching on iPads and laptops.    I do hope the folks who search the net go to and learn about their congressman and assemblyman.

The US was not greener this year.  We used more gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel than last year.  We also used more coal and natural gas than last year.  We simply used more energy than last year and our CO2 emissions as a nation are up by 1.3% this year after also rising 2.5% last year.

So much so for the green energy policy of Mr. Obama and Dr. Moniz.   

I wonder if Starbucks used more energy this year than last as the economy has improved and Starbucks announced 6% growth in global store sales.

Yes there are 6% more waste wax coated paper cups in landfills from Algeria to Zambia.   Amazing that Starbucks opened 1,599 new stores in 2014.  Maybe there is even a Starbucks on the Moon that Jerry Brown gets a Venti Decaf Moon Mocha at each morning? 

Gov Moonbeam announced his pick to run the CPUC after Mr. Peevey was essentially booted out for being corrupt. Jerry’s pick is Michael Picker a former aid.  The CPUC has been the focus of my attention in dozens of blogs given the Bloomdoggle under the SGIP.  I hope Picker cleans up the CPUC but it may well be business as usual at this mismanaged commission that gives away lots of money to Al Gore and his friends. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Did Kleiner Perkins Pull A Fast One on Wanxiang?

The press was full of the story of how Wanxiang bought Fisker from Kleiner Perkins and how the US Taxpayer was screwed in the deal that Al Gore’s partners put together for the failed Auto Company.  The Green Machine was one of the few if the only one to blog how Kleiner Perkins and Wanxiang  were far closer collaborators than just the Fisker deal.  This link from LLTGM in March.

KP and Wanxiang are co-owners of Great Point Energy.  However it looks like Great Point missed the point and China will buy Russian gas and pretty much shelve the idea of coal to substitute natural gas.

KP sold Wanxiang a piece of Missed The Point for a good deal of money.  I can’t say it saddens me that Wanxiang got taken for a ride by Al Gore and his partners, but it does not make me happy either.  Al is pretty famous for taking folks who buy him out to court as evidenced by the Al Jazeera deal.  I wonder if Wanxiang has the same lawyer as Al Jazeera?  We know that neither uses the famous Japanese lawyer Mr. So Sue Me.

From a green perspective it is far batter that the Chinese get rid of the gangrene idea to make natural gas from coal and buy Russian gas.   This article linked below explains the environmental effects of making substitute natural gas from coal.  My March 2014 article touched on this being gangrene.

Missed the Point Energy is only one of Kleiner Perkin’s green bloomdoggles.  Interesting that Vinod the Thermodynamic Clown Khosla is a Board Observer at Great Point.  He may now just be a bored observer as China buys Russian gas and great point becomes what’s the point.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Failure as a tool – repeated failure as a fool

Billionaires have a way of slapping each other on the back.  Branson loves Khosla as evidenced from Branson posting on his Virgin site the link of failure as a tool

“I love these quick lessons in using failure as a tool by Vinod Khosla, founder of Sun Microsystems among many, many other things. A friend pointed me to this great infographic after spotting my own blog on the dividing line between success and failure.
"No failure means no risk, which means nothing new," says Vinod. I couldn't agree more.
"Create a culture of experimentation," he adds. "If everyone stuck to being well behaved there would be no progress."
Sir Richard is partners with Vinod in Gevo the flop of a bio fuel company that has its shares trading at around 30 cents a share. 

Sir Richard and Vinod are tied at the hip with LanzaTech. 

I have opined of the greenwashing by Siemens in their investment in LanzaTech.

Sir Richard is right to use failure as a tool but he is now proving Einstein right in that repeated failure is a fool’s insanity.  Sir Richard take a break from partnering with a Khosla green company and concentrate on flying with those sexy yet pure Air Stewardesses.  Condi Rice was dumb to join the board of directors of Khosla’s KIOR flop.  But you don’t see or hear Condi saying another word about bio fuels being a reality.  She may be a war on carbon criminal, but she is no fool to be used twice as a tool by Khosla.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Barry Goldwater Not Greenwasher

I was watching a TV show last light about the 1960s.  Of course LSD, Beatles, Charles Manson, Farm Workers Union, and Civil Rights Movement were featured.  The show also featured Barry Goldwater as AuH2O.  I had really never paid much attention to Goldwater as I only arrived in the USA in 1975.  The one quote from Barry Goldwater that resonated in my brain was the following: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Wow brilliant words for a man I had heard that was a nut.   My extremism in the defense of the laws of thermodynamics as evidenced in my blogs and emails to Congressman Huffman is no vice.  Mr. Huffman’s selective moderation in the pursuit of upholding justice under the second law of thermo has been with no virtue.

One must be extremely vigilant to make sure that the military industrial congressional complex do not rule over us and removes our liberty, and that Congress does not simply bow down to CLECA (California Large Electric Consumers Association – Industry) in shifting power costs to homeowners and small business as Mr. Huffman would do. 

Mr. Huffman and his editorial supporters at the Marin IJ have told folks that I am a nutty zealot and that I should not be listened to.  Huffman and his followers would simply dismiss the Goldwater quote as being too RIGHT.  I come from a viewpoint of WRONG and RIGHT not LEFT or RIGHT and Goldwater’s words are spot on and brilliant. 

Moderation in only applying the laws of thermos selectively so that Bloom Energy, Kior, and other thermodynamic fakes and greenwashers extract more billions of dollars of taxpayer and ratepayer money would certainly not be virtuous.   I do really believe that Mr. Goldwater’s words of 50 years ago need to be repeated and repeated often.  Actually if Mr. Huffman would come for that four hour lesson in thermo I would make him write the quote out fifty times and use the first half hour of the lesson to drill into the Congressman’s brain that has two left sides that he was taken in by greenwashing BLOOMDOGGLERs out to make a buck.

I do think that Mr. Obama should also reflect on the Goldwater quote.   Our hope for this president back in 2008 was that he would not waver in defending liberty for all and would not selectively uphold justice.  Sadly Mr. Obama quickly became the uber fund raiser for his party and bankers like Mr. Doerr and Mr. Khosla steered his energy policy in the completely wrong direction.  Mr. Obama’s healthcare policy and foreign policy failures are large but his energy policy failure is immense and approaching one divided by zero.

My Christmas/Chanukah message to all my readers is that you all should never waver from upholding the laws of thermo as the laws will rule forever.  When you hear nonsense from promoters of green tech that have a new catalyst to make diesel from pine trees, you must tell them that the pine tree has better use as furniture or a Christmas tree.  I do hope you all decorate with LED lights and save some electricity in your celebrations.

Happy Holidays to all including those that are in the LEFT outfield and are still thinking that Dr. Moniz will save the world by visiting the massively expensive Ivanpah or Kemper power projects that just sucked in billions in ill-gotten taxpayer and ratepayer money.

For those who do not remember the periodic table of elements and basic chemistry.  Au is Gold. H2O is water.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oil at $57.81 a Barrel

What a week!  Oil plunged like Pamela Anderson’s neckline.  If you are a motorist the plunge was good to see.  If you held shares in Ivanhoe Energy (IVAN) or other small oil companies it was a disaster.   

A friend in South Africa asked me if the plunge was caused by Fracking.  I emailed him and said I think the plunge is being caused by geopolitical forces that are even stronger than the seismic quakes that fracking brings about.

The US and most of the Arab states want to sock it to Iran, ISIS and Russ Putin.  The Saudis also want to show they can squeeze US shale oil and gas producers.  The Chinese are happy as pigs in their own slop as they are buying scores of supertanker loads of oil cheaply and storing it.

I have no clue if President O’Gruber and Secretary of Entropy Alfred E Moniz are happy with low oil prices.  They probably are not as this puts a dent in their policy of supporting nonsense companies like Ivanpah and Bloom that pretend to lower carbon emissions while costing taxpayers and ratepayers a fortune.

Al Gore has not been quiet of late.  A google search of Al Gore and dropping crude oil prices yielded this cherry of a story where Al Gore likens the drop in oil prices to a scene from the Roadrunner cartoon.

Yeah Al you and Kleiner Perkins invested in multiple Acme Green Snake Oil Companies but don’t worry your investment in Luca Technologies was the worst of the gangrene bunch.

Luca even had the "green" audacity to leave gas wells in Wyoming unplugged when Big Al finished reading Chapter 6 of his book A Convenient Untruth and the company opened the first page of Chapter 7.

Why Bloomberg interviews Big Al for an opinion on oil is beyond me other than they are both Bio Fools.   Big Al’s partners at Kleiner Perkins were sucking wind long before oil dropped this week.   The demise of Fisker and the greenwashing at Bloom have nothing to do with geopolitics.  They simply were green fakes like Big Al.

I can imagine that Big Al will start his own cartoon network that he will sell to Al Jazeera for millions.   I think Big Al could start Mashugana Network and he would have the motto “let’s all worry”.   I was a real Mashugana to vote for Big Al in 2000.  Yes the Green Machine did vote for the hypocritical green opportunist.   Al talked of the scene in the Roadrunner where the running feet were hanging in midair.  Were these hanging chads??

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Alfred E Moniz Secretary Of Entropy

Folks have asked if I photoshopped Dr. Moniz's photo.  This is his profile photo on FaceBook and is 100% authentic!!!   Ask What Me Worry he will tell you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Car at 200,000 Kilometers

Unlike the poor guy in Ohio in the Volt with many miles, I drive little.  I purchased the car exactly 16 years ago and it turned 125,000 miles today.   In the 30 months since June 2012 when the car turned 111,111 miles I have driven only 13,889 miles.    This is 460 miles a month.  125,000 miles is 201,170 kilometers.   Let us round this to 200,000 kilometers for simplicity sake.

200,000 kilometers is equal to 200 million meters which equals 200 trillion microns. This distance travelled also equals 200 quadrillion nanometers.  The new Intel CPU chip has circuits of 20 nanometer line width.   Therefore my old C280 has gone ten quadrillion times the circuit width in the CPU on the latest computers that bring you this blog.  I actually worked on designing a semiconductor fabrication facility for Intel that was its first sub micron Fab.  This was in 1989 and we broke the micron barrier.  Old news as line widths are fifty times smaller.  My PC in 1989 was a Packard Bell with an 8086 processor.  My car then was a 1982 Datsun 280 Z.  I must like 2.8 liter engines.

Ten quadrillion is ten to the power sixteen and the car is sixteen years old.    I love numbers.  I love my old car and should take better care of her.   I have no need for Preparation H as the seats in the C 280 are superbly comfortable and I do not sit much in the car.  The US debt has exceeded 18 trillion dollars and this is 1.8 quadrillion cents.  I have a gazillion cents sitting in drawers and jars around the house but a gazillion is a drop in the ocean of 1.8 quadrillion so I will not bother to cash in my cents.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Ohioan's Volt Free Ride

Here is more on Mr. Belmer the dude in Ohio and his 200,000 miles in his Volt.  His car has a curb weight that is 24.3% greater than the Prius.  3,781 pounds versus 3042 pounds   Let us assume the guy weighs 225 pounds from his photo in the inside EV article.  He drives alone on his massive commute.  Hence he has a mass of 4,006 pounds in his volt versus 3,267 which is an extra 739 pounds wearing down the road he travels.  If road wear is proportional to the mass of the car (it should be) he causes 22.6% more road damage than had he bought the Prius.

He purchased 3,455 gallons of gasoline for his Volt and paid a gasoline tax of 46.4 cents per gallon for a total gas tax of $1,603.12.  Had he bought the Prius he would have purchased 4,000 gallons of gasoline and paid a gas tax totaling $1,856.04.  Therefore by buying the Volt he skipped $252.92 in gas taxes while chewing up the road 22.6% more.  On top of this federal taxpayers gifted him $7,500 of tax credit.

This guy has a carbon footprint the size of Sasquatch yet he got $7,752.92 of tax gifts thanks to the Oh Bummer Road Care law.   After all the driving this guy does, I hope his Oh Bummer Care pays for treating his hemorrhoids.  He probably has a year’s supply of Preparation H in his glove box.  I hope he does not suffer from road rage.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Volt In Ohio Goes 200,000 Miles

Photo by Erick Belmer

Inside EVs reported that a 2012 Chevy Volt in Ohio has achieved the amazing accomplishment of going over 200,000 miles.

Mr. Belmer in the Buckeye State does a bloody lot of driving.  Now the question is was he green to buy the Volt of could he have had a lower carbon footprint by buying a comparable car like a straight up Prius?

The Volt per the US EPA needs 0.36 kwh per mile of battery energy.  For the sake of argument let’s simply round this up to 0.4 kwh per mile of power generated at a generating station.  Ohio has pretty dirty electric power and according to the link below the CO2 emissions per mwh are 1,850 pounds for the year 2012.

Multiplying 0.4 by 1,850 and dividing by 1,000 kwh in a mwh we have emissions for Electric driven miles of 0.74 pounds per mile.  Mr. Belmer drove 72,169 miles on E power.  Multiplying this by 0.74 we have his carbon footprint on E power equaling 53,405 pounds.   He drove a total of 200,004 miles, hence his gasoline miles are 127,835.  Argone National Labs GREET model estimates well to wheels emission of gasoline as 92.72 kilograms of CO2 per million BTU LHV.    There are 114,500 BTUs LHV in a gallon of gasoline.  Hence the well to wheels emission of CO2 are 23.41 pounds per gallon of gasoline.

The EPA rates the 2012 Volt to get 37 MPG combined when running on gasoline.  Mr. Belmer’s carbon footprint for his gasoline miles is 80,864 pounds of CO2.  Adding the E miles carbon footprint his total carbon footprint for the 200,004 miles is 134,269 pounds.

Had Mr. Belmer bought a straight up Prius Hybrid that achieves 50 MPG combined his carbon footprint for the same 200,004 miles would have been 93,622 pounds of CO2.  Mr. Belmer actually could have emitted 40,647 less pounds of CO2 had he bought the Prius. 

Mr. Belmer bought the car on March 28, 2012.  I have driven only 16,401 miles since March 28, 2012.  My car gets 22 MPG, hence my motoring carbon footprint for this entire period is 17,448 pounds of CO2.  That is why I am called the Green Machine.  I do not have a name for Mr. Belmer as he spends half his life commuting in Ohio where I have never seen the sun shine after dozens of visits to that state.  I just feel sorry for Mr. Belmer.  Perhaps he can tell us if the Volt has more comfortable seats than the Prius as that may be the only reason he bought the Volt?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bloom Extracts Over $100,000 A Day In Delaware

The BLOOMDOGGLE in Delaware (Deal Away) has reached epidemic proportions.  Delmarva Power as Bloom’s agent requests funds to be extracted from its customers (ratepayers).  The Deal Away Public Service Commission are all dentists who believe in extraction instead of plugging holes.  They simply go along with the deal to enrich Al Gore and cronies at Bloom each month.

For the 365 days in 2014 the extractions average $101,823 each day for each and every day in the year.  Delmarva has asked to extract $108,437 for each of the 59 days in the first two months of 2015.

So far since the BLOOMDOGGLE began $65,473,770 has been extracted by Delmarva on behalf of Bloom.  The tooth fairy pays about $3.40 on average for a lost tooth.

This means approximately 19,256,991 teeth equivalent have been extracted in Deal Away by Bloom so far.  The population of Delaware is estimated at 925,749.  Dividing 19,256,991 teeth by 925,749 souls we have each Delawarean losing 20.8 teeth.  Let’s round down to 20 teeth.   There are 20 deciduous (baby teeth) in a human’s mouth.  Bloom has extracted the equivalent of all the baby teeth that the entire living population of Delaware had or will have.   This is quite a feat.

The famous Colin O’Mara who as secretary of the DE DNREC granted the fake permit and then headed to the wilderness was toothless to enforce the coastal zone act.  Beau Biden the first state AG has been toothless to enforce the rule of law at the DE DOJ.   I wonder how O’Mara and Biden eat food with no teeth?  Perhaps Al Gore does their chewing?    Perhaps Vitamix can sell a blender to each household in Delaware and put some of those dirty, unreliable, and expensive Bloom Electrons to good use.

I found two other photos that I could have used for this blog.  They are shown below

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Biggest Turkeys Of The Year

We ate our mixed fowl yesterday.  It took five hours to cook our 14 pound Turducken.  It was simply Wunderbar!  

We have leftovers and will be savoring fowl for a week.  I decided that today’s blog should be about a few Green Turkeys who ran afoul of the second law of thermodynamics.

Turkey number 1 is Vinod Khosla with his advising duck Condi Rice and his advising chicken Tony Blair.  Note a duck in cricket is when the batsman scores a big fat zero.  Condi is certainly that duck.  Vinod has batted nine innings and scored a duck in each.  These innings are Cello, Range, LS9, Mascoma, Calera, Amyris, Gevo, HCL CleanTech, and KIOR.

Turkey number 2 is John Doer at Kleiner Perkins.  His duck is his partner Al Gore, and his chicken is his strategic adviser Colin Powell.  They Bloomdoggled and they Fiskered and got roasted in an oven filled with lithium and sulfur.  Their Turducken was simply inedible and had to be thrown away even though between Bloom and Fisker over $700 million of taxpayer and ratepayer money was wasted.

Turkey number 3 is Leslie Stalled on the Highway at 60 Minutes.  She helped launch Bloom in February 2010 and then did a piece in January 2014 featuring Vinnie the thermo clown walking around the now shut KIOR facility in Columbus Mississippi.  Vinod should eat the white catalyst he had in a bottle while showing Leslie the shiny plant.

Turkey number 4 is my Assemblyman Mr. Levine.  He is just a thermodynamic idiot so he was pardoned by the president.

Turkey number 5 is my Congressman Mr. Huffman.  This hypocrite does not get a pardon.  He gets the turkey of the year award.   He came up with CLECA (Hostess Twinkie) defense  in his call to me early this year.  He said he went along with the SGIP Bloomdoggle because CLECA (California large electric customers association) pleaded with him to save jobs in California.  CLECA was busy opposing the California Senate’s push to declare CO2 as a global warming gas but Mr. Huffman the “environmental” lawyer was assisting CLECA to get affordable power at the very same time.  Huffman holds the record for being the largest turkey in 2014.  I have to call Mr. Nook in the Hawkeye State to see if his 38.125 pound turkey he bagged in Iowa looked like Mr. Huffman.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

I have a lot to be thankful for.  My wonderful wife will share her birthday with Thanksgiving day.  Happy Birthday!!!  We will enjoy a wonderful meal with family and friends.  We all will eat well and will catch up on what has happened since the last Thanksgiving.  We will watch football and will wish we did not eat as much as we did.

When I do my personal reflection of thanks it will weigh heavily on thanking those in the free press who have done their job of keeping them honest.  I am not talking on Anderson Cooper and CNN.  They refused to investigate the Bloom Energy BLOOMDOGGLE.   I will be thinking of three folks at NBC Bay Area.  They are the reporter, the producer, and the cameraman who collectively worked on their report on the greenwashing by Bloom.  I will thank them.

I know the NBC Investigates report had a hard time to see the air as Bloom and their cronies brought a lot of pressure to suppress the report.  I know the report was edited by legal folks at NBC as Bloom is a power company with powerful shareholders, officers, and directors.  But these three brave press people had the conviction to air a fair and balanced report.  Bloom’s spokespeople have subsequently called the report silly, a reporter looking for a story, and also Hodge Podge.  Bloom has tried to put their green spin on the report and is busy covering up.

I will also thank Breitbart for having the guts to post the sulfur story.  They did so today and here is the link.

But Bloom has blinked and has formally and forever changed their specification sheet from their greenwashed lie of 773 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour of electricity from their unreliable, dirty, and prohibitively expensive Bloom Coffins.  The 773 greenwashed lie started in March 2010 with emails from a Bloom engineer to me.   For four years and seven months they stuck with their 773 pounds of CO2 per mwh, until they changed their specification sheet a few weeks ago.  All the time they simply lied and greenwashed their products GHG emissions while grabbing hundreds of million of dollars of public funds.

The NBC report could have covered the solid waste with sulfur as I did explain this to NBC Investigates, but NBC focused on greenhouse gas emissions.  I do hope NBC does a follow up report on the sulfur containing solid waste.  I happen to think the hidden sulfur waste is cause for criminal action against the major shareholders, officers, and directors of Bloom Energy as well as politicians and civil servants who have hidden the waste.

I will also reflect on my lack of thanks for the corrupt representation Mr. Huffman and Mr. Levine have given me as a citizen in Northern California.  My Congressman and my Assemblyman are under the thumb of Al Gore and his cronies.  These two sellouts represent what is the worst in America.   These two don’t blink they just want power whether or not it has high carbon footprint or not.  They want power whether it has associated solid waste with sulfur or not.  They just want to move up in their party apparatus and look for bigger jobs and more power.   Huffman wants to be a US Senator when either Feinstein or Boxer vacates their Senate seats.  Levine wants Huffman’s “job” of US Congressman.

I just want the rule of law and I want to see the people who brought the BLOOMDOGGLE and aided and abetted in the BLOOMDOGGLE face the justice we deserve.    Remember these are crimes against nature and humanity.  These are crimes of a Nuremberg level.

Last Thanksgiving, I had no clue Congressman Huffman would call me with his excuse of the CLECA defense in the BLOOMDOGGLE.  Last Thanksgiving, I had no clue that three brave souls at NBC Channel 3 would have the guts, smarts, and fortitude to do their report.  Last Thanksgiving, I did not know that Collin O’Mara the head of the Delaware DNREC and a secretary in Governor Markell’s cabinet would resign and hide in the wilderness.  Last Thanksgiving, I had no clue that I would get this much traction in exposing the BLOOMDOGGLE.  Who knows by next Thanksgiving Anderson Cooper and CNN may be keeping Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell really honest. 

Last thanksgiving I did know that KIOR with the war criminal Condi Rice and the thermodynamic joker Vinod Khosla would be bankrupt by this Thanksgiving.  They are!!!!

There is some talk that President Obama may nominate Colin Powell for Secretary of Defense, I do hope he in nominated so that a US Senator can ask him at his confirmation hearing what role he played in the BLOOMDOGGLE while a Board Member of Bloom Energy.    Remember when the onion is fully peeled the BLOOMDOGGLE is Solyndra times four.  No Chinese to blame at Bloom.  There are just greedy Canadians, New Zealanders, Germans, Swiss, Indians, and of course Americans. 

When the onion is fully peeled and Al Gore is stark naked we will all realize he is the least deserving of a Nobel Peace prize for his oratory and writing on greenhouse gasses.  Mr. Gore, actions speak far more loudly than words and your greedy actions for money through Bloom Energy have caused untold environmental harm and has cost taxpayers and ratepayers over a half billion dollars so far.  Mr. Huffman and Mr. Levine are well suited to be your BFFs.   BFF equals Bring Federal Funds!!!

The photo is of Assemblyman Levine with Al Gore at a book signing in San Rafael California.  The book like the two men is a joke.

Happy Thanksgiving to all  The Green Machine

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bloom Blinks Admits Carbon Emissions Are Higher

After the NBC Bay Area Investigates report, Bloom has now changed the data on their spec sheet for their fuel cells.  The carbon emissions have been increased from the bogus 773 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour.  I checked my records in my email system and I first contacted Bloom on March 23, 2010 to tell them the 773 pounds was bogus.   They replied they were certain the 773 pounds was accurate.

Bloom continued to lie and greenwash about the 773 pounds until a few days ago when they mysteriously “corrected” their spec sheets.  Wow four year and 7 months before the NBC report was when they should have followed the laws of thermo and not BLOOMDOGGLED to gain over a half billion dollars of ratepayer and taxpayer funds illegally.

Talking of four score and seven years ago it had been 151 years since Honest Abe gave his address on November 19, 1863.

Now that Bloom has greenwashed for four year and seven months and scored over a half billion dollars of ill-gotten money from taxpayers and ratepayers it is time for environmental justice.   The Bloomdogglers are still hiding the solid waste with sulfur from any mention on their spec sheet.

I was asked if I feel vindicated by the NBC report and Bloom’s revisions to their spec sheet?   I said that I will feel that I accomplished something when all the money is returned to taxpayers and ratepayers and when the major shareholders, officers, and directors of Bloom and its subsidiaries face justice and are made to pay for their crimes against nature and humanity. 

I was then asked, how much time should they serve?  I said the laws of thermo have been around since the big bang some 13.8 billion years ago so I would give them all 13.8 billion years minus 4 years and seven months.  Thermo rules even if Gore, Doerr, and Powell wish otherwise.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

So What Is New And Green

The greenest thing I saw this week was a video of a 2008 Hummer H2 being sent through a scrap shredder.  One does not see too many Hummers on the road anymore.  They were a vestige of when the Terminator was the Governator.    The Hummer had a curb weight of 6614 pounds with the 6.2 liter engine.  The Governator had a thermodynamic IQ 6.2 below plankton.  He still believes that a fuel cell will make the Hummer H2 attain 100 MPG.

The second greenest thing I saw this week was inside EVs article on the new Mini that was shown at the 2014 LA Auto Show.   Cool car that is small and the Anti Hummer.

The car is a Super Legger  Ahhhh and was also shown in Paris.  What a beauty.

The least greenest thing I saw this week was the announcement by Matt Ross the chief marketing officer of Bloom Energy in the New Zealand Herald when talking of the Delaware Bloomdoggle.
“Ross said the Delaware site had been operational for more than two years and was half-way through a maintenance cycle requiring replacement of fuel stacks, leading to anticipated loss of performance.”

I emailed the NZ Herald reporter and told him that the Bloom coffins on average are far less old than two years.  The site only reached full capacity in January of 2014 and more than half of the coffins were less than 1.5 years old.  I did some math and the weight average age of the 30 mw of Bloom Coffins in Delaware is 9.2 months.

Mr. Ross who is the CMO of Bloomdoggle Inc. certainly knows how to compare oranges to apples and rocks.  In his fantasy world that he accused NBC of being hodge podge from different time periods he should learn that more than two years is not the gestation period of the humans who are being subjected to high carbon emissions and solid waste with sulfur from his coffins he so aptly “markets” with government handout and high level cronyism.   Actually Mr. Ross has a cushy job.  He has Kleiner Perkins, Al Gore, John Doerr, and Collin Powell doing all the heavy lifting to gain Bloom customers while taxpayers and ratepayers subsidize his selling price.   In his case the CMO stands for Cushy Misleading Orator.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bloom is Digging A Deep Hole in New Zealand

The Bloomdogglers have made news in New Zealand.  The NZ Herald (Matt Nippert) wrote the following article on the Bloomdoggle

Quoting from the article

Matt Ross, chief marketing officer for Bloom, said the NBC story was misleading. "Their report is a hodge podge from different time periods. They're comparing apples to oranges to rocks," Ross said.

Who is Matt Ross ?

Matt Ross is the chief marketing officer at Bloom that helps keep the Bloomdoggle going.  He is a guy who worked most of his life in an advertising agency.   He probably never studied thermo 101!  Yet he knows the difference between apples, oranges, and rocks.  Mr. Ross we are turning over each rock in the Bloomdoggle and finding corruption and graft hidden under them.  The apples are rotten.  The oranges have a sulfur hue.

Mr. Ross you contradicted Mr. Brockenborough and the NZ Herald article now has you on record as saying “Ross said the Delaware site had been operational for more than two years and was half-way through a maintenance cycle requiring replacement of fuel stacks, leading to anticipated loss of performance.”  Remember Mr. Brockenborough wrote under penalty of perjury that the maximum usage of natural gas would be 1.32 million BTU per hour per 200 kw server.  Mr. Brockenborough certainly did not disclose any “anticipated loss in performance” in his January 13, 2012 coastal zone act permit application. 

Mr. Ross you are about halfway through your green-washing cycle and you soon will be replaced.  Better still we may place you in the dryer when you are fully greenwashed and spin dried.  We don't need your marketing spin.  We need a full and unfettered investigation into you and your corrupt company!

Amazing how these Green Washers at Bloom continue to dig a deeper hole for themselves.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Carbon Tax of Non ICE Cars

Rob a star engineer asked me to calculate the imputed carbon tax to a consumer buying various cars.

As a base let’s assume the motorist wants safe, reliable, and affordable transportation.  The motorist can buy a 2015 Toyota Corolla for MSRP of $17,500 and it will get 32 MPG.  Let’s assume the car lasts 10 years and goes a distance of 150,000 miles.  At 22.5 pounds of CO2 well to wheels we have the motorist emitting 52.73 tons of CO2 over the ten years.

The motorist can upgrade to a Prius and achieve 50 MPG and only emit 33.75 tons of CO2 over the same distance in the same ten years.  This saves the planet approximately 19 tons of CO2 emissions.  The MSRP of the Prius is $24,200.  The added $6,700 paid divided by the 19 tons of CO2 means the motorist paid a carbon tax of $352.92 per ton of CO2 saved. 

This is a very simplified analysis as the battery pack on the Prius required some primary energy to fabricate the pack but for now let’s assume the carbon footprint to produce a Corolla is the same as a Prius.

Next the motorist could have bought a plug in Prius.  The MSRP is $29,900, this is $14,400 more than the base Corolla.  The MPG is 50 on gasoline and let’s assume that one quarter of the miles are driven on US Average Grid power with the grid emitting 0.55 tons per megawatt hour.  Doing some tedious math we get the same 150,000 miles driven over ten years the Plug in Prius will emit 32.53 tons of CO2.  The carbon tax for buying the plug in Prius versus the Corolla is $712.76 per ton of CO2 saved.

Next the motorist could have bought a Nissan Leaf.  With a MSRP of $30,585 this car is $13,085 more expensive than the Corolla.   Using US average grid emissions the Leaf will have 28.88 tons of CO2 emissions over the 150,000 miles.  For this purpose we will not add the CO2 emissions to fabricate the battery and therefore at a minimum the carbon tax to buy the leaf over the Corolla is $548.42 per ton of CO2.  As you and I as taxpayers gave the Leaf owner $7,500 to buy the wrong car we got taxed at $314.34 per short ton of CO2 emissions saved.

For comparison one can buy a US ton of carbon offsets in Europe for between $7 and $8 per ton of CO2.  None of these cars make any economic sense.  Go out and buy a Corolla.  It is a great car and probably will last long beyond 150,000 miles.  The Leaf will turn brown and may not be compostable after 10 years.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Simplicity – The BLOOMDOGGLE

Yesterday I posted just a picture to explain the election defeat of the Democrats.  I received several emails that said this was my best blog ever.  I get it - you all want simplicity.  So here is the simple version of the BLOOMDOGGLE in Delaware.

A corrupt state government plus an equally corrupt public electric utility want to tell folks that they are greening up the grid.  The utility does not want to pay anything for the greening so a new bogus tariff is imposed on ratepayers to “green” the grid.  The bogus tariff adds “only” several dollars per household per month that the greenwashers all think can easily be hidden.

A gangrene company from California with Al Gore, Collin Powell, and Kleiner Perkins involved arrive in Delaware probably with Vice President Biden’s help and claim they can green the grid. And the imposters are given the green monopoly in the state.

To expedite construction and connection of the power station to the grid the site chosen is unfortunately in a protected area in the coastal zone and a coastal zone act permit (CZAP) has to be issued.

There is a lot of dealing on the permit by Collin O’Mara the head of the Delaware agency (DNREC) who expedites the CZAP.  O’Mara hides tons a year of solid waste with sulfur that is hazardous.  O’Mara’s staff at DNREC limit air emissions of sulfur to a level that are unattainable by the Bloom Boxes.  Bloom in the CZAP application lies about the unit quantity of natural gas that will be used in generating the electricity.  NBC news recently showed that the boxes cannot meet the stated specification on natural gas usage.

The “small” monthly charge to individual rate payers to subsidize the Bloom Boxes quickly adds up and is now over $62 million and is increasing by over $100,000 a day.  The boxes are not as reliable as claimed.  The boxes are not as green as claimed.  And the boxes are not as affordable as claimed.  As this unfolds O’Mara quickly resigns and hides in the wilderness with other foxes in a job his cronies in Dover, DC and Silicon Valley find him as the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.

A new Attorney General is elected in Delaware and he has been asked by the Green Machine and other honest citizens to investigate the BLOOMDOGGLE as soon as he takes office in January 2015, replacing Beau Biden the son of the US Vice President.  Beau Biden and his department of injustice in Deal Away have not lifted a finger on the investigation of the BLOOMDOGGLE for the past 18 months. 

This is the BLOOMDOGGLE in a nutshell.  This is the perfect storm of crony capitalism in the Green Teapot under the Dome of the State Capitol in Dover.  One can see from the picture above, there is a rather small dome on the Delaware Legislative Hall that does resemble a teapot.

For those not familiar with US History prior to Watergate the Teapot Dome Scandal was the biggest scandal ever in the country.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Truck Leaving Washington DC

A picture says one thousand words!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Green Machine Gives Delaware DOJ and DNREC Ultimatum

The Green Machine has drawn a red line in the gangrene sand in Delaware.  The line is the rapid and thorough investigation of the permit given to Bloom Energy in the coastal zone of Delaware for the 134 coffins placed at the Red Lion site.

I write very occasionally for Breitbart and my rare pieces on Breitbart have proved to be 100% thermodynamically true.

Below is an email I sent today where I provided the Delaware DOJ and DNREC the ultimatum to bring an end to the green BLOOMDOGGLE .  If they do not end the BLOOMDOGGLE by year end I will write another thermodynamically correct piece on Breitbart that follows my now famous other rare pieces on Breitbart that nailed Bloom, Ivanpah, and Advanced Equities.

“Sorry some were left off the distribution.  30 months ago I wrote one of my rare pieces for Breitbart (I actually vote Democrat more often than Republican)  as I knew Ivanpah was a boondoggle and Chu/Obama were wasting billions of taxpayers’ money.  Just before the Ivanpah piece, I wrote the now famous piece on Breitbart that Bloom Coffins emit more than 773 pounds of CO2 per mwh.  Unless I see some real action by the DE DOJ and DE DNREC on shutting the Red Lion site down based on the SO2 air emissions, the hazardous solid waste with sulfur, and the excess natural gas usage, I may have to write the next rare Breitbart piece that puts the nail in the Bloom Coffin and shines the light on the collective corruption from top to bottom in Delaware government.

My hunch is that the corruption goes 90 miles down the I 95 to DC but I am still working on that.  Note it is only a hunch and I have not made any allegations of that.  The smelly rat in the hunch is where O'Mara ended up and my questions on who gave him the job?  I do have all the data and evidence that show the Dover conspiracy of environmental criminality.    You have all been given the evidence and it is overwhelming just like the smell of H2S. Dover DE unlike Dover England has no white cliffs just yellow piles of sulfur.  For sure there is nothing green about Dover.

Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine”

Note a few months back Collin O’Mara resigned as Secretary of the DREC to become the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).  I have informed the NWF that Mr. O’Mara hid solid waste with sulfur that is hazardous in the Delaware coastal zone and made tons of the unpermitted solid waste disappear from the Red Lion site that has 134 Bloom coffins.   We will see if I ever hear from the NWF which hopefully may soon stand for Notorious Waster Fired!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Arcimoto SRK is Green

Finally the world is being offered a green electric vehicle.  It is the Arcimoto SRK.  I saw this piece on the BBC and I became interested in the Arcimoto.

Yeah this is not a car for a rich MD in Orange County who only wants prestige and tax breaks.  This is the EV of the People.  The Arcimoto even has the option to attach a shroud of light weight polycarbonate panels to keep the passengers from freezing.

Mark Fronmayer the man behind the Arcimoto is finally a UC Bezerkeley graduate who learned thermo and not junk in silly courses that Dr. Kammen and his cronies teach there in the Inappropriate Energy Lab.

This three wheel car is cool!  It is hip! It is bloody marvelous.   It has ample speed (75 MPH) and decent acceleration (0 to 60 MPH in 9 seconds) with ultimate simplicity and beauty in its form and function.   It has a simple battery pack using 2,000 cylindrical lithium ion cells.  This could be approximately 20 kwh of stored energy that feed the two motors that have 30 kw of power each. 

Mr. Fronmayer is the anti Fisker.  He has designed a car of utter simplicity effectively using a small battery pack to get folks out of large cars that simply make no sense for short trips in the urban environment.

I will send this blog to the greenwashers at Siemens who claim that carbon monoxide is best used to produce ethanol in the LanzaTech boondoggle.  The carbon monoxide in steel mills should be used to make the removable polycarbonate body panels for the SRK.  Of course the steel tubes that shroud the driver and the one passenger in the rear will come from the very same steel mill.

The SRK is named as a shortened name for a Shark.  Siemens may claim the SRK stands for Siemens Really Kares.  Of course I know cares in spelled with a C but many C words in English are K words in German.  

Perhaps there is a Great Green Shark?     There is a Greenland Shark.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bloom Energy 7.8 Pounds SO2 Per Year????

The final final permit issued by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) on July 9, 2014 states that the 27 megawatts of Bloom Boxes in the coastal zone will emit no more than 0.0039 tons per rolling 12 month period of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) into the air.  This equals 7.8 pounds per year of SO2.

When the DNREC issued the final final permit to cover up the final permit that was already issued six months earlier they stated (falsely I might say) that the maximum usage of natural gas in the same 12 month rolling period would be  1,516 million cubic feet.  I say this is false accounting as the state calculated the natural gas used in a year based on 100% capacity factor for the power station and no power station on God’s green earth has 100% capacity factor.  The real capacity factor as reported by Bloom is only 84%.  Now let’s do some basic engineering.

A hundred cubic feet of natural gas has a mass of approximately 4.14 pounds.  Therefore 1,516 million cubic feet of natural gas has an approximate mass of 62,762,400 pounds.  The amount of sulfur in 7.8 pounds of SO2 is 3.9 pounds.  Dividing 3.9 pounds by 62,762,400 pounds we have the concentration of sulfur in natural gas at 62.14 parts per billion.  This applies if the heat rate of the Bloom Coffins is the maximum of 6.6 million BTU per mwh that Bloom assured under penalty of perjury in their permit application.  However, we know Bloom is now using 7.39 million BTUs per mwh.   In this case the concentration of Sulfur in the gas is a maximum of 55.5 parts per billion.

The incoming gas from the pipeline system in Delaware has a maximum sulfur content of 2 grains of sulfur per 100 cubic feet.  There are 7,000 grains in a pound and performing the algebra, the pipeline gas has a concentration of sulfur of 69,013 parts per billion.  Therefore the desulfurization system that Bloom claims removes sulfur in the pipeline natural gas before it enters the fuel cell stack has to reduce the concentration from a maximum of 69,013 parts per billion to only 55.5 parts per billion for Bloom to meet the permitted SO2 air emissions. 

This is pretty much impossible from a chemical engineering perspective.  In the highly unlikely event that Bloom does meet the sulfur limitation in the air they will have even more massive amounts of solid waste that contain sulfur and are hazardous if the use their patented desulfurization technology.  In the Bloom permit application their VP Mr. Brockenborough referred to the possibility that the desulfurization sorbent filter could achieve a sulfur concentration in the gas of 1 part per million which equals 1,000 parts per billion.  This is the more probable case and in this scenario the SO2 emissions into the air in the coastal zone are approximately 18 times the maximum permitted level. 

It looks like Bloom and DNREC have three problems. 

First the unpermitted solid waste with sulfur that is never mentioned in the O’Mara (DNREC) report;  

Second the use of more than the permitted amount of natural gas per mwh; and  

Third as much as 18 times the permitted quantity of SO2 emitted into the air. 

I say three strikes you are out and it is time to shut down the Red Lion power station in the pristine coastal zone of Delaware and get back the $149 million Bloom extracted from taxpayers and ratepayers for their dirty, unreliable, and bloody expensive power.