Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bloom Kabloom Bloomerang Bloomdoggle

I love the blooming onions at Outback.  I just wish the blooming liars at Bloom Energy would end their greenwashed business to nowhere.  Bloom is no green onion.

Delaware (Deal Away) issued the employment report and it is Blooming Dismal.

224 Jobs instead of 600 promised.  I had written three months ago that Bloom was wilting.  They had 230 jobs as of the end of June 2015 and now have fewer jobs as of September 30 2015.  

6 jobs were lost over the last three months when they are supposed to add 25 jobs a month.

My take from the latest excuse from Bloomdoggle Energy:

Interesting the gangrene monsters at Bloom are blaming slow local permits for their crappy performance.

The local governments know Bloom pollutes and creates solid waste with sulfur that ends up being treated in an EPA licensed Hazmat facility in Texas

The Crook O'Mara certainly had the same information, but he handed out the fake CZA permit to Bloomdoggle to assist Al Gore and his partners to rip off Delmarva ratepayers.  Now the crook has a $300,000 a year cushy job at the NWF that Big Al helped him land.

O'Mara was assisted by Ralph Durstein and these two must be indicted for dereliction of duty.  The five pretend Professional Engineers need to be stripped of their licenses except we have found out that one of them working for DNREC has no DE PE license to be stripped of.

No jobs, a fake permit, a bogus tariff, no licenses, and the $$$$$ money is in Al Gore's and his friends' pockets.   

The Green Machine AKA the Thermanator is once again batting 1,000 by simply following the laws of thermodynamics and following the MONEEEE

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Former GOP Secretaries of State Advising Businesses That Are Bad

I have often opined on Con D Rice and her insider trading of shares for a profit in the now bankrupt and disgraced Kior.  Colin Powell is equally disgusting for his role in Bloom Energy.

Now the geriatric former Secretaries of State, Henry Kissinger and George Schultz are caught in a scandalous company called Theranos.   Kissinger is 92 years old and Schultz is 94 years old.  Yet a star dropout at Stanford convinced these two “diplomats” to join the board of her company  Theranos.

She also got Sam Nunn and Riley Bechtel to join the star studded board.  But the problem is the Wall Street Journal reported that Theranos is not quite legit.

The story is unfolding and there probably is some truth to the reporting by the WSJ that Theranos is faking blood test results by saying their technology did the testing while in fact most of the tests were conducted never using Theranos equipment and methods.

Yes Theranos may well be another Bloomdoggle or a Kior, time will only tell.   But what is for certain is that Hillary Clinton did not join a startup as a board member after she resigned as Secretary of State, she was too busy wiping servers and deleting emails to do that. 

I doubt that Kissinger and Schultz use email much as they have a hard time remembering their passwords.   These two guys in their 90s should forget Theranos and should be vacationing on Mikonos.  When Kerry retires he will be vacationing in Kish Iran together with Ernie Moniz.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Markell Bought By Koch or Koch Bought By Markell?

This is one crazy blog.  Jack Markell the Governor of Delaware who is a distant cousin of the truth and honest government settled his lawsuit with FuelCell Energy.  FuelCell Energy is the Mini Me of Dr. Evil Bloom Energy.  These two companies fleeced the California SGIP fund of half a billion dollars for electrons with solid sulfur waste that ends up treated in EPA licensed facilities.

The state of DE will pay FuelCell’s lawyers $45,000 and the case will go away from Federal Court.

But who are FuelCell’s lawyers Cause of Action, they are a group funded by the Kochs.

Hence Delaware taxpayers are now funding Koch’s political reach.  But it gets worse, the minute the settlement was announced it was revealed that Markell will be giving a keynote speech early in November at a Koch sponsored event. 

The lawsuit was a sham simply to pretend that somebody cares about free trade in America.  The real lawsuit that should have happened was the lawsuit by Whipple that Delmarva ratepayers are being defrauded by Bloom in the Bloomdoggle.  Markell got his superior court judge to toss out that case as they all knew that the poor and middle class households are being screwed royally in their electric bills to give Al Gore and his cronies at Bloom $3 million a month in subsidy.  Each Delmarva electric customer pays approximately $5 per month.   This is death by 600,000 shocks.

The crook Markell had promised clean, reliable, and affordable power from Bloom.  Bloom delivered dirty, unreliable, and massively expensive power.  That is the real story.  NBC has reported on the story.  Breitbart has reported on the story and I certainly have over reported on the story.

Forget the claims in TV ads by the Kochs that they are nice.  Forget the claims by Markell he is an honest governor.  The Kochs are as evil as Bloom and Markell is as honest as Nixon.  The story here is that Bloom is a thermodynamic fraud and for the next 18 years unless is stopped the subsidy to Bloom by the poor and the middle class will be approximately $36 million a year.  Yes if the Bloomdoggle continues, something like three quarters of a billion dollars will be transferred from John and Jane Doe to Al Gore and his cronies for dirty sulfur laden unreliable power that should never have been generated.

Yes there was pure fraud in the issuance of the permit in the protected coastal zone.  Collin O’Mara led that fraud when he issued the CZA permit and he hid the tons of sulfur waste that are generated each month and hauled away secretly to an EPA licensed Hazmat facility for treatment.

Markell and Koch can have their love fest, but folks in Deal Away wake up you are being shafted for the next 18 years at the rate of $36 million a year unless you force your government to be accountable.  Don’t rely on the Kochs or Markell for help they are conjoined twins and cut from the same cloth. 

I suggest each Delmarva ratepayer deduct $5 each month from their bill and let Delmarva try to collect the $3 million a month through the courts.  Then the courts can determine if the $5 a month charged to many poor and middleclass households is fraud or legitimate.  Any court that is not filled with Kangaroos and judges appointed and behooven to Markell will rule that Bloom is a fraudulent Bloomdoggle, and that Collin O’Mara should serve time.  

Markell should just join a Koch company as their CEO and pretend to be a democrat. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Professional Engineers in Delaware

Engineers take their profession very seriously and the licensing of Professional Engineers (PEs) is perhaps the most regulated aspect on the engineering profession. 

As you all know I have the Delaware Association of Professional Engineers (DAPE) investigating the professional conduct or misconduct of five PEs in Delaware.  I got a call three days ago from the Chairman of DAPE’s ethics committee.  He informed that one of the five engineers was not a registered PE in Delaware and there were no records of her registration.  I told him I have documents going back 10 years that the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) claimed she was a PE and that I have a copy of her business card for DNREC that clearly states PE after her name.

She played a central role in approving and in issuing the fake Coastal Zone Act permit to Bloom Energy (Al Gore and his cronies) under which the solid waste with sulfur was made to disappear from the protected coastal zone.  It turns out that Delaware requires direct licensing of engineers as PEs and that her licensing in Delaware should have been done years ago, and that for all intents and purposes she is practicing engineering in Delaware without a license.

DNREC and this engineer are now in a deeper pit than simply the one that covers the hidden sulfur waste.   Any permit she ever worked on or touched going back the many years she has worked at DNREC is suspect and is invalid as it never had valid PE review.  The chairman of DAPE’s ethics committee told me today he will be interviewing her on Monday.  

I am sure that the DAPE verdict on the gang of five will take a few months.  It is quite amazing how the corrupt Governor (Magic Jack Markell) and his Secretaries of DNREC are digging themselves a hole the size El Chapo’s escape tunnel trying to protect El Gordo and his mobsters in Bloomdoggle Energy. 

Bloomie is the bird that sings in Bye Bye Bloomie and I think the masquerading Delaware PE will sing like Bloomie the nightingale.  Her voice will be so sweet it may make Jack Markell resign.  For sure she had pressure from above to rubber stamp the fake permit for Gore, Doerr, and Powell.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why Con D and Joe Will Not Run For Office?

I sent this in an email to a political reporter at the Huffington Post. She is Mollie Reilly.  She wrote an article that Con D Rice has quit politics.

Ms. Reilly

I enjoy reading your articles such as this one

The reason why Con D Rice won't run for office is that she was very involved in a bankrupt company Kior as a member of the board of directors.  She insider traded stock for a profit and hyped the "reality" of Kior to replace oil imports.  Kior went bust and owes the State of Mississippi $75 million.  Old Miss is suing Vinod Khosla (Dinner host to Obama) and his close cronies for fraud to recover the $75 million.  Con D escaped this suit but I am after her for my movie Celsius 1960 - Fake Science and Bloomdoggles.  see the attached poster.

Read my blogs what Con D did

There are many more blogs I have done on Khosla ,Con D, and Toxic Tony Blair.  Con D and Toxic Tony are "advisors" to Khosla.  Khosla is gangrene not green and he brought us the following greenwashed failures.  Cello, Range, Coskata, Mascoma, Ls 9, Amyris, Gevo, Calera, and of course Kior.

Now why won't Joe run?  It is another faked out green company that he brought to Delaware.  Not Fisker but Bloom Energy.

Read my blog of my I accuse letter to President Obama

You may ask who is Lindsay Leveen?   I am an award winning Chemical Engineer as well as a National Newspaper Association award winning Journalist.  NBC featured me when they busted Bloom for greenwashing in Delaware and California.  I have copied Vicky and Liz of NBC on this email

Here are two of their pieces on the Bloom Energy gangrene fake out that I named The Bloomdoggle.

Please contact me after you have read and watched the links.  They tell all about why Con D Rice will not run for even the post of dog catcher in Palo Alto.  Joe will not run because I have the scoop on him how he made the bogus tariff in Delaware happen that has so far in 30 months transferred over $100 million of ratepayer money to Al Gore and Al's partners including John Doerr (Dinner host to Obama) and Colin Powell.  The bogus tariff will continue 18 more years unless folks in Delaware revolt which is what they are starting to do

You should note I have asked the President of Stanford University to make Con D Rice and Stevie Chu available for interviews in my movies.  1960 C is four times as hot as Fahrenheit 911

All this high level corruption is why the Donald and Bernie are doing well.  People know they are being screwed left and right.


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine AKA The Thermonator

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

KIOR and Fake Science

I have written so much on KIOR that my head is spinning.  But I have found a new piece of information that really puts the nail in the coffin of the fake science that Con D Rice, Vinod Khosla, and Aimco brought us.

Two executives listed in the S-1 document of June 22, 2011 resigned very soon after the IPO.

William Coates joined Kior as COO in June 2011 and resigned by September 2011.  Joseph Cappello President International joined in March 2011 and was out the door by October 2011.  These two top level executives probably realized that KIOR was faking their science.  In fact the State of Mississippi is using evidence from Coates that Kior “Cooked The Books” and he was “not going to be part of their scam”.

“The suit also claims that former Chief Operating Officer Bill Coates resigned in 2011 after telling other company officials they had “cooked the books” and informed them he was not “going to be a part of this scam.”

It would not surprise me that Joe Cappello also headed for the door knowing that Khosla et. al. were playing “the wooden chef” and cooking the books.

The June 22, 2011 amended S-1/A does list Con D Rice as a director but states she will join the board in July 2011.  Khosla and his Klan leveraged Con D’s big star status to help prop up the IPO after the billion dollar DOE loan fell through based on the Shaw Report showing that the alchemy was highly risky.  This is directly from the S-1/A

“Condoleezza Rice, Ph.D. , has been elected to our Board of Directors and has agreed to join our Board of Directors beginning July 2011. Secretary Rice has been a professor of political economy in the Stanford Graduate School of Business since September 2010. Secretary Rice has also served as a senior fellow of public policy at the Hoover Institution and a professor of political science at Stanford University since March 2009. Prior to returning to academia, from January 2005 to January 2009, she served as the 77th Secretary of State of the United States. Secretary Rice also served as Chief National Security Advisor to the President from January 2001 to January 2005. Secretary Rice is currently on the board of Makena Capital, a private endowment firm, and C3, an energy software company. She has also served on the boards of directors for the Chevron Corporation, the Charles Schwab Corporation, the Transamerica Corporation and the International Advisory Council of J.P. Morgan. Secretary Rice will provide our Board of Directors with expertise in global business as we pursue our international strategy, and she brings deep experience from her prior roles as a director of multiple public companies, including a large integrated oil company.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

DC Gets Green Sewage

A friend from New Zealand sent me the cartoon.  Here is the scoop on poop in DC.

The Washington Post article is well written and very informative and I will not repeat what Ms. Shaver wrote.  What I did find interesting is that the facility cost $470 million and will save $23 million each year when you add the power savings, the trucking savings and the chemical savings.  A 20 year payout.  Most non-governmental projects have to payout in 5 years or less.  Most governmental projects never payout so this could be one of the better ones.

The Norwegian technology is pretty interesting and employs thermal hydrolysis which means reaction with water using heat i.e. steam.  The cartoon from Kiwiland is also clever.  Washington insiders do normally use power to generate waste.  Look at Bloom Energy they have to haul solid waste with sulfur in sealed metal canisters across state lines to an EPA licensed HAZMAT facility for treatment.  Vinod Khosla with the help of Con D Rice and Toxic Tony Blair used power to generate waste steel and copper at their 2 year old Kior facility in Columbus Mississippi that is now being sold piecemeal as scrap. The auctioneer calls this a “TREMENDOUS SCRAPPING OPPORTUNITY” see the last line of the link below.

If I was the auctioneer I would have just said we added the S to crap and come get this taxpayer funded facility for pennies on the dollar.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Coskata is Co Skata

I hardly use twitter but someone tweeted me it is over for Vinod Khosla's Coskata.  I have to believe it is over just based on the second law of thermodynamics that bats 1,000.  When we have confirmation it is over I will let you all know.  In Greek the word Skata mean poop.  In Greenland Co-Skata meant double poop.

Again the USDA has a letter of intent with a Khosla company

The loan was not made and Co-Skata never had an IPO.

Got to hand it to Vinod Khosla he had Chutzpah.  Chutzpah is not a Greek word like Skata it just means that Vinod thought he owned the DOE like he did Martins Beach.  Vinod Life's a Beach and Then You Die.  We are hanging ten at Martin's Beach.  Your bio fools companies are hanging like ten green bottles on the wall waiting to fall

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Delaware Is No Longer Delunaware

Folks in Delaware are waking up to the Bloomdoggle.  Mr. Wayne Rutman of Wilmington wrote the following letter to the editor of the News Journal that is the largest newspaper in the first state.

Newspaper should expose Bloomdoggle

“I found the focus of your recent article on Bloom Energy to be very odd, as an important part of the story is buried in the 21st paragraph.
That’s where you note Delmarva Power customers have directly subsidized Bloom’s operations to the tune of $100 million in the past three years.  And that bill is rising every month.
If that is not bad enough, we know that this “green energy” boondoggle isn’t really green at all.  Bloom merely uses an inefficient method to generate electricity with natural gas, a process that costs 60% more than the conventional method.
So instead of a puff piece on the supposed good citizenship of Bloom’s chief operating officer, perhaps the News Journal should focus on holding accountable our elected officials who agreed to this corporate welfare Bloomdoggle.
Additionally it would be nice if the News Journal explored how Delawareans might get relief from the hundreds of millions of dollars of further subsidies we are all now expected to pay to Bloom.”

I contacted Wayne Rutman.  We communicated by email.  He apologized for using the word Bloomdoggle.  I thanked him for using the word Bloomdoggle.  He has read my blogs and has become educated on how he and others in Deal Away are getting screwed with dirty, expensive, and unreliable power when the Governor et Al Gore promised affordable, green, and reliable power.

When people become educated the rip off will stop.  Al Gore and his cronies at Bloom had a strategy to screw millions of ratepayers of a few dollars per household each month with hidden fees in power bills.  This was the strategy of death by a million mini shocks.  They thought it would go unnoticed in the SGIP in California and the QFCP in Deal Away.  Little did Al Gore and his friends know that their dirty lie of the sulfur laden electrons would be exposed.   The end of the Bloomdoggle started when people woke up.  Delunaware became Delaware when Mr. Rutman and his neighbors started to read the Green Machine. 

Governor Markell and Attoney General Denn think they can hide and live through 2016 without resigning.  Sadly for them, I now have priests, rabbis, liberals, conservatives, and all types of citizens in Delaware aware of the fraud that went on in the name of “green energy” to enrich Al and his buddies.  Mr. O’Mara and Mr. Levin have resigned for their roles in the Bloomdoggle’s now that Wayne Rutman and his neighbors know that Levin and O’Mara had their strings pulled by Markell and perhaps Joe Biden is time for an independent counsel to be appointed at the Delaware Department of Justice to investigate the Bloomdoggle and bring criminal charges for the greenwashed fraud.  Note Matt Denn is simply too tarnished as he was the Lieutenant Governor under Markell before he became the AG.  

Matt Denn’s father is a famous chemical engineer and a distinguished professor.  His Dad will need to explain to him the problems of the hidden sulfur waste in the protected coastal zone.  I must have written fifty emails to Matt Denn and his assistant AG’s that the DE DOJ has chosen to ignore thinking the problem would go away and that silence is Golden.  Matt Denn it is almost over and you and Jack Markell must resign.  Others must go to jail and Bloom must return all the $100 million in ill-gotten subsidy plus fines.  Bloom can forget about extracting another $600 million in subsidy from Delmarva ratepayers over the next 18 years as Markell has promised them.