Saturday, May 27, 2017

Vinod Khosla and Richard Branson -Thermodynamic Cretins

A picture paints a thousand words.  No need to say more except that the US SEC must investigate the Serial Losers In The Green Energy Space (Doerr and Khosla). 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

President Trump Goes Overseas

A great speech by our president today in Riyadh.   The palace was also amazingly beautiful.  Let's hope today marks a beginning of global efforts to make the planet more peaceful.  God Bless our President and God bless all of humanity.

The scourge of gangrene ecofrauds continues on the planet.  Bloomdoggles and Voodoo Science are in all corners of the earth.  But like terrorism so too will greenwashing end, but only after the world has the political resolve to call evil evil, good good, science science, voodoo voodoo and BS BULL SHIT..

Here are some telling charts on some evil gangrene  companies brought to market by eco crooks like Doerr, Gore, Khosla, Branson and other members of the military industrial congressional complex

All the charts have identical negative trajectories.  All the companies were products of Vile VCs and Dumb DCs.  All suffered the same fate at the hands of the second law of thermodynamics.

President Trump was great today because he knows Thermodynamics Trumps Everything.  Our future is bright as long as we remember free energy is minimized and entropy maximized.   The Voodoo Science under Bush 43 and Obama tried to minimize entropy and maximize free energy which was simply impossible.

As for Bloom the Bloomdoggle, three public governmental agencies have reported that lying Al Gore and his Bloomdogglers never told them that Bloom Fuel cells have to be decoked.  Alchemy Gore must be walking around after watching the Great Donald Trump in the majestic setting today and muttering No Coke, Pepsi.  Yes Al you could have been president if only you won your home state of Tennessee.  Hey Al after sea levels rise so much that Memphis is an Atlantic seaport, will the state be respelled to Tennessea ?  I bet Dan Quayle spells Tennessee as Tennessea.  Donald Trump is a welcome change to government which must be for, of and by the people.  Drain the swamp and lock up VCs.and DCs.  

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Invisible Man Versus Voodoo Science



The Green Machine has battled an unrelenting war against the military industrial congressional gubernatorial presidential 44 complex regarding Bloomdoggles and Voodoo Science.  Often it is like I am the invisible man who emails the thermodynamic transgressors only to be ignored.  I am actually fine with being shunned.  The thousands of pages of evidence against the operatives just keeps on mounting.

 I will be following another John Doerr Kleiner Perkins “green” company called Renmatix.  It looks like it too could be on the slippery slope toward oblivion.  Bill Gates has a habit of investing ten or fifteen million dollars at act four scene four of Khosla or Doerr Voodoo Science gangrene companies.  Bill is trying to prop up Renmatix. 

 Renmatix is interesting as it actually employs a former Governor of Pennsylvania as an officer.

Their technology is to use supercritical water to create fermentable sugars from cellulose. 

Doerr has now contributed over a million dollars to Obama presidential library. 

I contributed the equivalent of ten billion dollars of effort toward exposing operatives like Doerr and Khosla.  I am happy that I have never in my life contributed a single cent to any politician.  They all stink like Bloom’s hazardous solid waste and decoking effluent.  Actually one stinks worse than all of them.  He is Jared Huffman my worthless Congressman who is the father of the Bloomdoggles and Vooddoo Science.  Hold on maybe Barak Obama is worse than him but it is bloody close.

 H G Wells wrote about the Invisible Man in 1897 over 100 years ago.  William McKinley #25 was the president of the USA from March  4, 1897 till September 14, 1901


I wonder what H G Wells would write about the Voodoo Science of the Obama Administration?????

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bloomdoggles and Voodoo Science

I just love the term Voodoo Science.  It best describes the eight years of energy policy under the Obama administration.  Perhaps Trump will make science great again in America or perhaps he will totally ignore science but at least we will not have to endure Voodoo Science.

This week I discovered that Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband had a hand in Amyris, the greenwashed ecofraud that came out of Keasling’s lab in Berkeley.   Amyris has John Doerr the Bloomdoggler on its board of directors.  These liars claimed they would make hundreds of millions of gallons of diesel from sugar.  Of course they did not.  But DiFi invested in the company just before the company was given boatloads of taxpayer money and before the company had a IPO.  I do not know if DiFi and her hubby unloaded the stock but they certainly were partners with Gore, Doerr, and Khosla in the ecofraud. 

This chart on the performance of AMRS the stock symbol for Amyris shows how a small investor who invested $10,000 at the IPO has fared.  They got royally screwed by DiFi and the complex.  Their investment is now worth $315.24.

DiFi was on NBC Meet the Press today.  She looks like she needs a makeover but mostly she needs to tell us why she pulled the Amyris trick on us.   She also helped launch the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle back in 2010 when she and her hubby were promoting the Voodoo Science of Amyris.

Of course the US SEC has been notified to include Amyris in the list of greenwashed ecofrauds like Bloom Energy, Gevo, Kior, Range, Calera, and others that Vinod Khosla and John Doerr promoted.  Doerr and Khosla put the Doo Doo into Voodoo Science.  These two thermodynamic clowns are now building the Billion Dollar Obama Presidential Library.  The Voodoo Science section of that library will cover a city block. 

As for DiFi her hubby’s name is Richie Rich Blum.  Pretty much another Blumdoggler. Also this week I found out that Vinod Khosla and Donald Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner are partners in a real estate business.  Vile Vinod is also tied up with Jared’s brother in an Obamacare Insurance company.  I will write more about that next weekend. 

The swamp contains as much water at the Pacific Ocean which by the way is rising due to the carbon dioxide Bloom Boxes emit.

Update on Monday May 8 2017.  Shares of AMRS plunge by 33%.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


I just discovered that Robert Park wrote a book titled Voodoo Science - The Road from Foolishness to Fraud.

I will buy the book and report if he covers the Bio Fools Khosla, Kammen, Gates, Branson, and Doerr in the green space.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Delaware Bloomdoggle Flow Chart

This flow chart says it all.  Just follow the money!   Then follow the influence.  Then follow the pollution.  The pollution includes higher than advertised CO2 emissions, hundreds of tons a year of hazardous solid waste with lead, chromium, arsenic, and benzene, and also the de-coking emissions.

The money flow from DELMARVA ratepayers to Delmarva for Bloom is now $148,145,460 and grows by approximately $100,000 a day.

The Bloomdoggle may have actually gone unnoticed if indeed the electrons were green.  But Alchemy Gore and the cronies found the wrong scientist in KR Shridhar who invented the Bloom Coffin that is gangrene not green.   Bloom is Solyndra times four and Flint on steroids.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Gore Doerr and Powell Are Coke Brothers

Just when I thought I had discovered all the dirt and toxic waste on the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle, I found out that they Decoke the Bloom Coffins fairly often in Delaware.  Yes these scam artists who are gangrene not green spend 3 to 4% of the time "decoking" dirty coke that builds up on their fuel cell catalysts.  The very same practice a refinery or other smoke stack industry has to perform.

It is likely they use super-heated steam to react out the carbon (coke).  This means there is an effluent stream into the air during the "decoking" operation that lasts on average one day each month for each Bloom Coffin. 

Again Blooming Liars at Bloom and Delmarva did not tell Delaware authorities and the public that the decoking was needed for gangrene expensive electrons Delmarva helps Bloom put into the grid.  Bloom and Delmarva lied that the electrons were clean and were environmentally beneficial.    The electrons have hazmat with lead, arsenic, chromium, and benzene, they have high CO2 emissions , and now they have to be decoked.

Lying Bloom told NBC that the Green Machine works for the Koch Brothers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But we know that Gore, Doerr, and Powell the eco-thieves behind the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle work for the Coke Brothers.  I have said Bloom is Solyndra times four and Flint on Steroids.  

Imagine the outcry if Dick Chaney not Al Gore was the architect of the Bloomdoggle.  Right now the US EPA, US FTC, US DOT, US SEC, and US DOJ have been asked by The Green Machine to investigate the Bloomdoggle.  I can't wait to see them have an IPO.  In their case IPO equals Incredibly Polluting Organization 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Obama SEC Let Library Builder Khosla Escape

My latest investigation is into the SEC settling with KIOR for  $100,000 for crimes KIOR, its officers, directors and major shareholder Vinod Khosla committed .  I have written often that KIOR with Con D Rice on its board of directors was a thermodynamic fraud destined to fail.

Now it seems that the SEC was in bed to let those being sued off the hook for next to nothing.  This will be proved or disproved when  I get records under the Freedom of Information Act.  But all the evidence points to Obama’s whitehouse pulling string to close the case on behalf of Obama’s contributor and presidential library builder Vinod Khosla.

In January of 2015 The State of Missippi sued Khosla and others in Kior for fraud. 

I have no news on whether that case for $75 million of fraud has ever been settled.  What I do know is that Khosla ran to Whitehouse a few weeks after Old Miss filed their suit.  In February 2015 Khosla together with his gangrene hero Doerr had dinner with Obama.  The dinner lasted till 2 am.

Back in 2013 Khosla also hosted Obama to a fund raising dinner in his own home. 

Then on September 27, 2016 the SEC suddenly settles the suit against Kior and the others.  This is shortly before the end of the Obama administration.  The settlement is  for the paltry sum of $100,000. 

Then in December 2016 Andrew Ceresney the head of the SEC enforcement division decides to leave the SEC a few weeks after Donald Trump won the election.

There are too many coincidences in the timing of all these events to simply say these are random events without the intervention of a high level hand somewhere in the Obama administration.   Ceresney had a record of receiving an average of $5 million for each of the other settlements he agreed to while heading the enforcement division of the SEC.  None of the other crooked companies had a former US secretary of state (Con D Rice) on their board of directors or a Presidential Library Builder (Khosla) as the controlling major shareholder.  Why was the KIOR case settled for bupkis?

We will soon find out.


Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bloom Energy Massaged US DOT With Rubbing Alcohol

My investigation into the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle continues.  Under the freedom of information act we have records that US DOT was asked to investigate Bloom for transporting hazardous waste in multiple locations around the United States.  Of  course this is the hazardous solid waste with benzene that Bloom creates in those desulfurization canisters.

Instead the Oh Bummer US DOT paid a visit to Bloom’s HQ in Sunnyvale California on August 4, 2015. Bloom showed them a bunch a documents that relate to isopropyl alchohol which is rubbing alcohol.  The US DOT inspector was very happy and allowed the Bloom COO Ms. Susan Brennan to sign off on a “release” and the inspector then  noted the result of his inspection as “NO FURTHER ACTION”.

Yes Bloom and its COO gave the US DOT  a rub down.  But the Thermanator has told the US DOT under President Trump to go back and do a full baked inspection of Bloom’s scores of sites at clients such as AT&T, Apple, Walmart, EBay, Genentech,  IKEA, etc. and get all the manifests for the hundreds of thousands of pounds of hazardous waste in those shiny sealed metal canisters.  I have to question if the half-baked inspection of Bloom corporate HQ on August 4, 2015 was directed from the Oh Bummer Whitehouse?

I did find some interesting stuff on the US DOE EIA’s web site on the performance of the Bloomdoggle fuel cells at Apple’s data center in Maiden NC.  For the year 2015 these 50 dirty expensive coffins only had a capacity factor of  70.8% not the 95% Bloom hypes to commercial customers or the 100% Bloom lied about in Delaware.  The heat rate of the ugly boxes for the year 2015 was 7.97 million BTUs per megawatt hour or 20.7% higher (more fuel) than Bloom hyped on their web site when these were installed at Apple.

I have written an email to Tim Cook the CEO of Apple and the US SEC office in San Francisco that small shareholders in Apple were being screwed by Bloom and that because Al Gore has a hand in Bloom through Kleiner Perkins and Al is also an Apple board member, there is a massive conflict of interest  in the Bloomdoggle at Maiden North Carolina.  It is also reported that Apple will install multiple Bloom coffins at the new flying saucer spaceship HQ in Cupertino, California.

Cupertino and Sunnyvale are neighboring towns.   Perhaps the US DOT will visit the Apple HQ to ask about the hazmat from the Bloom coffins and Apple will show them the carnauba wax that is used to polish apples.  Apples are coated with carnauba wax to keep them shiny.

As for Bloom, I feel I am playing whack a mole with them.  I actually like the game as moles also have a chemical meaning.  A mole of substance has Avogadro’s number of molecules.  That is a boat load of molecules.

Perhaps an Apple computer can calculate the number of molecules of hazardous waste Bloom and their customers generate in a year across these United States?.  I just know that the Isopropyl Alcohol story told to US DOT at Bloom’s Sunnyvale HQ was Bloom hiding the mountain of nationwide hazardous waste in a mole heap of rubbing alcohol.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Are Bloomdogglers Snake Charmers or Simply the Biggest Eco Fraud Ever ?


I once opined that KR Shridhar the CEO of Bloom Energy “reminds me of a snake charmer.  He makes a gangrene sulfur filled poisonous cobra pretend to be a smooth green snake that is harmless.”

Of course I was referring to his company hiding the hazardous solid waste while pretending to sell affordable, better, greener, and cleaner electrons. 

In the blog I then linked the following you tube

We all know that Bloom sells dirty electrons with massive ratepayer and taxpayer subsidy.  My estimate of this subsidy is approximately $1.2 billion.  My estimate of the dirtiness is a million pounds a year of hazmat.  The California EPA and the US EPA are investigating the waste.  Operatives of the military industrial complex, like Mike Bloomberg, Di Fi, and others  appear in the video with Shridhar in selling the fake green energy story.  They are all Blooming Bloomdogglers.

The question is, do I still think KR Shridhar is like a snake charmer?    I did some investigation into snake charmers.  Wiki has an interesting link on snake charmers.

I really was taken by this paragraph that I quote from the Wiki link.

 “The early 20th century proved something of a golden age for snake charmers.  Governments promoted the practice to draw tourism, and snake charmers were often sent overseas to perform at cultural festivals and for private patrons.  In addition, the charmers provided a valuable source of snake venom for creating antivenins.”

The early 21st century has proved to be something of a golden age for thermodynamic fakers and greenwashers in the green energy space.  Bloom is one of a dozen companies that Kleiner Perkins (Gore, Doerr, Shridhar and Powell) , Khosla Ventures, and other promotors festered upon us.  Governments, particularly the US and several states like Delaware, California, Connecticut, and New York promoted the practice of greenwashing to enrich cronies and drew billions of taxpayer, ratepayer, and small investor dollars in BS schemes to save the world from carbon emissions.  Sadly in the early 21st century, the BS the greenwashers hyped provided nothing valuable, but just toxic waste that stinks and no antivenins. 

I do not think KR Shridhar qualifies or is honorable enough to be a snake charmer.  The right comparison is that KR Shridhar invented, hyped, and is running the largest gangrene ecofraud ever.  He has the title of Chief Bloomdoggler in a gangrene company that is Solyndra times four and Flint on steroids.  The sulfur waste metaphor in my blog that referred to snake charming is far too soft and kind.  I should have simply called KR Shridhar the Joe Isuzu of green energy. 

I once did blog about Bloomerangs and how the sulfur waste came back to bite Bloom in the ass.  Boy has it ever bitten Bloom and their customers like Apple, AT&T, IKEA, Coca Cola, EBay, Home Depot, Genentech, Walmart, and others in the ass.

Joe Isuzu  hyped the 1988 Impulse with Lotus handling.  Sridhar hyped his 2010 fuel cell with better electrons.  Better electrons than coal maybe.  Maybe not.   Some things never change from century to century, especially the laws of thermodynamics.  Yes Thermodynamics Trumps Everything.  Donald Trump would never have funded the Bloomdoggle as unlike Oh Bummer he does not need Doerr and Khosla to build his billion dollar library.  President Trump is an expert at building things.

Monday, March 13, 2017

CAL EPA and US EPA Agree Al Gore’s Poop Stinks

First from CAL EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control that Bloom Energy, Al Gore’s wonder-child Bloom Energy has hazmat.

Next US EPA hammers Bloom.

It is pretty much over and the Bloomdoggle will end once the world like the CA EPA and US EPA realize that Al Gore’s poop does stink.  NBC the network that operates in a cess pool still thinks Bloom is a Rose.

The Thermanator – Hasta Leveenta Baby

Post Script   Al Gore does look a younger George Soros


Sunday, February 26, 2017

To Doom With Bloom

Folks you know I am Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine AKA The Thermanator.  Yes I am back and stronger and say out loud Hasta Leveenta Baby. 

Bloom Energy the largest ecofraud ever is reeling.  They and every one of their customers got busted by the US EPA as generators of hazardous waste with Benzene.

I have the US FTC, US SEC, US EPA, US DOJ and several state EPAs and DOJs investigating Bloom for GREENWASHING.

I wrote about their idiotic Twinkie like defense that the hazmat with benzene was part of the manufacturing process unit.  Now I have found a document under the FOIA from Delaware DNREC files where DNREC claimed the following:

"Upon review , the Division of Air Quality agreed that the contents of the fuel cells are not hazardous; in the event of a mishap regarding these cells - a natural disaster, an explosion, or human error - the contents of these units will not pose a hazard."

Well Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell, KR Shridhar, Vinod Khosla, and other BLOOMDOGGLERS a disaster has happened and the content of these cells do pose a hazard.  Your lies have been exposed and The Thermanator is now asking for criminal indictments by the US DOJ.  The BLOOMDOGGLE ECOFRAUD has extracted approximately $1.2 billion of taxpayer and ratepayer money.   

As for an explosion, the only explosion here is the reverse big bang in Al Gore’s alt universe where entropy decreases with time and free energy is maximized.  The Thermanator and all freshmen Chemical Engineers know in the real universe entropy increases and free energy is minimized. 

Thermodynamics Trumps Everything.  Bloom is the No Trumps of green energy.   It is 100% Gangrene.  It is Solyndra times Four and Flint On Steroids. 

Delaware which had the slogan years ago “To Hell With Shell” now is experiencing “To Doom With Bloom”.  Mr. Cooney, Mr. Carper, Mr. Coons, Mr. Markell, and Mr. Denn are Bloomdogglers.  Mr.O'Mara is a Crook.  A HUGE one.