Monday, December 8, 2014

The Ohioan's Volt Free Ride

Here is more on Mr. Belmer the dude in Ohio and his 200,000 miles in his Volt.  His car has a curb weight that is 24.3% greater than the Prius.  3,781 pounds versus 3042 pounds   Let us assume the guy weighs 225 pounds from his photo in the inside EV article.  He drives alone on his massive commute.  Hence he has a mass of 4,006 pounds in his volt versus 3,267 which is an extra 739 pounds wearing down the road he travels.  If road wear is proportional to the mass of the car (it should be) he causes 22.6% more road damage than had he bought the Prius.

He purchased 3,455 gallons of gasoline for his Volt and paid a gasoline tax of 46.4 cents per gallon for a total gas tax of $1,603.12.  Had he bought the Prius he would have purchased 4,000 gallons of gasoline and paid a gas tax totaling $1,856.04.  Therefore by buying the Volt he skipped $252.92 in gas taxes while chewing up the road 22.6% more.  On top of this federal taxpayers gifted him $7,500 of tax credit.

This guy has a carbon footprint the size of Sasquatch yet he got $7,752.92 of tax gifts thanks to the Oh Bummer Road Care law.   After all the driving this guy does, I hope his Oh Bummer Care pays for treating his hemorrhoids.  He probably has a year’s supply of Preparation H in his glove box.  I hope he does not suffer from road rage.


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