Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Bloom Delaware Jobs Equal Delaware Area Code

The Area Code for Delaware is 302.  That is precisely how many jobs Bloom has created.  Not the 900 promised.  Bloom paid a $1.5 million fine for only creating a third of the jobs they promised.

Last year after Bloom was busted for not having sufficient jobs, Bloom’s COO Susan Brennan wrote and OP ED for the leading newspaper in Delaware.   She claimed the Bloomdoggle removed 120,000 cars off the road.  Of course she was lying by a factor of 20, but a year ago Bloom still had Joe Biden in the Whitehouse and was expecting Hillary to be President #45.

She also claimed that Bloom would meet its employment obligations as its business grows.   I contacted Bloom and suggested they not allow Ms. Brennan to write another OP ED in rebuttal to the negative press coming out of the newspapers in Delaware as her November 1, 2016 impeached her with the false claim of  120,000 cars off the road.

I did appear today on Rick Jensen’s show on WDEL Delaware and did tell his listeners that Joe Biden had a hand in the Bloomdoggle in Delaware and that each household using 1,200 kilowatt hours a month of electricity was handing $6 each month to the Bloomdogglers.

In 2012 I wrote that 884 may be Bloom’s fatal number.  884 is the mass of CO2 in pounds per megawatt hour Bloom emits in Delaware.   Maybe 302 is Bloom’s fatal number.   Talking of numbers, Harvey Weinstein may have molested more women than Bloom employs in Delaware.  The area code for Fort Leavenworth Kansas is 913.  Maybe that is the number of people who should be imprisoned by the Feds for their roles in the Bloomdoggle.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Bloom Lied To FERC In A Petition

Bloom submitted a petition to FERC a couple days ago.  FERC Docket EL 18-10-000.  Bloom lied they use only 8.2 megawatts of incoming natural gas at lower heating value to produce 5 megawatts of electricity.  This is an imputed efficiency of 60.98%

We know from real data from the Delaware PSC that the 150 Bloom Boxes in the state only operate at 49.7% efficiency based on the lower heating value of natural gas.

The US SEC, EPA, FTC, and DOJ as well as FERC were informed of the latest greenwashing by Bloom.  The general counsel of Bloom one Shawn Soderberg was the operative who submitted the petition with false information.  The board of Bloom has also been advised of the greenwashing.

Here is the link at FERC with my comment

Harvey Weistein has checked in to a clinic to deal with his Sex Addiction.  The only way the Bloomdogglers can get treated for Gangrene is for the Feds to indict all of them in a RICO statute trial and get a jury to convict them.  Heavy fines and stiff sentences of long jail terms will cure Bloomdogglers of greed.

Monday, October 9, 2017


John Doerr the Chief Bloomdoggler and serial eco loser is a massive contributor to politicians.  He and his wife occupy 16 separate links on Open Secrets.  Each link equals 50 political contributions.  The wife Ann H. Doerr is a happy homemaker just following in the crooked husband's footsteps.  

Harvey The Wallbanger Weinstein the Weiner of the West is a small potatoes contributors compared to John and Ann Doerr.  Harvey only has 4 separate Open Secret links.  The Doerrs are equal to four Harvey Wallbangers.

Even crooked Khosla the thermodynamic cretin is small potatoes.  He only has three separate Open Secrets links.

John Doerr makes me sick, but soon his Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle will be over.  Crooked John exclaimed at Bloom's launch in 2010 that it was as big as the IPO of Google.  Actually John the implosion of Bloom will be as big as Google's IPO.  The RICO trial of all the Bloomdogglers like you and Al Gore the Green Subsidy whore will be even bigger.


Doerr The Bloomdoggler and His Wife Give BIG.

Each Link is 50 contributions

The wife

Sunday, October 8, 2017


I tipped off the EPA and the North Carolina State EPA that Apple has tons of hidden hazardous waste in Maiden North Carolina.  A few days ago the North Carolina State EPA levied fines on Apple for the hidden hazardous waste.

This is just the begoinning of greenwashed customers of the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle being nailed.  All these companies like Walmart, AT&T, Home Depot, Ebay, Apple, Coca Cola, Kaiser Permenante, Life Technologies, Genentech, Maxim Integrated, Cypress Semi, Intel, Ikea and myriad others face the possibility of State and Federal fines for greenwashing.

We all know that Bloom is Solyndra times eight and Flint on steroids.  We all know Bloom with Al Gore the Green Subsidy Whore helping them took over a billion dollars of ratepayer and taxpayer money.  What we don't know is exactly when the US DOJ will indict Bloom, their officers, their directors, their banker, their major shareholders, their customers, and the fake green press that hyped them.

All of these eco-criminals need to be fined billions of dollars under the RICO racketeering statutes.  Oh Bummer protected his crooked friends Doerr, Gore, Powell and Khosla but those days are over.

Bloom is the Harvey Weinstein of electrons.  Khosla is the Joe Isuzu of Thermodynamics.  Apple has Lying Lisa Jackson to blame for the fine.  I had asked her in April 2015 to deal with the hazmat.  Lying Lisa is a chemical engineer who previously headed the US EPA and had a fake email account at EPA.  She works directly for Tim Crook oops Cook.  Tiny Tim is also a Bloomdoggler as I copied on the dozens of emails I sent lying Lisa.

Lying Lisa, Toxic Tim and Alchemy Gore all danced together with Pharell Williams at an Earth Day celebration at Apple's HQ.  I blogged about this in April 2015.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Home Depot The Big Time Greenwasher

I have busted Home Depot together with Bloom and Southern for being deep swamp dwellers.  Now I lay out the case for the FTC to nail Home Depot under the US Green Guides for massive greenwashing.

Look at the claims Home Depot made in the links below

The Bloom coffin fuel cells are in California, Connecticut and New York.  Each of these states has a very green grid with low CO2 emissions.  The pounds CO2 per megawatt hour are 519 in NY, 531 in CT and 621 in CA.  The average is 557 pounds CO2 per megawatt hour. 

The 150 Bloom coffins in Delaware average 890 pounds CO2 per megawatt hour.  Hence on average the 200 Bloom coffins at Home Depot stores will emit 337 pounds of CO2 more per megawatt hour than the grids that service them if the energy source is pipeline natural gas.

Let’s assume Home Depot has 40 megawatts of Bloom coffins (200 coffins at 200 kilowatts each) and the capacity factor is 90%.  This means Home Depot, if running on pipeline natural gas, will emit an extra 106,276,000 pounds of CO2 in a year compared to buying grid electricity.  This is like adding 8,800 cars to the road each and every year.

The CFO of Home Depot lied that she had taken 4,000 cars off the road.

The Lying CEO did not state that Home Depot would create approximately 200,000 pounds a year of highly hazardous solid waste with lead, arsenic, benzene, and chromium.  This is approximately 1,000 pounds of Hazmat per store per year.

The lying CFO of Home Depot did not state that she would need to decoke the coffins 3 to 4% of the time belching crud into the air.

The lying CFO of Home Depot did not state she and her partners in the Bloomdoggle will extract over $200 million of subsidies.

The Lying CFO must be indicted by the US FTC under the Green Guides.  She is another swamp dweller.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Home Depot, Southern, and Bloom Energy Tied At The Hip

I knew I would find out why Home Depot is using Southern and Bloom for onsite power generation.

It has nothing to do with clean energy.  We know Bloom Electrons are dirty as hell.  It has to do with who in the swamp dwells within the three Bloomdoggling gangrene subsidy grabbing eco-criminals.

Al Gore of Bloom is the head pond scum operative.  His lawyer and coworker in the Clinton administration, one Theresa Wynn Roseborough is now the general counsel and executive vice president of Home Depot.  Theresa’s old Boss at Home Depot the former CEO one Frank Blake was a member of the board of directors of Southern company. 

Alchemy Gore the partner of the chief Bloomdoggler John Doerr and the war on carbon criminal Colin Powell helped engineer the coming together of Bloom, Home Depot and Southern.

Had Dr. Evil Sridhar invented a clean, reliable and affordable device in his Bloom Coffin the scheme may gone unnoticed.  But Dr. Evil Sridhar actually came up with a dirty, expensive, short lived, toxic waste generating electron device called a Bloomdoggle Fool Cell.  Hence Home Depot is now in deep poopoo for having installed the crap in the parking lots at 200 stores throughout the country.  Each of these stores is now a generator of hazardous materials.

By my estimate Home Depot via Southern and other Bloomdogglers is directly responsible for the extraction of over $200 million in taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies.  I got onto the Home Depot case because of a recently announced project in Wilton NY that extracted almost a million dollars in subsidy from Andrew Cuomo’s NYSERDA.

Wilton is now called Wilted.  Ms. Roseborough is now called Ms. Bloomborough.  Frank Blake is just called Blank Fake.  Alchemy Gore also pulled off a similar Bloomdoggle at Apple where he is a board member.  Alchemy Gore is just a gangrene liar.