Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Lindsay Leveen, "The Green Machine", has worked with and consulted to major corporations in areas of energy deregulation, fuel cells, biotech, telecommunication, alternate fuels, power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as a variety of other process based technologies. Lindsay has held executive position in strategic planning and sustainable development at Fortune 500 companies. Andrew Tobias has called Lindsay "Frighteningly Bright". Lindsay has lectured at leading universities and numerous industry conferences. Lindsay also writes for the Ark Newspaper in Tiburon California. Lindsay has a knack to simplify and explain thermodynamics in everyday terms. Lindsay studied thermodynamics for his graduate thesis in Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University. Lindsay likes to misquote Warren Buffett by saying "be green when all are fearful and be fearful when all are green." Read his blogs on Green Explored and you too will be able discern Green from Gangrene.

Elizabeth James is a green consumerista and blogger. Look for her posts on green trends in fashion and other consumer items. Once, in the third grade, she read that balloon launches were harmful to the environment. And so when her school was planning a launch, she successfully campaigned to have it replaced with a less-impactful means of celebration. Today she continues her crusade with her wallet, buying green and informing consumers on how to do the same.

Patricia Ewanski, MS, MBA, LEED AP, PMP is the founder of re-HOME™, a local green building consultancy whose focus is to help reduce unnecessary resource and energy consumption in homes. Prior to starting re-HOME, Patricia consulted in the commercial green building sphere, and was involved in projects such as completing research and writing for a NAIOP report concerning green building incentives and an analysis of U.S. green building legislation at the state level. Patricia is a Governing Council Member of the Southern AZ Branch of the USGBC and has served on various committees including the Technical Committee and the Communications Committee. Patricia holds the AZ state-level USGBC position of Residential Green Building Advocate and heads the state-wide Residential Green Building Committee. Patricia comes to us today with a strong background and knowledge of retrofitting and business and can assist others in navigating new opportunities in retrofitting, sustainable building, and sustainable business.

Mark Bremer is a green family man, teaching his two children to have minimal impact on the earth. Mark is a Lecturer of Biology at SUNYIT Utica/Rome and is a member of their Sustainability Task Force. Mark recently earned a Professional Certificate in Campus Sustainability Leadership from the University of Vermont and is coordinating a Green Campus Initiative at SUNYIT. For his graduate work in Environmental Engineering at Syracuse University, Mark studied the effects of acid rain on microbial forest soil communities throughout the Northeastern U.S. Other research he has conducted includes ecological field studies for the Smithsonian in Virginia and Scarlet Macaw nesting behavior with the National University of Costa Rica. Mark is also an avid hiker and nature photographer, with extensive experience in the Colorado Rockies, Denali Park, and Adirondacks Mountains.

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