Saturday, December 20, 2014

Barry Goldwater Not Greenwasher

I was watching a TV show last light about the 1960s.  Of course LSD, Beatles, Charles Manson, Farm Workers Union, and Civil Rights Movement were featured.  The show also featured Barry Goldwater as AuH2O.  I had really never paid much attention to Goldwater as I only arrived in the USA in 1975.  The one quote from Barry Goldwater that resonated in my brain was the following: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Wow brilliant words for a man I had heard that was a nut.   My extremism in the defense of the laws of thermodynamics as evidenced in my blogs and emails to Congressman Huffman is no vice.  Mr. Huffman’s selective moderation in the pursuit of upholding justice under the second law of thermo has been with no virtue.

One must be extremely vigilant to make sure that the military industrial congressional complex do not rule over us and removes our liberty, and that Congress does not simply bow down to CLECA (California Large Electric Consumers Association – Industry) in shifting power costs to homeowners and small business as Mr. Huffman would do. 

Mr. Huffman and his editorial supporters at the Marin IJ have told folks that I am a nutty zealot and that I should not be listened to.  Huffman and his followers would simply dismiss the Goldwater quote as being too RIGHT.  I come from a viewpoint of WRONG and RIGHT not LEFT or RIGHT and Goldwater’s words are spot on and brilliant. 

Moderation in only applying the laws of thermos selectively so that Bloom Energy, Kior, and other thermodynamic fakes and greenwashers extract more billions of dollars of taxpayer and ratepayer money would certainly not be virtuous.   I do really believe that Mr. Goldwater’s words of 50 years ago need to be repeated and repeated often.  Actually if Mr. Huffman would come for that four hour lesson in thermo I would make him write the quote out fifty times and use the first half hour of the lesson to drill into the Congressman’s brain that has two left sides that he was taken in by greenwashing BLOOMDOGGLERs out to make a buck.

I do think that Mr. Obama should also reflect on the Goldwater quote.   Our hope for this president back in 2008 was that he would not waver in defending liberty for all and would not selectively uphold justice.  Sadly Mr. Obama quickly became the uber fund raiser for his party and bankers like Mr. Doerr and Mr. Khosla steered his energy policy in the completely wrong direction.  Mr. Obama’s healthcare policy and foreign policy failures are large but his energy policy failure is immense and approaching one divided by zero.

My Christmas/Chanukah message to all my readers is that you all should never waver from upholding the laws of thermo as the laws will rule forever.  When you hear nonsense from promoters of green tech that have a new catalyst to make diesel from pine trees, you must tell them that the pine tree has better use as furniture or a Christmas tree.  I do hope you all decorate with LED lights and save some electricity in your celebrations.

Happy Holidays to all including those that are in the LEFT outfield and are still thinking that Dr. Moniz will save the world by visiting the massively expensive Ivanpah or Kemper power projects that just sucked in billions in ill-gotten taxpayer and ratepayer money.

For those who do not remember the periodic table of elements and basic chemistry.  Au is Gold. H2O is water.


  1. we need AuH2O to replace all the H2S from the BLOOMDOGGLE

  2. Brilliant!!!!

    Great journalism incorporating Scientific Jargon as an almost Limericks like style. In that same CNN Documentary on the 60's Barry was asked if the KKK was an Extremism he would embrace. His reply was telling and illustrates him as being MODERATE compared with those that ran off with his Intellectual Rationalization of Conservatism as can acceptable Political Philosophy in a Democratically based USA.

    This is brilliantly illustrated by Altemeyer in his Treatise regarding Authoritarianism and Compartmentalization. AuH20 was a Voice of Reasoning in a Desert of Extremism on the Conservative side.


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