Saturday, September 29, 2012

Batteries Get Three Strikes Out at Bat

I wrote this piece for earlier this week.
Much of the policy, if you can call it policy, of the Department of Energy under Secretary Chu and President Obama has been based on plug in vehicles. The underlying assumption that Chu espoused and Obama naively believed was that lithium ion batteries would come down significantly in cost and that with mass production levels of economies of scale the plug in vehicles would be affordable.

Dr. Chu should have listened to what Thomas Edison said in London in February 1883. My friend John in Switzerland pointed this out to me. Yes in February 1883 old Tom wrote the following for The Electrician:

"The storage battery is, in my opinion, a catchpenny, a sensation, a mechanism for swindling the public by stock companies. The storage battery is one of those peculiar things which appeals to the imagination, and no more perfect thing could be desired by stock swindlers than that very selfsame thing ….

Just as soon as a man gets working on the secondary battery it brings out his latent capacity for lying ….

Scientifically, storage is all right, but, commercially, as absolute a failure as one can imagine.”

Dr Chu you got taken three times on lithium ion batteries! Actually we the 53% got taken three times as the wasted money is ours. We have all heard of the demise of Ener1 and A 123 but now we are witnessing the third strike at bat for this battery chemistry. The third strike is occurring in Holland Michigan at a company called Compact Power (CP). Compact Power is owned by the large Korean Conglomerate LG Chem. LG Chem supplies lithium ion batteries produced in Korea to Chevrolet for the Volt. The plan was to produce these batteries in Holland Michigan. Approximately $150 million was given by Obama via Chu to Compact Power and approximately 200 people were hired. Now the workers are on a 75% furlough and layoffs continue.

It has been reported that no batteries for Volts have ever been supplied from the Holland Michigan plant and all the batteries to date simply have come from LG Chem in Korea. I wonder what 200 people working at a 75% rate are really doing in Holland, Michigan? What is certain is that LG Chem was promised by Chevrolet and Ford that they would supply many sets of batteries for plug in cars in the USA that Obama and Chu estimated would total 1 million vehicles by 2015.

I was playing around with the letters in Ener1, A 123, and CP and came up with a six letter word that is Reaper. Thomas Edison knew in 1883 that storage batteries were a sensation and a mechanism for swindling that will result in commercial failure. In 2010, one hundred and twenty seven years later, Dr. Chu and Mr. Obama brought upon us the lithium ion battery powered grim economic reaper.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tesla Needs A Charge

Tomorrow, the master of spin, Mr Elon Musk will unveil the plan for a Supercharging fast charging system for Teslas on the go.  “It will feel like alien spaceships landed at highway rest stops,” said company co-founder Elon Musk to his 88,856 and counting Twitter followers.

What Tesla Motors really needs is a charge of money to keep running.  The question is how much and when?  Of course Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla has been mum on the method of funding the pretend auto company.  They have drawn down all of the US DOE loan money that old Chu Chu gave them.  They have pretty much tapped their future customers for deposits (reservation payments) on cars to be delivered in the next year, and they are paying their vendors extra slowly as Tesla tries to preserve cash.  Their problem is each time they deliver a car it costs them cash.  The cash inflow is reduced by the already received reservation payment.  John Petersen who writes for has opined that Tesla has major cash problems.

Petersen believes that Tesla’s working capital and shareholder’s equity have already been eradicated as of the end of August.  I can’t wait till they report third quarter results to see if Petersen is correct.  The Green Machine thinks Petersen is probably correct.

Elon was interviewed on Bloomberg a couple days ago.  He refused to discuss how many cars they will deliver this quarter or the next quarter.  His body language was rather awkward in the interview and it looked like a replay of Obama being questioned earlier in the day on the Univision Spanish Language Channel.  It is quite amazing how similar the body languages of Musk and Obama were when they had to deal with direct questions as to their versions of reality.  Take a look at both videos in the following links:  The Elon link is pretty long winded.

Both Obama and Musk talk eloquently of the future without stammering, but discussing anything that is in the near term is simply off limits as it simply stinks.  Elon uses the excuse that he is in the nondisclosure period under the SEC rules for traded stocks.  The President uses the excuse of some poorly made movie or the residual effects of what GW handed him.  Elon stated that next year will be on target to see 20,000 Tesla vehicles sold with a gross margin of 25%.  I doubt Tesla will do this. 

Elon also smirkingly stated that Coda his “competition” from the right will be out of business in rather short order.  I have blogged how GW’s secretary of the treasury Hank Paulson is involved with Coda and their Chinese electric car.  Hank at least did not get any DOE money while Elon dug deep into our pockets.  I think Coda is Coda Blue and will flat line but they may hold on longer than Tesla.  When Coda is taken off life support at least we the taxpayers (The 53% per MITsquared) will not have lost half a billion dollars.   It should be noted that Coda has sold less than 100 of their plug in vehicles since its introduction almost six months ago.

So how does Tesla survive in the world of harsh realities?  First they have to raise a significant amount of equity that I estimate to be in the range of half a billion dollars.  This will dilute the existing shareholders significantly.  Second they simply have to give up on the lie that they will ever sell a car for less than $70,000 and remain in business.  Third they should tell the DOE that the $30,000 electric Volkswagen (peoples’ car) was a pipedream and that they are a high performance specialty auto company that can only survive selling very high price cars to the wealthy.  In fact Tesla should start charging $150,000 per vehicle and I think they will sell the very same limited quantity of cars a year if they charge $50,000 extra.  I bet Elon is thinking of how he can change course and be an electric Masarati. 

Elon may actually be wishing MITsquared prevails in November and that Bain Capital comes in to run the business and turn it into a success.  If he continues the charade that Tesla will provide 20,000 affordable cars next year and pay back the DOE he will not even go as far as John Delorean who sold a total of approximately 9,000 of the DMC-12s.  If Oh Bummer wins Elon could get another half billion from the DOE and rename the Model S as the DNC-1%.  Note the DNC is the Democratic National Committee. 

Perhaps the best solution is that Elon quickly produce a cheap movie that mocks the accomplishments and the personal life of Al Gore, allowing a mob of ultra-green zealots to spontaneously burn down the Fremont California assembly plant.  Tesla can claim the insurance value of the assembly plant and its inventory and can return the DOE money to Chu Chu who will happily accept it.   The Fremont assembly plant is about a mile north of the Solyndra plant that is shuttered.  Perhaps the film should be called “The Impotence of Electrons”.  

As Al Gore is hard of hearing he will think the movie is called “The Importance of Morons”.  Oh Bummer will simply blame the movie for the next calamity that hits the US.  MITsquared will say the fire in Fremont was avoidable if only Bain Capital had taken over Tesla earlier.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Friend Passes

A friend who was my hero passed away on September 19th. He was a very special friend as I have blogged in his honor for the past two years. My friend was a high school chum who became a Radiologist and like me made the pilgrimage from South Africa to the USA to pursue his dreams. The last time I saw him face to face was in 1969 when we graduated from High School. I found him via Facebook in 2009 for our virtual 40th high school reunion. He informed me then that he was suffering from Lou Gherig’s disease (ALS) and that he had given up his medical practice and was becoming progressively disabled.

We renewed our friendship and we started to communicate on the phone or via email. He lived in Florida and I live in California. As the disease progressed he could no longer talk and the only way to communicate was by email as he had installed a special device on his computer that allowed him to type using his eyes.

Two years ago on the Jewish New Year, I informed all my friends in an email that I would cease to blog at as I was hitting my head against a wall and that energy policy in the USA was being corrupted by special interests. My friend with ALS typed an email with his eyes and stated that one of the few things he continued to enjoy was to read my blog. By this time he was quadriplegic and yet he was still as sharp as a tack and his emails were as articulate and brilliant as he ever was. His mind was still crisp as bell although his body was failing him. Of course I emailed back to him that I would blog for as long as he was alive and that each blog would be in his honor.

Each time I blogged he would email me with questions about the science behind my blog and challenge me with tons of brilliant questions as to why I had formulated an opinion or why I had answered something in a certain way. He also continued to play championship level bridge using his computer and proxy players as his designated human hand to play the hand for him. He wrote essays on religion, life, family, friends, radiology, and politics. He shared many thought with me and others as he bravely watched his body wither. Of all the friends in our high school class he was the kindest, sweetest, and most humble soul. He was slight of frame but vast in mind, bravery and soul. He was the mensch of our class.

He wrote of simply being dealt a bad hand but he would play the hand with the ultimate finesse to get the most out of his life that would be cut short by a horrible disease. He asked me back in 2009 to inquire at Genentech where I then worked if any miracle drugs for ALS were being investigated. Sadly I had to report to him that we had no miracle phoo phoo dust. He said he was not in pain but simply uncomfortable. He last communicated with me on September 9 to comment on my blog about Obama’s acceptance speech. I guess he was too weak to comment on my September 15 blog on the terrible events on 9 11 2012.

He is at peace now and I still am pained. I am pained by his death. I am pained by the state of the US economy. I am pained by the hatred the world has for America, Israel and the West in general. I am pained by shysters pretending to be green when they are gangrene opportunists preying on a weak and naïve government. I am pained by a lack of real leadership in either of the two presidential candidates. I am pained by my own old weary bones climbing stairs in our multistory empty nest.

I do not know if I should continue to blog now that my friend has passed and can no longer read my rantings? I beseech you all to let me know if I should continue to blog? I know my friend’s life was full of purpose with his display of bravery, amazing friendship, and the legacy of his children. I need another hero or set of heroes to honor with these blogs on GreenExplored or I will simply fold my tent, hang up my cleats, and let Al Gore, Steven Chu, Arnie, and the Bloom Box claim victory.

I have news for you all. I will be back and stronger next week and won’t let these fools prevail. As long as I can operate a computer even if only with my eyes I will challenge those that choose to disobey the laws of thermodynamics. My friend will be buried on Sunday. All of you who read this blog please pause for a moment and salute him for living a life as fully as was possible, and use his example to live your lives fully and with your eyes wide open.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Week That We Could Have Missed

This past week was simply terrible!  The news out of many capitals where mobs have attacked embassies and consulates is appalling and reminiscent of 1979.  The “reasoning” of the mobs is the same back to the future view of the world where the Satanic West has insulted one of the monotheistic religions.  The real reason for the mob is massive population growth, massive unemployment, massive government corruption, massive inflation in food prices, massive inflation in energy prices, massive inflation in housing costs, and massive miseducation of the masses.  

It is quite amazing how the mobs have neatly printed signs in English.  I wonder who gave them the signs and the money for the signs?  How long ago were the signs printed so the mobs could be unleashed on a moments notice?  Who gave the mobs the US flags?  Of course the mobs know the date of 9 11.  Of couse the whole thing was planned long in advance but Hillary is still blaming the violence on a junk film made in the USA and calling this the root cuase of the violence. 

President Carter and President Obama are living proof that apologists cannot effectively lead the free the world.  President GW Bush is living proof we cannot bomb our way to success.  All the presidents since Carter have had a secretary of energy in their cabinet and all of these administrations had failed energy policies.  All of these administrations have simply punted problems to the future to optimize their own present. 

In 1979 , when President Carter had the Iran Hostage problem the world population was 4.378 billion with approximately 35 million living in Iran.   In 2012 the population of Iran will cross 80 million and the world has 7.039 billion people.  The US population increased from 222 million in 1979 to 314 million today.   I do not know how many undocumented aliens live in Iran but I would add at least another 15 million people to the US population.  Therefore the US added about 100 million to its population while Iran added 45 million in the past 33 years.  Proportionally Iran had massive population grown while the US has had substantial population growth.  All the added people need food, work, housing, healthcare, and most importantly education.

In 1979 we had no cell phones, no internet, no PCs, and far fewer wonder drugs to treat cancer.  Of course we are better off in many ways thanks to the brilliance of many people.  Over the past 33 years I have been indeed fortunate to have worked at the leading edge of high tech and bio tech and to have contributed in small measure to the manufacture of microprocessors, flash memory chips, LCD displays, and monoclonal antibodies.  Of course 2012 is a far better time than 1979 when it comes to communications, calculations, and cancer treatment.  Sadly 2012 is a far worse time than 1979 when it comes to the state of the global population in terms of their ability to deal with one another. 

But China, India and other Asian nations have seen wonderful increases in their economic prosperity, their level of education, and their general well-being.  Brazil and Chile have also shared in the growth of global trade driven by trade with China in particular.  Australia has boomed through its trade with China.  All is not bad and much is better.

The single laggard in the field of technological advancement has been personal transportation.  I blame morons like Arnie Schwarzenegger for popularizing SUVs and Hummers.  We were making real progress in the 80s and early 90s on improving the MPGs of vehicles until the popular culture was hijacked by Arnie to create this feeling of security and superiority by driving a 3 ton vehicle.  Thank goodness the Prius came along and the Hummer died.  Thank goodness GM sells the Cruze and Chrysler has Fiat’s small car technology.  Thank goodness that Ford has the Focus and has pretty much focused on small cars rather than gargantuan SUVs .

I do believe we will be far more efficient in energy consumption, but this cannot save the world.  Too many hungry mouths to feed in too many places with terrible education, with bad government are what worry me and keep me up at night.  Of course Iran is the poster child but the US is right up there.  Yes we have more people on food stamps than ever before, we have slipped in the quality of our public school education, and we have poor government.  I have not had a representative for years in my congress and thankfully she is retiring this year. 

We certainly have not had any competence ever in the leadership of the Department of Energy.  We have tried strong and weak Presidents and now the President is simply an incompetent apologist.  I do not know if Romney can lead and his critics make the following words out of the letters in his name: More and Money.  If Romney wins I pray he really gets someone who gets it in energy policy.  If Obama wins I pray he gets rid of Chu and lets the few who got more money than you can believe on junk green science drift into obscurity like the old Governator.  Arnie is the poster child of the word I could make out of Romney’s name if it simply had one more O.  That word is Moron.

It is Rosh Hashana and both my parents passed away several years apart on Rosh Hashana.  I remember the good times I had with my parents and siblings and know such good times can be ahead for future generations.  This blog is in honor of my parents.   Rosh Hashana means “head of the year”.  Let’s start using our heads to solve our problems.  We select our head of government once more in less than 60 days.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The President's Acceptance Speech

I recorded the President’s acceptance speech last Thursday night as I had to give a lecture in the local library at the very same time the President addressed his faithful supporters in Charlotte.  I was worried that all I would have would be empty chairs in the lecture room and that I would just be lecturing to an absent president.  Alas 30 people did attend my lecture and I do hope 30 additional people realize that energy policy cannot be based on dreams and hope.

I was particularly interested in hearing what the President had to say about energy when he addressed his crowd of supporters, half of whom don’t wish to allow a certain country to choose its own Capital City.  Here is what the President said as reported by the Christian Post that wishes that the same half of the President’s supporters also wlll allow their party to invoke the name of God.

“Now you have a choice - between a strategy that reverses this progress, or one that builds on it. We've opened millions of new acres for oil and gas exploration in the last three years, and we'll open more. But unlike my opponent, I will not let oil companies write this country's energy plan, or endanger our coastlines, or collect another $4 billion in corporate welfare from our taxpayers. We're offering a better path - a future where we keep investing in wind and solar and clean coal; where farmers and scientists harness new biofuels to power our cars and trucks; where construction workers build homes and factories that waste less energy; where we develop a hundred year supply of natural gas that's right beneath our feet. If you choose this path, we can cut our oil imports in half by 2020 and support more than 600,000 new jobs in natural gas alone. And yes, my plan will continue to reduce the carbon pollution that is heating our planet - because climate change is not a hoax. More droughts and floods and wildfires are not a joke. They're a threat to our children's future. And in this election, you can do something about it.”

OK The president does not like the oil companies but they can produce natural gas for 100 years and employ 600,000 more people.  He has opened millions of acres for oil and gas exploration in the past three years.  The coal companies can find ways to burn the coal cleanly using government “investment”.  Farmers and scientists will harness new biofuels for our cars and trucks.  Also there will be continued deployment of wind and solar farms.  He says voting for MITsquared will reverse this progress.  

 I have to say that MITsquared will open many more millions of acres for oil and gas exploration.  MITsquared will also let the oil companies produce natural gas for the next 100 years.  MITsquared may be just dumb enough to invest in “clean coal” the oxymoron of energy policy.  MITsquared will continue to let his rich friends at Bechtel, and First Solar make mucho bucks on solar farms and I doubt he will stop GE from selling wind turbines.  Perhaps the only place there may not be full congruence on idiotic energy policy may be in continuing the folly of “new biofuels for our cars and trucks”.    You see MITsquared has an IQ one above plankton while Obama has an IQ one below plankton.  MITsquared realizes that God never intended photosynthesis to power a quarter of billion internal combustion engines in these Ignited States.

Had the president told the lemming on the left that wish Israel and Exxon Mobil would disappear that the true solution to our energy problem is sociological and not technical, I would have applauded him.  Had he said it is crazy for a citizen to drive alone to work (if there is any) in a vehicle that weighs almost 2 tons.  Had he said the government will give out 50 million free electric bicycles to get us out of our cars.  Had he said that we will impose a carbon value added tax of $10 a ton of CO2 and impose an import duty on all foreign products based on their carbon emissions.  Then I would have actually applauded him and saluted an energy policy that may actually have some merit.  But he was the clone of MITsquared and proposed the same policy.

The President again had a “you did not build it” moment by poorly choosing words “My plan will continue to reduce the carbon pollution that is heating the planet.”   Literally this means that in each of the next four years that he hopes to be president, we will extract carbon from the atmosphere to lower the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  What he should have said is “During the next four years I hope to lower the additional carbon emissions we add to our atmosphere.  I have simply given up on pretending I can stop rising oceans or healing the planet as I know during the next four years while I contemplate where I will live China will emit more than 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide and will overtake us as the largest economy.”

Friday, September 7, 2012

Is the President Sick of Al Gore?

Folks you may have noticed Al Gore is not anywhere close to Charlotte, North Carolina.  The man who always loves the lime green light is simply missing and hanging out in New York City.  Al did not skip the convention he was not invited to convention.

The President does not need the inventor of the color green to muddy up the convention and really remind voters of the green energy failures the President’s administration has funded to the tune of almost five billion dollars only to see the money lost.  Al would shine the green light on Solyndra, Fisker, Beacon, A 123, Ener1 and the myriad other belly flops from the DOE funding diving board.  The President does not want to defend his failed energy policy.  The President did not ask Dr. Chu to talk about energy at the convention, he asked Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to address the faithful green gringos assembled in the Queen City on energy matters.  Charlotte has a second nick name dating back to the revolutionary war.  That name is The Hornets’ Nest

It is fitting that Al Gore is absent from the convention as he would have stirred up a massive hornets’ nest.  He did not invent the internet but he did build battery cars, and the need to move away from coal, oil, and gas as the keystones of our energy policy.  Looking at Ken Salazar in a white cowboy hat addressing the green lemmings yesterday made me think that they want old Ken to look like an oil man.  Guess what?  Addressing the faithful, old Ken painted Obama as if he was the reincarnation of LBJ and things in the oil and gas patch are booming because of what Obama has done for the extraction of hydrocarbons. 

Ken laid out the American Dream and how his family has been working the land around the Rio Grande for 400 years.  Ken laid out how the President wants the American Dream for every single American, and how the President walks with us.  Ken explained how the President will bring us energy independence by using an “all of the above” energy strategy and that is why oil imports are the lowest in two decades because of the President’s efforts. 

Ken had to play the role of two speakers who simply had to be left out of the Convention.  Ken had to play the role of Dr. Chu and Mr. Hide.  Ken had to portray and administration with an energy policy based on oil and gas exploration and production and green energy based on wind and solar.  Ken had to say the US is producing the highest amount of natural gas in its history.  That is true but Ken the natural gas produced on Federal Lands that you manage is being produced at the lowest level in a decade

What Ken did not point out was that oil and gas being produced in North Dakota, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana with record production rates all came from states with Republican Governors who simply ignored Al Gore and Steven Chu and let free enterprise prevail. 

For some crazy reason, I watched the Convention on CNN and the advertising that sponsored the CNN coverage was brought to us by Clean Coal and Natural Gas.  I guess those trade groups felt it necessary to reach a liberal audience to help influence energy policy.  Interestingly the sponsors of the CNN coverage of the Convention yesterday were 180% apart from Al Gore, Steven Chu and President Obama. 

I have to say I love America where the power of advertising and the great oratory of politicians can get lemmings to do anything.  No doubt that Mr. Blitzer was happy his high salary for the day was paid for by Clean Coal.  No doubt that Mr. Carville was happy to hear a word from his Clean Coal sponsors.  Of course Mr. Carville would have preferred if electric car companies such as Fisker or Tesla would have advertised but alas they have nothing to sell us except faded dreams.   But wait the whole Convention is all about the repackaging of faded dreams and perhaps it would have been more appropriate for A 123’s new Chinese owners to sponsor the CNN coverage. 

I guess Al Gore was not invited to the convention because he disagreed with the platform that did not include Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city.   He can use that as a good excuse for his lack of attendance at the party’s festival, twelve years after he so gallantly gave Tipper the longest kiss in the history of accepting a party’s presidential nomination. 

Just twelve years ago Joe Liebermann and Al Gore were the heroes of the party.  Now both are outsiders of a party that has moved away from LBJ all the Way to parading a crying two years old as the poster child of Obama Care.   Actually the two year old cried because she understood she was being used as a pawn and was scared to see her mother breakdown while speaking about the poor child’s ill health.  Old Ken did not cry because he did not even realize he was being used as a pawn to cover up the failures of Chu and Gore and the dismal failure of Obama’s green energy policy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wan Hu Laugh A Lot

I love old Mr. Wan Hu and his rocket chair.  So here is one more joke on the subject of the Tesla auto company.

It seems like some guys in Europe had a competition to be the first to go around the world in an all-electric car.    The race was between a Tesla Roadster and an underpowered Citroen based on the Mitsubishi Electric Car.  The Tesla was way in front until it was totaled on a German Autobahn only 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) from the finish line.  Kind of like the fable about the Tortoise and the Hare.
Here is a link that describes the crash

No doubt this is a harbinger of things to come with the Tesla stock.  Also here is a quick riddle.  How long is a hair (hare) on a rabbit’s back?   About 10 seconds and then it is onto another rabbit’s back.  That is about how long a hyped high tech stocks remains at its high.  Good to see About Facebook is hitting a low and their CFO David Eagersman is taking some heat.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wan Hu Be Rich Quick?

Want to be rich quick? Now that I have your attention, I need some money to start a new business that will help America and the Western World to save energy and not send billions of dollars to the folks who hate us but have oil to sell us.

The business is based on my breakthrough invention will get us out of our cars and back on our feet. My invention will make the air purer and not deplete the ground water. My invention will make us healthier and physically strong. My invention will recycle waste and turn the waste to be useful to many people. More importantly, my invention will make all of you money.

As stated above my invention will help Americans and Westerners get back on their feet. My invention that will get you all back on your feet is a new shoe like no other shoe in the world. It is so comfortable it is like walking bare foot. It will make Prada and Ferregamo look like and feel like clogs. I have developed the feather shoe. Yes it is like walking on a down pillow.

The synthetic feathers are placed between the sole and the inner liner and are made of a new special high tech nanomaterial that is as light and as soft as feathers is called Wan Hu Be Rich™. Wan Hu Be Rich™ nanofeathers change their shape and density under the pressure of your weight. The heavier you are the softer the material becomes.

I only need $500 million to get the business going. Give me your life savings, your pension funds, and your kid’s barmitvah money. With your money I can achieve what President Obama did not. I can stop the rising oceans and heal the planet. I will make you all proud that overweight kids will walk to school without the pain of corns and bunions. Poor kids will feel they are walking on air.

Yes with $500 million I will produce at least 500 pairs of my Wan Hu Be Rich™ shoes in my seventh year of operation. Those first 500 pairs of shoes will be “sold” to the super wealthy in Silicon Valley for test walking. Our government will help subsidize the sale of those first 500 pairs of shoes given to the mover and shakers in the Valley. The government will do this because I have convinced them that I am certain after producing 500 pairs of shoes to get the market started, I will then sell millions of pairs of affordable shoes to the average Jane and Joe.

Yes fellow Americans, Congress people, and yes President Obama I can save the world and I am a visionary who came to America from South Africa. My name is Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine. I have never made shoes before but I can walk and talk and that makes me well qualified. I will change the world of footwear! I will stop the oceans from rising! I can heal the earth!

Of course I need to name of my company after a historic inventor. The company will be named after an inventor from the mid 16th century. That name is Wan Hu. Old Wan Hu placed 47 rockets on a chair in the mid-16th century and thought he would be the first astronaut but became an Astra-Nought. The crater on the far side of the moon is named after him. Don’t worry the big financial hole I create for you all will be totally visible on planet earth right here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Happy Labor Day and you can click on the link below to read about Wan Hu.