Monday, August 31, 2015

Bloomerang A New Word

Peter challenged me to define Bloomerang.  I came up with Bloomerang when sulfur waste you create comes back to bite you in the ass.

Please comment if you have other definitions of Bloomerang

Bye Bye Bloomie

A new musical is being made.  Bye Bye Bloomie the musical story about the end of the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle will feature Congressman Darren Huffman in the same role Dick Van Dyke played in the original Bye Bye Birdie.

Huffman is tall, good looking, and fairly slender and looks like Dick Van Dyke.  Some have asked if Mr. Huffman can dance.  I responded not really, but he sure can shuffle when I hound him, and he could do the jive that scores a 10 from Len on dancing with the stars.

Before becoming one of Al Gore's operatives, Jared Huffman represented the US at the olympics as a Volleyball star.  He also was a star environmental lawyer.  He was a brilliant student.  But alas Al Gore bloomdoggled him and the rest is history.  He now is simply a politician.

Here are side by side photos of Jared Huffman and Dick Van Dyke.  After Huffman soon retires from Congress based on his role in the Bloomdoggle, I am sure he can succeed in a career in acting.

Denali Obama and The Height Of Stupidity

The news is that Mr. Obama will rename Mount McKinley Mount Denali.   This is an attempt to right wrongs and reverse global warming.

The peak is 20,320 feet tall.  It had me thinking how tall all the Bloom Energy canisters filled with solid waste would be if they were stacked up.  My estimate is each canister is two feet tall and there have been approximately 10,000 canisters shipped to the EPA licensed facility in Texas that treats the waste.  Wow the stacked canisters are as tall Mount Denali.

GM has a full sized SUV called the GMC Denali that is a full sized carbon emitter.  GM will rename their Denali to the McKinley when they covert the pile of junk into an electric drive.

Of course Mr. Obama could stack up the added 8.2 trillion dollars of debt he will create in his eight failed years as president.  It looks like this will be 8.2 times 67,000 miles high.  I have no clue how many feet this is as my calculator only has 8 digits, but for sure is kind of like 500,000 times 5,000 or around 2.5 billion feet high. 

I don’t think it is possible to make a pile this high it would topple, so let’s just name the pile of the 10,000 Bloom Energy sulfur waste canisters as Mount Obama.

Interestingly the one billion dollars of ratepayer and taxpayer money Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell extracted in the Bloomdoggle would be a pile 67 miles high.  This is nearly 350,000 feet or approximately 17 times taller than Mount Denali.

Mr. Obama leaves a legacy that is one inch high or about one two hundred and forty thousandth of Mt. McKinley.  Ford will be renaming their Lincoln Division to the Obama Division when they start selling peddle cars to cope with global warming.  Bibi is kind of worried Oh Bummer will rename Mount Sinai as Mount Khumani.  There is an iron ore mine in South Africa called the Khumani Mine.

The Donald when he becomes president will rename Mount Denali to become known as Trump Towers Alaska.  I just think all of this name calling is the height of stupidity.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Crazy Week

This week was a crazy week for matters green.  NBC reported on the BLOOMDOGGLE. 

The Donald called Kerry “what a schmuck” and continued to surge in the polls.

The inspector general of the Department of Energy said that senior executives at Solyndra lied to get the DOE loan that Oh Bummer and Chu gave them.

We know that Thermodynamics never lies.  We also know the hypnotized never lie.  Anderson Cooper may try to keep them honest, but The Thermonator hypnotizes them before they can ever lie.

All the news can be boiled down to a simple fact.  People are sick and tired of the Complex stealing from them.  Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell, Vinod Khosla, Condi Rice, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and all their cronies are in retreat as the majority no longer remains silent while they plunder.

Oh Bummer stared at the Solyndra solar cell in the photograph while his cronies lied to get the DOE money.  The Chinese produced hundreds of millions of silicon solar cells while Dr. Chu made speeches about the wonders of CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) in PV.  Just this week TSMC a major Taiwanese microchip firm gave up on CIGS after wasting $400 million on the junk Dr. Chu dreamed of.

I have a question for Dr. Chu who now bends the young minds at Stanford after Dr. Rice has already distorted them with lies.  Dr. Chu did you really think that the laws of thermodynamics stopped being applied just because you and Oh Bummer could throw billions at junk science sponsored by Oh Bummer’s cronies?

The Donald has been asked to express the Yiddish term for Dr. Chu as it relates to his negotiation skills with Solyndra.  One word the Donald may use is Putz.

My Yiddish word for the entire Military Industrial Congressional Presidential Gubernatorial State House Complex is Ganovim.  Ganovim is the plural for Ganef.

China will throw a few dozen of their ganovim in jail for the Tianjin disaster.  The US should learn from the Tianjin disaster that hiding hazardous chemicals in places with fake permits can lead to disaster.  This is exactly my point about the solid waste with sulfur from Bloom Energy Coffins.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Three Who Bankrupted America

I posted this on twitter today.  "This photo shows three who bankrupted America. Wagoner did GM, Khosla did Kior and Range and Obama the whole country"

This photo was taken early in Oh Bummer's presidency when the two other operatives listen intently to him lecturing.  Wagoner resigned as CEO of GM pretty soon thereafter at Obama's request.

Khosla went on to become the biggest loser in the "green" space.  Khosla continued the charade by hosting Oh Bummer to a fund raising dinner with his whole family present as well as his two big dogs.

Khosla and his cronies are now being sued for FRAUD by the state of Mississippi over the Kior greenwashed failure.

As For Oh Bummer he is the worst president ever and has the distinction of playing first fiddle to John Kerry who the Donald called "what a schmuck".  I am searching the Yiddish dictionary to see if their is a word for the boss of a schmuck who will add $8.5 trillion of debt.

Wagoner's stupidity and narcissism of flying in for the meeting with Oh Bummer in a corporate jet will be long forgotten.  Oh Bummer's presidency will be remembered as much as that of Buchanan.  But Vinod Khosla will always be remembered as the man who lost the Martin's Beach case to some surfers and who appeared on 60 Minutes walking around the Kior plant with Leslie Stahl with a beaker of white catalyst that simply could not turn pine trees into diesel.  Of the three in the photo the one on the right is the one with the largest narcissistic tendencies, he wanted the Beach all to himself and do what God does in 300 million years in seconds. Oh Bummer is generous and shares the uranium that he bought on credit.

God Bless America and Please God keep making shale oil and gas to help pay the $19.1 trillion of debt  Oh Bummer will leave us with.  That is his Legacy!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


NBC just did a report (their second) on the Bloomdoggle (my word I invented). I have a small role in their second report inventing the word Bloomdoggle.  I played a major part in the first report that aired in October 2014.

I looked at the February 26, 2010 launch of the Bloomdoggle on youtube. Senator Feinstein and Mayor Bloomberg gave rousing testimonials and I quote:

Bloomdoggle February 26 2010

Feinstein “in these tough economic times innovative companies like Bloom Energy really give me hope.  These kinds of clean energy technologies can and should shape the future of our economy.”

Bloomberg “This was a company poised to play a leading role addressing the crucial challenges of our time climate change and energy.  Today that promise has come true and no one is more thrilled by that than New York City.”

Feinstein  “You’ve developed an innovative fuel cell system capable of producing energy that is cleaner and more efficient than gas, oil or coal and more reliable than wind or solar power.”

Bloomberg “I well remember my first visit to Bloom back in 2006.  My first reaction was that this was a company guaranteed for greatness.  Make no mistake when we look at Bloom Energy we are looking at the future of business, at the future of the economy, and the future of America.”

I may be the only person in America that on February 26, 2010 said that Bloom was a fraud.  Yes The Thermonator called Al Gore’s Bloomdoggle on day one!!  Feinstein and Bloomberg were suckered by Gore, Doerr, and Powell.

Is it not sad how Mike Bloomberg and Diane Feinstein helped promote the BLOOMDOGGLE?  No wonder why the Donald is soaring in the polls and calls people Stupid and Schmucks.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Exelon and Delaware

As you all know I have blogged that Delmarva Power, a part of Exelon Corp is the agent of the BLOOMDOGGLE in Delaware.  We all know the BLOOMDOGGLE the grandest greenwashing fraud in the United States.

A lady who was a cheerleader for a NFL team was recently sentenced in Delaware Court for the rape of a teenager boy.

Her ex-husband is the Chairman of Exelon.  I have been emailing the CEO (Christopher Crane) of Exelon to inform him that he and his company are part of the BLOOMDOGGLE, and that his company by financing 40 megawatts of Bloom Coffins is a enabling the creation on hundreds of tons of solid waste with sulfur.  He knows the solid waste is treated at an EPA licensed facility.

I am sure the Chairman of Exelon did not expect his ex-wife to rape a teenage boy.  But we should also expect Exelon and their subsidiary Delmarva Power to cease screwing 250,000 rate payers in Delaware in the BLOOMDOGGLE.  

I do not believe in coincidences.  The Cheerleader was HOT.  But actually she was not as hot as the BLOOMDOGGLE that is 1960 Celsius HOT.  1960 C is four times hotter than Fahrenheit 911 and is the flame temperature of the shale natural gas they use in Deal Away.  Only in Deal Away could the governor mandate that the shale gas is renewable.  1960 is the year of birth of Governor Jack Markell who is so corrupt he thinks belching cows created the methane in the Marcellus Shale.  Folks I am not making this up and nor did the teenager that got raped in Bethany Beach Delaware by a cheerleader who was a cougar and 3.2 times his age.

Interesting the county where the courtroom was located is named Sussex County.  In Hebrew the name Bethany means house of affliction or sorrow.  In Hebrew or any language for that matter, Bloomdoggle means Bloomdoggle or a monster nonconsensual screwing of ratepayers and taxpayers.  I wonder who the heck named the town Bethany Beach??  The link below shows there was a nationwide contest and H.L Atkinson came up with the name for the town. H L must have stood for Hot Lady.

 You all know I invented the word BLOOMDOGGLE.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Amazing Dog Photo

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tianjin and Bloom Energy

The news from Tianjin China is beyond sad.  I know that city, I helped build Motorola’s semiconductor fab in Tianjin in 1998.  My heart goes out to the people of Tianjin.

The Guardian has reported that the warehouse operator had 70 times the permitted quantity of sodium cyanide in the warehouse.

The owners of the chemical company that caused this disaster are under investigation.  The truth will reveal they were politically connected and city officials were keeping a blind eye to what was going on.  This is a Chinese BLOOMDOGGLE.

Our American Bloomdoggle actually has a former Vice President and a former Secretary of State.   Our Bloomdoggle has infinitely more solid waste with sulfur than was permitted in the protected coastal zone of Delaware.  Zero such waste was permitted.  Our Bloomdoggle has been given approximately one billion dollars of taxpayer and ratepayer money.  Our Bloomdoggle includes Apple, Walmart, EBay, AT&T, Delmarva Power, Exelon, Google, Maxim Technologies, IKEA, AC Transit, and another dozen prestigious US companies.

We can all talk about Chinese corruption and a blind eye to safety and permits.  However Al Gore and Colin Powell managed to hoodwink Arnie, Mike Bloomberg, and Senator Feinstein to make appearances at the launch of this thermodynamic fake company in February 2010.  Al and Colin got Collin O’Mara now the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation to hide tons of solid waste with sulfur in the protected coastal zone of Delaware.   Al and Colin got the millions while their Bloomdoggle generates, dirty, unreliable, and completely unaffordable power.

Al and Colin have negative learning rates.  Their Bloomdoggle now costs $11.1 million per megawatt (AT&T in New Jersey) versus $8 million when they launched.  Al and Colin don’t need to learn a thing, they know how to extract mucho money from corrupt politicians and asleep and scared civil servants.  Who needs to go to school when you own it all?  The Donald is correct as he exposes the Complex.

The 700 tons of sodium cyanide in Tianjin is only matched by the hundreds of tons of solid waste with sulfur at myriad sites Bloom Energy and their “green” clients create.   Yes the American Bloomdoggle has created over 100 tons of undeclared solid waste with sulfur that ends up at an EPA licensed facility for treatment.

The burned out cars in Tianjin kind of remind me of the burned out Fiskers after Hurricane Sandy. Al and Colin also brought us the Fisker Fiasco thanks to Kleiner Perkins the main VC behind the Bloomdoggle and Fisker Fiasco.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ratepayers’ Money Matter

A new national organization to protect ratepayers is being formed and I will be the chairman.  Ratepayers’ Money Matter will take to the streets, the internet, and the air waves to make sure that public utility commissions around the USA do their job of protecting ratepayers.

This email was sent to Mr. Michael Picker the President of the California Public Utilities Commission  (CPUC)

We have formed a new organization that will soon be protesting nationwide.  I am the chairperson of the organization.

Yes Black Lives Matter and so does Ratepayers' Money Matter.

The police have mistreated Blacks and they won't be quiet and stand for this nonsense any longer.  Good for them to make their voices heard.  The CPUC and other public service commissions from Delaware to California have ripped off ratepayers with pure greenwashed nonsense to enrich Al Gore and his Cronies.

We are not going to stand for these rip-offs any longer and I suggest you listen fast and hard that we want action and we want it now.  We want civil servants and politicians that aided and abetted in the crimes against humanity and nature to be brought to justice.  We want the dirty polluting expensive junk Bloom Coffins to be removed and our money to be returned.  We want a full accounting of all emissions and solid waste. We want scientifically correct SGIP Impact Reports.  We want a full accounting of all money flow both ways.  We want to know if the White House put pressure on the DE PSC and the DE Legislature to approve the Bloomdoggle.  We want to know who at the CPUC and the CA Assembly and Senate were tied in with Al Gore and his cronies in the Bloomdoggle.  We want to know all the lobbyists that pulled the wool over the eyes of politicians coast to coast.  We want to know why Arnie, Mike Bloomberg, and Diane Feinstein all made appearances at the Bloom Energy Launch at the EBay HQ in February 2010 with glowing statements about the fake technology.

This is an enormous scandal and a national disgrace.  A third rate technology was launched in 2010 by a huckster revealing magic sand under a black cape with the help of CBS and Leslie Stahl and you all were misled and bloomdoggled.  I wrote a textbook in 2003 on Fuel Cells and was knew the day Bloomdoggle launched it was a thermodynamic lie.   

Mr. Huffman not only are people listening to me now they are following me!  If you don't come straight on your role in the Bloomdoggle your political career is toast.  We don't want to hear the CLECA Twinkie defense, we want answers.  You and your staff in Sacramento jerked me around claiming your staff had gone to CA AG in 2012.  I won't be fooled again.  

This is not going to go away.  The BLM movement is here to stay and the RPMM movement will gain equal steam that career politicians and crooked or dumb civil servants ripped us off blind to enrich cronies like Al Gore who sold us gangrene power instead of green and clean power.

I look forward to the day when those who wield political and economic power obey the laws of thermodynamics.  You can fuel some of the people some of the time but you cannot fuel all of the people all of the time.  I was never fooled for a moment by the Bloom Fool Sell.


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine

Dark matter accounts for 21% of the universe.  Solid waste with sulfur accounts for a third of the Bloomdoggle matter.  Carbon dioxide accounts for another third, and expensive unreliable power is the final third.  Yes Al ratepayers’ money matter and you are not going to run for president even if Hillary’s mail server reveals secrets that matter.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Ivanpah Still Equals Solyndra Time Three

Over three tears ago I wrote for Breitbart that Ivanpah was Solyndra times three.

Now the Wall Street Journal is finally reporting this

The Green Machine AKA The Thermonator is now reporting that Ayatollah is Solyndrah times 300 given the money Obamah will give the Ayatollah.  Bet you The Thermonator is called The Thermonatah.

Ayatollah, Solyndrah, and Ivanpah are all the same set of bad guys.  The Thermonatah is the Ah in the white hat oops the Green Hat

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Powerful Democrats Ask To End The Bloomdoggle

The Green Machine AKA The Thermonator has been demanding an end to the Bloomdoggle since June 2012.  Few listened to me then.  Now the world is listening to the Thermonator as if he is the EF Hutton of Thermodynamics.

When The Thermonator talks Thermo people listen.  Of course there are a few hold outs who still think Bloom Energy is green.  All except one of the holdouts are shareholders in the company, the one outsider is still my Congressman Mr. Huffman.  I have extended my hand again for the umpteenth time to him to meet and discuss how he can now help end the Bloomdoggle.

The latest group to listen to the Green Machine are three very powerful democrats in sacramento that head committees on energy, transportation and the environment.  On August 4th they sent a joint letter to Michael Picker the President of the CPUC to demand the CPUC end the Bloomdoggle of giving away SGIP money to nonsense technology.  Bloom is  the largest recipient of CPUC SGIP funds for their junk technology.

I quote the second to last paragraph of the joint letter to Picker: “ If your decision is adopted, SGIP will continue the increasingly absurd practice of subsidizing natural gas consumption, supporting existing technologies that have already taken hundreds of millions of dollars from  SGIP and other public subsidies without producing substantial efficiency improvements, cost reductions, or general benefits to ratepayers, squandering the $415 million ratepayer investment authorized under SB 861  and undermining our collective efforts to clean the grid and transition away from fossil fuels.”

Bloom Energy led by Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell certainly took several hundred million dollars of SGIP money.   Their costs have increased as evidenced by the $11.128 million per megawatt cost in New Jersey (source NJ BPS) versus $8.8 million in Delaware (Source US IRS).  Their efficiency has diminished as evidenced in Delaware, and the solid waste with sulfur has negative benefit and is actually a detriment to society at large as it is transported across state lines for treatment at a US EPA licensed hazmat facility.

I am asking for further investigations into the SGIP and restitution of the several hundred million dollars of ratepayer money as Bloom has always been and continues to be a greenwashed fraud.  John Doerr is worth $3.5 billion he can easily make good on the fraud.  Al Gore and Collin Powell can each pay tens of millions of dollars.  Donald said he is worth $10 billion and said that Doerr, Gore, and Powell are nobodies and lightweights.  If Donald had half a brain for science he would call these three “stupid”.  

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Collin O’Mara is The Eddie Haskell of Green Energy

I knew I recognized Collin O’Mara the Delaware Cabinet Secretary who hid the scores of tons of solid waste with sulfur in the Bloomdoggle.  I kept on thinking I have seen his face before.  Then it hit me this guy is the Eddie Haskell of Green Energy

Just look at the pictures!! 

O’Mara is now the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.  All the Beavers in the wilderness are in for a hard time.

Mr. Wallace is the Chairman of the National Wildlife Federation and he is big chums with Eddie.  Sadly we cannot leave it  to the beavers to protect themselves.   The NWF needs new leadership that does not hide solid waste with sulfur that end up being treated in an EPA licensed facility.  O'Mara is on record that sulfides are terrible chemicals.  He made a speech to that effect in Northern Minnesota.  
Check out this video of the modern day Eddie Haskell.

The actor who played Eddie Haskell was Ken Osmond.  Maybe Mr. Osmond has a son who can play a role in the upcoming movie The Bloomdoggle - Celsius 1960.  Leave it to Beaver ran from 1957 to 1963 and the mean of those years is 1960.  This is no coincidence!!!  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Stock IPO - KYAG

Oil tumbled in July 2015 like it has not done since the crisis of 2008.  West Texas Internediate (WTI) is trading at $47.12 a barrel on July 31.

CNBC reported the drop in prices for July at 21%.

What this all means is that US motorists and truckers are driving more and consumption of liquid hydrocarbon fuels is way up over last year.  In turn this means that US CO2 emissions for 2015 could again increase over 2014 as they did in for the previous two years (2013 and 2014).  This implies that Dr. Moniz the secretary of Energy will have struck out with three strikes.  Dr. Moniz is very busy defending the Iran deal and not very busy in lowering CO2 emissions.  He killed coal and thought viola the CO2 emissions would plummet.  Ernie The Coal Killer could be a sequel movie to The Bloomdoggle – Celsius 1960.

The price of copper, silver, gold, platinum, steel, and just about every commodity has dropped.  This is great news for folks building solar farms.  The capital required to build a 100 megawatt solar farm in say the Atacama Desert has dropped from $280 million to $160 million in three years.  The solar panels did not drop much in cost but the balance of plant which is steel frames, copper wires, inverters, transformers, concrete foundations, and steel fences has dropped like crazy.   I doubt that commodities will regain their former prices but some are betting that copper which now trades at $2.35 a pound will return to $3.50 a pound.  Oil and iron ore prices will likely stay low for quite some time to come.

The drop in the cost of commodities is actually good for consumers but bad for the atmosphere.  Low prices mean higher consumption which means higher carbon emissions. As an example electric power generation with high sulfur bunker fuel is now the low cost option for many developing countries and projects to burn renewable biomass to generate power are now uncompetitive against bunker fuel.  Bunker fuel can be bought is Asia for $285 a metric ton.

Talking of Bunkers and less expensive rebar and concrete, it may just be time to build a shelter in my backyard in case of nuclear war.  The president who is Neville Chamberlain on Sominex will allow the Ayatollah to have his bombs in a few years.  A nuclear fallout shelter in a backyard can now be built for half the price it would have cost three years ago.  I could build a swimming pool in the backyard but we have no water to fill it with and a swimming pool provides no shelter against mushroom clouds. 

I wonder if Elon Musk will be the man to bring a Fallout Shelter to rich folks’ homes just as he has brought an expensive electric car and an expensive powerwall battery.   He could be chairman of TSLA, SCTY, and KYAG.