Thursday, December 31, 2015

Sasol Versus Tesla

Sasol is the South African company that converts coal to gasoline and diesel.  Its stock is traded on the NYSE as SSL.  Its market cap is $17 billion and its book value is $15 billion.  It is suffering now that oil prices are low and that coal to gasoline/diesel is a large CO2 emitter.   Gasoline from Sasol has twice the carbon footprint well to wheels than gasoline from crude oil.

Elon Musk also comes from South Africa and he is the great Green Hope of the future based on his company Tesla.  TSLA trades on the NASDAQ and has a market cap of almost $32 billion which is nearly twice as valuable as Sasol.  TSLA’s book value is only $1.3 billion and less than one tenth that of Sasol.

Investors in the stock market base their valuations by discounting future cash flows they expect the companies to enjoy.  Investors are euphoric and irrationally exuberant about TSLA and are pessimistic and disdainful of Sasol’s future.  I think TSLA is overvalued and Sasol is undervalued as markets are not 100% rational.   Sasol also has a chemicals business and has positions in North America in shale and petrochemicals. 

My guess of the market caps at the end of 2016 for SSL and TSLA are as follows:  SSL will equal $22 billion and TSLA will equal $25 billion.  I estimated these values on my prognostication of oil prices at the end of 2016 being at least $50 a barrel and that Tesla will see stiff competition in the EV market from other auto companies.

Interestingly 9 years ago when Alan Greenspan as Chairman of the Fed opined that the US was running out of natural gas, Coal was King and Elon Musk was an unknown.   For sure in 9 years’ time Wall Street will have a new guru and it won’t be Elon Musk.  In 9 years’ time the laws of thermodynamics will still hold 100% true and 2014 will be the bicentennial anniversary of Carnot’s law that Carnot understood was back in 1824.  Carnot will always be remembered for pointing out that entropy happens to 100% of the people 100% of the time.  Musk will be remembered for producing cars for the 1%.  In my view of the world as The Thermonator Carnot’s market cap is worth 100 times Musk. 

Sadly most people have never heard of Carnot.  People have heard of the Car Dash Ians and most people are simply oblivious of science and want the cheap entertainment of fools.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Happy New Year

2015 is just about gone.  It was a pretty sad year for the world.  But I will focus on what we achieved in the year.

Natural gas was a green spot on the planet.  Yes CH4 not Gore lowered carbon emissions by reducing coal use substantially in the USA and marginally in China.  Solar PV of the silicon variety again did a decent job as did wind power.  These two are the best options for renewable energy.  Concentrated solar and bio fuels were a total bust as was CIGS in PV.

On the demand side LEDs did their wonders and more efficient ICE vehicles also hit the road.  Low gasoline prices moderated the improvement in the CAFÉ average but it is trending up and low gasoline prices are not permanent.  The move to using pad computers and smart phones and away from desktops and even laptops also continued and these smaller devices use far less energy.  Data centers now operate at far higher temperatures and have cut energy use significantly even though the quantity of data circling the planet expanded exponentially.

Paper use decreased again and fewer trees are becoming newsprint and paper for printers.  That folks now read the news on a pad or smart phone has done the world a very good deed.  Toilet paper production certainly increased because of population explosion and increased disposable income.  We know entropy always increases and “shift happens”.  Not the F in shift.

The biggest problem facing the planet is water.  Worldwide use of fresh water is increasing and rainfall is not.  Fresh water has been supplied by solar power since plants first stepped on the earth, but now more and more desalination plants that use grid power are springing up.  Get the pun “springing up”.  I intend to become more knowledgeable on water and will then opine further on H2O in 2016. 

I wish you all a happy new year and let’s hope 2016 is safer, greener, and healthier than 2015.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Global CO2 Emissions Down 2015 Versus 2014

Yes this may have indeed happened.  China is using less coal and more natural gas and oil plus they added a small amount of renewable energy and they did lower their carbon emissions in 2015 versus 2014.

China has also lowered the price of natural gas to force consumers to switch from coal.  On top of this China’s industrial production is not growing rapidly and may have actually declined in 2015.  What this means is iron ore, coal, oil, LNG, copper, nickel, lead, zinc, and other commodities will continue to tank and countries like Australia, South Africa, Chile, Saudi Arabia and Brazil will hurt economically as they are the quarries for China.

My prediction for 2016 is that global CO2 emissions will again drop by approximately 1% versus 2015.  The US may actually join the crowd and lower CO2 emissions by heating homes less this winter thanks to the El Nino.  The El Nino will also increase hydroelectric power generation in the west.  Natural gas will remain the fuel of choice for power generation and coal is a goner.  2015 saw a decline of 10% in US coal production and 2016 will likely see another 5% decline.

The best thing about 2016 though is that we will vote for a new president.  Sadly number 44 was a thermodynamic neophyte of the poultry variety.  Number 45 will not be an Einstein either, but he or she may just surround themselves with as secretary of energy that is not Alfred E Neuman and with someone who actually knows that Ivanpah is Solyndra times three.  Happy New Year to all.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas and Green Energy

Santa moves his sleigh through the air and on land using reindeer.  If only real life could be that green.  Gevo which is a failed Khosla company claimed they would produce jet fuel from sugar.  Of course the story was thermodynamic BS but Richard Branson of Virgin bought it hook, line, and sinker.  I wrote that it was BS years ago.

GEVO is one of the worst performing stocks in the NASDAQ for 2015.  Last Christmas bio fools were buying the stock at $5.55 a share today the same share can be bought for $0.74.  Khosla has a bigger bio fool bust than GEVO in his KIOR debacle that the state of Mississippi has called fraud.  KIOR shares are worthless.

Perhaps Santa can also run his sled on lithium ion batteries?  He could have a Nissan Leaf sled.  Nissan leads the world in EV production and sales.  The problem for EVs in the USA in 2015 is that gasoline is cheap and sales of all EVs in this country are down compared with 2014.  This is the fifth year on market for the Leaf in the USA and sales of the Leaf for the 11 months through November are only 15,922 versus over 27,000 for the same period last year.  This is a bad omen for a supposed growth market.  Santa will likely stick to reindeer rather than lithium ion batteries.  The batteries in hoverboards are catching alight and Santa has banned the transport of this hot gift in sled for fear of burning his butt while hovering over the North Pole.

At least Santa is not carrying lumps of coal for gifts this year.  Coal production in the US dropped like a black stone.  Low natural gas prices allowed utilities to generate more power from natural gas and less from coal.  Peabody Coal (BTU) the top US producer saw its shares drop from $117 a share to $9.47 over the year since last Christmas.   Oil companies also experienced large drops in their share prices.  Petro Quest (PQ) dropped from $3.85 a share to $0.38.  A portfolio of GEVO, BTU and PQ is worth a dime on the dollar versus last year.

I have no clue what stocks will do in 2016 but I know for sure that Santa will still be using Reindeer to propel his sled come next Christmas.  Also by next Christmas we will know who our next president will be, and the one good thing about this is that Ernie Moniz will be vacating the top spot at the US Department of Entropy.  Ernie might look like Alfred E Neuman and think that hairstyles are still the same as when Jimmy Carter was president, but sadly he is utterly incompetent to set energy policy even for Santa Claus.  He would make a cute elf to assist Santa making toys for tots, but Santa cannot let Ernie have any role in the selection of the propulsion system of the sled.

I do wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It can only get better.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015 A Watershed Year

The year has almost passed.  I wish I can say that we scored a passing grade in greening up.  We only got a D plus this year.  Luckily for us, shale natural gas did a lot of greening up of the grid.  The very low natural gas prices allowed the country’s utilities to switch more power generation from coal to natural gas.  We did install more solar and wind generation but this was not the major factor in lowering the carbon intensity of electric power generation.   

When I wrote my book on energy and sustainability in 2003, coal accounted for 55% of the electrons dispatched on the US power grid.  The US Department of Energy latest short term energy forecast states the following:
“According to the latest available EIA data, electricity generated from natural gas-fired power plants exceeded generation from coal-fired plants in September for the third month in a row.  Before April 2015, the monthly share of total U.S. generation fueled by coal had always been larger than the natural gas share.  Natural gas generation in September was 123,248 gigawatthours, 4% higher than the level generated by coal.  This increased use of natural gas for electricity generation primarily reflects sustained low prices for the fuel.  The average Henry Hub spot price for natural gas was $2.09/MMBtu in November, the lowest price since April 2012.”

The price of natural gas is lower than it has been in decades.  When I worked on hydrogen generation in the late 1970s we bought natural gas for $4 per MMBtu or more than twice the present price.  This week natural gas dropped even further to $1.75 per MMbtu.  Natural gas is being discovered and used all around the world.  We are indeed fortunate that a fuel that has high hydrogen content and lower carbon content continues to be used increasingly over coal which is a fuel that is low in hydrogen content and very high in carbon content.  More hydrogen means water results in combustion of the fuel.  More carbon means more carbon dioxide results in the combustion of the fuel.

The El Nino accounts for some of the reasons of low natural gas prices this winter.  A warm winter in the Midwest and northeast is expected.  For us here in the Bay Area the El Nino will give us good rains that are sorely needed to break the drought.  Also with high precipitation in the Northwest and California the quantity of hydroelectric generation next year is expected to return to normal.  Coal will never return to its former level of share in power generation.

I wish all my readers a happy new year.  We are set upon a path to lower our carbon intensity and will lower our overall carbon emissions.  I do hope that China also starts producing shale natural gas and starts to switch power generation from coal to other sources including natural gas.   The air in Beijing this week was so dirty that the Chinese issued a red alert.  Soon we hope that the air in China is as clean as the air in the Tiburon Peninsula.   I hope that nobody got a lump of coal in their Christmas stocking.  I also hope we do not have mudslides from the heavy El Nino driven rains we expect next month.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bloom Energy and Transparency

I have reported that the Delaware PSC has mandated that DELMARVA spell out the cost of the Bloomdoggle on each and every ratepayer bill each and every month the gangrene fraud continues.

The News Journal reported a front page article today on the Bloomdoggle in Delaware.

Quoting a Bloom Operative the article states:
“Matt Ross, a spokesman for Bloom, said the company supports transparency, but claimed this process targeted Bloom.
"This should be applied to all projects and initiatives equally and not selectively only to some," Ross said. "This approach will better inform the public on both the in-state projects which support jobs such as Bloom fuel cells, along with out-of-state projects that do not, which Delmarva relies upon to meet its renewable portfolio standards obligations for electric power in the state."

Matt Ross is trained and highly paid to promote the Bloomdoggle.  Transparency and this company are very distant relatives.  These gangrene imposters hide solid waste with sulfur, and lied about their efficiency.  They even paid Mexican laborers working in Silicon Valley sub minimum wages and in Pesos not Dollars.

Ross thinks shale gas is renewable?   Only in Deal Away can shale gas derived dirty electrons from a Bloom Coffin be called “renewable”.

Matt is also the thermodynamic cretin that told the New Zealand reporter that NBC was comparing oranges to apples to rocks, when NBC exposed Bloom’s Greenwashing last year.

Matt you are either as dense as a rock or simply a liar.  Your stinking company quickly and quietly changed your website after the NBC report.

Yes Matt we are targeting Bloom for the fraud in Delaware and to recover the over $100 million you all extracted from DELMARVA ratepayers.  Your stinking company promised clean, reliable, and affordable power but all you delivered is dirty, unreliable, and exorbitantly expensive power.   Matt go crawl under a rock.  The next action of DE PSC will be to declare the Bloom tariff as BOGUS as the heat rate in the tariff does not match the heat rate in the fake CZA (Coastal Zone Act) Permit that should never have been issued.

After the crook O’Mara who issued the fake CZA permit is sentenced to five years of hard labor in prison, he will be happy to slice apples and oranges in the state prison kitchen rather than breaking rocks on a chain gang.  O’Mara will then know the difference between oranges, apples, and rocks and will also remember to permit sulfur waste that winds up being treated at an EPA licensed facility.  O’Mara will mutter “them rocks have sulfide”.  

Oh Bummer's presidency will be remembered for massive greenwashed failures and Bloom is Solyndra times five.  Why do all these gangrene imposters have to talk about stones and rocks???

Saturday, December 12, 2015

COP21 or COP OUT 21

An agreement on keeping global warming to less than 2 degrees C has been reached at COP21 in Paris.  This means that fossil fuels will be phased out between 2050 and the beginning of the 22nd century.    The BBC has summarized the nonsense that was "agreed" to in Paris in this link.

This is utter BS, but everyone will applaud.  Between 2015 and 2035 two billion more vehicles will be produced and these won’t be electric.  Our problem is sociological.  When we finally admit that we have to live a very different lifestyle, we will deal with climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Had I been in charge of energy policy for the earth, I would have first mandated that families have one child and one vehicle.  If you have no vehicles you can have two children.  I would limit the mass of any new vehicle being manufactured to 2,000 pounds in 2017 and this would have to be reduced to 1,000 pounds by 2035.  Note all Tesla’s would be banned from production.

Then I would have mandated that every vehicle being produced have the capability to seat five people.  No roadsters.  If the vehicle is on road and has only a driver, it would get daily traffic ticket of $100.  Folks would find out quickly how to pick up passengers.  By 2018 all vehicles used for personal transportation that have a mass over 2,000 pounds would be scrapped. 

Of course my plan is BS and will not be adopted but it would work.  When we finally realize that propelling a single person miles and miles in a 4,000 plus pound vehicle is what is damaging the planet then we may start altering our minds to appreciate how screwed up the earth is.  I think COP21 is pure COP OUT, and just a method for governments to tax more and pretend they really care and that they really know what they are doing. 

The thermodynamic neophytes who believe in Bio Fuels will have another go at making cellulosic ethanol.  The rich that drive Teslas will smile as they go down the road in their 4,500 pound vehicle that hogged all the lithium and they will believe they are making a difference.  I will simply get older and say there are too many people and far too many heavy cars.  The internal combustion engine and gasoline certainly made lives easier and automotives possile, but from the Model T to the Model S it was a nice ride down the wrong one way road with a dead end.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gevo Going Heave Ho

I have often blogged that Vinod Khosla is a thermodynamic CLOWN.  His latest flop in a string of flops is GEVO.  It is high time that this imposter in the green space be called to congress and answer under oath for all of his greenwashed frauds like KIOR, RANGE, CELLO, AMRS, etc. etc. .

Note the chart is after a 1 for 15 reverse split a few months back.  On that basis the GEVO stock is a nickel a share.  Well done Vinod you are a bloody thermodynamic nincompoop.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Sustainability Is Not Possible – Minimal Impact Is Possible

The word Sustainability is the most overused hackneyed phrase of the day.  If we believe the planet is not affected by the passage of time let alone human activity we are simply dreaming.   Entropy increases in time as we measure time in the direction that entropy increases.  This was said by Stephen Hawking. 

Hence we cannot leave the world as the same place we were born into even if we did zero burning of fossil fuels or zero cutting down of forests.  Even photosynthesis increases entropy.  Some argue that photosynthesis lowers entropy but it simply does not.

My book Hydrogen – Hope or Hype? explains all of this much further and is an easy read and very inexpensive  EBook linked below

National Geographic asked me to answer the following question:

Do you think that by tapping into the new alternative energy sources we can reverse most of the damage we have done to our environment?

Of course the answer is No.  Entropy happens and we cannot ever reverse that.  What we can do is move forward in a manner that brings progress with minimal impact.  This includes a major modification in behavior to reverse population growth.  It requires a social change in our mindset to live very differently.  We cannot blame the fuel we must blame the lifestyle.  Getting rid of the Brady Bunch lifestyle is needed to slow down the rate of damage to the planet.  Some damage will occur no matter what simply because Entropy increases.

National Geographic is airing a series titled "Breakthrough:   Energy on the Edge” that premieres December 6 at 9 pm ET on National Geographic Channel.   This series is well worth you all watching.  

I would expand the title from Energy on the Edge to Planet Earth on the Edge.  We do have the choice of how much Entropy we add and the rate at which we add it but folks forget the misguided dream that alternative energy can reverse entropy.  Even the impingement of photons on solar cells adds to our collective entropy.

Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine AKA The Thermonator writes at and he is an award winning Chemical Engineer as well as an award winning Journalist.  He is quoted as saying “you can fuel some of the people some of the time but you cannot fuel all of the people all of the time.”

Saturday, November 28, 2015

COP21 and July 3, 2010

COP21 is a very important meeting and will set global policy of carbon emissions.  We need to substantially lower carbon emissions and we need real science to do it.  I have long complained that real science is sorely missing in the green energy policy space of the UNited States and that those who have studied and comprehend thermodynamics should be the only ones allowed to set energy policy.

Sadly we have a thermodynamic  neophyte for a president.  I take you back to July 3, 2010 in his message for Independence Day of that year.  Blaming republicans and espousing pure poppycock in policy where he touts two thermodynamic failures.  Abound Energy and Abengoa.  Abound went bankrupt and had to have the state bury toxic waste that they left in the abandoned factory.  The toxic waste was entombed in concrete. 

Abengoa is going bankrupt now and is Enron plus Solyndra cubed.

Here is the link to the President’s July 3, 2010 address.  I also quote from it.

"That’s one of the reasons why we’re accelerating the transition to a clean energy economy and doubling our use of renewable energy sources like wind and solar power – steps that have the potential to create whole new industries and hundreds of thousands of new jobs in America.
In fact, today, I’m announcing that the Department of Energy is awarding nearly $2 billion in conditional commitments to two solar companies.
The first is Abengoa Solar, a company that has agreed to build one of the largest solar plants in the world right here in the United States.  After years of watching companies build things and create jobs overseas, it’s good news that we’ve attracted a company to our shores to build a plant and create jobs right here in America.  In the short term, construction will create approximately 1,600 jobs in Arizona.  What’s more, over 70 percent of the components and products used in construction will be manufactured in the USA, boosting jobs and communities in states up and down the supply chain.  Once completed, this plant will be the first large-scale solar plant in the U.S. to actually store the energy it generates for later use – even at night.  And it will generate enough clean, renewable energy to power 70,000 homes.
The second company is Abound Solar Manufacturing, which will manufacture advanced solar panels at two new plants, creating more than 2,000 construction jobs and 1,500 permanent jobs.  A Colorado plant is already underway, and an Indiana plant will be built in what’s now an empty Chrysler factory.  When fully operational, these plants will produce millions of state-of-the-art solar panels each year.
These are just two of the many clean energy investments in the Recovery Act.  Already, I’ve seen the payoff from these investments.  I’ve seen once-shuttered factories humming with new workers who are building solar panels and wind turbines; rolling up their sleeves to help America win the race for the clean energy economy.
So that’s some of what we’re doing.  But the truth is, steps like these won’t replace all the jobs we’ve lost overnight.  I know folks are struggling.  I know this Fourth of July weekend finds many Americans wishing things were a bit easier right now.  I do too.
But what this weekend reminds us, more than any other, is that we are a nation that has always risen to the challenges before it. We are a nation that, 234 years ago, declared our independence from one of the greatest empires the world had ever known.  We are a nation that mustered a sense of common purpose to overcome Depression and fear itself.  We are a nation that embraced a call to greatness and saved the world from tyranny.  That is who we are – a nation that turns times of trial into times of triumph – and I know America will write our own destiny once more.
I wish every American a safe and happy Fourth of July.  And to all our troops serving in harm’s way, I want you to know you have the support of a grateful nation and a proud Commander-in-Chief.  Thank you, God Bless You, and God Bless the United States of America."

Sadly this President did not even take one junior varsity level course in Thermodynamics.  He is utterly misguided when it comes to energy.   I hope that some of the other attendees at COP21 have more knowledge and capability than Mr. Obama as he certainly is not the one who is going to propose coherent low carbon energy strategies that hold water.  In fact his leaky bucket cannot CONTAIN water.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Science Is Abandoned In the USA

Sadly the Green Machine has to report that science is now almost fully abandoned in this country.   Jeb’s  brother DumbbellU with the help of his two secretaries of energy (Abraham and Bodman) started the trend of favoring cronies over science in the money the department of entropy gave out for low carbon fuels.  Oh Bummer with the help of Chu and Moniz have totally decimated the last semblance of science as a basis for energy policy in favor of funding companies started by Kleiner Perkins and Vinod Khosla.

My latest rant is about Cellulosic Ethanol.  DumbbellU loved to tout this junk in the state of the disunion speeches.  Taxpayers were promised 3 billion gallons of the firewater from stalks for the year 2015.  So far in ten months year to date through October 31 we got 1,875,985 gallons.  Fake scientists like Dan Kammen and Paul Bryan at Berkeley sure owe us an apology for the nonsense they promoted at the end of DumbbellU’s reign and the Oh Bummer irrational exuberance for gangrene crap technology in his first couple of years running Ohbummerland.

Khosla brought us many failures such as Cello, Range, Kior, LS9, Gevo, and Amyris but large companies also got in the act of fake science to extract mucho dinero of our money.  POET-DSM a JV of POET of South Dakota and DSM of Europe has been in start-up mode for the last 14 months at their Emmetsburg Iowa cellulosic ethanol facility.  This project received $120 MILLION of taxpayer money.  We received almost zero gallons of the fire water in the 14 months since the plant was opened with fanfare.

I have asked the Head of PR at POET to make the CEO of POET available for an interview for my movie Celsius 1960 – Fake Science and Bloomdoggles.   Sadly my old university Iowa State played a similar role to Berkeley and Stanford in promoting spurious projects that had no thermodynamic basis for existence.   Berkeley was owned by BP, Stanford by Exxon Mobil, and Iowa State by Conoco Phillips.  These three oil companies funded research by fake scientists like Kammen at Berkeley in the pretense of being green.  Real science was ignored.  Talking of Thermodynamic fools, yesterday I saw Thomas Friedman on CNN pontificating on ISIS.  Tommy is the thermodynamic neophyte who believed CODA and Project Better Place would dominate the auto industry.  I bet Tommy told Oh Bummer how to deal with the minor setbacks we are experiencing in the WAR ON Terror.

In Hebrew the word Emmet means truth.  It is time for POET DSM in Emmetsburg Iowa to tell us the truth what is happening in the ethanol plant that is yielding Bupkis.  We paid $120 MILLION towards that plant.  Oh Bummer and DumbbellU would not know thermodynamic truth even if we reeducated them for several years.  My congressman Huffman and Al Gore are simply incapable of uttering a single word of Emmet.   It is high time for Emmet in Emmetsburg Iowa.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Musk Loses To Gore At CPUC

After a six month battle the CPUC has decided to waste Ratepayer money on Bloom Energy rather than Tesla.  These two gangrene companies have looted the SGIP fund for over half a billion dollars with Bloom outpacing Tesla four to one.

The CPUC has decided to let Bloom continue the greenwashing Bloomdoggle by continuing to “qualify” as a low carbon alternate for self-generation of electric power.

My take on all the gangrene nonsense is that Musk tried very hard in Sacramento to get the lion’s share of future SGIP waste for his grid battery storage.  Al Gore and his team at Bloom own the CPUC and President Picker who is no different than President Peevey and is in Al’s camp, probably because Moonbeam (his boss) is in Al’s camp.   Personally both companies are gangrene not green, and all the SGIP money should come back to ratepayers who have funded their greenwashed lies for years.

President Oh Bummer was asked to comment on Musk’s setback and Oh Bummer stated that although the Bloom Box is only a junior varsity team in the field of power generation their players are very well paid and could soon join NBA teams.  Al Gore is happy that President Picker is picking blooms for Moonbeam’s office that is otherwise drab.   The Green Machine just shed a tear for the ratepayers in the Caliphate of Caliphornia where the movers and Sheikers are still the lobbyists for Kleiner Perkins.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Vive La France

If only Obama could say the same!!!!

si seulement Obama pourrait dire la même chose !!!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Obama and Kerry Prefer Iran to Alberta

All this talk about the keystone pipeline comes to one thing.  Who do Obama and Kerry love?  They wanted Iranian crude to reach market not Albertan syncrude from the tar sands.  Now that the worst negotiated deal in the history of man (the nuke deal) has happened approximately one million barrels a day of additional heavy and light Iranian crude will reach the global market.

Had the Albertans been Ayatollahs and threatened the existence of Manitoba they too would have got their crude to market via a pipeline.  The CO2 story is a smokescreen, it is all about the geopolitics of threatening western civilization that gets Obama to become weak kneed and drop to his prayer mat.  Also the oil companies who are reeling after the drop in global oil prices did not want more oil to flood the already oversupplied market.

I did a quick calculation that the $50 per barrel drop in prices has caused global GDP to drop by $1.7 trillion given the 93 million barrels a day of oil that is produced worldwide.   I am happy that consumers from Capetown to Calcutta have more in their pockets and that sheiks and Russian oligarchs are eating less caviar and only having sex each night with 12 women not 20.   But I am actually quite concerned that Alberta will now ship their syncrude  over the Rockies and off to China where the oil will be refined with even less concern than at an Exxon Mobil refinery in Texas.

My idiot congressman will applaud Obama as the defender of the environment.  I think of Obama as a weak kneed leader in a world that has an existential threat from countries like Iran rather than provinces like Alberta.  I do worry about CO2 concentration in the atmosphere but on a scale of worries, I worry much more about Iran and their nukes than the Keystone pipeline. 

Our solution is sociological and our victory over completely screwing up the environment will come when we actually live closer to work, drive less, own more efficient cars, and start electing honest politicians who follow science rather than the money given to them by lobbyists.  The Keystone pipeline is irrelevant in the quest for a greener world.   The Tesla gigafactory is irrelevant in a greener world.  The pundits have one or two idiotic poster children that they think make a dent in what is going on.  Good science and educated people can make for a more perfected world. 

We don’t need Theranos we need folks to understand Thermodynamics and that entropy will always increase but if we do fewer exothermic or even endothermic reactions we add less entropy to our surroundings.  Theranos fakes their pinprick blood testing, Bloom fakes their CO2 emissions, KIor faked their wood to diesel chemistry, and Obama fakes his green credentials.  Actually Obama is just a talking head.

 I do not know if Carson faked being a violent teenager, but he certainly slowed down his rate of increasing entropy when he became a “low energy” adult.  The Donald creates massive entropy each time he opens his big mouth.  We need more adults like Ben who should use the campaign slogan “I am low entropy”

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bloom Kabloom Bloomerang Bloomdoggle

I love the blooming onions at Outback.  I just wish the blooming liars at Bloom Energy would end their greenwashed business to nowhere.  Bloom is no green onion.

Delaware (Deal Away) issued the employment report and it is Blooming Dismal.

224 Jobs instead of 600 promised.  I had written three months ago that Bloom was wilting.  They had 230 jobs as of the end of June 2015 and now have fewer jobs as of September 30 2015.  

6 jobs were lost over the last three months when they are supposed to add 25 jobs a month.

My take from the latest excuse from Bloomdoggle Energy:

Interesting the gangrene monsters at Bloom are blaming slow local permits for their crappy performance.

The local governments know Bloom pollutes and creates solid waste with sulfur that ends up being treated in an EPA licensed Hazmat facility in Texas

The Crook O'Mara certainly had the same information, but he handed out the fake CZA permit to Bloomdoggle to assist Al Gore and his partners to rip off Delmarva ratepayers.  Now the crook has a $300,000 a year cushy job at the NWF that Big Al helped him land.

O'Mara was assisted by Ralph Durstein and these two must be indicted for dereliction of duty.  The five pretend Professional Engineers need to be stripped of their licenses except we have found out that one of them working for DNREC has no DE PE license to be stripped of.

No jobs, a fake permit, a bogus tariff, no licenses, and the $$$$$ money is in Al Gore's and his friends' pockets.   

The Green Machine AKA the Thermanator is once again batting 1,000 by simply following the laws of thermodynamics and following the MONEEEE

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Former GOP Secretaries of State Advising Businesses That Are Bad

I have often opined on Con D Rice and her insider trading of shares for a profit in the now bankrupt and disgraced Kior.  Colin Powell is equally disgusting for his role in Bloom Energy.

Now the geriatric former Secretaries of State, Henry Kissinger and George Schultz are caught in a scandalous company called Theranos.   Kissinger is 92 years old and Schultz is 94 years old.  Yet a star dropout at Stanford convinced these two “diplomats” to join the board of her company  Theranos.

She also got Sam Nunn and Riley Bechtel to join the star studded board.  But the problem is the Wall Street Journal reported that Theranos is not quite legit.

The story is unfolding and there probably is some truth to the reporting by the WSJ that Theranos is faking blood test results by saying their technology did the testing while in fact most of the tests were conducted never using Theranos equipment and methods.

Yes Theranos may well be another Bloomdoggle or a Kior, time will only tell.   But what is for certain is that Hillary Clinton did not join a startup as a board member after she resigned as Secretary of State, she was too busy wiping servers and deleting emails to do that. 

I doubt that Kissinger and Schultz use email much as they have a hard time remembering their passwords.   These two guys in their 90s should forget Theranos and should be vacationing on Mikonos.  When Kerry retires he will be vacationing in Kish Iran together with Ernie Moniz.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Markell Bought By Koch or Koch Bought By Markell?

This is one crazy blog.  Jack Markell the Governor of Delaware who is a distant cousin of the truth and honest government settled his lawsuit with FuelCell Energy.  FuelCell Energy is the Mini Me of Dr. Evil Bloom Energy.  These two companies fleeced the California SGIP fund of half a billion dollars for electrons with solid sulfur waste that ends up treated in EPA licensed facilities.

The state of DE will pay FuelCell’s lawyers $45,000 and the case will go away from Federal Court.

But who are FuelCell’s lawyers Cause of Action, they are a group funded by the Kochs.

Hence Delaware taxpayers are now funding Koch’s political reach.  But it gets worse, the minute the settlement was announced it was revealed that Markell will be giving a keynote speech early in November at a Koch sponsored event. 

The lawsuit was a sham simply to pretend that somebody cares about free trade in America.  The real lawsuit that should have happened was the lawsuit by Whipple that Delmarva ratepayers are being defrauded by Bloom in the Bloomdoggle.  Markell got his superior court judge to toss out that case as they all knew that the poor and middle class households are being screwed royally in their electric bills to give Al Gore and his cronies at Bloom $3 million a month in subsidy.  Each Delmarva electric customer pays approximately $5 per month.   This is death by 600,000 shocks.

The crook Markell had promised clean, reliable, and affordable power from Bloom.  Bloom delivered dirty, unreliable, and massively expensive power.  That is the real story.  NBC has reported on the story.  Breitbart has reported on the story and I certainly have over reported on the story.

Forget the claims in TV ads by the Kochs that they are nice.  Forget the claims by Markell he is an honest governor.  The Kochs are as evil as Bloom and Markell is as honest as Nixon.  The story here is that Bloom is a thermodynamic fraud and for the next 18 years unless is stopped the subsidy to Bloom by the poor and the middle class will be approximately $36 million a year.  Yes if the Bloomdoggle continues, something like three quarters of a billion dollars will be transferred from John and Jane Doe to Al Gore and his cronies for dirty sulfur laden unreliable power that should never have been generated.

Yes there was pure fraud in the issuance of the permit in the protected coastal zone.  Collin O’Mara led that fraud when he issued the CZA permit and he hid the tons of sulfur waste that are generated each month and hauled away secretly to an EPA licensed Hazmat facility for treatment.

Markell and Koch can have their love fest, but folks in Deal Away wake up you are being shafted for the next 18 years at the rate of $36 million a year unless you force your government to be accountable.  Don’t rely on the Kochs or Markell for help they are conjoined twins and cut from the same cloth. 

I suggest each Delmarva ratepayer deduct $5 each month from their bill and let Delmarva try to collect the $3 million a month through the courts.  Then the courts can determine if the $5 a month charged to many poor and middleclass households is fraud or legitimate.  Any court that is not filled with Kangaroos and judges appointed and behooven to Markell will rule that Bloom is a fraudulent Bloomdoggle, and that Collin O’Mara should serve time.  

Markell should just join a Koch company as their CEO and pretend to be a democrat. 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Professional Engineers in Delaware

Engineers take their profession very seriously and the licensing of Professional Engineers (PEs) is perhaps the most regulated aspect on the engineering profession. 

As you all know I have the Delaware Association of Professional Engineers (DAPE) investigating the professional conduct or misconduct of five PEs in Delaware.  I got a call three days ago from the Chairman of DAPE’s ethics committee.  He informed that one of the five engineers was not a registered PE in Delaware and there were no records of her registration.  I told him I have documents going back 10 years that the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) claimed she was a PE and that I have a copy of her business card for DNREC that clearly states PE after her name.

She played a central role in approving and in issuing the fake Coastal Zone Act permit to Bloom Energy (Al Gore and his cronies) under which the solid waste with sulfur was made to disappear from the protected coastal zone.  It turns out that Delaware requires direct licensing of engineers as PEs and that her licensing in Delaware should have been done years ago, and that for all intents and purposes she is practicing engineering in Delaware without a license.

DNREC and this engineer are now in a deeper pit than simply the one that covers the hidden sulfur waste.   Any permit she ever worked on or touched going back the many years she has worked at DNREC is suspect and is invalid as it never had valid PE review.  The chairman of DAPE’s ethics committee told me today he will be interviewing her on Monday.  

I am sure that the DAPE verdict on the gang of five will take a few months.  It is quite amazing how the corrupt Governor (Magic Jack Markell) and his Secretaries of DNREC are digging themselves a hole the size El Chapo’s escape tunnel trying to protect El Gordo and his mobsters in Bloomdoggle Energy. 

Bloomie is the bird that sings in Bye Bye Bloomie and I think the masquerading Delaware PE will sing like Bloomie the nightingale.  Her voice will be so sweet it may make Jack Markell resign.  For sure she had pressure from above to rubber stamp the fake permit for Gore, Doerr, and Powell.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why Con D and Joe Will Not Run For Office?

I sent this in an email to a political reporter at the Huffington Post. She is Mollie Reilly.  She wrote an article that Con D Rice has quit politics.

Ms. Reilly

I enjoy reading your articles such as this one

The reason why Con D Rice won't run for office is that she was very involved in a bankrupt company Kior as a member of the board of directors.  She insider traded stock for a profit and hyped the "reality" of Kior to replace oil imports.  Kior went bust and owes the State of Mississippi $75 million.  Old Miss is suing Vinod Khosla (Dinner host to Obama) and his close cronies for fraud to recover the $75 million.  Con D escaped this suit but I am after her for my movie Celsius 1960 - Fake Science and Bloomdoggles.  see the attached poster.

Read my blogs what Con D did

There are many more blogs I have done on Khosla ,Con D, and Toxic Tony Blair.  Con D and Toxic Tony are "advisors" to Khosla.  Khosla is gangrene not green and he brought us the following greenwashed failures.  Cello, Range, Coskata, Mascoma, Ls 9, Amyris, Gevo, Calera, and of course Kior.

Now why won't Joe run?  It is another faked out green company that he brought to Delaware.  Not Fisker but Bloom Energy.

Read my blog of my I accuse letter to President Obama

You may ask who is Lindsay Leveen?   I am an award winning Chemical Engineer as well as a National Newspaper Association award winning Journalist.  NBC featured me when they busted Bloom for greenwashing in Delaware and California.  I have copied Vicky and Liz of NBC on this email

Here are two of their pieces on the Bloom Energy gangrene fake out that I named The Bloomdoggle.

Please contact me after you have read and watched the links.  They tell all about why Con D Rice will not run for even the post of dog catcher in Palo Alto.  Joe will not run because I have the scoop on him how he made the bogus tariff in Delaware happen that has so far in 30 months transferred over $100 million of ratepayer money to Al Gore and Al's partners including John Doerr (Dinner host to Obama) and Colin Powell.  The bogus tariff will continue 18 more years unless folks in Delaware revolt which is what they are starting to do

You should note I have asked the President of Stanford University to make Con D Rice and Stevie Chu available for interviews in my movies.  1960 C is four times as hot as Fahrenheit 911

All this high level corruption is why the Donald and Bernie are doing well.  People know they are being screwed left and right.


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine AKA The Thermonator

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

KIOR and Fake Science

I have written so much on KIOR that my head is spinning.  But I have found a new piece of information that really puts the nail in the coffin of the fake science that Con D Rice, Vinod Khosla, and Aimco brought us.

Two executives listed in the S-1 document of June 22, 2011 resigned very soon after the IPO.

William Coates joined Kior as COO in June 2011 and resigned by September 2011.  Joseph Cappello President International joined in March 2011 and was out the door by October 2011.  These two top level executives probably realized that KIOR was faking their science.  In fact the State of Mississippi is using evidence from Coates that Kior “Cooked The Books” and he was “not going to be part of their scam”.

“The suit also claims that former Chief Operating Officer Bill Coates resigned in 2011 after telling other company officials they had “cooked the books” and informed them he was not “going to be a part of this scam.”

It would not surprise me that Joe Cappello also headed for the door knowing that Khosla et. al. were playing “the wooden chef” and cooking the books.

The June 22, 2011 amended S-1/A does list Con D Rice as a director but states she will join the board in July 2011.  Khosla and his Klan leveraged Con D’s big star status to help prop up the IPO after the billion dollar DOE loan fell through based on the Shaw Report showing that the alchemy was highly risky.  This is directly from the S-1/A

“Condoleezza Rice, Ph.D. , has been elected to our Board of Directors and has agreed to join our Board of Directors beginning July 2011. Secretary Rice has been a professor of political economy in the Stanford Graduate School of Business since September 2010. Secretary Rice has also served as a senior fellow of public policy at the Hoover Institution and a professor of political science at Stanford University since March 2009. Prior to returning to academia, from January 2005 to January 2009, she served as the 77th Secretary of State of the United States. Secretary Rice also served as Chief National Security Advisor to the President from January 2001 to January 2005. Secretary Rice is currently on the board of Makena Capital, a private endowment firm, and C3, an energy software company. She has also served on the boards of directors for the Chevron Corporation, the Charles Schwab Corporation, the Transamerica Corporation and the International Advisory Council of J.P. Morgan. Secretary Rice will provide our Board of Directors with expertise in global business as we pursue our international strategy, and she brings deep experience from her prior roles as a director of multiple public companies, including a large integrated oil company.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

DC Gets Green Sewage

A friend from New Zealand sent me the cartoon.  Here is the scoop on poop in DC.

The Washington Post article is well written and very informative and I will not repeat what Ms. Shaver wrote.  What I did find interesting is that the facility cost $470 million and will save $23 million each year when you add the power savings, the trucking savings and the chemical savings.  A 20 year payout.  Most non-governmental projects have to payout in 5 years or less.  Most governmental projects never payout so this could be one of the better ones.

The Norwegian technology is pretty interesting and employs thermal hydrolysis which means reaction with water using heat i.e. steam.  The cartoon from Kiwiland is also clever.  Washington insiders do normally use power to generate waste.  Look at Bloom Energy they have to haul solid waste with sulfur in sealed metal canisters across state lines to an EPA licensed HAZMAT facility for treatment.  Vinod Khosla with the help of Con D Rice and Toxic Tony Blair used power to generate waste steel and copper at their 2 year old Kior facility in Columbus Mississippi that is now being sold piecemeal as scrap. The auctioneer calls this a “TREMENDOUS SCRAPPING OPPORTUNITY” see the last line of the link below.

If I was the auctioneer I would have just said we added the S to crap and come get this taxpayer funded facility for pennies on the dollar.