Friday, November 28, 2014

The Biggest Turkeys Of The Year

We ate our mixed fowl yesterday.  It took five hours to cook our 14 pound Turducken.  It was simply Wunderbar!  

We have leftovers and will be savoring fowl for a week.  I decided that today’s blog should be about a few Green Turkeys who ran afoul of the second law of thermodynamics.

Turkey number 1 is Vinod Khosla with his advising duck Condi Rice and his advising chicken Tony Blair.  Note a duck in cricket is when the batsman scores a big fat zero.  Condi is certainly that duck.  Vinod has batted nine innings and scored a duck in each.  These innings are Cello, Range, LS9, Mascoma, Calera, Amyris, Gevo, HCL CleanTech, and KIOR.

Turkey number 2 is John Doer at Kleiner Perkins.  His duck is his partner Al Gore, and his chicken is his strategic adviser Colin Powell.  They Bloomdoggled and they Fiskered and got roasted in an oven filled with lithium and sulfur.  Their Turducken was simply inedible and had to be thrown away even though between Bloom and Fisker over $700 million of taxpayer and ratepayer money was wasted.

Turkey number 3 is Leslie Stalled on the Highway at 60 Minutes.  She helped launch Bloom in February 2010 and then did a piece in January 2014 featuring Vinnie the thermo clown walking around the now shut KIOR facility in Columbus Mississippi.  Vinod should eat the white catalyst he had in a bottle while showing Leslie the shiny plant.

Turkey number 4 is my Assemblyman Mr. Levine.  He is just a thermodynamic idiot so he was pardoned by the president.

Turkey number 5 is my Congressman Mr. Huffman.  This hypocrite does not get a pardon.  He gets the turkey of the year award.   He came up with CLECA (Hostess Twinkie) defense  in his call to me early this year.  He said he went along with the SGIP Bloomdoggle because CLECA (California large electric customers association) pleaded with him to save jobs in California.  CLECA was busy opposing the California Senate’s push to declare CO2 as a global warming gas but Mr. Huffman the “environmental” lawyer was assisting CLECA to get affordable power at the very same time.  Huffman holds the record for being the largest turkey in 2014.  I have to call Mr. Nook in the Hawkeye State to see if his 38.125 pound turkey he bagged in Iowa looked like Mr. Huffman.


  1. My Assemblyman's big donors Mr. John Scully and Mrs Scully have some hassle today. Mr. Scully pumped and dumped a stock called QuickSilver. The stock KWK is down to 30 cents today. These gangrene politicians think we are all stupid. Levine never went to MIT to learn how stupid we are from Prof Gruber. This opportunist learned from Mr. Huffman how to avoid constituents.


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