Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bloom Blinks Admits Carbon Emissions Are Higher

After the NBC Bay Area Investigates report, Bloom has now changed the data on their spec sheet for their fuel cells.  The carbon emissions have been increased from the bogus 773 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour.  I checked my records in my email system and I first contacted Bloom on March 23, 2010 to tell them the 773 pounds was bogus.   They replied they were certain the 773 pounds was accurate.

Bloom continued to lie and greenwash about the 773 pounds until a few days ago when they mysteriously “corrected” their spec sheets.  Wow four year and 7 months before the NBC report was when they should have followed the laws of thermo and not BLOOMDOGGLED to gain over a half billion dollars of ratepayer and taxpayer funds illegally.

Talking of four score and seven years ago it had been 151 years since Honest Abe gave his address on November 19, 1863.

Now that Bloom has greenwashed for four year and seven months and scored over a half billion dollars of ill-gotten money from taxpayers and ratepayers it is time for environmental justice.   The Bloomdogglers are still hiding the solid waste with sulfur from any mention on their spec sheet.

I was asked if I feel vindicated by the NBC report and Bloom’s revisions to their spec sheet?   I said that I will feel that I accomplished something when all the money is returned to taxpayers and ratepayers and when the major shareholders, officers, and directors of Bloom and its subsidiaries face justice and are made to pay for their crimes against nature and humanity. 

I was then asked, how much time should they serve?  I said the laws of thermo have been around since the big bang some 13.8 billion years ago so I would give them all 13.8 billion years minus 4 years and seven months.  Thermo rules even if Gore, Doerr, and Powell wish otherwise.


  1. Nice work exposing the Bloomdoggle. I wouldn't hold my breathe until taxpayers and ratepayers are returned their losses of this one of many rip-offs of tax dollars in the name of stopping global warming.

    James H. Rust, Professor

  2. Lindsay - what is the new number Bloom quotes - is it accurate? And how does this compare to a GE Frame F - or G or H gas fired power plant?

  3. Prof Rust there will be several law suits brought against the fake green company Al Gore, John Doerr and Collin yes Collin Powell have hyped. Al was told to take Bismuth and wear Depends as he was seen leaving the last Partners meeting at Kleiner Perkins. We know Condi is sucking a dozen Pepto Bismol a day after Kior

  4. Colin they now claim a heat rate of between 6.295 and 7,264 million BTU LHV per mwh. The latest Siemens combined cycle power station that I got real quote for at 500 MW for a project in South America is 5.593 Million BTU LHV per mwh. Here is the link to the Bloomdogglers web site on their new spec sheet