Saturday, July 27, 2013

Al Gore Is Green With Envy

Al Gore was spotted while hiding in Silicon Valley this week. He looks like he is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in July.   He no longer has a pinkish complexion on his rotund body.  His skin color is now fully green as he turned green with envy.  The objects of his envy are the shareholders in Tesla, the firm that continues to defy gravity and logic and has now hit an intraday high of $130.68 on Friday July 26, 2013.

Yes the Musketeer has the street all excited about his wonder cars.  Elon was pretty brilliant to realize that people like Dr. P of Los Angeles would flock to buy the Model S rather than other luxury vehicles.    The Model S outsold all luxury cars that they compete with during the first half of 2013. reports Tesla held 8.4% of the luxury car segment for the period.

That means one in twelve of the folks like Dr. P with lots of money or lots of credit to spend on their personal vehicle chose a Tesla.  I tip my hat to the team at Draper Fisher Jurvetson for investing in Tesla and not Fisker as Kleiner Perkins did.  DFJ was smart not to let Al Gore and Colin Powell advise them on their investments.   Kleiner Perkins laments the day they met these two thermodynamic cretins who they thought were so well connected to Mr. Obama and Dr. Chu that the profits would simply pour in. KP used to be the Big Dog of VCs now they are simply a mutt.

This week I did get an email from a senior partner at DFJ who reads my blog telling me how happy he is with his Model S, and that he far prefers the car to a gasoline car and that he suffers no range anxiety.

I congratulated him and his partners at DFJ for making money of their investment in Tesla but I did explain that the car is not as green as he claimed (he claimed 49.5% efficient on natural gas used to generate electric power.   I also emailed that when Tesla’s segment of customers buy 10 carat diamond rings from De Beers they pay a luxury tax rather than getting a handout from Mr. Obama.   

If I were to be asked by Tesla to give advice on a pricing strategy I would tell Tesla to raise the price of the Model S to $130,000 and they would still sell as many cars to the rich, famous, and want to be Green crowd.  You see folks like Dr. P have plenty of cash and want to cruise in the HEV lane when they drive around Lala Land.  I just think it is a crime that per the Wall Street Journal that Dr. P’s car was subsidized to the tune of $45,000 by tax payers.  

Knowing Dr. P’s penchant to show off, I guess he bought his wife a 10 carat diamond for their 25th wedding anniversary.  Thankfully Mr. Obama has not as of yet decided to subsidize diamonds.  He probably will after Mr. Huffman tells Mr. Obama at the next Carol King concert at the White House that diamonds permanently sequester pure carbon.

Fort Knox and Knox College

The government publishes the fuel economy of all cars and trucks sold in the USA.    The document is 17 pages long and I never imagined there were so many different brands and models within the brands that fill 17 pages.  Here is the link to publication.

We have a real big push to increase the fuel economy of the fleet of cars.  This is smart thinking as a chemical reaction avoided is added entropy avoided and the green machine is all for slowing the growth of entropy in our chaotic world.  Egypt and Syria probably are leading the world in Entropy creation right now.

Looking at the government fuel economy publication two entries stand out.  The first is the Bugatti Veron AM-S7 8 liter 16 cylinder that gets a combined highway and city fuel consumption of 10 MPG.  The second is the Chevrolet Spark A-1 Electric Vehicle that the US EPA claims will get 119 MPG.

The Spark EV gains the 119 MPG equivalent if and only if the generation of power to the grid and the transmission of that power to the batteries of that car are 100% efficient.  Of course we know that is not the case but my Hypocrite Congressman and the other bought politicians in DC are quite happy to have the EPA lie to the American public so that their policy of subsidizing plug in vehicles looks like we are making massive progress in fuel efficiency.

The entire purpose of fuel efficiency is to lower carbon emissions.  In 2005 US carbon emissions did peak and in 2012 they were significantly lower than 2005.  Unfortunately in 2013 carbon emissions will be up again as coal fired electric power stations will dispatch more power this year than last.  The EPA knows this but still uses 100% efficiency for plug in vehicles when they well know coal fired stations are less than 40% efficient.

In 2005 then Senator Obama made a speech at Knox College and he returned to make a major policy speech a few days ago.  The speech centered on economics.  His performance in delivering that speech was about as good as his performance in the first debate against MI T squared.  The New York Times loved the speech but I think it was the same old rhetoric from a tired president leading an incompetent administration.  Here is a link to the full text of the President’s speech.

In 2005 the cost of attending Knox College was only 60% of what it is today.  The unemployment rate at 5.3% then was only 70% of what it is today.  The cost of gasoline was half of what it is today and the US carbon dioxide emissions were 10% higher than they are today.  Yippee we have reduced carbon dioxide emissions and increased everything else.  The trick is to reduce college tuition costs and increase employment while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  Perhaps the fees that liberal arts colleges charge should be indexed to the carbon emissions in the USA.   Then these liberals will push the EPA to not lie about the MPG equivalent of the Chevy Spark and other plug in vehicles.  They actually may start teaching students real skills for real jobs such as drilling for shale gas and oil.

Mr. Obama moved on from Knox in Illinois to Missouri later that day to talk to students at the University of Central Missouri.  The President’s crack security staff that is known for their sexual exploits in Columbia barred 10 students who happen to be Republican from attending the speech.

 President Obama has learned from Congressman Huffman how to block truth from their show and tell events that are orchestrated for their blind followers.  Huffman does it on Facebook and Obama does it in person.  Maybe that is why Huffman raced back to Georgetown University on the red eye to listen to Obama’s nonsense speech on climate.  Huffman wanted to take the seat of a smart young Republican at Georgetown who may have actually asked the President a real question on the administration's failed energy policies.

News on Jared Huffman this week is that he joined 42 other congressmen to expose the toxic waste for the oil and gas industry.  Of course I emailed his staff that he should block the solid toxic and hazardous waste that comes from the Bloom Boxes that he gave away all the California SGIP money to help his largest individual donor AT&T.    Mr. Huffman is an outright hypocrite, and Mr. Obama is just the man with the courage of Mr. Carter and the morals of Mr. Nixon.   While Barak Obama talked at Knox College, the Chinese were eyeing our gold in fort Knox as they continued to build more coal fired power station and gasoline fired cars.  The Syrians and Egyptians were busy killing their opponents  knowing that the leader of the west will not lift a finger and deliver some hard knocks. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

National Newspaper Association (NNA) Award

Happy to announce that the National Newspaper Association awarded the Tiburon Ark and It’s Green Machine (Me) the first place for Serious Writing for non-daily small newspapers for the original piece I wrote about a year ago that exposed the greenwashing of the Bloom Energy Box in Delaware.

Here is the link to the announcement and the actual announcement.

First Place, Best Serious Column, Non‐daily Division, circ. less than 3,000. Entry Title: The Bloom Box boondoggle. Credit(s): Lindsay Leveen. Judges' Comments: "The writer performed thorough research and succinctly explained complex, highly technical concepts with clarity. The topic has potentially substantial impact on readers.

As you all know I have taken that story a lot further and now we have my former California Assemblyman (Jared Huffman), AT&T, and myriad other big companies exposed for their greenwashing in California by deploying or promoting these dirty, polluting, and expensive Bloom Boxes.

The other big news for the week is that Bloom and Softbank of Japan have formed a partnership to market and install Bloom Boxes in Japan.  This actually may have some ecological merit as post Fukashima the grid emissions in Japan are very high due to the combustion of coal, heavy oil, and LNG for electric power generation.  Grid emissions in Japan are approximately 1,438 pounds per megawatt hour.

The Bloom Box emits 884 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour so they should go lock, stock and barrel of LNG to Japan to save global CO2emissions.  Note PG&E my utility claims their emissions in California are only 393 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour which are only 44.4% of those of the Bloom is Off The Rose Box.  Here is an idea for John Doerr, Al Gore, and Colin Powell please move to Japan and leave us alone in California.  I will gladly say Sayonara to the three of you and also please take Mr. Huffman with you.    I did send the Congressman’s staff the email of me and the Ark Newspaper receiving the award.  Who knows there still may be a Pulitzer Prize for this story that goes all the way to Joe Biden.

The excellent news is that the free press is still alive in small town newspapers that have the guts to take on big stories that involve big people.  It is disgraceful  that the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times who I approached simply ignored the truth to keep the favorite folks on the left squeaky green.  This story deserves national attention and a major suit has to be brought by the FTC against Bloom and its customers for greenwashing on a massive scale. 

These are the words of Mr. Donald S. Clark the Secretary of the FTC
“Section 5 of the FTC Act prohibits the use of “unfair and deceptive acts or practices in or affecting commerce”.  The FTC Guides For The Use of Environmental Marketing Claims, 16 C.F.R Part 260 (the Green Guides) are designed to help marketers ensure that they make truthful and non-deceptive claims about their products’ environmental attributes.  In particular the Green Guides make it clear that “greenwashing” – that is, making false and unsubstantiated environmental benefit claims - may constitute an unfair act or practice, in violation of the FTC act.”

Mr. Clark if ever a company and its customers have made false and unsubstantiated environmental benefit claims it has to be Bloom Energy and companies like AT&T and Life Technologies.   We should all look forward to the day when Bloom, its officers, and directors as well as its major customers and their officers, and directors are held accountable for lying to us that they reduced carbon emissions by as much as 50% compared with the California grid.    Not even in post Fukashima Japan is this true.  The dirty Bloom Boxes only reduce carbon emissions by 38.5% in the land of the rising sun.  The sun will soon set on the wilting Bloom in the once Golden State. 

As for you Mr. Huffman the freshman congressman, now that I won a NNA First Prize for a Serious Column, I suggest we meet and I teach you Thermodynamics 101.  Better still invite a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle and myself to meet with you so we can flush out your connections to AT&T and your motivations for introducing your failed assembly bill AB 864 that the California Public Utilities Commission found fault with.  Mr. Huffman you would not lift a finger in assisting me with getting the FTC involved in this investigation, but now they are involved.  Only intervention from the “greenwashed” White House can preclude the FTC from bringing charges against Bloom Energy, AT&T, and several other major corporations for making false and unsubstantiated environmental benefit claims.    

Mr. Huffman, you see a chemical engineer with 40 years of experience and a lot of resolve can take on the mighty like Colin Powell, John Doerr,  Al Gore, Kleiner Perkins, and AT&T.  It would have been easier if you my Congressman actually was my representative but you simply are not.  Thank God we still have a free press when Mr. Obama’s new slogan based on all the scandals he is facing is “yes we scan”.  My slogan is still “yes we can and we will get the laws of thermodynamics to be obeyed.”

Monday, July 15, 2013

864 Shown The Door But Santa Biden Is Green

I have opined that California Assembly Bill AB 864 was introduced by Mr. Huffman (now my US Congressman but then my California Assemblyman) for the benefit of Bloom Energy and their largest customer AT&T.  What I only found out a couple days ago that after AB 864 passed the house, The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) wrote comment opposing the bill and that the bill was never enacted into law.   Here is the link to CPUC opposition to the bill that forced Mr. Huffman to pull the bill after the assembly vote.

This makes things even worse for the Green Congressman.  His legislation that AT&T his largest individual contributor wanted died because the CPUC opposed it.  It is not only the Green Machine that thinks Huffman’s green legislation is a boondoggle, the CPUC thought so as well.

AB 1150 introduced by Assemblyman Perez was passed instead and signed into law by the governor.  AB 1150 simply extended the SGIP through 2014 rather than increase the size of projects (boondoggles) that qualify for SGIP money as Huffman had intended in AB 864. 

OK we now know that 864 is an unlucky number for Mr. Huffman.  We know 884 may be Bloom’s fatal number.

But folks actually 864 and 884 are lucky number for We the People.  Mr. Huffman was handed his head in his attempt to boondoggle the CPUC that large (meaning Bloom and AT&T projects) should get even more SGIP money.  884 will probably put Bloom, its officers, its directors, and its shareholders into a tizzy if not a death spiral.  This will happen when the CPUC reports that the Bloom Boxes in PG&E service territory added CO2 emissions rather than diminished them.

That data are now being investigated by the CPUC after PG&E sent us all a post card they emit only 393 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour of electricity they sell home owners in Marin County.  The Delaware data on bloom emissions are 884 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour or approximately 225% of the existing PG&E grid.  As the CPUC has jurisdiction over PG&E as well, I provided their staff with a copy of the post card to initiate the CPUC investigation of the real CO2 emissions that go into the air we breathe in Northern California.    I can’t wait to see who is lying (PG&E, Bloom, AT&T, or all or some of them)

Mr. Huffman’s largest individual contributor AT&T claimed to halve the grid emissions of CO2 by installing Bloom boxes.  By reaching out and touching us all AT&T could have greenwashed to the tune of four and a half fold.  This type of greenwashing violates Federal statutes and the FTC should bring charges unless of course the administration in the White Washed House steps in.  There is significant probability that Mr. Biden helped Bloom extract four times the real price of electricity for Delmarva customers in the first state when all the team believed the boxes to be over 60% efficient.   Yes Virginia there is a gangrene Santa Claus but you have to go through the District of Columbia and Maryland to get to the corrupted state of Delaware.  That is the route Smiling Joe took each day on the train home from his job in the US Senate to his house in Delaware.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lee Can Cook Korean BBQing

After the debacle on the local TV station about the names of the Korean pilots of the ill fated Asiana flight to SFO I decided to blog on the green nature of Korean cooking.

PBS hosts a really good show on Korean cooking called Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen.  Here is the link

This is from the link
Produced by Carma Media & Entertainment and hosted by Korean celebrity chef and musical artist Cathlyn Choi, this cultural and entertaining cooking program showcases delicious, nutritious and easy to make traditional and fusion Korean cuisines. The program also explores rich, historical Korean culture with the viewers, and how Korean food has played such an important role over the centuries. Whether you’re a food connoisseur, or just looking to learn the secrets of making great Fusion recipes, Cathlyn’s Kitchen is sure to educate, entertain, and enlighten you.

Here is a recipe for soybean paste soup that is a really eco friendly source of nutrition.

The Asiana Pilot Lee Can Cook will soon make a guest appearance on Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen but you may have to wait a while till he serves plane drop soup, the Asiana equivalent of Hung Far Low's Egg Drop Soup

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Main Stream Media Is Plain Dumb

Latest Update Asiana considers suing the TV Station and the NTSB per CNN

Lee Can Cook was offered a TV show on Korean BBQing on CNN as well

Here is the latest from CNN

(CNN) -- Asiana Airlines is considering legal action against Oakland's KTVU television and the National Transportation Safety Board.
This, after a summer intern at the NTSB mistakenly confirmed "inaccurate and offensive" names as those of the four pilots of Flight 214 that crashed last week in San Francisco.
The bogus names that phonetically spelled out phrases such as "Something Wrong" and "We Too Low" were read during KTVU's noon broadcast Friday.
"Regarding the KTVU-TV's demeaning report of the pilots on July 12, ASIANA Airlines is reviewing possible legal action against KTVU-TV and the NTSB," the airline said in a statement.
"The reputation of the four pilots and of the company had been seriously damaged by this report. The company is reviewing taking legal action against both KTVU-TV and the NTSB."
Both KTVU and the NTSB have apologized for the embarrassment
Original Blog 

Often I have said that the main stream media is asleep at the wheel.  They are probably just plain dumb.  Sadly this is how a TV channel in the Bay Area reported on the names of the pilots of the Asiana  plane that crashed a week ago here at SFO.

How will they ever report thermodynamics correctly?????

Update   The Clinton News Network CNN reports that Lee Can Cook But Cannot Fly was the Asiana pilot in charge of the crash landing

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Who Lies More - Bloom or PG&E?

On Friday I received a postcard from my electric utility PG&E.  The postcard titled we support your power to choose outlined the costs and emissions of two alternates I have for power supply to my home.  These are PG&E and MCE Clean Energy

In that postcard there is a table titled 2011 Total CO2 Emissions From Electricity Sales Per Megawatt-Hour.  In the table PG&E claims emissions of 393 pounds per megawatt hour of electricity sold.  If indeed PG&E is correct and the data for Bloom in the Delaware permit application are correct at 884 pounds CO2 per megwatt-hour, then indeed the Bloom boxes emits 2.25 times the CO2 that the PG&E grid emits for the same amount of electric energy.  

As I peel the onion further on my gangrene Congressman and his crony capitalist friends Al Gore, John Doerr , and Colin Powell the data gets more and more compelling that the Greenwashing by Bloom Energy is perhaps the largest case of its kind in the entire country.  The FTC has to investigate this fraud!!!! 

A quarter billion dollars in SGIP money to lower carbon emissions yet more than doubling them is a major case of fraud.  Of course Assemblyman Huffman would not help in the investigation of Bloom Energy when I asked him for assistance over a year ago.  He knew his own culpability and he was hoping I would simply go away.  Well now that he is Congressman Huffman he has found out that the Green Machine may squeak and need some oil but my ability to take the pungent odor of a rotten onion is quite formidable.  Mr. Huffman as long as I breathe I will seek the truth in this matter.

Mr. Huffman you can hide on Facebook, you can BBQ salmon at Fort Bragg and brag about it on Facebook, you can attend Carol King concerts at the Whitehouse but the long arm of the second law of thermodynamics will eventually get you.  Sadly you represent the massive green fake out by a misguided government of the average Joe or Jane.  Sadly you helped AT&T earn a 500,000% return on their crummy contributions to you as an Assemblyman.  Sadly you have failed to represent the people who trusted you.  I blogged that Barbara Boxer was bad.  That Lynn Woolsey was worse.  And that you are the worst in 30 years to represent me in Congress.

Of course there is the possibility that PG&E is lying about their CO2 emissions.  After all they lied about Toxic Chromium to Erin Brockovich.   Maybe Mr. Huffman will prove that PG&E, the US EPA, and the Green Machine are making up that the California grid is greener than the Bloom Box.