Saturday, May 19, 2018


I took a rough stab at the green failures that Doerr and Khosla festered upon us in America.  I came up with $10 billion as the losses to investors plus the taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies.

The Harvard Business School pegs the losses even higher

The decade of failure had eight years of Oh Bummer Voodoo Science.  There were two years of Bush 43 in the decade of failure.  The chart below for the GEVO eco-fraud is a vivid illustration of how Thermodynamics defeats Voodoo Science over eight years. 99.99% wipeout of the Khosla Branson gangrene company.  Clorox does not even kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.  It only kills 99.9%.

Yes Folks we will celebrate GREEN LIES MATTER DAY on July 31.

Monday, May 14, 2018


Once upon a time the Green Machine did strategic planning in the biopharma industry.  One of the many skills the Thermanator has.

My latest idea to Make America Great Again is to have a 300% export tax on drugs discovered in the US and that sell for less outside the US.

Unless companies can prove they sell drugs in the US for less than or equal to the average price in Australia, Canada, The UK, and France they will be taxed with the 300% export tax.

Drug prices will come down so fast it will make your head spin like Plaquenil.


NBC has announced the 23 contestants for the 2018 season of GREENWASHING WITH THE STARS,  They are:

Matt Denn AJ Of Delaware who failed to appear in Law and Order
Chuck Schumer The Bloomer US Senator as the 30% ITC man
John Doerr famous for composing Baby Fund My Fire also dancing the Fisker Fiasco
Jared Huffman US Congressman from Season 1 of The Bloomdoggle sponsored by AT&T
Jack In The Bloom Box Markell former Governor of Deal Away
Barack Obama who will perform the Solyndra Samba
Alchemy Gore who will  perform the Hanging Chad Cha
Crooked Collin O'Mara CEO of The National Wildlife Federation will perform the Lying King
Con D Rice The War on Carbon Criminal and servant to Vinod Khosla performing Insider Trading
Vinod Khosla the Serial Eco-Loser will perform the Gevo Heave Ho as the Loan Ranger
Ernie Moniz will perform the Ivanpah Cha Cha and will double for Alfred E Neuman
Colin Powell will just lie about Weapons Of Mass Combustion like Benzene
Toxic Tom Carper US Senator Chief Butt Buddy Of Biden and servant of Doerr
Kelly Ayaotte Former US Senator once considered to replace James Comey
Crooked Chris Coons US Senator the other Butt Buddy Of Biden and servant of Doerr
John Carney Governor of Del-Unaware who will be lost on the stage
Sir Tricky Dick Branson The Pecker From Necker performing the Gevo Heave Ho
Lisa Jackson Former EPA head who taught Hillary emailing and makes Scott Pruitt look half honest
Jerry MoonBeam Brown who will dance the Moonwalk while taxing the other contestants
Toxic Tony Blair former UK PM another War On Carbon Criminal and servant to Vinod Khosla
Mary K Bush who will demonstrate how to put lipstick on a pig called Bloom
KR Shridhar CEO of Bloomdoggle who will be eliminated in the First Round for cheating
Steven Chu Chu who will dance to songs from The Fifth Dimension

Sponsors of the show are Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley.  Anne Thompson will be assisted by Brian Williams with guest appearances by Matt Lauer.  Female contestants are warned to stay away from Matt Lauer.  Unrenewable energy for the show will come from Bloom Boxes.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

Today is mother's day and we celebrate motherhood.  Do you remember when Saddam Hussein promised us the mother of all battles?

It was the same fake promise as Bloom's mission "to make clean, reliable, and affordable energy for everyone in the world."

Bloom is the mother of all greenwashers.  It is the BLOOMDOGGLE.

Happy Mother's Day to all the folks in the world who still rely on other sources of energy besides Bloom.

The Woman who invented Mother's Day grew to  hate it.

As soon as they are indicted for greenwashing under the US Green Guides the men who invented the Bloomdoggle will also grow to hate wilted flowers.  I have to believe that John Doerr the grand Bloomdoggler wishes he never invested in  the gangrene company. 

GREEN LIESS MATTER is taking off and soon we will all celebrate GREEN LIES MATTER DAY.  That will be on July 31, 2018 when Moshe the Martian gets closest to the earth

Saturday, May 12, 2018


The Khosla Brason Eco-Scam GEVO is still dropping like a stone.  Less than a month ago I reported that $10,000 invested in GEVO's IPO was worth 81 cents.  Now that $10,000 invested is worth only 67 cents.  That is less than I paid for an asiago cheese bagel today.

A bagel looks like a zero.  GEVO will soon be a BIG ZERO.

The price of gasoline here in Northern California is headed up.  I paid $3.79 a gallon of mid-grade.  I needed 17 gallons and the money I paid for my fill up could have bought 200 shares of GEVO.

I think I will go further on this tankful of gas than all of the entire Obama energy policy.  Obama gave Khosla's companies a lot of taxpayer money and Khosla gave Obama a million dollars towards his 2012 campaign.  That is how Obama functioned.  He was the Michael Cohen of presidents.  Obama sold influence on an unprecedented scale.  Just ask John Doerr his library builder.  Doerr is the Grand Bloomdoggler who not only owned Obama but all of the Democrats in the US Senate.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


Delaware is the Appalachia of the Mid Atlantic.  Hunter Gatherer Biden believes in the commandment love thy brother's widow.

But the Bloomdoggle in Delaware takes the cake.

Lying Bloom only managed to meet their maximum CO2 emissions for the first three months  of June, July and August 2012.   Since then the Bloom coffins in Deal Away have been blowing more CO2 into the air than Bloom claimed would be the maximum under penalty of perjury in their Coastal Zone Act permit application. 

The above screen shot of the CZA permit application clearly states "Each fuel cell has a base load output of 200 kW with a Maximum natural gas usage of 1.32 MMBtu/hr"

This means each megawatt hour of Bloom dirty electrons should use a maximum of 6.6 mmBTU.  Each mmBTU of natural gas emits 117 pounds of CO2.  Multiplying 6,6 by 117 we have that the maximum pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour is 773.  

From the chart we know that Bloom lied and greenwashed their CO2 emissions to set up the Bloomdoggle in Hunter Biden's home state.


Saturday, May 5, 2018