Monday, December 22, 2014

Did Kleiner Perkins Pull A Fast One on Wanxiang?

The press was full of the story of how Wanxiang bought Fisker from Kleiner Perkins and how the US Taxpayer was screwed in the deal that Al Gore’s partners put together for the failed Auto Company.  The Green Machine was one of the few if the only one to blog how Kleiner Perkins and Wanxiang  were far closer collaborators than just the Fisker deal.  This link from LLTGM in March.

KP and Wanxiang are co-owners of Great Point Energy.  However it looks like Great Point missed the point and China will buy Russian gas and pretty much shelve the idea of coal to substitute natural gas.

KP sold Wanxiang a piece of Missed The Point for a good deal of money.  I can’t say it saddens me that Wanxiang got taken for a ride by Al Gore and his partners, but it does not make me happy either.  Al is pretty famous for taking folks who buy him out to court as evidenced by the Al Jazeera deal.  I wonder if Wanxiang has the same lawyer as Al Jazeera?  We know that neither uses the famous Japanese lawyer Mr. So Sue Me.

From a green perspective it is far batter that the Chinese get rid of the gangrene idea to make natural gas from coal and buy Russian gas.   This article linked below explains the environmental effects of making substitute natural gas from coal.  My March 2014 article touched on this being gangrene.

Missed the Point Energy is only one of Kleiner Perkin’s green bloomdoggles.  Interesting that Vinod the Thermodynamic Clown Khosla is a Board Observer at Great Point.  He may now just be a bored observer as China buys Russian gas and great point becomes what’s the point.


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