Sunday, June 30, 2013

Huff and Puff And Blow CO2 Into The Air

Now that I am on a roll investigating  the utter gangrene nature of my Congressman Mr. Jared Huffman, I have done some further calculations as to the environmental harm he has caused in Northern California where I live and he pretends to represent me in Congress.

Yes Huff and Puff has caused major damage to the environment in his district by his support of Bloom Energy fuel cells.  I estimate that 30 megawatts of Bloom boxes have been installed in PG&E’s service territory here in Northern California.  PG&E has one of the greenest grids in the country if not the world.  They report they emit only 524 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour of power delivered to your home.

The dirty and expensive Bloom box emits 884 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour.  Using the CPUC reported up-time of 70% for electric only fuel cells (Bloom type boxes), I calculated that thanks to Huff and Puff’s ardent support of the Bloom Boxes, the air in Northern California received an added  33,113 tons of CO2 last year (over and above what PG&E would have emitted).  Mr. Huffman you added the equivalent of approximately 6,000 cars to the road thanks to your vocal support of the Bloom gangrene technology.   

Also as PG&E has hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur containing components in their pipeline gas, the operation of these Bloom Boxes near my home has caused over 3 tons of hazardous solid waste to be added to disposal sites over the past year.  Also over 5,200 pounds of horrible VOCs were added to the air that I and my fellow Northern Californians breathed last year by the Bloom Boxes.

Don’t forget the money Mr. Huffman as an Assemblyman handed out to his friends at Bloom, AT&T, and other large corporations.    You can thank Jared Huffman for wasting your money, dirtying your air, and burying over two and half tons of hazardous solid waste.  He certainly is one of the gangrenest politicians out there.  

His Facebook page may claim to be green and that he despises Paul Ryan for cheerleading the oil and gas industry in the House Budget Committee, but we who breath the air in his district know his real colors.  He is deep gangrene!!!!   He was the lead cheerleader for Bloom during his tenure in Sacramento.  Give me a H Give me a U Give me a F Give Me a F Give me a P Give me a U Give me a F Give me a F  What Do We Have.  Yes we have Huff and Puff.

The photo of the gangrene toes is from the University of Iowa Medical School data bank.  By being gangrene it looks like Mr. Huffman has the color of coal

Friday, June 28, 2013

AT&T Reach Out And Own Someone

In 1979 AT&T launched an ad campaign to increase long distance calling.  The campaign was called “Reach Out and Touch Someone”.  The also had a tag line “the more you hear, the better we sound.”

Here is a youtube of that ad

Fast forward to 2013 and we have AT&T using their money to buy influence from politicians.  I call their campaign “Reach Out and Buy Someone” with the tagline “the more you dig, the better we mined.” 

I last blogged about Jared Huffman getting money from AT&T between May 2010 and May 2012 for his assemblyman of California campaign.  His connection to AT&T goes back a little further.  They were contributors of $17,800 in total to his 2008 and 2010 campaigns for his job in the California Assembly.

 OK we have that AT&T contributed to Mr. Huffman for favored legislation of the Bloom fuel cell they were installing in California.  Huffman’s Assembly Bill 864.  But we also have that AT&T has a policy that the CEO has to approve any contribution in excess of $1,000.

So now we have the CEO of AT&T approving the contributions to Mr. Huffman’s campaigns and AT&T cannot use the excuse that some low level operatives in their Cincinnati Bell office hatched the plan to buy favor for their Bloom Boxes to the tune of approximately $40 million for Grade A Pork in the once golden state. 

My guess is that some high level executive at AT&T also approves press releases about how “green” they are when they falsely claimed they lowered CO2 emissions by 50% compared with the grid by becoming Bloom’s largest customer.

The Boxes, perhaps coffins, were installed in Connecticut and California.  Both of these states have the least carbon emitting grids per the EPA.   The Bloom boxes emit 884 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour per Bloom’s own data in the Delaware permit application and in fact AT&T will emit approximately 30% more CO2 than the grid in the locations where they have installed the Bloom Boxes.  They will also have approximately 2 tons a year of toxic solid waste that will need to be removed from all the Boxes.  Additionally they will emit approximately 8 pounds a day of VOCs from all the Boxes at these sites.

Shame on AT&T!  I intend to ask the authorities to investigate Ma Bell for blatant greenwashing.  I had always thought that the colors of the company were blue not green.  AT&T will soon be singing the blues for their involvement with Colin Powell, John Doerr, and Al Gore in the green Bloom scam.  I have no clue what style of music Mr. Huffman can sing, you see I have not heard his voice as he simply won’t talk to me. 

As for me I am singing “Chinese White” from the album The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion from the Incredible String Band.  Perhaps the “Magic Christmas Tree” in the song will sequester all of the CO2 AT&T emits.  

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

California Wastes a Quarter Billion Dollars On Blooms

The once golden state is not buying flowers for the state capitol.  They are leaking money left, right and center on Bloom Boxes thanks to likes of Jared Huffman and his SGIP legislation.  The SGIP is the self generation incentive program that was meant to lower carbon emissions in the once golden state.  Originally intended to promote wind and solar it now includes fuel cells and includes Bloom fuel cells in a big way.

Yesterday I received data from the staff of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) that administers the SGIP program.  Here are that data as of June 25, 2013.

Type of Fuel Cell
All Electric Only Fuel Cells
 $    349,867,856
All Bloom Fuel Cells
 $    257,310,790
Bloom % of Total

Wow Bloom has extracted over a quarter billion dollars under the SGIP program and has gotten for itself or its customers almost three quarters of the money for electric only fuel cells.  So what if the Bloom box emits 884 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour.  So what if it emits VOCs.  So what if it contains hazardous solid waste.  Per Jared Huffman this is green technology that is deserving of your money.  Yes you fund it if you are a customer of a utility in California as that is the way the program is funded.

Interestingly the CPUC also gave me data on the number of cancelled projects in the program.  These figures are excluded from the ones above.

Type of Fuel Cell
 Bloom Fuel Cell Cancelled
 $    137,745,300

Looks like a significant number of Bloom projects were cancelled.  For the projects that are installed or going ahead a SGIP of $3,450 per kilowatt was given.  This covered approximately 35% of the cost of the system.  The federal government also gave a 30% investment tax credit for these fuel cells, meaning 65% of the cost of the fuel cell was paid for by We the US people.  If the cell does not emit more CO2 than the existing grid average one might argue we did this to lower CO2 emissions, but the Bloom fuel cell emits 30% higher CO2 emissions than the existing California grid so why on heavens earth did this program ever go forward.

Mr. Huffman as a State Assemblyman introduced Assembly Bill 864 and his largest individual contributor between May 2010 and May 2012 while an assemblyman introducing this legislation was AT&T.  He was given $6,900 of campaign contributions by AT&T.  AT&T is Bloom’s largest customer.  The SGIP for Bloom Boxes at AT&T sites in California probably exceeds $40 million.  Wow AT&T got a 579,710% return on their money given to Mr. Huffman.

In a previous blog I called Mr. Huffman a Thermodynamic Neophyte.  It is actually the Green Machine who is a Political Neophyte.  Mr. Huffman knew exactly what he was doing.  What he probably did not know was how gangrene the Bloom boxes really are, and now he, AT&T, and Bloom Energy have a developing scandal thanks to the Green Machine’s tenacious unpeeling of the rotten onion. 

Mr. Huffman continues to hide from me.  He continues to block my comments on his public Facebook page.  He continues to pretend to be the green Congressman and even caught the red eye back from the left coast to DC to attend Mr. Obama’s speech on the environment at Georgetown University yesterday. 

Mr. Huffman for a measly $6,900 from AT&T in return for some crummy state legislation introduced by you under AB 864 in California, we have paid big time in subsidizing your green friends at Bloom.   Perhaps Colin Powell who sits on the board at Bloom together with Mr. Doerr who hosted Mr. Obama for dinner with the late Steve Jobs will come to Mr. Huffman’s side when I do manage to engage him in debate on who is green and who is gangrene.  I would love to take on all three stooges even with my hands tied behind my back.  You see I have thermodynamics on my side.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Tesla Messla Announces the 90 Second Battery Swap

The Musketeer dressed as a circus announcer held stage this week to launch his 90 second battery swap idea.  The crowd went wild watching the two ring circus of a guy filling up his normal car with gasoline side by side with the rapid swap of the 85 kwh battery pack on a Model S.  Of course the Model S swap was faster as the guy with gasoline filled up with just over 23.2 gallons of gas and had to pay for the transaction with a credit card while the Model S guy just sat in his car watching the 19 inch screen show he was now tanked up.  Here is the video if you are interested to be entertained by a clown dressed in a tuxedo jacket.

Now let’s analyze the thermodynamics and economics of the side by side transactions.

The 23.22 gallons with the DOE energy content of 37.3 kwh per gallon meant 866.1 kwh of energy was transferred from the gas pump to the car in essentially the same time the Teslacle got a measly 85 kwh of energy transferred.  Actually less than 85 kwh as the old battery in the Teslacle probably had some charge left.  A ten times larger transfer of energy in the same amount of time in the case of the gasoline car.  Thermodynamics round 101 to the gasoline Audi by a ten to one margin.

The 23.22 gallons cost the gasoline car owner $99.83 for the fill-up.  The battery swap for the 85 kwh of batteries at a real price of $1,000 per kwh was a transaction that was valued at $85,000.  Granted Elon got back an uncharged battery pack and it has value so let’s now assume old Elon has to keep 1.5 packs for each car as he is offering the 90 second swap he needs extra packs.  Let’s round out value of the 1.5 packs to $120,000 and let’s assume the 1.5 packs will propel vehicles a total of 120,000 miles.  This is a cost of $1 per mile.    Even if the Musketeer gives away the electrons for free and the Audi only gets 22 MPG the Teslacle owner or someone will pay the equivalent of $22 per gallon.  This is five times as much as Audi owner paid for premium gas. Economics round 101 to the gasoline Audi by a five to one margin.

Now for the zinger the Audi will go 510 miles on the 23.22 gallons of premium grade gasoline.  The Teslacle will barely do 230 miles.  So the Teslacle owner will waste his time on 2.22 battery swaps for each time the Audi owner wastes his precious time at the pump.  The Audi owner saves time as it is not a case of one battery swap for one gas fill up but 2.22 battery swaps for each gas fill-up.  Time Management round 101 to the Gasoline Audi by a 2.22 to one margin.

The Audi wins by 10 times 5 times 2.2 or 110 fold over the Teslacle.  The Musketeer could have made it a three ring circus if he had his Solar City PV cells on the dark stage and claimed that these new cells even make electricity when it is pitch black outside simply from the vibrational sound of circus music.  Now that would have been something for the thermodynamic neophytes in the audience to applaud.

Old Monty had a Flying Circus and Elon is just not quite levitating yet.  That will be next when he brings SpaceX into the act of flying Model Ss that are refilled in mid-flight.