Saturday, September 26, 2015

Volkswagen the Mobile Bloomdoggle

This week was some week here in the United States.  The Pope is visiting and has called upon us to live as one and protect the earth from physical harm.  Volkswagen has admitted to faking their diesel vehicle emissions right under the noses of Gina McCarthy’s EPA.  The CEO of Volkswagen said Auf Wiedersehen and the shareholders said hasta la vista to over $20 billion of market cap.  I did not shed a tear that the rich Al Gore connected Qataris lost $5 billion of those twenty big boys.

The Pope did big things in DC, New York, and is speaking today in Philly.  I did my little thing for the safeguarding of the planet.  Yesterday I did receive the highly redacted version of the independent engineer’s report on KIOR that was given to the US DOE.  The report written by Shaw was given to Dr. Chu et al on April 29, 2011.  By May 15, 2011 Khosla and KIOR had “voluntarily” withdrawn their application for the billion dollar DOE loan that already had an agreed upon term sheet.  The timing is not coincidental.  The report had a risk section that must have been critical of the alchemy Mr. Khosla et al were practicing at KIOR.  Of course our open government blacked out the entire risk section of the redacted report I was given.

The report stated that Kellogg Brown and Root a subsidiary of Halliburton was busy designing the plant in Columbus Mississippi.  Yes the now failed plant that is rusting as Kior sits in Bankruptcy.  We know Con D Rice joined the board of KIOR to prop up the IPO in late June 2011.  We know Con D Rice is tight with Halliburton and Kellogg Brown and Root.  We know Con D Rice insider traded shares for a profit in the now worthless KIOR.  We know Con D Rice falsely hyped the company stating they were a reality to lower imports of crude oil, and we know Con D Rice resigned from the board before the company declared bankruptcy. 

Con D Rice must have either not read the Shaw report or she must have relied on her old friends at Halliburton to join the board of KIOR to get those free stock options that might have netted her many millions of dollars.  Now the disgraced KIOR director has a record of selling 6,500 shares at $13.22 as an insider of a company that she falsely hyped.  Con D sold her soul for $85,930.  Con D Rice was pretty tight with Kellogg Brown and Root all the way back to the “rebuilding” of Iraq.

The Magnolia State is suing Khosla, other officers, and directors of KIOR for fraud.  They have not sued Con D Rice.  The sad thing is the US DOE had the Shaw report on April 29, 2011 and knew the alchemy at KIOR would not work.  Dr. Chu pulled out of the billion dollar loan yet the poor in Old Miss got stuck loaning KIOR $75 million that they are now trying to recover in court.   Dr. Chu owed it to the Magnolia State and the folks who bought the KIOR stock in the IPO and later to have shared the concerns Shaw had over the KIOR alchemy.

Dr. Chu and Dr. Rice now bend the minds of young people at Stanford.  These two should be breaking rocks in a chain gang in Mississippi.  I remember the warden telling Cool Hand Luke that what was happening was “a failure to communicate”.  Yes the US DOE certainly had a failure to communicate the Shaw report it had.  The report predated much of the Mississippi loan and certainly all of the IPO.  Personally I had blogged that the report existed and that it was probably issued around the end of April 2011. 

How did I know this?  I studied thermodynamics in college!  I also know how to communicate.  Dr. Chu studied thermodynamics but did not communicate.  Con D Rice did not study thermodynamics but only communicated with her stockbroker to sell those shares in KIOR for a profit.  The Pope asked for justice for all and I say God bless those who are suing the operatives that brought the KIOR caper.  The Pope studied chemistry and he would never have called KIOR a reality, he would have called it a Bloomdoggle. 

The Pope is driven in a Fiat not a Volkswagen.  I really like the Pope, I wish he would move to the United States and clean up the complex.  Of course the operatives of the complex may confess their greenwashing sins and beg for forgiveness.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

My I Accuse Letter To the President of the United States

Lindsay Leveen September 24, 2015

Letter to the President of the United States of America – Our Republic – Mr. Barack Hussein Obama

Dear Mr. President:

I have not met you and yet I still feel I know you.  You are my President.   I cannot say I am proud of your record in energy.  I will not speak of other facets of your administration as I am not expert in those areas but I am an expert in Energy.  In one word your record on energy is an indelible shameful stain.  I say this as an award winning Chemical Engineer.

I am also an award winning journalist for exposing greenwashing by Bloom Energy in Delaware.  I have little doubt our Vice President played some role in the Bloomdoggle of Bloom Energy in Delaware.   I need not go further on Mr. Biden’s Delaware connection and how his late son Beau was the AG of the first state.  When requested by me, Mr. Beau Biden refused to investigate the Bloom Energy green fraud in Delaware.  Thankfully our Republic still has a free press and NBC and Breitbart have furthered my investigations of Bloom Energy. 

Sadly for you, Mr. President, three people you know well are profiting from the greenwashed fraud that is Bloom Energy.  These individuals are Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell.  You should note that Michael Bloomberg and Senator Dianne Feinstein helped promote Bloom at their launch (February 2010) but at least Senator Feinstein has now come over to my side (the right side of science) and has assisted in getting the US FTC to investigate Bloom Energy for greenwashing under the US Green Guides.

Mr. President, two cabinet secretaries in the Delaware state government have resigned over the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle.  They are Collin O’Mara of DE DNREC, and Alan Levin of DE DEDO.  Mr. O’Mara hid the solid waste with sulfur from these Bloom Fuel Cells in the protected coastal zone of Delaware when he issued the Coastal Zone Act Permit.  It is now admitted by Bloom that this solid waste that is contained in sealed metal canisters is hauled out of state to an EPA licensed facility for treatment.  Mr. President our Department of Treasury and IRS gives Bloom or its customers a 30% investment tax credit for these fuel cells that produce this sulfur containing waste!

Mr. President the US DOE sent me today under the FOIA a redacted version of the Third Party Engineer (Shaw) report on Kior that was given to Dr. Chu and the DOE on April 29, 2011.  I know this report was critical of the Kior technology.  I was very critical of the Kior Alchemy.  The one billion dollar loan from the DOE that already had a term sheet was never made to Kior.  On May 15, 2011 a couple of weeks after the third party engineer’s report was given to the DOE, negotiations on the billion dollar loan ended.  Kior like Bloom Energy is a thermodynamic fraud.  Kior is bankrupt and the State of Mississippi is suing several prominent investors, directors, and officers of Kior for fraud due to the $75 million loan the Magnolia State made to Kior and that money is now gone.  The US DOE should have warned the Magnolia State not to make the loan. 

The SEC is investigating Kior and shareholders who bought the stock on the NASDAQ are suing as well.  Kior had Mr. Vinod Khosla, a man you dined with, as its major stock holder and promoter.  Kior had Condi Rice on its board of directors.  Dr. Rice insider traded shares in Kior for a profit.  Dr. Rice hyped the “reality” of Kior’s technology to reduce fossil oil imports.  Kior is now Kaput.

Mr. President, I accuse your administration of violating the laws of thermodynamics in favor of steering subsidies to those who have been political contributors, or wield political or economic power.   Mr. President, the Pope is now visiting our great country and he has met with you and our Congress.  Mr. President I do expect you will investigate what went on under you as it relates to Bloom Energy and Kior.  Mr. President if Mr. Biden, Dr. Chu, Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell, Collin O’Mara and others have caused harm to the environment and defrauded our population, I expect equal justice will be served.

Martha Stewart served time for stock trading on insider information, I see no reason why Dr. Rice should not account for her stock sale in Kior at $13.22 a share when it is now worthless.  The $13.22 trade was the second highest price an insider ever received for their stock.  Mr. President I see no reason why John Doerr and Colin Powell who are board members of Bloom Energy can hide solid waste with sulfur, can greenwash their carbon emissions, and can extract a billion dollars of ratepayer and taxpayer money promising green, reliable and affordable electricity when in fact they sell dirty, unreliable, and prohibitively expensive electric power.

Mr. President, below I have copied Emile Zola’s I accuse letter to his President of France of over 117 years ago.
I quote him “ Truth and justice, so ardently longed for! How terrible it is to see them trampled, unrecognized and ignored!”

Mr. President I demand truth and justice.  I demand an energy policy based on science and thermodynamics.  Mr. President those that have made a mockery of green energy need to be brought to justice.  Those like me who have begged for truth and justice cannot remain trampled, unrecognized and ignored. Mr. President Science Matters!  Ratepayer Money Matters, The Environment Matters, Taxpayer Money Matters.  Indeed Mr. President Truth and Justice matter for all our fellow citizens.

May God Bless You, Your Family and our United States of America

Lindsay Leveen
The Green Machine
Tiburon, California

Emile Zola 1898
Emile ZolaLetter to the President of the Republic
I accuse!

Source: Chameleon Translations;
First Published: L’Aurore, 13 January 1898.

Would you allow me, grateful as I am for the kind reception you once extended to me, to show my concern about maintaining your well-deserved prestige and to point out that your star which, until now, has shone so brightly, risks being dimmed by the most shameful and indelible of stains?
Unscathed by vile slander, you have won the hearts of all. You are radiant in the patriotic glory of our country’s alliance with Russia, you are about to preside over the solemn triumph of our World Fair, the jewel that crowns this great century of labour, truth, and freedom. But what filth this wretched Dreyfus affair has cast on your name - I wanted to say ‘reign’ -. A court martial, under orders, has just dared to acquit a certain Esterhazy, a supreme insult to all truth and justice. And now the image of France is sullied by this filth, and history shall record that it was under your presidency that this crime against society was committed.
As they have dared, so shall I dare. Dare to tell the truth, as I have pledged to tell it, in full, since the normal channels of justice have failed to do so. My duty is to speak out; I do not wish to be an accomplice in this travesty. My nights would otherwise be haunted by the spectre of the innocent man, far away, suffering the most horrible of tortures for a crime he did not commit.
And it is to you, Sir, that I shall proclaim this truth, with all the force born of the revulsion of an honest man. Knowing your integrity, I am convinced that you do not know the truth. But to whom if not to you, the first magistrate of the country, shall I reveal the vile baseness of the real guilty parties?
The truth, first of all, about Dreyfus’ trial and conviction:
At the root of it all is one evil man, Lt. Colonel du Paty de Clam, who was at the time a mere Major. He is the entire Dreyfus case, and the entirety of it will only come to light when an honest enquiry firmly establishes his actions and responsibilities. He appears to be the shadiest and most complex of creatures, spinning outlandish intrigues, stooping to the deceits of cheap thriller novels, complete with stolen documents, anonymous letters, meetings in deserted spots, mysterious women scurrying around at night, peddling damning evidence. He was the one who came up with the scheme of dictating the text of the bordereau to Dreyfus; he was the one who had the idea of observing him in a mirror-lined room. And he was the one that Major Forzinetti caught carrying a shuttered lantern that he planned to throw open on the accused man while he slept, hoping that, jolted awake by the sudden flash of light, Dreyfus would blurt out his guilt.
I need say no more: let us seek and we shall find. I am stating simply that Major du Paty de Clam, as the officer of justice charged with the preliminary investigation of the Dreyfus case, is the first and the most grievous offender in the ghastly miscarriage of justice that has been committed.
The bordereau had already been for some time in the hands of Colonel Sandherr, Head of the Intelligence Office, who has since died of a paralytic stroke. Information was ‘leaked’, papers were disappearing, then as they continue to do to this day; and, as the search for the author of the bordereau progressed, little by little, an a priori assumption developed that it could only have come from an officer of the General Staff, and furthermore, an artillery officer. This interpretation, wrong on both counts, shows how superficially the bordereau was analysed, for a logical examination shows that it could only have come from an infantry officer.
So an internal search was conducted. Handwriting samples were compared, as if this were some family affair, a traitor to be sniffed out and expelled from within the War Office. And, although I have no desire to dwell on a story that is only partly known, Major du Paty de Clam entered on the scene as soon as the slightest suspicion fell upon Dreyfus. From that moment on, he was the one who ‘invented’ Dreyfus the traitor, the one who orchestrated the whole affair and made it his own. He boasted that he would confuse him and make him confess all. Oh, yes, there was of course the Minister of War, General Mercier, a man of apparently mediocre intellect; and there were also the Chief of Staff, General de Boisdeffre, who appears to have yielded to his own religious bigotry, and the Deputy Chief of Staff, General Gonse, whose conscience allowed for many accommodations. But, at the end of the day, it all started with Major du Paty de Clam, who led them on, hypnotised them, for, as an adept of spiritualism and the occult, he conversed with spirits. Nobody would ever believe the experiments to which he subjected the unfortunate Dreyfus, the traps he set for him, the wild investigations, the monstrous fantasies, the whole demented torture.
Ah, that first trial! What a nightmare it is for all who know it in its true details. Major du Paty de Clam had Dreyfus arrested and placed in solitary confinement. He ran to Mme Dreyfus, terrorised her, telling her that, if she talked, that was it for her husband. Meanwhile, the unfortunate Dreyfus was tearing his hair out and proclaiming his innocence. And this is how the case proceeded, like some fifteenth century chronicle, shrouded in mystery, swamped in all manner of nasty twists and turns, all stemming from one trumped-up charge, that stupid bordereau. This was not only a bit of cheap trickery but also the most outrageous fraud imaginable, for almost all of these notorious secrets turned out in fact to be worthless. I dwell on this, because this is the germ of it all, whence the true crime would emerge, that horrifying miscarriage of justice that has blighted France. I would like to point out how this travesty was made possible, how it sprang out of the machinations of Major du Paty de Clam, how Generals Mercier, de Boisdeffre and Gonse became so ensnared in this falsehood that they would later feel compelled to impose it as holy and indisputable truth. Having set it all in motion merely by carelessness and lack of intelligence, they seem at worst to have given in to the religious bias of their milieu and the prejudices of their class. In the end, they allowed stupidity to prevail.
But now we see Dreyfus appearing before the court martial. Behind the closed doors, the utmost secrecy is demanded. Had a traitor opened the border to the enemy and driven the Kaiser straight to Notre-Dame the measures of secrecy and silence could not have been more stringent. The public was astounded; rumors flew of the most horrible acts, the most monstrous deceptions, lies that were an affront to our history. The public, naturally, was taken in. No punishment could be too harsh. The people clamored for the traitor to be publicly stripped of his rank and demanded to see him writhing with remorse on his rock of infamy. Could these things be true, these unspeakable acts, these deeds so dangerous that they must be carefully hidden behind closed doors to keep Europe from going up in flames? No! They were nothing but the demented fabrications of Major du Paty de Clam, a cover-up of the most preposterous fantasies imaginable. To be convinced of this one need only read carefully the accusation as it was presented before the court martial.
How flimsy it is! The fact that someone could have been convicted on this charge is the ultimate iniquity. I defy decent men to read it without a stir of indignation in their hearts and a cry of revulsion, at the thought of the undeserved punishment being meted out there on Devil’s Island. He knew several languages: a crime! He carried no compromising papers: a crime! He would occasionally visit his country of origin: a crime! He was hard-working, and strove to be well informed: a crime! He did not become confused: a crime! He became confused: a crime! And how childish the language is, how groundless the accusation! We also heard talk of fourteen charges but we found only one, the one about the bordereau, and we learn that even there the handwriting experts could not agree. One of them, Mr. Gobert, faced military pressure when he dared to come to a conclusion other than the desired one. We were told also that twenty-three officers had testified against Dreyfus. We still do not know what questions they were asked, but it is certain that not all of them implicated him. It should be noted, furthermore, that all of them came from the War Office. The whole case had been handled as an internal affair, among insiders. And we must not forget this: members of the General Staff had sought this trial to begin with and had passed judgment. And now they were passing judgment once again.
So all that remained of the case was the bordereau, on which the experts had not been able to agree. It is said that within the council chamber the judges were naturally leaning toward acquittal. It becomes clear why, at that point, as justification for the verdict, it became vitally important to turn up some damning evidence, a secret document that, like God, could not be shown, but which explained everything, and was invisible, unknowable, and incontrovertible. I deny the existence of that document. With all my strength, I deny it! Some trivial note, maybe, about some easy women, wherein a certain D... was becoming too insistent, no doubt some demanding husband who felt he wasn’t getting a good enough price for the use of his wife. But a document concerning national defense that could not be produced without sparking an immediate declaration of war tomorrow? No! No! It is a lie, all the more odious and cynical in that its perpetrators are getting off free without even admitting it. They stirred up all of France, they hid behind the understandable commotion they had set off, they sealed their lips while troubling our hearts and perverting our spirit. I know of no greater crime against the state.
These, Sir, are the facts that explain how this miscarriage of justice came about; The evidence of Dreyfus’s character, his affluence, the lack of motive and his continued affirmation of innocence combine to show that he is the victim of the lurid imagination of Major du Paty de Clam, the religious circles surrounding him, and the “dirty Jew” obsession that is the scourge of our time.
And now we come to the Esterhazy case. Three years have passed, many consciences remain profoundly troubled, become anxious, investigate, and wind up convinced that Dreyfus is innocent.
I shall not chronicle these doubts and the subsequent conclusion reached by Mr. Scheurer-Kestner . But, while he was conducting his own investigation, major events were occurring at headquarters. Colonel Sandherr had died and Lt. Colonel Picquart had succeeded him as Head of the Intelligence Office. It was in this capacity, in the exercise of his office, that Lt. Colonel Picquart came into possession of a telegram addressed to Major Esterhazy by an agent of a foreign power. His express duty was to open an inquiry. What is certain is that he never once acted against the will of his superiors. He thus submitted his suspicions to his hierarchical senior officers, first General Gonse, then General de Boisdeffre, and finally General Billot, who had succeeded General Mercier as Minister of War. That famous much discussed Picquart file was none other than the Billot file, by which I mean the file created by a subordinate for his minister, which can still probably be found at the War Office. The investigation lasted from May to September 1896, and what must be said loud and clear is that General Gonse was at that time convinced that Esterhazy was guilty and that Generals de Boisdeffre and Billot had no doubt that the handwriting on the famous bordereau was Esterhazy’s. This was the definitive conclusion of Lt. Colonel Picquart’s investigation. But feelings were running high, for the conviction of Esterhazy would inevitably lead to a retrial of Dreyfus, an eventuality that the General Staff wanted at all cost to avoid.
This must have led to a brief moment of psychological anguish. Note that, so far, General Billot was in no way compromised. Newly appointed to his position, he had the authority to bring out the truth. He did not dare, no doubt in terror of public opinion, certainly for fear of implicating the whole General Staff, General de Boisdeffre, and General Gonse, not to mention the subordinates. So he hesitated for a brief moment of struggle between his conscience and what he believed to be the interest of the military. Once that moment passed, it was already too late. He had committed himself and he was compromised. From that point on, his responsibility only grew, he took on the crimes of others, he became as guilty as they, if not more so, for he was in a position to bring about justice and did nothing. Can you understand this: for the last year General Billot, Generals Gonse and de Boisdeffre have known that Dreyfus is innocent, and they have kept this terrible knowledge to themselves? And these people sleep at night, and have wives and children they love!
Lt. Colonel Picquart had carried out his duty as an honest man. He kept insisting to his superiors in the name of justice. He even begged them, telling them how impolitic it was to temporize in the face of the terrible storm that was brewing and that would break when the truth became known. This was the language that Mr. Scheurer-Kestner later used with General Billot as well, appealing to his patriotism to take charge of the case so that it would not degenerate into a public disaster. But no! The crime had been committed and the General Staff could no longer admit to it. And so Lt. Colonel Picquart was sent away on official duty. He got sent further and further away until he landed in Tunisia, where they tried eventually to reward his courage with an assignment that would certainly have gotten him massacred, in the very same area where the Marquis de Morès had been killed. He was not in disgrace, indeed: General Gonse even maintained a friendly correspondence with him. It is just that there are certain secrets that are better left alone.
Meanwhile, in Paris, truth was marching on, inevitably, and we know how the long-awaited storm broke. Mr Mathieu Dreyfus denounced Major Esterhazy as the real author of the bordereau just as Mr Scheurer-Kestne was handing over to the Minister of Justice a request for the revision of the trial. This is where Major Esterhazy comes in. Witnesses say that he was at first in a panic, on the verge of suicide or running away. Then all of a sudden, emboldened, he amazed Paris by the violence of his attitude. Rescue had come, in the form of an anonymous letter warning of enemy actions, and a mysterious woman had even gone to the trouble one night of slipping him a paper, stolen from headquarters, that would save him. Here I cannot help seeing the handiwork of Lt Colonel du Paty de Clam, with the trademark fruits of his fertile imagination. His achievement, Dreyfus’s conviction, was in danger, and he surely was determined to protect it. A retrial would mean that this whole extraordinary saga, so extravagant, so tragic, with its denouement on Devil’s Island, would fall apart! This he could not allow to happen. From then on, it became a duel between Lt Colonel Picquart and Lt Colonel du Paty de Clam, one with his face visible, the other masked. The next step would take them both to civil court. It came down, once again, to the General Staff protecting itself, not wanting to admit its crime, an abomination that has been growing by the minute.
In disbelief, people wondered who Commander Esterhazy’s protectors were. First of all, behind the scenes, Lt Colonel du Paty de Clam was the one who had concocted the whole story, who kept it going, tipping his hand with his outrageous methods. Next General de Boisdeffre, then General Gonse, and finally, General Billot himself were all pulled into the effort to get the Major acquitted, for acknowledging Dreyfus’s innocence would make the War Office collapse under the weight of public contempt. And the astounding outcome of this appalling situation was that the one decent man involved, Lt. Colonel Picquart who, alone, had done his duty, was to become the victim, the one who got ridiculed and punished. O justice, what horrible despair grips our hearts? It was even claimed that he himself was the forger, that he had fabricated the letter-telegram in order to destroy Esterhazy . But, good God, why? To what end? Find me a motive. Was he, too, being paid off by the Jews? The best part of it is that Picquart was himself an anti-Semite. Yes! We have before us the ignoble spectacle of men who are sunken in debts and crimes being hailed as innocent, whereas the honor of a man whose life is spotless is being vilely attacked: A society that sinks to that level has fallen into decay.
The Esterhazy affair, thus, Mr. President, comes down to this: a guilty man is being passed off as innocent. For almost two months we have been following this nasty business hour by hour. I am being brief, for this is but the abridged version of a story whose sordid pages will some day be written out in full. And so we have seen General de Pellieux, and then Major Ravary conduct an outrageous inquiry from which criminals emerge glorified and honest people sullied. And then a court martial was convened.
How could anyone expect a court martial to undo what another court martial had done?
I am not even talking about the way the judges were hand-picked. Doesn’t the overriding idea of discipline, which is the lifeblood of these soldiers, itself undercut their capacity for fairness? Discipline means obedience. When the Minister of War, the commander in chief, proclaims, in public and to the acclamation of the nation’s representatives, the absolute authority of a previous verdict, how can you expect a court martial to rule against him? It is a hierarchical impossibility. General Billot directed the judges in his preliminary remarks, and they proceeded to judgment as they would to battle, unquestioningly. The preconceived opinion they brought to the bench was obviously the following: “Dreyfus was found guilty for the crime of treason by a court martial; he therefore is guilty and we, a court martial, cannot declare him innocent. On the other hand, we know that acknowledging Esterhazy’s guilt would be tantamount to proclaiming Dreyfus innocent.” There was no way for them to escape this rationale.
So they rendered an iniquitous verdict that will forever weigh upon our courts martial and will henceforth cast a shadow of suspicion on all their decrees. The first court martial was perhaps unintelligent; the second one is inescapably criminal. Their excuse, I repeat, is that the supreme chief had spoken, declaring the previous judgment incontrovertible, holy and above mere mortals. How, then, could subordinates contradict it? We are told of the honor of the army; we are supposed to love and respect it. Ah, yes, of course, an army that would rise to the first threat, that would defend French soil, that army is the nation itself, and for that army we have nothing but devotion and respect. But this is not about that army, whose dignity we are seeking, in our cry for justice. What is at stake is the sword, the master that will one day, perhaps, be forced upon us. Bow and scrape before that sword, that god? No!
As I have shown, the Dreyfus case was a matter internal to the War Office: an officer of the General Staff, denounced by his co-officers of the General Staff, sentenced under pressure by the Chiefs of Staff. Once again, he could not be found innocent without the entire General Staff being guilty. And so, by all means imaginable, by press campaigns, by official communications, by influence, the War Office covered up for Esterhazy only to condemn Dreyfus once again. Ah, what a good sweeping out the government of this Republic should give to that Jesuit-lair, as General Billot himself calls it. Where is that truly strong, judiciously patriotic administration that will dare to clean house and start afresh? How many people I know who, faced with the possibility of war, tremble in anguish knowing to what hands we are entrusting our nation’s defense! And what a nest of vile intrigues, gossip, and destruction that sacred sanctuary that decides the nation’s fate has become! We are horrified by the terrible light the Dreyfus affair has cast upon it all, this human sacrifice of an unfortunate man, a “dirty Jew.” Ah, what a cesspool of folly and foolishness, what preposterous fantasies, what corrupt police tactics, what inquisitorial, tyrannical practices! What petty whims of a few higher-ups trampling the nation under their boots, ramming back down their throats the people’s cries for truth and justice, with the travesty of state security as a pretext.
Indeed, it is a crime to have relied on the most squalid elements of the press, and to have entrusted Esterhazy’s defense to the vermin of Paris, who are now gloating over the defeat of justice and plain truth. It is a crime that those people who wish to see a generous France take her place as leader of all the free and just nations are being accused of fomenting turmoil in the country, denounced by the very plotters who are conniving so shamelessly to foist this miscarriage of justice on the entire world. It is a crime to lie to the public, to twist public opinion to insane lengths in the service of the vilest death-dealing machinations. It is a crime to poison the minds of the meek and the humble, to stoke the passions of reactionism and intolerance, by appealing to that odious anti-Semitism that, unchecked, will destroy the freedom-loving France of the Rights of Man. It is a crime to exploit patriotism in the service of hatred, and it is, finally, a crime to ensconce the sword as the modern god, whereas all science is toiling to achieve the coming era of truth and justice.
Truth and justice, so ardently longed for! How terrible it is to see them trampled, unrecognized and ignored! I can feel Mr. Scheurer-Kestner’s soul withering and I believe that one day he will even feel sorry for having failed, when questioned by the Senate, to spill all and lay out the whole mess. A man of honor, as he had been all his life, he believed that the truth would speak for itself, especially since it appeared to him plain as day. Why stir up trouble, especially since the sun would soon shine? It is for this serene trust that he is now being so cruelly punished. The same goes for Lt Colonel Picquart, who, guided by the highest sentiment of dignity, did not wish to publish General Gonse’s correspondence. These scruples are all the more honorable since he remained mindful of discipline, while his superiors were dragging his name through the mud and casting suspicion on him, in the most astounding and outrageous ways. There are two victims, two decent men, two simple hearts, who left their fates to God, while the devil was taking charge. Regarding Lt Col Picquart, even this despicable deed was perpetrated: a French tribunal allowed the statement of the case to become a public indictment of one of the witnesses [Picquart], accusing him of all sorts of wrongdoing, It then chose to prosecute the case behind closed doors as soon as that witness was brought in to defend himself. I say this is yet another crime, and this crime will stir consciences everywhere. These military tribunals have, decidedly, a most singular idea of justice.
This is the plain truth, Mr. President, and it is terrifying. It will leave an indelible stain on your presidency. I realise that you have no power over this case, that you are limited by the Constitution and your entourage. You have, nonetheless, your duty as a man, which you will recognise and fulfill. As for myself, I have not despaired in the least, of the triumph of right. I repeat with the most vehement conviction: truth is on the march, and nothing will stop it. Today is only the beginning, for it is only today that the positions have become clear: on one side, those who are guilty, who do not want the light to shine forth, on the other, those who seek justice and who will give their lives to attain it. I said it before and I repeat it now: when truth is buried underground, it grows and it builds up so much force that the day it explodes it blasts everything with it. We shall see whether we have been setting ourselves up for the most resounding of disasters, yet to come.

But this letter is long, Sir, and it is time to conclude it.
I accuse Lt. Col. du Paty de Clam of being the diabolical creator of this miscarriage of justice - unwittingly, I would like to believe - and of defending this sorry deed, over the last three years, by all manner of ludricrous and evil machinations.
I accuse General Mercier of complicity, at least by mental weakness, in one of the greatest inequities of the century.
I accuse General Billot of having held in his hands absolute proof of Dreyfus’s innocence and covering it up, and making himself guilty of this crime against mankind and justice, as a political expedient and a way for the compromised General Staff to save face.
I accuse Gen. de Boisdeffre and Gen. Gonse of complicity in the same crime, the former, no doubt, out of religious prejudice, the latter perhaps out of that esprit de corps that has transformed the War Office into an unassailable holy ark.
I accuse Gen. de Pellieux and Major Ravary of conducting a villainous enquiry, by which I mean a monstrously biased one, as attested by the latter in a report that is an imperishable monument to naïve impudence.
I accuse the three handwriting experts, Messrs. Belhomme, Varinard and Couard, of submitting reports that were deceitful and fraudulent, unless a medical examination finds them to be suffering from a condition that impairs their eyesight and judgement.
I accuse the War Office of using the press, particularly L’Eclair and L’Echo de Paris, to conduct an abominable campaign to mislead the general public and cover up their own wrongdoing.
Finally, I accuse the first court martial of violating the law by convicting the accused on the basis of a document that was kept secret, and I accuse the second court martial of covering up this illegality, on orders, thus committing the judicial crime of knowingly acquitting a guilty man.
In making these accusations I am aware that I am making myself liable to articles 30 and 31 of the law of 29/7/1881 regarding the press, which make libel a punishable offence. I expose myself to that risk voluntarily.
As for the people I am accusing, I do not know them, I have never seen them, and I bear them neither ill will nor hatred. To me they are mere entities, agents of harm to society. The action I am taking is no more than a radical measure to hasten the explosion of truth and justice.
I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanity which has suffered so much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of my very soul. Let them dare, then, to bring me before a court of law and let the enquiry take place in broad daylight! I am waiting.

With my deepest respect, Sir.
Émile Zola, 13th January 1898

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Growth in Coal Use In China Slowing

The US EIA issued a very interesting report on the slowing in the growth of coal use in China.  The chart above reflects that fact pictorially.

China will have more nuclear power, more renewable power, and more natural gas  going forward and they are likely to burn a little less coal than in 2014 going forward.  This does not bode well for coal producers excepting that other countries may still increase coal use but even that is unlikely.  It is therefore quite possible that 2014 was the year of peak coal. 

A decade ago the US DOE and companies like Peabody Coal were touting clean coal as the world’s energy savior.  Clean coal is an oxymoron.  Coal is as clean as Al Gore and he is simply a moron.

China will import natural gas from Russia and maybe a bit as LNG from Australia but will also develop its shale reserves.  The Australian and US LNG projects are going to suck wind so to speak with spot prices for LNG cargoes now around $7.25 a million BTUs.

The industry that got smacked the hardest in the LNG Supply Chain is the shippers of the LNG.  Charter rates for a LNG tanker are now $20,000 a day versus $140,000 in late 2012 early 2013.

The 86% drop in charter rates just shows the power of the supply demand marketplace and the highly elastic relationship.  LNG is now a dog of a business.  In fact there is not one commodity business that is doing well.  Iron Ore, Copper, Oil, Natural Gas, Coal, Nickel, etc. are all in the doldrums.  Even Lithium miners are not booming although lithium consumption is increasing.

The silver lining to this is that global growth in the addition of greenhouse and acid gases in our atmosphere is no more than last year and will likely remain on a slower growth trajectory for the next decade.   The growth in US CO2 emissions for 2015 over 2014 look like it will also be zero or down by 0.1%.  The US has substituted a bunch of natural gas for coal in power generation.  Before we get too happy.  The global addition of GHG to the atmosphere in 2015 will equal approximately 70 trillion pounds.  The 7.2 billion people on earth only weigh approximately 700 billion pounds, hence approximately 100 times the mass of humans on the planet will be added to the atmosphere in the form of CO2 in a single year.

Of course folks will say that renewable electricity caused the slowdown in growth of GHG emissions but I know it is the slowdown in the Chinese economy and low cost natural gas that has tilted the slope of the growth curve to a zero inclination.  My inclination is to go and buy a LNG tanker and turn it into a cruise ship.  Some rich eccentric nerd may just charter the LNG tanker with a few of his friends for $30,000 a day and sail up the Malacca Straits dressed in pirate costumes.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why Condi Rice Got Kiored

A friend asked me how a supposedly brilliant person like Con D Rice could have got involved in the Kior Caper?  First let me explain Kior and who was behind them.  Kior is the fraudulent company that was to produce diesel and gasoline from pine trees using a “special white catalyst”.  Of course thermodynamics showed they were hyping and now the State of Mississippi that lost $75 million in a loan to the gangrene bankrupt company is suing numerous shareholders, directors, and officers of the company.  The lead promotor of the fake technology is one Vinod Khosla.  Khosla claimed to be the guru of green.

Khosla was dinner host to Mr. Obama at a fundraiser in his home.  Khosla has Toxic Tony Blair as well as Con D Rice as advisors and even placed Con D on the board of directors of Kior just about the time of their Initial Public Offering on the NASDAQ.  The day before the IPO, Kior announced Con D would join the board a week later.  Of course the timing is not coincidental. It was done to hype the IPO.

The US DOE got cold feet on Kior a few months before the IPO and did not make the $1 billion loan that a term sheet had already been executed for to fund this absent loan.   In about a month under the freedom of information act, I should get the independent engineer’s assessment of the Kior technology that was given to the US DOE.  My hunch is this report was critical of the Kior technology and that is the major reason why the DOE pulled out of the loan

The placement of Con D on the board was a way to keep the IPO going as the IPO then became the critical source of funding for the continued folly of trying to make diesel and gasoline from pine wood.   Con D became an advisor to Khosla in December 2012, 18 months after the joining the Kior Board of Directors.  This proves the relationship during that time and also beyond was good, and Con D believed that Khosla was a greentech guru.

On December 23, 2013, Con D resigned from the board of directors of Kior.  But her problem is she falsely hyped the company nine months earlier on March 18, 2013.

 Con D’s other problem is she sold shares as an insider in the company for a profit on March 30, 2012.   The share trade was nine months before it was announced she had become an advisor to Khosla.  Maybe the share trade was the conception and the advising was the birth of this wonderful relationship?

As Con D is not a cretin, one has to believe she believed in Kior, or she was given information by others to believe in Kior, or she simply was greedy.  I do not have her attendance records at board meetings but the Stanford professor had to have believed the alchemy was real for her to insider trade the shares in March 2012 and then hype the stock a year later in March 2013. 

I would doubt that Con D and Khosla are very tight today.  I would also doubt that Toxic Tony Blair does much advising to Khosla any longer in the green space.  Con D is lucky she actually joined the board a few days after the IPO, that she never signed the S1 for the IPO, and that she was not in the board room when they discussed the DOE loan that was yanked from the company.  However, Con D did insider trade shares for a profit and did issue a false hyped statement about the reality of Kior’s ability to produce substitute fuels from pine trees that are normally derived from oil.  Con D must answer for this.  Khosla must answer a longer list of questions including his role in myriad other thermodynamic fakes.  He even has a role in the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle.  Yes Khosla is no Green Guru.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Naledi Goes To Washington

Yes this is a real photo of Nancy Pelosi, no photoshopping.  Why does she always wear pearls??

Monday, September 14, 2015

Jimmy Fallon Interviews Hillary Clinton

This makes the Donald mirror skit look tame.  Hillary explains emails to a preman from 100,000 years ago.  LOL

Naledi For President

Forget Joe we want Naledi to be our Leedah

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Nissan Turns Over A New Leaf

Nissan announced the specifications for the new improved Leaf plug in car.  Jay Cole at InsideEvs wrote an excellent article on the new Leaf that is linked below.

The Green Machine’s take on the New Leaf is that it will continue to be the best seller among plug in cars but it will not reach the original stated goal of 150,000 vehicles a year in US sales.  Remember Dr. Chu loaned Nissan a bunch for the battery and car assembly factories in Smyrna Tennessee with the stated goal of 150,000 vehicles a year and 200,000 battery packs a year. 

Rather than dwell on Chu Chu’s incompetence let’s focus on the positive.  Nissan does have a good car in the Leaf and having a range of over 100 miles makes it a pretty practical daily vehicle.  The cost is reasonable and Nissan is probably losing some money each car it sells.  I took a look at the cost of buying a 2013 used Leaf here in the Bay Area.  One in excellent condition with less than 20,000 miles can be bought for under $10,000.  When my old C280 dies I may actually buy a used Leaf.

Oh Bummer said we would have a million EVs on the road by the end of 2015.  Well he was wrong.  He listened to Chu back in 2011.  Actually Oh Bummer was wrong on just about everything he touched or funded except keeping the auto companies alive.

We will have approximately 400,000 EVs on road of which 1,700 were Fiskers and 117 were CODA’s.  Man I sure mocked those two fake companies in many blogs.  The person who Trump would call more stupid than Chu is Thomas Friedman who did not want Oh Bummer to save the auto companies and who thought Coda, Fisker, and Better Place would rule the flat world.  Here is my blog where I tell Tommy Boy he ain’t so smart.

In summary the EV story is that it serves a small niche market, the batteries are really not getting cheaper but are getting to be longer lived enduring many more charge discharge cycles than first predicted. This means lower cost of ownership which is very positive.

Interestingly Nissan is the Hebrew First Month.  Passover is the 15 day of Nissan. It is always celebrated in the spring.  Maybe the Nissan Leaf is actually the beginning of spring for more EV sales.  The Hebrew calendar is somewhat strange.  Nissan is the first month but New Year’s Day is not celebrated in Nissan.  Rosh Hashanah is the first day of Tishrei (Tish Ray) which is the seventh month.  Maybe Nissan can launch the Tish Ray as a performance electric Z car to compete with Sting Ray.   Happy New Year for 5776 and may all your driving whether electric, gasoline, diesel, CNG, or pedal be safe.

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Delaware Bloomdoggle

The Green Machine approached the Delaware Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) over two years ago when the cumulative subsidy by Delmarva Ratepayers was under $30 million.  The Eco Fraud by Al Gore et al has now grown to $91,698,076.   When the Green Machine asked the DE DOJ to investigate the AG of Delaware was Beau Biden.  Nothing was done and the DE DOJ told the Green Machine that the DE DNREC should investigate themselves.  Ha Ha Joe Biden for President!  He will never run as he knows what went on in the Delaware BLOOMDOGGLE.

During the period the DE DOJ has done bupkis to uphold the rule of law, Bloom has probably hauled between 200,000 and 300,000 pounds of unpermitted solid waste with sulfur in sealed steel canisters across state lines for treatment at an EPA licensed facility.

Today is 911 and we mourn the lives lost in our national tragedy that could have been prevented.  Let's resolve to all prevent other tragedies small and large by being active citizens and not letting the bad guys get away with it.  The Bloomdoggle is a national disgrace and that Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell can continue to steal from ratepayers and taxpayers and hide solid waste with sulfur is an indication of how unjust justice is in these United States.  Sulfur Waste Matters!  Ratepayer Money Matters!  The Rule Of Law Matters.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Chomsky and Leveen

Monday, September 7, 2015

Dr. Chu Has PVitis

Dr. Chu is waiting for the doctors to invent the solyndrical enema as the flat panel won't fit.

Happy Labor Day.  This blogging is a labor of love to keep America and the world thermodynamically honest.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

America Off Line

Friday, September 4, 2015

Hillary and Upholding The Law

Hillary who makes my Congressman (Jared Huffman) look like a non-hypocrite tweeted the following about the lady in KY refusing to sign marriage certificates for gay couples.

Marriage equality is the law of the land. Officials should be held to their duty to uphold the law—end of story.

So true a word has never been spoken by a pathological liar.

I just had to tweet that on to Collin O’Mara the operative who as Secretary of the Delaware DNREC (department of natural resources and environmental control) hid scores of tons of solid waste with sulfur in the protected coastal zone so that Al Gore and Al’s cronies could pocket tens of millions of dollars in fraudulent subsidies from ratepayers.

After retweeting Hillary I then tweeted

@Collin_OMara The CZA was the law Officials should be held to their duty to uphold the CZA law - end of the story and career at DNREC

Note the CZA is the Coastal Zone Act that is landmark environmental legislation going back over forty years.

Hillary selectively uphold laws she finds convenient and Collin O’Mara is just stupid to quote the Donald.  O’Mara resigned his post as Secretary of DNREC and Hillary will drop out of the race for her party’s nomination for president. 

O'Mara your youth will fade, but your dumb stupid career ending trick of hiding the solid waste with sulfur that needs treatment at an EPA licensed facility will endure forever.  Hillary will go on to starting an IT company for unsecure email service.  It will be called America Offline.  Huffman will eventually drop the CLECA defense and go on to becoming the US ambassador to Greenland.  The Green Machine will host a TV show called "The Peoples' Thermo Court" 

End of the story

Word Of The Day - Moniz

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Word of the Day - Chu

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Words of the day

Bloomerang  - when solid waste with sulfur comes back to bite you in the behind

Double Bloomerang - When you add the higher CO2 emissions than were advertised and that bites you twice in the ass

Triple Bloomerang -  when you add that capacity factor is lower than advertised and that bites you a third time in the ass

Quadruple Bloomerang - when you add the cost of power is four times that of cleaner more reliable combined cycle power stations and that bites you a fourth time in the ass

Quintuple Bloomerang -  when you add that Mexican welders who work for you are paid less than minimum wage and are paid in pesos and that bites you a fifth time in the ass

Sextuple Bloomerang - when you add that Michael Bloomberg and Dianne Feinstein have to vouch for you when you launch your gangrene product and that bites you a sixth time in the ass

Anti Penultimate Bloomerang - when you convince a state Assemblyman who once was a star environmental lawyer you are green when in fact you are gangrene and that bites you for a seventh time in the ass

Penultimate Bloomerang - when you extract approximately a billion dollars of ratepayer and taxpayer money for clean reliable and affordable power but deliver dirty, unreliable, and expensive power and that bites you for the eighth time in the ass

Ultimate Bloomerang - when you lied under oath about sulfur in your system and you submitted a false coastal zone act permit application under penalty of perjury and that bites you a ninth time in the ass

All these words apply to a single company - Bloom Energy AKA The Bloomdoggle.  Al Gore juicy the cops coming for you?

The photo below is when Dr. Chu was hospitalized to take a silicon enema for being bit on the ass so many times by the Bloomdoggle.