Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bloom Invents The Mislenkov Cocktail

Alchemy Gore and the Bloom Energy Bloomdogglers are using a guy named Mislenkov in Indiana to pickle their hazmat in hydrochloric acid.

Sloppy Scott Pruitt allows Bloom to claim the hazmat is not hazmat as soon as the hazmat gets into Mislenkov's hands.

Now a new weapon for street protestors called the Mislenkov Cocktail has been developed.  It has hydrogen sulfide and arsenic trichloride.  A far bigger button than gasoline.  Actually a huge button!

Mike Pence asked his boss about the Mislenkov Cocktail.  Trump stated he does not drink and has no recollection of ever hearing about the Mislenkov Cocktail and that Mislenkov did not meet his son or son in law in Trump Tower.  Trump did know that hydrogen sulfide gives feces or S**T as he calls the stuff its pungent odor.  Trump also remarked he was a genius in chemistry in high school.

Monday, January 15, 2018


I found a document on the internet from the California Department of Toxic Substances Control that proves the US, California and Indiana are all S#@T HOLES.

Bloom approached the state of Indiana to declare that their hazmat is non hazardous if the hazmat is used as a raw material in producing other materials.  Of course the home of Mike Pence who works for the S#@T FOR BRAINS Trump agreed with crooked greedy Al Gore and the cronies that their S#@T don't stink.

Then the US EPA under Trump and the thermodynamic cretin Pruitt agreed with Indiana and Bloom that Al Gore's S#@T Don't Stink.

Then the California Department of Toxic Substances Control agreed with lying Pruitt's US EPA team that Al Gore's S#@T don't stink.

Now we have Meshuganah Moonbeam's DSTC agreeing with S#@T FOR BRAINS Trump's EPA that Bloom's hazmat is not hazardous.

The hazmat is sent to a facility called Shoremet owned by a Russian sounding guy named Mislenkov.  Shoremet pickles the hazmat with hydrochloric acid and claims to produce copper chloride from copper oxide in the canisters.

Bloom has admitted the hazmat has benzene, lead, chromium and arsenic.  Lead and chromium are more reactive than copper in hydrochloric acid.  Hence, Shoremet also produces arsenic chloride, lead chloride and chromium chloride and who knows what else.

On top of this Bloom has admitted they load the filtering material in the hazmat, until it has reached 90% of the capacity to trap sulfur.  This means the hazmat is mainly copper sulfide and not copper oxide as lying Bloom and and their cold fusion guys at Shoremet have claimed.

The copper sulfide will react with hydrochloric acid to form hydrogen sulfide (H2S).  H2S stinks like rotten eggs and this for sure means Al Gore's S#@T does stink.   In fact there will be so much H2S that the entire stinking State of Indiana where Pence hails from will stink far worse than all the combined S#@T Houses in all of Africa where I hail from.

Pence is such a suck up to Trump that he is known as the compound Ass Lick Chloride which should not to be mixed up with Arsenic Chloride.  Arsenic chloride (AsCl3) is a toxic highly poisonous oily substance.

I will investigate if the Lap Dog Pence and his master S#@T FOR BRAINS Trump had a hand in the EPA decision to follow Voodoo S#@T Science in Indiana and let Bloom off the hook for the hundreds of tons of hazmat they generate each year?   Maybe Pruitt did it?

Obama let Khosla and Con D Rice off the hook in the KIOR Ecofraud.  Yes folks I am now convinced that the US whether led by Obama or Trump is totally full of S@#T when it comes to the rule of law and equal justice.

The Bloomdogglers own them all.  I admit to my mistakes.  The two biggest mistakes I have ever made are voting for Gore in 2000, and voting for Trump in 2016.  Sadly my next vote is for a write in candidate named Mickey Mouse.

It is now reported that humans not rats spread Black Death in the middle ages.  Yes head lice and fleas from humans in Europe in places like Norway spread the plague.  Sub Saharan Africa although not white never had black death in the Middle Ages.

The US better get its S#@T together or we will all die of gangrene.  Yes Crooked Corrupt Government and their Greedy Cronies can cause gangrene.  The Bloomdoggle is gangrene all over not just in the toes or scrotum.  You all may want to Google gangrene of the scrotum that is one S#@tty disease.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cobalt Comes From a S#@T HOLE

All this talk about feces, electric vehicles and cobalt got me thinking about ablution areas.  As you all know I busted the KIOR ecofraud.  The word Kior in Hebrew means the wash basin in the ancient temple.

The word cobalt means a heavy metal primarily extracted by child labor working like slaves in a S@#T Hole in the Congo.

Now the real data on electric trucks and not the BS from Elongate Musketeer.  The lowest present costs are around $300,000 for a range of approximately 150 miles.  This is a BYD truck not using cobalt chemistry.  Elon's cobalt intensive truck will cost $500,000 and will have a range of approximately 300 miles.

The BYD batteries will last through 8,000 cycles and the Elongate trucks will survive 3,000 cycles of charging and discharging.

A BYD truck will be good for 1.2 million miles on a short haul route and Elon's truck may have a little longer range and will be good for approximately 900,000 miles.  These are respectable distances over the life of a truck.  The question is how many hours a day will the truck be idle and recharging?

The BYD truck will carry the same load as their battery pack has less range, but if BYD produced a truck using the iron phosphate chemistry their loading capacity would be 10,000 pounds less for the same 300 mile range.

Given that the electric truck is best suited for short haul service, I am beginning to feel that BYD will dominate the initial market for electric trucks.  Perhaps solid state batteries will be developed that make the lithium ion battery look like a lead battery on a acid trip and that new technology will allow electric trucks to take a huge market share away from diesel and gasoline trucks, but for now my guess is BYD will be the leader in a niche market.

BYD stands for Build Your Dreams but in the case of electric trucks it means Bring Your Dollars as the initial cost of the truck will twice that of diesel.

As for Donald Trump you can tell him I came to the US from Africa and I am proud of that.  Also Africans don't drive Tesla's that require child slave labor but Norwegians do.  No one has ever accused the Green Machine of having S@#T For Brains.  Even the former treasurer of the DNC called me "Frighteningly Bright"

Monday, January 8, 2018

Cold Fusion GPS - Gore Pelosi Schumer GPS

A few years back thermodynamic cretins and fraudsters claimed Cold Fusion 

Now we have Cold Fusion GPS who have fake dosiers on green energy.  The GPS
stands for Gore Pelosi Schumer

Yes the DNC is also at the center of funding Voodoo Science.

Here are links on Gore, Pelosi, and Schumer making grand claims on
Cellulosic Ethanol

These three stooges of DC all believed Dan Kammen's Voodoo Science.
Yes the DNC also funded Cold Fusion GPS and the result is we have 0.2%
of the Cellulosic Ethanol we were promised and that we paid for.

Trump is looking very stable and almost beyond genius on a relative
basis to the opposition that are just crooked cretins

The Green Machine

Sunday, January 7, 2018

2017 a Year of Accomplishment

Most folks are worried about the state of the world.  After decades of mismanagement the US is back on course.  The following happened in 2017.

Imports of oil were down by 21%

Plug in vehicle sales were up over 30% and close to 200,000

Gasoline consumption dropped 1% while the economy grew at almost 3%

The US no longer will hand out tens of billions of dollars to failed countries like Pakistan.

The US will no longer tolerate gangrene fake companies like Bloom Energy and hand out tens of billions of dollars to the Obama library builders.

Things are really going well and as I have often said CH4 Not Gore saved America and lowered CO2 emissions.

On a personal note the investigation of the Bloom Energy Ecofraud is gaining momentum.  In 2017, I spoke with the US SEC, US FTC, and the US EPA to end the Bloomdoggle.

The public advocate in Delaware is now preparing an intervention against the rip off of $100,000 a day by Gore and the cronies in the Bloomdoggle in the first state.

The new tax law does not include the 30% investment tax credit for the dirty fuel cells that Bloom sells.

The California SGIP is no longer a slush fund for Al Gore and his cronies at Bloom.

Several of the fake gangrene ecofraud startups that Kleiner Perkins and Khosla Ventures hyped are now dead and shut down.  Most importantly Doerr and Khosla no longer have a crooked president in the White House to protect them and dine with.

All in all 2017 was a great year for making America Dry Again.

President Trump knows the laws of thermodynamics are inviolable and he knows that science practiced by #44 was pure Voodoo Science.

It was wonderful to see Dan Kammen of Berkeley finally quit his post at the State Department as a "science" advisor.  Kammen is the poster child of the fake science of Cellulosic Ethanol.  Kammen, Chu, and Moniz promised 5.5 billion gallons of his cellulosic fire water for the year 2017, we got approximately 10 million gallons.  Kammen thinks gaining a score of 1 in 500 is a passing grade at Berkeley.  I happen to think that 0.2% is a BIG F.

2018 is going to be even better with the economy growing, electric vehicles selling even more strongly, and the world finally realizing that Bloom is Solyndra time eight, Flint on steroids, and 120 stinking Whitefish.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bloom Adds Almost 20,000 Cars to the Road in Delaware

A year ago the COO of Bloom lied in an OP ED in the Delaware News Journal that she took 120,000 cars off the road in Deal Away.

Latest data from the DE PSC show the Bloom Coffins need 7.683 million BTUs of shale natural gas to generate one megawatt hour of electric power injected into the grid at a Delmarva Power and Lies substation.

Adding the line losses to get the dirty worse expensive Bloomdoggle electrons to a home or business the CO2 emissions equal approximately half a short ton of CO2 emissions per megawatt hour.   There are 30 megawatts of highly expensive Bloom coffins feeding the Delmarva grid.  Therefore 15 short tons an hour of CO2 are belched by Alchemy Gore and his cronies into the air in Deal Away by Bloomdoggle.

With an 86% capacity factor and 8,760 hours in a year and the average vehicle belching 5.3 metric tons of CO2 a year, one can perform the tedious math to show Bloom added 19,383 vehicles to roads of DELAWARE.

So far the Bloomdoggle in Delaware has stolen $252,088,051 in Delmarva ratepayer and US taxpayer subsidy.  Joe Biden, Coons, Carper, Carney, Kaufman, Markell, O'Mara, Levin and dozens of other deep staters helped Alchemy Gore and his friends like Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, John Doerr, Colin Powell and others steal a quarter billion dollars while adding almost 20,000 cars to the road, when the alternate was to fund green clean solar at people's homes and businesses.

The Bloom Bloomdoggle must end and equal justice and the rule of law must be reinstated in the first state.  Joe Biden will not run for president in 2020, he will be running for cover in 2018 when he is asked about his role in the Bloomdoggle.  He will have to dodge the traffic of 20,000 extra vehicles when he dodges questions.

When Oh Bummer chats with Charles at Harry's wedding they may want to discuss the Voodoo Science of the 44th administration.  The Bloomdoggle is one of the poster children of the ecofraud that went on under Obama, Chu and Moniz.  Thermodynamics Trumps Everything including the fanfare of a Royal Wedding.  Sadly the Royals will not invite the Green Machine to the wedding but the Pecker from Necker may be there.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Al Gore More Gangrene Than Rick Perry

Al Gore's Bloomdoggle Bloom Energy took 160 megawatts of wind power off the grid in Delaware.  Yes the crooks at Bloom managed to get Crooked Collin O'Mara and Jack in the Bloom Box Markell to grant RECs to the gangrene Bloomdoggle at the expense of wind energy.

David Stevenson of the CRI estimates that the Bloomdoggle displaced 160 MW of real green wind power from being built and dispatched to the Delmarva Power and Lies grid in Deal Away.

Rick Perry as Governor of Texas helped get record amounts of wind power installed in the Lone Star State.

Alchemy Crooked Gore managed to displace a record amount of wind power in the One Party State of Deal Away.

In my next Blog I will demonstrate how the Bloomdoggle at AC Transit in Oakland CA generates power for $740 per megawatt hour.   This is perhaps the most expensive power in the world.  Our idiot governor Moonbeam awarded the Bloomdoggle at AC Transit his highest achievement award in the green space.  Moonbeam is such a Thermodynamic Cretin.  Al Gore is just a crook.