Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bloom Plus Tesla = Half a Billion Dollars of Ratepayer Money

Yes folks between Bloom Energy and Tesla ratepayers for electric service in California are gifting a half billion dollars under the SGIP to these well connected crony companies for pretend green nonsense.

Actually what is even more sad is how wrong the pundits and gurus at the New York Times were who helped all this greenwashing nonsense happen.

I have previously blogged that Thomas Friedman of the New York Times was a thermodynamic neophyte in his claims that Coda and Project Better Place would dominate the automobile space.  Both are now bankrupt.  

I found an article in the NYT from five years ago where Tommy talks utter nonsense about Vinod Kholsa and KR Sridhar, the two thermodynamic jokers who defrauded America.  Vinod is well known for his thermodynamic failures post the Tommy by the Who article.  Yes the same Vinod, Friedman claimed in March 2010 was a guru is being sued by the State of Mississippi for the KIOR for FRAUD.  KR Sridhar is the CEO of Bloomdoggle Energy.

This article Tommy wrote in March 2010 is linked below.  He called it "Dreaming The Possible Dream".  It should now be titled "The Gangrene Nightmare".

The utter nonsense of making cement from CO2 and sea water turned out to be a thermodynamic bust.  The company Calera took money from Peabody Coal and the US DOE and yielded nothing.  The thermodynamic neophyte from Bechtel, Ian Copland, was part of the gangrene hoax.  The biggest hucksters though are Thomas Friedman and his editors at the Times.   They published pure nonsense.   Remember Mathew Wald another reporter from the Times hyped Kior stock.

I suggest that Wald and Friedman both be added to the suit Mississippi has brought against Khosla and his cronies.  Wald and Friedman were simply too ill informed to write about energy and should cover the weather where they are allowed to be completely wrong most of the time.  The New York Times says "all the news that is fit to print".  They should now say "all the Gorey greenwashing that fits our political agenda".

Saturday, March 28, 2015

From Gangrene Scandals To Scandium

The Green Machine is trying to think if he was King of Thermo for a day what would he do to lower Greenhouse Gas emissions?   The best bet would probably to have a global sleep in and simply turn off all machines, cars, lights, TVs and just hide under the covers.  That would be a solution for a day but it would not solve long term needs.

In 2003, I contemplated technologies that I thought would help lower greenhouse gas emissions.  LEDs, LCD TVs and monitors, hybrid cars, electric bicycles, solar photo voltaic, wind, hydro, combined cycle gas fired generation, small nuclear reactors, and lighter stronger materials for building things.   In 2003 I rejected hydrogen and rejected bio fuels as simply being wasteful.    Fast forward to 2015, and the great hopes I had in 2003 are still pretty much spot on.  I still do not believe in Biofuels and I still think the hydrogen highway is hype.

As thermo king for a day my directive to scientists would be to find lighter, stronger, and affordable materials to build cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, and ships out of.   I also would direct material scientists to invent improved battery chemistry over lithium ion.  These two avenues of research will yield great improvement in reducing our global carbon footprint. 

The lighter materials might well be alloys of titanium, aluminum, and maybe scandium.  Yes scandium that is now wasted in Bloom fuel cells could be an important ingredient in alloys with aluminum to yield strong, hard, and weldable metals that replace heavier metals now used in transportation.  I have been told scandium can also play a role in battery chemistry.  I am no expert on scandium but the little I have read is that it could play a role in a greener future.

Scandium is a rare earth metal with atomic number 21.  Russia and Ukraine are major producers of this metal that is hardly used presently.   That will change as there are other scandium deposits around the globe.  

Won’t it be nice if we can move from Scandals to Scandium.   Sammy Sosa wore number 21.  So did Dominique Wilkins, Roger Clemens, Roberto Clemente, and Deion Sanders.  I think we should invest to bring element 21 into the big leagues.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Bloom’s Error – Picking IKEA As A Customer

I knew that someday Bloom would find a customer that actually is green.  They and their Kleiner Perkins connected companies like Apple and Google are far from green and the BLOOMDOGGLING to extract ratepayer and taxpayer money served these companies and Bloom Energy very well.

The mistake Bloom made was to find a customer that actually wants to do good for the world.  IKEA is such a customer.  IKEA announced earlier this week they will purchase biogas for a 300 kw Bloom Fuel Cell at the large IKEA store in Emeryville California.  This is a first of a kind project for IKEA that is noted for their sustainability program and their commitment to green energy.  

Bloom fed IKEA the greenwashed data on 1,304 tons of avoided CO2 per year with a 95% total performance factor.   I contacted Mr. Joseph Roth at IKEA and sent him the real data on the reliability of the Bloom Coffins as well as the real data on the actual grid emissions.  Mr. Roth forwarded my emails internally at IKEA.  I know this because he called me this morning to speak with me.  He is now well aware that Bloom Coffins create a solid waste stream with sulfur and that too will be investigated by IKEA.  I told him not to be surprised if IKEA’s CO2 savings are only half of what Bloom promised and that half a ton of solid waste with sulfur is generated at the Emeryville store.

He assured me that IKEA takes sustainability seriously and they will keep a very close eye on what is actually achieved by the Bloom system at their Emeryville site.  I thanked him for the call and thanked him for IKEA actually wanting to be sustainable and green.  If only the myriad other major corporations that have Bloom Coffins had the same honest ecological interest as IKEA, the BLOOMDOGGLE might have ended years ago.  Alas Al Gore in on the board at Apple, and Kleiner Perkins pulls many strings at Google and EBay.   These gangrene companies are just happy to take handouts from ratepayers and taxpayers to lower their energy bills without any desire to lower their CO2 footprint or deal with the proper handling of potentially hazardous solid waste with sulfur.

The BLOOMDOGGLE in California is massive.  From the spreadsheet the CPUC sent me a couple days ago on Tesla and the SGIP, I extracted how much Bloom Energy has grabbed of the SGIP.  They requested $575,673,133 of SGIP money.  They stand to receive $404,046,545 from the SGIP all of which (every last cent) comes directly from ratepayers. 

Bloom and their friends in government and American industry have greenwashed galore like Gore.  Luckily IKEA stands out as a shining green star in the wasteland of the BLOOMDOGGLE. IKEA stands for It's Kleen Energy Afterall.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tesla Applied For $143.6 million of SGIP Money In California

March 26 2015 - I have now confirmed that Tesla did apply for $143,603,293 under the SGIP.  

This makes them the fourth largest applicant under the SGIP after Bloom Energy, Fuel Cell Energy and General Electric.  Bloom Energy made applications of $575,673,155.  FCEL made applications of $256,735,172.  GE Made applications for $174,604,512.  BP Solar applied for $120.4 million.  

March 25 2015 evening -  More breaking news Scott Murtishaw of the CPUC contacted me and now says that Tesla applied for $143.6 million in total under the SGIP.  The sorting in the spreadsheet by the name Tesla was not done correctly.  The CPUC will tell me tomorrow exactly how much was paid to Tesla, how much was cancelled, and how much will be paid.  The original data in the sort of the spreadsheet was incorrect.  I am still falling off my seat that Tesla applied for $143.6 million.  

Remember this is the fund that Bloom Energy also plundered with their false claims of green, reliable, and affordable power.

I had a hunch that Elon Musk was tapping into the SGIP.  

Of course Elon has some explaining to do on his Giga extraction of funds under the SGIP that was intended to support Self Generation of electricity.  SGIP = Self Generation Incentive Program.

This makes Range Anxiety a minor problem.  This is simply deranged government at work to support the COMPLEX.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Green Leveen Vs. Gangrene Namesakes

This blog will prove 3 out 4 people with the same sounding last name are thermodynamically challenged if not thick as bricks.

You all know me as Leveen The Green Machine, the lover of thermodynamics and defender of the second law until the universe is no more.  I have discovered three “operatives” who go by a same sounding last name.  They are Alan Levin, Jaimie Levin, and Marc Levine.  I will now dissect their incompetence in thermodynamics as they are all willing participants in the now famous BLOOMDOGGLE.  All are civil servants or elected officials.  All take or took a paycheck from we the people.

Starting with Alan Levin who is the Director of Economic Development for Delaware.  He sits on Governor Markell’s cabinet and he executed documents bringing the Bloom Energy BLOOMDOGGLE to Delaware.  This gives him a title of Grand Wizard of Bloomdoggling as the Delaware deal is probably the most corrupt deal Al Gore’s company concocted.  Natural Gas from shale in Pennsylvania is deemed “renewable”.  The price paid for power to Bloom exceeds PV or wind power by 42% and exceeds the price of grid power by 300%.  The Bloom Coffins use more natural gas than is permitted.  And there are many tons a year of unpermitted solid waste with sulfur that is probably hazardous created in the protected coastal zone of Delaware.  Markell and Levin as well as O’Mara who resigned his post as the head of the Delaware EPA need to be brought to justice.  O’Mara is out of office the other two (Markell and Levin) need to be removed from office.

Next is Jaimie Levin, an urban planner turned busboy.  This thermodynamic neophyte concocted the $87 million AC Transit  BLOOMDOGGLE in Oakland California for 12 hydrogen fuel cell buses that hardly go anywhere and enriched Bloom Energy.   I have blogged how almost 90% of the precious energy in biogas is wasted to make Al Gore and his cronies a buck.  Actually millions of bucks.  Jaimie no longer works at AC Transit he now is trying to spread the BLOOMDOGGLE to dozens of other transit agencies around the country with his “work” at CTE the Center for Transportation and the Environment.  I think CTE stands for Continuing The Entropy.

Last is California Assemblyman Marc Levine who pretends to represent us in Sacramento.  He actually is a latecomer to the BLOOMDOGGLE as his predecessor Jared Huffman did the heavy lifting for Bloom in Sacramento with the disgraced SGIP program.  Levine’s big mistake is that he is owned by John Scully an operative in the shale oil business.  Scully and his wife gave the freshman Assemblyman over $100,000 to buy him.  Scully pumped and dumped a stock called Quicksilver Resources.  Quicksilver Resources declared bankruptcy this week and I have asked Assemblyman Levine to return the contributions to the Scully family.

So now we know three out of four with a last name that sounds like mine are either thermodynamic fools or worse are part of the Complex.  I tell you all being the only Green Leveen is pretty tough when the likes of Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell are busily extracting billions for BLOOMDOGGLES.

A couple days ago a freelance journalist named Katie Fahrenbacher wrote an article in Fortune about attending a presentation made by the CEO of Bloom Energy.  She wondered about their IPO and why the CEO was so cagey.

Katie has been told by me that the CEO sidestepped as he knows we are onto his thermodynamic fraud.  Katie was told that the BLOOMDOGGLE is coast to coast and includes investors in New Zealand, Alberta, and Europe.  Scully is a minor player in energy scams with Quickbucksilver.  Gore, Doerr, Powell, and Sridhar are the real greenwashers and big players.  You all should note that Gore, Doerr, Powell, and Sridhar have major roles at Kleiner Perkins that claimed this week that Ellen Poa did not have the “personality” to be a senior partner in the firm.  Well maybe Ellen Poa has morals and scruples!   I don’t think Ellen will wind up at AC Transit, be an Assembly Person in Sacramento, or be the Director of Economic Development of a corrupt state.  Maybe she will be the first to get tens of millions from Kleiner Perkins.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pi and Wife In Counseling

This cartoon is brilliant

Friday, March 13, 2015

Is It Over For Tesla in California?

This is a pretty interesting link on Tesla reorganizing its sales force.

Of particular interest is the following paragraph.

“The sales operations have faced challenges in key markets. Sales in California, historically Tesla’s strongest market, fell 27 percent last year to 6,110 cars, according to data from the California New Car Dealers Association. And Tesla recently cut staff in China, where research from JL Warren Capital LLC shows that just 2,500 Model S sedans were registered last year.”

Wow a 27% drop in sales volume in California between 2013 and 2014.   The plug in space is getting crowded and BMW will continue to take customers away from Tesla.

In China the big problem is folks don’t have garages in their homes to recharge the cars.  Tesla is basically a non-starter in most of China and has to do the battery swap idea will have more capital tied up in spare battery packs.   I think Elongate will focus on the grid storage business and will never deliver the People’s Tesla.  He should raise the price of the Model S and the Model X and remain a niche player in the auto industry.  Nice car but a crappy business. 

I do believe the laws of thermodynamics dictate a further drop in Tesla’s share price.  The only good think about Tesla stock soaring and the press thinking Elongate was the next Edison is that this kept Al Gore out of the press for a while.   Al Gore was talking his nonsense at SXSW in Austin, Texas this week.  South By South West is an interactive festival. 

No doubt Big Al did not fly Southwest Airlines to get to Austin even though the airline has 9 flights a day from Reagan National in DC to Austin.  Yes Al Makes his money in DC through his connections and the last thing he wants are any connecting flights.  He just wants to go nonstop in his Lear jet bringing all the cash he creamed from the department of entropy and fools who still believe him.   Elongate had better start selling some Teslas or he too could end up back in coach on a $69 Southwest flight between Oakland and Reno to visit the remains of his giggle factory.  I wonder if Bono told Elonfate to give it up.