Saturday, December 20, 2014

Barry Goldwater Not Greenwasher

I was watching a TV show last light about the 1960s.  Of course LSD, Beatles, Charles Manson, Farm Workers Union, and Civil Rights Movement were featured.  The show also featured Barry Goldwater as AuH2O.  I had really never paid much attention to Goldwater as I only arrived in the USA in 1975.  The one quote from Barry Goldwater that resonated in my brain was the following: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice, And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

Wow brilliant words for a man I had heard that was a nut.   My extremism in the defense of the laws of thermodynamics as evidenced in my blogs and emails to Congressman Huffman is no vice.  Mr. Huffman’s selective moderation in the pursuit of upholding justice under the second law of thermo has been with no virtue.

One must be extremely vigilant to make sure that the military industrial congressional complex do not rule over us and removes our liberty, and that Congress does not simply bow down to CLECA (California Large Electric Consumers Association – Industry) in shifting power costs to homeowners and small business as Mr. Huffman would do. 

Mr. Huffman and his editorial supporters at the Marin IJ have told folks that I am a nutty zealot and that I should not be listened to.  Huffman and his followers would simply dismiss the Goldwater quote as being too RIGHT.  I come from a viewpoint of WRONG and RIGHT not LEFT or RIGHT and Goldwater’s words are spot on and brilliant. 

Moderation in only applying the laws of thermos selectively so that Bloom Energy, Kior, and other thermodynamic fakes and greenwashers extract more billions of dollars of taxpayer and ratepayer money would certainly not be virtuous.   I do really believe that Mr. Goldwater’s words of 50 years ago need to be repeated and repeated often.  Actually if Mr. Huffman would come for that four hour lesson in thermo I would make him write the quote out fifty times and use the first half hour of the lesson to drill into the Congressman’s brain that has two left sides that he was taken in by greenwashing BLOOMDOGGLERs out to make a buck.

I do think that Mr. Obama should also reflect on the Goldwater quote.   Our hope for this president back in 2008 was that he would not waver in defending liberty for all and would not selectively uphold justice.  Sadly Mr. Obama quickly became the uber fund raiser for his party and bankers like Mr. Doerr and Mr. Khosla steered his energy policy in the completely wrong direction.  Mr. Obama’s healthcare policy and foreign policy failures are large but his energy policy failure is immense and approaching one divided by zero.

My Christmas/Chanukah message to all my readers is that you all should never waver from upholding the laws of thermo as the laws will rule forever.  When you hear nonsense from promoters of green tech that have a new catalyst to make diesel from pine trees, you must tell them that the pine tree has better use as furniture or a Christmas tree.  I do hope you all decorate with LED lights and save some electricity in your celebrations.

Happy Holidays to all including those that are in the LEFT outfield and are still thinking that Dr. Moniz will save the world by visiting the massively expensive Ivanpah or Kemper power projects that just sucked in billions in ill-gotten taxpayer and ratepayer money.

For those who do not remember the periodic table of elements and basic chemistry.  Au is Gold. H2O is water.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Oil at $57.81 a Barrel

What a week!  Oil plunged like Pamela Anderson’s neckline.  If you are a motorist the plunge was good to see.  If you held shares in Ivanhoe Energy (IVAN) or other small oil companies it was a disaster.   

A friend in South Africa asked me if the plunge was caused by Fracking.  I emailed him and said I think the plunge is being caused by geopolitical forces that are even stronger than the seismic quakes that fracking brings about.

The US and most of the Arab states want to sock it to Iran, ISIS and Russ Putin.  The Saudis also want to show they can squeeze US shale oil and gas producers.  The Chinese are happy as pigs in their own slop as they are buying scores of supertanker loads of oil cheaply and storing it.

I have no clue if President O’Gruber and Secretary of Entropy Alfred E Moniz are happy with low oil prices.  They probably are not as this puts a dent in their policy of supporting nonsense companies like Ivanpah and Bloom that pretend to lower carbon emissions while costing taxpayers and ratepayers a fortune.

Al Gore has not been quiet of late.  A google search of Al Gore and dropping crude oil prices yielded this cherry of a story where Al Gore likens the drop in oil prices to a scene from the Roadrunner cartoon.

Yeah Al you and Kleiner Perkins invested in multiple Acme Green Snake Oil Companies but don’t worry your investment in Luca Technologies was the worst of the gangrene bunch.

Luca even had the "green" audacity to leave gas wells in Wyoming unplugged when Big Al finished reading Chapter 6 of his book A Convenient Untruth and the company opened the first page of Chapter 7.

Why Bloomberg interviews Big Al for an opinion on oil is beyond me other than they are both Bio Fools.   Big Al’s partners at Kleiner Perkins were sucking wind long before oil dropped this week.   The demise of Fisker and the greenwashing at Bloom have nothing to do with geopolitics.  They simply were green fakes like Big Al.

I can imagine that Big Al will start his own cartoon network that he will sell to Al Jazeera for millions.   I think Big Al could start Mashugana Network and he would have the motto “let’s all worry”.   I was a real Mashugana to vote for Big Al in 2000.  Yes the Green Machine did vote for the hypocritical green opportunist.   Al talked of the scene in the Roadrunner where the running feet were hanging in midair.  Were these hanging chads??

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Alfred E Moniz Secretary Of Entropy

Folks have asked if I photoshopped Dr. Moniz's photo.  This is his profile photo on FaceBook and is 100% authentic!!!   Ask What Me Worry he will tell you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Car at 200,000 Kilometers

Unlike the poor guy in Ohio in the Volt with many miles, I drive little.  I purchased the car exactly 16 years ago and it turned 125,000 miles today.   In the 30 months since June 2012 when the car turned 111,111 miles I have driven only 13,889 miles.    This is 460 miles a month.  125,000 miles is 201,170 kilometers.   Let us round this to 200,000 kilometers for simplicity sake.

200,000 kilometers is equal to 200 million meters which equals 200 trillion microns. This distance travelled also equals 200 quadrillion nanometers.  The new Intel CPU chip has circuits of 20 nanometer line width.   Therefore my old C280 has gone ten quadrillion times the circuit width in the CPU on the latest computers that bring you this blog.  I actually worked on designing a semiconductor fabrication facility for Intel that was its first sub micron Fab.  This was in 1989 and we broke the micron barrier.  Old news as line widths are fifty times smaller.  My PC in 1989 was a Packard Bell with an 8086 processor.  My car then was a 1982 Datsun 280 Z.  I must like 2.8 liter engines.

Ten quadrillion is ten to the power sixteen and the car is sixteen years old.    I love numbers.  I love my old car and should take better care of her.   I have no need for Preparation H as the seats in the C 280 are superbly comfortable and I do not sit much in the car.  The US debt has exceeded 18 trillion dollars and this is 1.8 quadrillion cents.  I have a gazillion cents sitting in drawers and jars around the house but a gazillion is a drop in the ocean of 1.8 quadrillion so I will not bother to cash in my cents.

Monday, December 8, 2014

The Ohioan's Volt Free Ride

Here is more on Mr. Belmer the dude in Ohio and his 200,000 miles in his Volt.  His car has a curb weight that is 24.3% greater than the Prius.  3,781 pounds versus 3042 pounds   Let us assume the guy weighs 225 pounds from his photo in the inside EV article.  He drives alone on his massive commute.  Hence he has a mass of 4,006 pounds in his volt versus 3,267 which is an extra 739 pounds wearing down the road he travels.  If road wear is proportional to the mass of the car (it should be) he causes 22.6% more road damage than had he bought the Prius.

He purchased 3,455 gallons of gasoline for his Volt and paid a gasoline tax of 46.4 cents per gallon for a total gas tax of $1,603.12.  Had he bought the Prius he would have purchased 4,000 gallons of gasoline and paid a gas tax totaling $1,856.04.  Therefore by buying the Volt he skipped $252.92 in gas taxes while chewing up the road 22.6% more.  On top of this federal taxpayers gifted him $7,500 of tax credit.

This guy has a carbon footprint the size of Sasquatch yet he got $7,752.92 of tax gifts thanks to the Oh Bummer Road Care law.   After all the driving this guy does, I hope his Oh Bummer Care pays for treating his hemorrhoids.  He probably has a year’s supply of Preparation H in his glove box.  I hope he does not suffer from road rage.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Volt In Ohio Goes 200,000 Miles

Photo by Erick Belmer

Inside EVs reported that a 2012 Chevy Volt in Ohio has achieved the amazing accomplishment of going over 200,000 miles.

Mr. Belmer in the Buckeye State does a bloody lot of driving.  Now the question is was he green to buy the Volt of could he have had a lower carbon footprint by buying a comparable car like a straight up Prius?

The Volt per the US EPA needs 0.36 kwh per mile of battery energy.  For the sake of argument let’s simply round this up to 0.4 kwh per mile of power generated at a generating station.  Ohio has pretty dirty electric power and according to the link below the CO2 emissions per mwh are 1,850 pounds for the year 2012.

Multiplying 0.4 by 1,850 and dividing by 1,000 kwh in a mwh we have emissions for Electric driven miles of 0.74 pounds per mile.  Mr. Belmer drove 72,169 miles on E power.  Multiplying this by 0.74 we have his carbon footprint on E power equaling 53,405 pounds.   He drove a total of 200,004 miles, hence his gasoline miles are 127,835.  Argone National Labs GREET model estimates well to wheels emission of gasoline as 92.72 kilograms of CO2 per million BTU LHV.    There are 114,500 BTUs LHV in a gallon of gasoline.  Hence the well to wheels emission of CO2 are 23.41 pounds per gallon of gasoline.

The EPA rates the 2012 Volt to get 37 MPG combined when running on gasoline.  Mr. Belmer’s carbon footprint for his gasoline miles is 80,864 pounds of CO2.  Adding the E miles carbon footprint his total carbon footprint for the 200,004 miles is 134,269 pounds.

Had Mr. Belmer bought a straight up Prius Hybrid that achieves 50 MPG combined his carbon footprint for the same 200,004 miles would have been 93,622 pounds of CO2.  Mr. Belmer actually could have emitted 40,647 less pounds of CO2 had he bought the Prius. 

Mr. Belmer bought the car on March 28, 2012.  I have driven only 16,401 miles since March 28, 2012.  My car gets 22 MPG, hence my motoring carbon footprint for this entire period is 17,448 pounds of CO2.  That is why I am called the Green Machine.  I do not have a name for Mr. Belmer as he spends half his life commuting in Ohio where I have never seen the sun shine after dozens of visits to that state.  I just feel sorry for Mr. Belmer.  Perhaps he can tell us if the Volt has more comfortable seats than the Prius as that may be the only reason he bought the Volt?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bloom Extracts Over $100,000 A Day In Delaware

The BLOOMDOGGLE in Delaware (Deal Away) has reached epidemic proportions.  Delmarva Power as Bloom’s agent requests funds to be extracted from its customers (ratepayers).  The Deal Away Public Service Commission are all dentists who believe in extraction instead of plugging holes.  They simply go along with the deal to enrich Al Gore and cronies at Bloom each month.

For the 365 days in 2014 the extractions average $101,823 each day for each and every day in the year.  Delmarva has asked to extract $108,437 for each of the 59 days in the first two months of 2015.

So far since the BLOOMDOGGLE began $65,473,770 has been extracted by Delmarva on behalf of Bloom.  The tooth fairy pays about $3.40 on average for a lost tooth.

This means approximately 19,256,991 teeth equivalent have been extracted in Deal Away by Bloom so far.  The population of Delaware is estimated at 925,749.  Dividing 19,256,991 teeth by 925,749 souls we have each Delawarean losing 20.8 teeth.  Let’s round down to 20 teeth.   There are 20 deciduous (baby teeth) in a human’s mouth.  Bloom has extracted the equivalent of all the baby teeth that the entire living population of Delaware had or will have.   This is quite a feat.

The famous Colin O’Mara who as secretary of the DE DNREC granted the fake permit and then headed to the wilderness was toothless to enforce the coastal zone act.  Beau Biden the first state AG has been toothless to enforce the rule of law at the DE DOJ.   I wonder how O’Mara and Biden eat food with no teeth?  Perhaps Al Gore does their chewing?    Perhaps Vitamix can sell a blender to each household in Delaware and put some of those dirty, unreliable, and expensive Bloom Electrons to good use.

I found two other photos that I could have used for this blog.  They are shown below