Thursday, September 3, 2015

Word of the Day - Chu

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Words of the day

Bloomerang  - when solid waste with sulfur comes back to bite you in the behind

Double Bloomerang - When you add the higher CO2 emissions than were advertised and that bites you twice in the ass

Triple Bloomerang -  when you add that capacity factor is lower than advertised and that bites you a third time in the ass

Quadruple Bloomerang - when you add the cost of power is four times that of cleaner more reliable combined cycle power stations and that bites you a fourth time in the ass

Quintuple Bloomerang -  when you add that Mexican welders who work for you are paid less than minimum wage and are paid in pesos and that bites you a fifth time in the ass

Sextuple Bloomerang - when you add that Michael Bloomberg and Dianne Feinstein have to vouch for you when you launch your gangrene product and that bites you a sixth time in the ass

Anti Penultimate Bloomerang - when you convince a state Assemblyman who once was a star environmental lawyer you are green when in fact you are gangrene and that bites you for a seventh time in the ass

Penultimate Bloomerang - when you extract approximately a billion dollars of ratepayer and taxpayer money for clean reliable and affordable power but deliver dirty, unreliable, and expensive power and that bites you for the eighth time in the ass

Ultimate Bloomerang - when you lied under oath about sulfur in your system and you submitted a false coastal zone act permit application under penalty of perjury and that bites you a ninth time in the ass

All these words apply to a single company - Bloom Energy AKA The Bloomdoggle.  Al Gore juicy the cops coming for you?

The photo below is when Dr. Chu was hospitalized to take a silicon enema for being bit on the ass so many times by the Bloomdoggle.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Bloomerang A New Word

Peter challenged me to define Bloomerang.  I came up with Bloomerang when sulfur waste you create comes back to bite you in the ass.

Please comment if you have other definitions of Bloomerang

Bye Bye Bloomie

A new musical is being made.  Bye Bye Bloomie the musical story about the end of the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle will feature Congressman Darren Huffman in the same role Dick Van Dyke played in the original Bye Bye Birdie.

Huffman is tall, good looking, and fairly slender and looks like Dick Van Dyke.  Some have asked if Mr. Huffman can dance.  I responded not really, but he sure can shuffle when I hound him, and he could do the jive that scores a 10 from Len on dancing with the stars.

Before becoming one of Al Gore's operatives, Jared Huffman represented the US at the olympics as a Volleyball star.  He also was a star environmental lawyer.  He was a brilliant student.  But alas Al Gore bloomdoggled him and the rest is history.  He now is simply a politician.

Here are side by side photos of Jared Huffman and Dick Van Dyke.  After Huffman soon retires from Congress based on his role in the Bloomdoggle, I am sure he can succeed in a career in acting.

Denali Obama and The Height Of Stupidity

The news is that Mr. Obama will rename Mount McKinley Mount Denali.   This is an attempt to right wrongs and reverse global warming.

The peak is 20,320 feet tall.  It had me thinking how tall all the Bloom Energy canisters filled with solid waste would be if they were stacked up.  My estimate is each canister is two feet tall and there have been approximately 10,000 canisters shipped to the EPA licensed facility in Texas that treats the waste.  Wow the stacked canisters are as tall Mount Denali.

GM has a full sized SUV called the GMC Denali that is a full sized carbon emitter.  GM will rename their Denali to the McKinley when they covert the pile of junk into an electric drive.

Of course Mr. Obama could stack up the added 8.2 trillion dollars of debt he will create in his eight failed years as president.  It looks like this will be 8.2 times 67,000 miles high.  I have no clue how many feet this is as my calculator only has 8 digits, but for sure is kind of like 500,000 times 5,000 or around 2.5 billion feet high. 

I don’t think it is possible to make a pile this high it would topple, so let’s just name the pile of the 10,000 Bloom Energy sulfur waste canisters as Mount Obama.

Interestingly the one billion dollars of ratepayer and taxpayer money Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell extracted in the Bloomdoggle would be a pile 67 miles high.  This is nearly 350,000 feet or approximately 17 times taller than Mount Denali.

Mr. Obama leaves a legacy that is one inch high or about one two hundred and forty thousandth of Mt. McKinley.  Ford will be renaming their Lincoln Division to the Obama Division when they start selling peddle cars to cope with global warming.  Bibi is kind of worried Oh Bummer will rename Mount Sinai as Mount Khumani.  There is an iron ore mine in South Africa called the Khumani Mine.

The Donald when he becomes president will rename Mount Denali to become known as Trump Towers Alaska.  I just think all of this name calling is the height of stupidity.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Crazy Week

This week was a crazy week for matters green.  NBC reported on the BLOOMDOGGLE. 

The Donald called Kerry “what a schmuck” and continued to surge in the polls.

The inspector general of the Department of Energy said that senior executives at Solyndra lied to get the DOE loan that Oh Bummer and Chu gave them.

We know that Thermodynamics never lies.  We also know the hypnotized never lie.  Anderson Cooper may try to keep them honest, but The Thermonator hypnotizes them before they can ever lie.

All the news can be boiled down to a simple fact.  People are sick and tired of the Complex stealing from them.  Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell, Vinod Khosla, Condi Rice, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and all their cronies are in retreat as the majority no longer remains silent while they plunder.

Oh Bummer stared at the Solyndra solar cell in the photograph while his cronies lied to get the DOE money.  The Chinese produced hundreds of millions of silicon solar cells while Dr. Chu made speeches about the wonders of CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) in PV.  Just this week TSMC a major Taiwanese microchip firm gave up on CIGS after wasting $400 million on the junk Dr. Chu dreamed of.

I have a question for Dr. Chu who now bends the young minds at Stanford after Dr. Rice has already distorted them with lies.  Dr. Chu did you really think that the laws of thermodynamics stopped being applied just because you and Oh Bummer could throw billions at junk science sponsored by Oh Bummer’s cronies?

The Donald has been asked to express the Yiddish term for Dr. Chu as it relates to his negotiation skills with Solyndra.  One word the Donald may use is Putz.

My Yiddish word for the entire Military Industrial Congressional Presidential Gubernatorial State House Complex is Ganovim.  Ganovim is the plural for Ganef.

China will throw a few dozen of their ganovim in jail for the Tianjin disaster.  The US should learn from the Tianjin disaster that hiding hazardous chemicals in places with fake permits can lead to disaster.  This is exactly my point about the solid waste with sulfur from Bloom Energy Coffins.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Three Who Bankrupted America

I posted this on twitter today.  "This photo shows three who bankrupted America. Wagoner did GM, Khosla did Kior and Range and Obama the whole country"

This photo was taken early in Oh Bummer's presidency when the two other operatives listen intently to him lecturing.  Wagoner resigned as CEO of GM pretty soon thereafter at Obama's request.

Khosla went on to become the biggest loser in the "green" space.  Khosla continued the charade by hosting Oh Bummer to a fund raising dinner with his whole family present as well as his two big dogs.

Khosla and his cronies are now being sued for FRAUD by the state of Mississippi over the Kior greenwashed failure.

As For Oh Bummer he is the worst president ever and has the distinction of playing first fiddle to John Kerry who the Donald called "what a schmuck".  I am searching the Yiddish dictionary to see if their is a word for the boss of a schmuck who will add $8.5 trillion of debt.

Wagoner's stupidity and narcissism of flying in for the meeting with Oh Bummer in a corporate jet will be long forgotten.  Oh Bummer's presidency will be remembered as much as that of Buchanan.  But Vinod Khosla will always be remembered as the man who lost the Martin's Beach case to some surfers and who appeared on 60 Minutes walking around the Kior plant with Leslie Stahl with a beaker of white catalyst that simply could not turn pine trees into diesel.  Of the three in the photo the one on the right is the one with the largest narcissistic tendencies, he wanted the Beach all to himself and do what God does in 300 million years in seconds. Oh Bummer is generous and shares the uranium that he bought on credit.

God Bless America and Please God keep making shale oil and gas to help pay the $19.1 trillion of debt  Oh Bummer will leave us with.  That is his Legacy!