Sunday, April 13, 2014

Drop Box Drop Condi

Drop Box announced the appointed Condi Rice to their board of directors.  Of course Condi has tons of free time after resigning in disgrace from KIOR's board.  The gangrene monster who was the architect of the war in Iraq has drawn the ire of drop box users who have no trust of the megalomaniac having access to billions of documents and images they use drop box to store.  How deep is people's distrust of the piano playing gangrene monster?  It is bloody large.  Condi could not find weapons of mass destruction, nor weapons of mass combustion, but folks are paranoid she will help the NSA find information in their drop box files.

My advice to drop box is to distance themselves from this lady who is a distant cousin of the truth.  Let her ruin the minds of young people who study at Stanford.  She and Stevie Not So Wonder Chu Chu are best suited to hide on a university campus where they can do the least harm to the rest of us.   These two third rate civil servants have caused massive harm to the United States.  One is guilty of war crimes and the other is guilty of violating the laws of thermo. 

We know Chu Chu does not own a car.  His wife owns a BMW while Condi owns a Mercedes Benz.  I guess the Chus and Rices have to support Angela Merkel for some reason rather than supporting Detroit.

Chu joined the board of Amprius. That company better have lots of money as Chu is simply has the un-midas touch.

Unfortunately folks I broke my collar bone so that is all I can write about Chu and Condi for now.  

Happy Passover and Easter and if you use drop box threaten to boycott unless they drop Condi.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Green Machine Alleges Fraud Allegation against Bloom Energy and Delmarva Power

Dear GREENEXPLORED readers I have been mighty quiet on Bloom Energy but this is because I have been working hard to gather evidence of alleged fraud by Bloom Energy and Delmarva Power against the customers of Delmarva Power in Delaware.    My investigation has uncovered significant overcharges for natural gas beyond the maximum quantity of natural gas in the final permit application.   I wrote to two Deputy Attorney Generals and the Attorney General of Delaware (Mr. Beau Biden) outlining the allegations today.   Below is my letter that was faxed at 1:20 pm pacific time this 8th day of April 2014.  

I will report on developments.   To date Bloom has collected $41,628,118 in subsidies from the customers of Delmarva Power for the unreliable, dirty, and expensive electricity they sell from their 30 megawatts of Bloom Coffins in the state.   

To Mr. Stephen McDonald
Deputy Attorney General
Department of Justice
State of Delaware
Fax 302 577 2496

With Copy to Attorney General Beau Biden also at Fax 302 577 2496

And with copy to Deputy Attorney General Ralph K. Durstein also at Fax 302 577 2496

April 8, 2014

From Lindsay Leveen

Regarding Bloom Energy and Delmarva Power – Alleged Fraud Against The Customers Of Delmarva Power in the State of Delaware

Dear Mr. McDonald:

Over the past several months I have collected evidence of alleged fraud in the billing of electric power charges to the customers of Delmarva Power.   By this email you are requested to open a criminal investigation into the alleged fraud committed by Bloom Energy and Delmarva Power against the customers of Delmarva Power in the State of Delaware.  The allegations of fraud are based on the following irrefutable written evidence that is in the public domain and has been gathered by me:
Each month towards the end of the month Delmarva Power prepares a monthly filing for the approval by the Public Service Commission of Delaware (PSC) of the Qualified Fuel Cell Provider Project Tariff.   The latest monthly filing dated March 28, 2014 is attached and is referenced in this fraud allegation.

The calculation worksheet on the last page of the filing provides the calculation of the amount of money (subsidy to Bloom Energy) Delmarva Power will collect from its customers in Delaware.   On line 11 of the worksheet Delmarva Power lists a “heat rate”.   This heat rate is the quantity of natural gas used to generate a unit of electric power and is in millions of BTUs per megawatt hour.  As you can see from the attached filing, this heat rate is 7.19 million BTUs per megawatt hour for the month of June 2014 and 7.16 million BTUs per megawatt hour for May 2014.    The heat rate is then multiplied by the unit cost of natural gas to determine the amount of money Delmarva Power’s customers will be charged for the natural gas used by the Bloom Fuel Cells.   Delmarva Power acts as Bloom Energy’s agent to collect money from customers and then gives the money collected from its customers to Bloom Energy.

The General Manager of Bloom Electrons, Mr. William Brokenborough, under penalty of perjury submitted a revised and final permit application on January 13, 2012 to the Delaware DNREC.  On February 10 2012 Mr. Colin O’Mara the secretary of the DNREC wrote a completeness report on the subject of the Bloom Energy project and accepted and affirmed the data provided by Mr. Brokenborough in the January 13, 2012 final permit application to be complete and correct.  Note the data submitted by Mr. Brockenborough on January 13, 2012 were the final data submitted by Bloom prior to the issuance of the permit by the DNREC.

I quote from Mr. Brokenborough’s January 13, 2012 Final Permit Application Titled Revised Application To Construct, Operate, or Modify Stationary Sources. Under Project Description he states “each fuel cell has a base electrical output of 200 kw with a maximum natural gas usage of 1.32 MMBTU per hour”.  For your reference kw is kilowatts and MMBTU per hour is millions of BTUs per hour.  The front page of the January 13, 2012 final permit application with this quote is attached for your reference.

For your reference one megawatt is 1,000 kilowatts.  Therefore five Bloom fuel cells each of 200 kilowatts will generate one megawatt of electrical power.  Five fuel cells will use five times as much natural gas as one fuel cell.   Therefore per Mr. Brokenborough’s admission under penalty of perjury the maximum usage of natural gas would amount to 5 times 1.32 million BTUs per hour per megawatt which equals 6.60 million BTUs per hour per megawatt.   Restated this is a heat rate of 6.6 million BTUs per megawatt hour.  The maximum permitted quantity of natural gas to be used is therefore indisputably 6.6 million BTUs per megawatt hour.

Yet Delmarva Power and Bloom Energy have collected money each month from Delmarva Power’s customers for a period of more than 18 months using heat rates that exceed 6.6 million BTUs per megawatt hour which is the maximum permitted amount.  This is akin to permitting a five story building but building a six story building and then renting out an extra unpermitted floor.  In a nutshell Bloom operates beyond the permitted quantity of natural gas and correspondingly Delmarva Power charges its customers beyond the permitted quantity of natural gas.  Using the data from the Delmarva Power filing that is attached the May 2014 charges for natural at 7.19 million BTUs per megawatt hour are a 9% overcharge compared with the permitted maximum quantity of 6.6 million BTUs per megawatt hour.

Returning to the analogy of a building, if the owner of building applied and received a permit for only a five story building but built a six story building their occupancy permit would be terminated and they would be forced to demolish the building.  Bloom’s operating permit for the subject power plant should be revoked and all money illegally and fraudulently collected by Delmarva Power from its customers should be returned.  Bloom’s power generation stations (Brookside and Red Lion) should be shut until such time they can operate with only using a maximum of 1.32 million BTUs per hour in each and every one of their fuel cells.  Their General Manager under penalty of perjury and in writing claimed this quantity to be the maximum usage of natural gas in their final permit application.  Note the quoted statement in the final permit application is “each fuel cell has a base electrical output of 200 kw with a maximum natural gas usage of 1.32 MMBTU per hour”.   Therefore each 200 kw fuel cell that Bloom Energy has installed and operates must meet this threshold of natural gas efficiency or remain shut.  All 150 fuel cells installed by Bloom Energy need to meet this requirement before they should be allowed to continue to operate the power plants.

You must remember that increased natural gas usage means increased CO2 emissions.   The EPA has ruled and the US Supreme Court has affirmed that CO2 is harmful to the health and wellbeing of citizens.  The Delaware Department of Justice must uphold the laws of the land and must bring criminal charges against Bloom Energy and Delmarva alleging the fraudulent operation of a power plant and the fraudulent billing of charges to customers of Delmarva Power who live in Delaware.  

I can be reached at xxxxxxxxx on my cell phone or yyyyyyyyy on my home phone.   Please note that I and my newspaper the Tiburon Ark won First Prize for a Serious Column in the National Newspapers Association 2013 awards for the greenwashing boondoggle Bloom has perpetrated in Dealware.   I look forward to reporting to my readers that criminal charges alleging fraudulent billing and operation of a power plant have been brought in Delaware against Bloom Energy and its agent Delmarva Power. 

As soon as these criminal charges are brought, I suggest that a criminal investigation then begin into how the DNREC issued a permit.  We now have written evidence that Bloom removed hazardous solid waste that contained sulfur in tanks from the coastal zone.


Lindsay Leveen

Attachments  Delmarva Power March 28, 2014 Filing with the DE PSC and Page 1 of the January 13, 2012 Revised Application to Construct Operate, or Modify Stationary Sources.

Monday, April 7, 2014

KIOR Gates and Khosla

Approximately 6 months ago KIOR had this story that Bill Gates and Vinod Khosla would play a major role in funding an identical second plant in Columbus Mississippi that would double the nameplate capacity of KIOR alchemic diesel from pine trees for an additional investment of $225 million.

This was still when Vinod Khosla was selling and Bill Gates was still buying the 92 gallons of diesel per ton of bone dry pine story.   Since then KIOR has impaired and written down the cost of Columbus #1 “copy exact” facility to $40 million from $225 million.   This write down was made because the auditors demanded it as the plant is incapable of producing name plate capacity and FASB accounting rules require it.  

I had actually written to the board of directors of KIOR on July 13, 2013 that the plant should be written down as I predicted it would never be capable of reaching nameplate capacity.   The Green Machine knows thermodynamics and can smell fake rats from a mile away. Of course I got no word from the board of directors as Condi Rice et. al. were still fibbing about the “reality” of KIOR.  A good lawyer representing the folks who bought shares in KIOR and lost their money should ask for this email from the Green Machine to the board.

Who in their right minds will invest $225 million in Columbus #2 the “copy exact” clone of Columbus #1 after the write down of Columbus #1 by more than 80% because of production problems?    Vinod is still playing games with the folks in Columbus and is trying to extricate himself from the Magnolia State loans that were made to KIOR to build Columbus #1.    Vinod is in hot water and desperate to show the world he is not going to get a life sentence in a thermo court for three strikes in the bio fuels game. (Range, Cello, and Kior)

Bloomberg News who simply love Vinod Khosla, Al Gore and, other green illusionists still thinks KIOR has a chance.  Sadly none of the Wall Street analysts who follow KIOR and none of the financial press have a clue about thermodynamics.   There will be no Columbus #2 and Columbus #1 will eventually be put to sleep.  The real question is who will go after Khosla and his adviser Condi Rice or will they slink away?  I hope that the folks in Columbus find other jobs and simply forget the KIOR debacle.   As I have reported KIOR means wash basin in Hebrew.

“In the Holy Temple there was a vessel known as the kior — the laver or wash-basin from which the kohanim – the priests – washed their hands and feet before beginning their service in the Tabernacle or Holy Temple.”

It is doubtful that the priests will soon be rebuilding the third KIOR in Jerusalem and there is little doubt a second KIOR plant will be built in Columbus.  As for Condi and Vinod they will soon wash their hands of the debacle they promoted, hyped, and over sold.  Bill Gates lost $7.5 million helping Vinod six months ago and this is just a drop in the KIOR for the richest man in the world.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Wanxiang Knows Business Dr. Chu Knows Bupkis

Dr. Chu Chu Train is at Stanford and still dreams of how he can defeat silicon PV with CIGS ala Solyndara.  His stupidity and lack of business acumen is apparent again this week.   Remember Dr. Chu and his Boss gave away A 123 the battery maker to Wanxiang after having blown through our DOE money.  

Wanxiang has already made $100 million by selling off an unwanted part of A 123 to NEC of Japan.

Well done Dr. Chu and Mr. Obama the two of you are brilliant at buying high selling low and then seeing the Chinese who bought you (actually us) out for Bupkis make a hundred million dollars while both of you talk nonsense about the brilliance of your energy policy. 

Leslie Stahl of CBS Sixty Minutes in her piece that outed Obama’s and Chu’s cleantech interviewed the head of Wanxiang America and he said he is into Capitalism and dismissed Ms. Stahl’s questioning of Wanxiang’s motives.   Obama and Chu are not capitalists they are the  lost souls who still dream that Solyndra and their CIGS chemistry were the way to go in providing those good manufacturing jobs.   If Adam Smith and Chairman Mao meet in the afterlife they can chuckle about Trading Places.   I really worry about the students at Stanford and what they will learn from Chu and Rice two examples of folks who could not do yet teach.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

KIOR Vinod Throws a Floatation Device

KIOR announced that Vinod Khosla has given them $5 million to stay alive and will give them another $20 million over the next several months to stay afloat if they meet milestones. 

“2014 Note Purchase Agreement
On March 31, 2014, KiOR, Inc. ("KiOR") and its wholly-owned subsidiary Kior Columbus, LLC, ("KiOR Columbus," together, with KiOR, the "Company") entered into a Senior Secured Promissory Note and Warrant Purchase Agreement (the "2014 Note Purchase Agreement") with KFT Trust, Vinod Khosla, Trustee, ("KFT Trust" or the "2014 Note Purchaser") and KFT Trust in its capacity as agent for the 2014 Note Purchaser.
The 2014 Note Purchase Agreement contemplates multiple tranches of financing of up to $25 million. The first tranche, which we expect will close on April 3, 2014, consists of the purchase by KFT Trust of $5.0 million of Senior Secured Mandatorily Convertible Notes (the "2014 Notes") in exchange for a like amount of cash. The remaining tranches consist of the sale of additional 2014 Notes (the "Additional 2014 Notes") to the 2014 Note Purchaser in principal amounts to be mutually agreed between the 2014 Note Purchaser and the Company for a like amount of cash at the beginning of each full month following the first tranche closing, provided that in each preceding month the Company satisfactorily achieves each of the milestones set forth in Annex A to the 2014 Note Purchase Agreement. KFT Trust, or, if additional 2014 Note Purchasers become party to the 2014 Note Purchase Agreement in the future, the 2014 Note Purchasers holding a majority of the principal amount of all then-outstanding 2014 Notes (the "Required Purchasers") will determine in their sole discretion whether applicable milestones have been satisfied. The aggregate amount of Additional 2014 Notes that may be sold under the 2014 Note Purchase Agreement may not exceed $20 million. “

I have to say that Vinod is doing everything known to man to try to resuscitate the dying KIOR.  A friend from Israel told me that in Hebrew KIOR means sink or drain.  In Thermodynamics KIOR means futile.

KIOR wrote down the plant in Columbus to a value of approximately $40 million from a book value of $225 million.   They therefore think the expected output of this plant is now only 2.5 million gallons per year versus the original nameplate of some 13 million gallons per year.   How in heavens name can the company ever turn the corner?   The Magnolia State is still owed approximately $70 million and the plant is only worth $50 million in Vinod's own eyes.   My take is Vinod is trying to cover his behind in lawsuits that could be forthcoming from the Magnolia State, the Province of Alberta and other investors who all know how Vinod and his management team fibbed about the capabilities of the technology and the factory in Columbus.  Even Condi fibbed a year ago that KIOR's technology was a reality that would save America.  From the SEC filings it looks like Vinod will have approximately a two thirds stake in the company.   I hope that approximately 1.5 million gallons a year of alchemic fuel is enough to run his fleet.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Kleiner Perkins and Wanxiang

Much has been made of the news that Wanxiang the leading Chinese auto parts maker has bought Fisker the failed “plug in” auto company that Al Gore and his partners at Kleiner Perkins invested in and pretended was a green technology and the future of automotive technology.

The link below summarizes the recent purchase of Fisker by Waxiang.

Waxiang now owns the old assembly plant in Delaware and we will see if they assemble cars in the First State.

What is not reported is the previous business relationship Waxiang had with Kleiner Perkins when Waxiang invested heavily more than two years to become the largest shareholder in Great Point Energy a Kleiner Perkins startup. 

Great Point claimed to have coal to natural gas synthesis technology.  KP invested in them when natural gas prices in the US were high and all the pundits except the Green Machine thought the US would have a long term continued shortage of natural gas.  Nothing green about Great Point as it produces one mole of CO2 for each mole of CH4 or in mass terms it produces 2.75 tons of CO2 for each ton of methane produced.   Uncle Al Gore and his partners at KP made money in selling a CO2 polluting technology to the Chinese.

The link below explains this pollution in the form of CO2 that China will inflict upon the world in converting their coal to methane.

Worse still the coal to methane technology needs copious amounts of water that China simply does not have in the arid regions of the country where these plants will be located.   Al Gore and his friends at Kleiner Perkins don’t really care about air and water!  They simple care about green backs.

What is interesting is that Wanxiang and Kleiner Perkins had a tight relationship that long predated the Fisker sale.   The press made a big story of how two Chinese companies fought over Fisker.   I published the story that the US DOE gave up their secured position in Fisker for Bupkis. 

 I now think the whole “auction” fight that entailed Wanxiang was a sham.   KP and Wanxiang are “buddies”.   KP wanted Wanxiang to win Fisker at the lowest cost to help their buddy.  They all arranged the third party other Chinese company to buy out the Feds at pennies on the dollar to rid the company of the DOE loans that were secured.    Wanxiang and the third party Chinese company pretended to bid against the other in the bankruptcy auction and we the tax payers were long forgotten.   Fisker is now firmly in the hands of Wanxiang who are KP’s partner in Great Point and KP and Wanxiang will continue to be partners polluting the air in China and diminishing the water supply in the arid regions of China.

A Great Point I am making is how naive if not stupid Dr. Moniz and his DOE were when they were played like a cheap fiddle to bow out of our secured position in Fisker.  The other Great Point I am making is that Kleiner Perkins missed out on the shale revolution and invested in Luca the Polluter that is now shut, and Great Point is a “technology”  that only makes sense in China where natural gas is in short supply and the country pollutes like there is no tomorrow.    The last Great Point of this blog is that Al Gore is Gangrene from head to toe and is a Great Pointless Hypocrite.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

From Shark Fin To Minnow Strone Soup

Leland Yee the big time California politician was busted.  He is one of three high powered and high ranking Democrats in the California government to be in hot soup.

The American hustle is happening in California.   Not that it is new.  We know about my Congressman and his At&T hot wire connection where AT&T reached and touched someone.  But my Congressman is still gloating on his Facebook page that he helped get the state government in the once golden state to ban shark fin soup.  

This from Huffman “Fin-dication of the ban on shark finning I helped pass while in the State Assembly! This is great news for the world's shark population and the health of our oceans.”

OK Huffman was against shark fin soup while Leland Yee loved the soup.   Now Leland is reduced to eating minnow strone soup, I wonder if Huffman will look to ban minnows in soup as well and say to the Feds let Leland eat gruel. 

Huffman points out that he had fin-dication and thinks he is punny.   I just think he is just another fake politician who pretends to be green and thinks he is fin-tastic.   I think all he capable of doing in the kitchen is making egg drop soup and coming up with legislation that helps his friends at AT&T.

On the other side of the crooked aisle, Condi Rice’s gangrene company KIOR was busy polluting the municipal waste water system in Columbus Mississippi while they pretended to make diesel from pine trees for Haley Barbour.

Condi resigned from the board of KIOR in December 2013.  The SEC started to investigate KIOR in January 2014.  Who tipped Condi off is the question?   This week the President of KIOR resigned his post in the company.  The acting CFO and secretary of the company will now also be president.   This guy wears many hats and now has a top hat as well.

All this talk about soup has me thinking of Passover and matzah ball soup.

I have to say I prefer matzah ball soup to shark fin soup.  On the green side I like split pea soup with ham.  Leland may soon be getting gruel and Huffman may only make egg drop soup but KIOR still cannot make diesel soup out of pine trees even with Condi pretending this was a reality.    Next week we will know if Vinod will continue the folly in Columbus and put another $25 million into KIOR or simply tell the hundred folks who work at the plant sayonara and give them miso ree soup.  Happy Passover and Easter to all and remember you can fuel some of the people some of the time but you cannot fuel all of the people all of the time.