Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Working on a massive case of GREENWASHING

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I have been very busy at work but I have not stopped investigating greenwashing scams.  My next blog will show that Apple, Bloom, Duke Energy and a county in North Carolina (Catawba County) are all in bed with a scheme to make Apple lots of money,and screw Duke ratepayers all the while Al Gore and his buddies claim to be greener than the Jolly Green Giant

Friday, June 17, 2016


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bloom Disaster – Enough is Enough

This Op Ed was written by Lacey Lafferty a GOP candidate for the 2016 election of Governor of Delaware
Bloom Energy promised Delaware to deliver affordable electricity and bring 900 new high tech jobs to our state.  Bloom Energy broke its promise.  Bloom fails every month to meet its obligations under the agreement with the state.   This is the worst deal ever in the state of Delaware and an environmental disaster.  As one Delaware Senator states, “We were sold a bad bill of goods.” 
Delaware rate payers and work place employers are punished month-by-month by excessive electric bills. Over 130 million dollars has wrongly been taken from Delawareans.  Much of it goes to the pockets of the richest 1% of the 1%.  They are the venture capitalist owners of Bloom Energy.  Delaware families and workers are the victims.  This has to end.  Our money, taken under false pretenses and by broken promises, must be returned to the people of Delaware. 
Bloom promised long–term efficiency, its “miles-per-gallon” was wrong and they knew it.
Bloom generates extremely hazardous chemical waste in our protected coastal zone.  They failed to honestly disclose it when negotiating with Delaware authorities and they knew it.
Bloom’s energy cost premium far exceeds costs stated when negotiating with Delaware authorities and they knew it.
Bloom’s promise of 900 jobs has never been kept; not for as much as one month.
Bloom negotiated in “my opinion” in bad faith.
Bloom misrepresented its product, its costs, its availability and reliability, its hazardous waste, and its benefits to the rate payers in Delaware.
Bloom Energy’s business in Delaware does not represent any new and exciting technology.  Its business is based on intentional deception, insider dealings and guaranteed revenues no different than the days of the “robber barons” of the timber, coal or railroad industries a hundred years ago.  It is always honest working families who make the few insiders rich.  It was wrong a hundred years ago and it’s still wrong today.
All of the above are more enough reason to find Bloom in breach of contract.  As your Governor I believe in all sources of reliable energy.  I will stand with Delaware families; stand up to the venture capitalists and their crony friends.  I promise to do everything I can by hiring the best attorneys to void Bloom’s 21 year contract at the cost of 700 million dollars, claw back the $130 million Bloom took from Delaware and return it to Delaware families.   Enough is enough of our government’s disastrous decisions and wasteful spending.

Warm regards and God Bless,
Lacey Lafferty

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

KIOR and the DOE

I now have the terms under which the DOE would have loaned KIOR money.  The DOE had read the Shaw Report and was aware that KIOR had little chance of succeeding in their Alchemy.  Therefore the DOE imposed strict requirements and would only loan KIOR a small fraction of the Billion Dollars KIOR wanted.

Of course these real terms were unacceptable to Khosla and KIOR and the company pretended they voluntarily dropped out of the loan application and they went on to raise money in their IPO that ended up being a disaster to investors.  KIOR also hyped the arrival of Con D Rice as a board member to support the IPO and the subsequent boondoggle that they were a “reality” to replace vast amounts of fossil fuels through use of their white mystery catalyst that converted pine trees to diesel.

The state of Mississippi still has their fraud suit against Khosla and the other folks who hyped the thermodynamic lie.  Shareholders have their lawsuits.  The SEC has their investigations.  And Obama has Khosla involved in building his Billion Dollar Presidential Library.

The lesson learned from the KIOR caper is that the Shaw Group did a good job pointing out that KIOR was likely to fail and the DOE prevented another Billion Dollars going down the drain to a contributor to the President and the Democrat Party.  Con D also learned a lesson that she looks like a fool and not quite Kosher for having insider traded shares in KIOR for a profit while she was a director on the company’s board and while she was an advisor to Khosla the man who has now been shown to be a thermodynamic idiot with his myriad failures at Cello, Range, KIOR, Gevo, LS 9, Calera, and others.

I learned that the staff at the DOE is willing to help a citizen get information under the Freedom of Information Act and that the DOE prevented another Solyndra from happening even though Vinod Khosla had the ear of President Obama.  The outcome of the lawsuits against Khosla et. al. is still unknown but Vinnie did learn that the second law of thermodynamics applies to him as well as that he cannot prevent surfers from reaching Martin’s Beach on the California coast.  Let’s hope President #45 helps science in America become great again and that thermodynamic imposters like Khosla never become energy gurus again.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Statistics and Biased Interpretation Thereof

This week Secretary of Energy Moniz tweeted that US CO2 emissions are way down using the chart shown above.  I looked at the chart and came to the conclusion that it is true that CO2 emissions are reduced from a decade ago, but and a big but during the three years Ernie Moniz has been secretary of energy emissions have not gone down at all.  Therefore Dr. Moniz was simply pointing out his own incompetence by publicizing the chart.

When I pointed this out to friends who are so left they can never be right, they complained that I dislike Moniz.  When I pointed this out to right wing nuts who deny global warming, they agreed Moniz was ineffective and went further that he should be impeached for wasting tens of billions of dollars.  The interpretation of data is subject to the bias of the beholder.

I then tested the hypothesis on what right wing nuts would say about the success of solar energy.  These climate change deniers who make Stevie Wonder have twenty twenty vision present charts the show massive growth in the gigawatt hours of solar generation and then disqualify this as still only contributing 0.9% of all the electrons in the grid.  Left wing nuts looking at the same data came to the conclusion that in a decade all fossil fuel fired power generation station will be shut.  Of course I concluded that PV is highly successful and will play a very useful niche role that will grow to approximately 10% in power generation.

People are highly biased and the data are interpreted to reinforce the bias.  Honest interpretation of data requires impartiality and actually not looking at only the mean of the data but the variance within the data set.  I know a professor of decisions sciences at Stanford named Sam Savage who wrote a textbook titled The Flaw of Averages.  Sam says “plans based on average assumptions are wrong on average.”

Over 40 years ago I wrote a master thesis on business decisions using statistical distributions.  The results of my research were then used in gold mining and the decisions under great uncertainty to invest large amounts of capital in a gold mine.  That is why I look at all data presented to me critically and make more profound interpretations of what the data tell.  I must admit though when Ernie Moniz presents any data I just laugh as I know this guy is the living embodiment of Alfred E. Neuman and is a joke of an energy secretary.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saudi Oil Minster Al Naimi Fired

You all may wonder who Al Naimi is?  He was the Oil Minister of Saudi Arabia for a couple of decades.

He was fired today

I am quite happy this thug who fleeced the world of trillions of dollars for the past score years is gone.

There are three Als I do not care for, and Naimi was Al number three.  Of course Al number One is the hypocrite and former presidential candidate that was chadded up in 2000.  Al number 2 is Jazeera that saw it US business BLOOMERANG.  Now all we are waiting for is Al number One to go away.

The best chance of the getting Gore to shut up and disappear is the hidden hazardous waste from his Bloom Boxes at Apple in Maiden NC.  Latest news on that is that the EPA and the NC State DNER are telling Apple they are a LARGE generator of hazmat.  LARGE generators are ones that generate over 2,200 pounds a month of hazardous material.

This past week was not good for Apple and their stock is near its 52 week low.  As news filters out that Apple has hundreds of tons a year of hazardous filtered sulfur and benzene waste in Maiden, Apple will have to demand that Al Gore (their board member profited from BLOOMDOGGLE ENERGY  via his relationship with Kleiner Perkins) leave the company .

Two out of three Als are now gone and the third BIG AL will soon be going going gone.  The DONALD will be the GOP candidate and he has already got the Oil Minister of Saudi Arabia fired.  Both he and HILLARY have promised to JAIL powerful executives.  Big AL you are all fired up.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Earth Day Gone and Probably Forgotten

My last blog had the beautiful Earth Day Rainbow.  Just like the rainbow Earth Day is over and life continues in the same old way.

The primaries are exciting and it looks like the Donald will take on Hillary.   Hillary has promised to jail executives who are very powerful and Donald will build a wall.  Seeing will be believing in either case.  My guess is neither will jail Al Gore for his crimes against nature and humanity in the BLOOMDOGGLE , and the operatives of the complex are very happy the Bernie is not going to be president.

What does this mean for Green Energy?  Actually not very much!  The US is essentially irrelevant in green space.  We failed in solar, we failed in cellulosic fuels, we failed in thermodynamics, and we certainly failed in honesty.

Latest on the BLOOMDOGGLE is that Apple and Bloom sell electrons to Duke Power in Maiden NC.  The Bloom Boxes do not really power the data center.  The data center is powered by dirty cheap power from Duke Energy and expensive pretend green energy from the Bloom Boxes is sold to Duke Energy who in turn rip off other ratepayers. 

Duke and Kleiner Perkins are tight.  Co-investors in a business called Spruce Financing and Duke also is propping up Aquion batteries which is one of the last standing Kleiner greentech companies.

OK we know that Duke, Apple, Bloom, and Kleiner are in bed together.  The real question here is who knows there is hazardous solid waste that is not permitted and ends up being transported across state lines to Texas for “treatment”.    Bloom knew years ago they had the hazardous waste.  I told Kleiner Perkins years ago they have the hazardous waste.  I told Apple over a year ago they have the hazardous waste, and I told Duke yesterday they have the hazardous waste.  It will be interesting if these four powerful corporations can evade Hillary’s promise to have them fail and to jail their executives.  I know thermodynamics and that tells me by statistical analysis there is as much chance of this happening as Kasich being the nominee for the GOP out of Cleveland.

What I do know is the 50 Bloom Coffins in Maiden NC are in the bottom right corner of the photo next to the substation and each time an electron is dispatched into Duke’s grid for sale at high price to a ratepayer in NC, more unpermitted hidden hazardous waste is generated and Al Gore and cronies make money while the poor are schlonged.   I love Trumpie and his campaign words.   But I actually think my invention of the words BLOOMDOGGLE and BLOOMERANG should be included in the Oxford Dictionary before some of crude Yiddish words become part of everyday language.  BLOOMDOGGLE and BLOOMERANG are such elegant and refined words even though perpetrators of the eco-crimes associated with the words are so vile.