Friday, September 22, 2017

Bloom Google Cypress Doerr and Rodgers Bloomdoggle = Bloomgoogle

This email was sent to the Chairman of the SEC and others very high up at the SEC

My investigation into the Bloom Bloomdoggle has uncovered evidence
that Google hyped the performance of Bloom Fuel Cells in early 2009.
Remember the American Society of Mechanical Engineers report that
rated Bloom dead last was published in April 2008.  Yet in January
2009 Google Hyped Bloom to Cypress Semiconductor .  Cypress then
installed 3 Bloom Boxes.

Doerr of Bloom sits on the board of Google.  Rodgers of Bloom was the
CEO of Cypress.  Doerr and Rodgers are often invested together in
companies that Kleiner Perkins funds (Enphase is on example).

Rodgers was thrown out of Cypress by the Board of Cypress.

I have reason to believe that Credit Suisse was the tax equity
partners in the early Power Purchase Agreement that may include Bloom
boxes at Google and Cypress.  Many of those boxes failed and they were
decommissioned resulting in the IRS recapturing investment tax

This email puts the SEC on record that crony behavior because of cross
board membership between Bloom, Google and Cypress occurred and this
behavior was at the expense of taxpayers, ratepayers, smaller
shareholders in Bloom, Cypress, and Google and possibly Credit Suisse
as the tax equity partner in Bloom's power purchase agreements.

Failure by the SEC to investigate and act upon this information will
again prove that the SEC is in bed with Doerr, Gore, Powell, etc.  The
Chicago office of the SEC (Burson and Stoltz) already proved their
protection of the big fish that were close to Obama administration in
the Advanced Equities, Badger and Daubenspeck case.

Ms. Avakian and Mr. Peikins I expect you to contact me as SEC staff
that report to you are simply too chicken to go after the real eco
criminals like Gore, Doerr, Powell, Rodgers, Sandell, and others in
the Bloomdoggle.

We expect the rule of law and equal justice

Thank you

Lindsay Leveen

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Even Up the Playing Field In the Fuel Cell Space

I just sent this email.  It is the hydrogen bomb of fuel cells so to speak

Add star  

Lindsay Leveen

Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 5:51 PM
To: "andrew.marsh" , "adam.babcock" , "richard.goettler" , "Charles.Osborne" , John NIchols , "patcharin.burke" , "shailesh.vora " , hnewsome , "Goddard, Kurt" ,, oh04ima , Chris Coons , Tom Carper , "john.carney" , Senator , "Attorney.General" , "McDonald, Stephen (DOJ)" , "Durstein III, Ralph (DOJ)" ,, "shawn.garvin" , dsmall , Alan Muller , Amy Roe , Nancy Willing , Michael Picker , "Murtishaw, Scott" , "amend, carol" , "John A." , "Johnson.barnes" , avakians , peikins , stoltzr ,, "Schneider, Erin" ,, "Joel B. Pollak" , Tucker Carlson , "H. Sterling Burnett" , "anne.thompson" , Julian Spector , lacey , Katie Fehrenbacher , Robert Rapier , Attorney General , "Stein, Robert" , "Bachman, Melanie" , "Hartigan, Matthew (DOS)" , "Knotts, Pamela (DOS)" , Peggy Abshagen

Dear Competitors of Bloom Energy

We all know that The Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle enjoyed the advantage of
massively crooked government from Dover to DC and from Hartford to
Sacramento that gave away over $1.2 billion in subsidy to Al Gore and
the gangrene cronies at Bloom.

I think that the FTC is supposed to make sure that competition is fair
in these United States.  The competitiors of Bloom should know that
the FTC has sat on the investigation of greenwashing by Bloom under
the US green Guides since October 2012.  Obama and Biden protected
Bloom.  No doubt about that.  I asked for that investigation and
Senator Dianne Feinstein assisted me.

The corrupt government in Delaware is from top to bottom.  The DE DOJ
obstructed justice and went as far as blocking me from testifying at a
June 13, 2012 hearing of the Coasat Zone Industrial Board.  I would
have testified that Bloom had hazmat which is not allowed in the
protected coastal zone.  This would have prevented over a quarter
billion dollars in subsidies for the Delaware Bloomdoggle to have been
wasted.  The money was extracted using a fake Coastal Zone Act permit
and a Bogus tariff that crooked Delmarva Power and Lies got approved.

DE DNREC sided with Bloom and its lying lawyer a former general
counsel of the EPA, that the hazmat was not hazmat.  The DE DOJ
rendered an opinion for the then secretary of DNREC siding with Bloom.
Of course EPA staff could not be bought or fooled even though Bloom
with the help of the crooked government in Dover and DC tried to get
EPA HQ to overrule the technical staff of the EPA.

The CA CPUC handed Bloom over $300 million in SGIP money all the while
Bloom was greenwashing CO2 emissions and hiding hazardous waste.

Luckily we have Donald Trump as president and he was instructed by
Obama to have the rule of law and equal justice, so now the FTC, EPA,
SEC, US DOT, US Postal Inspector, US DOJ are working on how to end the
Bloomdoggle which is America's 21st century Green Teapot Dome scandal.

Normally industrial companies collude to fix price.  In the
Bloomdoggle the federal government and the states (CT, NY, NJ, CA, DE
and others) colluded with Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell and others
to screw ratepayers and taxpayers.  Normally the FTC goes after
industrial companies.  The Bloomdoggle is a case where industrial
companies should go after the FTC.

In Chicago the SEC went after Advanced Equities and two minnows named
Badger and Daubespeck for hyping Bloom in stock sales.  Obama and
Biden protected the real stock fraudsters, Gore, Doerr, Powell,
Sandell, Rodgers etc. who should have been charged.  The SEC colluded
with Bloom and screwed its competitors, taxpayers, and ratepayers.
Yes our Federal government was in bed with Bloom, Doerr, Gore, Powell,
Sandell, and other eco fraudsters.

You all try compete with Bloom but our government made it a foregone
conclusion who they wanted to win.  They wanted Bloom to win.  But
even with all of this graft and collusion Bloom still managed to lose
over $2 billion in the past decade.  On top of the losses, Bloom also
managed to blow through over $1.2 billion in taxpayer and ratepayer
subsidies, and is teetering on bankruptcy.

What is now needed is honest government and a full investigation of
the Bloomdoggle including having Joe Biden testify under oath how he
swayed the deal in Delaware.  Anything less than that is a
whitewashing of the greenwashing by the biggest set of eco thieves to
ever concoct a gangrene scheme.  It is RICO and it is a massive

Bloom is Solyndra times eight and Flint on Steroids.

Thermodynamics Trumps Everything, especially a crooked corrupt
government that is simply out of control.

Yes in this case locking them up and throwing away the key makes sense

The Green Machine

Monday, September 11, 2017

My Email To SEC EPA FTC and Rep Jim Jordan

Dear All at the SEC, FTC, and EPA.

I have to believe that Badger and Daubenspeck (Advanced Equities) will
testify under oath and be able to present evidence that Doerr, Powell,
Sandell, Board Members, and Officers of Bloom lied to prospective
shareholders, bankers, customers and partners in the Bloomdoggle.

Ms. Avakian and Mr. Peikins of SEC have to reopen the case that Stoltz
and Burson botched in Chicago.   Ms. Koss and Mr. Newsome of the FTC
should contact contact Dubenspeck and Badger as should Ms. Amend of
the EPA.

I bet if Congressman Jordan held a congressional hearing and brought
Badger and Daubenspeck to testify under oath we could see the whole
greenwashed convenient untruths of Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell,
Scott Sandell, Vinod Khosla and dozens of other Bloomdogglers collapse
right there in the peoples' house.

All it takes is having honest government that believes in the rule of
law and equal justice.  Can you imagine Joe Biden under oath being
questioned on his role in setting up the bogus tariff for Bloom in
Delaware?  I think it would be simply marvelous.  It would show
America just how screwed up our government is.

It is interesting that on 60 Minutes Steve Bannon called Con D Rice
and Colin Powell idiots.  The guys at Breitbart who are copied should
tell Steve how Con D insider traded shares in crooked Khosla's fraud
KIOR.  They should tell Steve that Powell is a big time Bloomdoggler
at Bloom Energy.

For years I have called out the two war on carbon criminals Rice and
Powell for being so cosy with Kleiner Perkins and Khosla Ventures.

Now is the time for action, Obama cannot protect these eco thieves any longer

Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine

Sunday, August 13, 2017

My Email To Alan

Alan is a very good guy who heads Green Delaware.  he asked how do we end the Bloom Energy Bloomdogge?

My email reply to him is copied below.  Of Course I copied every operative in the complex that I have an email address for.


The Bloomdoggle in Delaware is headed by Joe Biden.  Papa Joe now protects them.  When Baby Beau was AG in DE he protected them.  As for Matt Denn you current AG he  was Jack in the Bloom Box's right hand man to bring Bloom to Deal Away.

No doubt that Carney, Coons and Carper are offering protection but they realize it is pointless given the mass of evidence I have uncovered.  If the internet was not around a Bloomdoggle like this could have lasted forever.  But the internet makes an old fart Chemical Engineer at his dining room table as powerful as Joe Biden and his cronies.

The SEC knows that Bloom is basically out of business and that 99% of the cash flow in Delaware ends up in the Nazi Gold bank Credit Suisse.

The heads of enforcement at the SEC in DC have been copied on all of this.  The Chicago office botched to Bloomdoggle investigation goingafter minnows like Badger, Daubenspeck and Advanced Equities.  They were told to hold off on Doerr, Gore, Powell, Sandell, Khosla, KPCB,
Aimco, Exelen, Delmarva, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, HSBC and others because these are the builders of presidential libraries.

The EPA, FTC and DOJ have to put a few in jail for the ecofraud.

You all in Delaware have to vote in an honest government and have to get a news paper that is not printed on TP.

We in the United States need to remove fascists on the left and the right and unite in the center.  Much of our problem is that the 1% like Doerr and Khosla have rigged the system for decades and people are pretty stupid.  My problem is that from 6 years old I was amathematician who loved and understood numbers.  Even when I was six I would have understood that to go from last to first one had to run the
race on piggy back of a very large institution that gave you an
advantage over the other kids in the field.  I was quite happy to end up in the place I deserved and never hopped on my Uncle Sam to win a race.

If the Bloomdoggle dies in a whimper and does not end with massive jail terms and fines we know Donald Trump is just another rigged crooked politician like Oh Bummer and Bush.

I doubt that Joe Biden will ever run for another office as the
Bloomdoggle will haunt him a lot more than when he plagiarized in first year of law school back in 1965 when he learned his ethics.  His claiming to be Middle Class is like John Doerr claiming to understand thermodynamics.

Doerr had to sell out much of Amyris last week to a Chinese fund and a Dutch company.  Amyris is the company that Senator Feinstein's hubby Blum (not Bloom) profitted from in their IPO.  Of course DiFi steered taxpayer money to Amyris.  Small investors have lost 99% of their money in Amyris since the IPO.

Alan you care about the environment, all these operatives care about is MONEY.


The Green Machine

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle in California Has Ended

I ended the Bloom Energy Ecofraud in California.  Crooked Jared Huffman started it but I ended it.  Hi Mr. Huff and Puff do you want a four hour lesson in Thermodynamics?

Just take a look at the charts in this pdf from the CPUC SGIP report of August 2, 2017.


The Delaware Bloomdoggle will be the next to head to the Zero value.  The DE case will not only see treble damages but also a few deep staters behind bars.  The CEO of Bloom talked of Mars but in his thick accent, he was talking about Bars. 

 Credit Suisse and other crooked banks have a lot of money to pay back Delmarva ratepayers and US taxpayers.  It will just take a bit of time but a lot less years than getting holocaust survivors the gold back that the Nazis stole and sent to Switzerland. 

Then we end the Bloomdoggle in CT, NJ, NY, NC, UT and a few other states with Bloom Coffins and I will be a very happy man.  Senators Blumenthal, Coons, and Carper will quit hyping fuel cells in the US Senate and go back to doing what they do best.  That is to find a presidential candidate for 2020 who is not a crook.  I will vote for Bernie.

Remember I wrote a petition 3 years ago to end the California SGIP Bloomdoggle.   Wow that was like hitting Killary's reset button.

It is Hasta Leveenta Baby

Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine AKA The Thermananator

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Timeline of Hazmat in Bloom Energy Ecofraud in Delaware

January 13, 2012 Bloom tells DNREC (Ali Mirzakhalili) that there is sulfur filtered out of the pipeline natural gas before entering the fuel cells.  No disclosure of the resulting solid waste

April 4, 2012 Ms. Walling and Mr. Coyle of DNREC memo to Mr. Haynes in which you stated the following:

"Upon review , the Division of Air Quality agreed that the contents of the fuel cells are not hazardous; in the event of a mishap regarding these cells - a natural disaster, an explosion, or human error - the contents of these units will not pose a hazard."

April 30, 2012 Collin O’Mara as Secretary of DNREC grants Bloom the CZA permit

May 8, 2012 Mr. Leveen of California emails Coyle and Haynes to alert them there is something wrong with the Bloom CZA Permit application.

June 6, 2012 Bloom asks CA ETP for training money on Hazmat

June 13, 2012 at DE CZIB hearing Bloom under oath claims asking for CA ETP money was a mistake.  At the same hearing Mr. Robert Phillips Deputy AG DE DOJ barred Mr. Leveen from testifying depite Mr. Leveen being an expert on Fuel Cells and sustainability.

August 15, 2012 Bloom and CA ETP Amend Training agreement to remove Hazmat from training curriculum

October 10, 2013 Bloom finds out from Unicat in Texas that there is benzene in the desulfurization waste.  Bloom notifies US EPA of the Hazmat.

November 8, 2013 Stephen McDonald Deputy AG DE DOJ writes to Lindsay Leveen the DE DOJ cannot investigate the fake permit and DE DNREC will police themselves.

November 22, 2013 Lindsay Leveen writes to Steven McDonald Deputy AG DE DOJ that Jenifer Bothell is giving him the run around on the DNREC FOIA records with hazmat

December 5, 2013 Bloom receives a permanent ID from US DOE for the waste and a Notice of Registration (NoR)

June 2014 Collin O’Mara leaves DNREC in disgrace to hide in the wilderness as CEO of National Wildlife Federation (a payola job if ever)

July 11, 2014 DNREC starts asking Bloom lots of question on the solid waste

September 9,  2014 Sam Ghezavat the Director of EHS at Bloom admits to DNREC  that Bloom has lead, arsenic, chromium, and benzene in the hazmat

January 22, 2015 Bloom their lawyer Michele Corash and DNREC meet and Corash says Sam Ghezavat did not know what he was doing in admitting there was hazmat and she will get to the real answers.

April 2, 2015 Mr. Matthew Lintner Deputy AG of DE DOJ write to Lindsay Leveen that no crimes were committed in the Delaware Bloomdoggle

June 3, 2015 David Ormond Deputy AG DE DOJ advises David Small to agree with Bloom and use the manufacturing processing unit (MPU) defense to reclassify the hazmat as non-hazardous.  The same day David Small writes to Bloom and their lawyer Corash  to say DNREC is on Bloom’s song sheet.

September 8, 2015 US EPA Region 3 Shawn Garvin tells Small that he is wrong and the waste is hazmat

March 30,  2016 Corash and Bloom’s general counsel contact Avi Garbow the General Counsel of US EPA in DC to try get DC HQ of the EPA (Gina McCarty) and others to overrule staff.

September 29, 2016 Shawn Garvin region 3 of US EPA writes to David Small and tells him the MPU story is poppycock and Bloom has Hazmat in the protected coastal zone of Delaware.

October 3, 2016 US EPA Johnson Barnes EPA HQ DC to all Division RCRA directors issues an alert nationwide that Bloom has Hazmat.

October 26, 2016 David Small writes to general counsel of Bloom that DNREC will not fine Bloom for hiding the hazardous waste over the past four and a half years.

March 15, 2017 Shawn Garvin approved by the Delaware Senate to replace David Small as Secretary of DNREC.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nazi Gold and Bloom Electrons

You must all think the Thermanator has gone nuts!  What do Bloom Electrons have to do with Nazi Gold?  The connection is the Swiss bank Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse settled big time for hoarding Nazi Gold and not returning the money to Jewish Holocaust Victims.

Credit Suisse is the tax equity partner for the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle in Delaware.  You all know about the fake coastal zone act permit, you all know about the bogus fuel cell tariff that invented renewable shale natural gas, you all know about the hazmat, you all know about the decoking, you all know about the high CO2 emissions, but you did not know a greedy Swiss bank that hoarded holocaust victim gold for 60 years got 99% of the tax and cash benefit of the Bloomdoggle in Delaware.

Also what you may not know is that in 2009 the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) did a peer reviewed study of 18 fuel cell systems and Bloom came in dead last.  Yes Siemens, GE, FuelCell Energy and others had far better systems.

Credit Suisse was also reported to have invested $30 million directly in Bloom and also to have advised Exelon in Exelon’s Bloomdoggle deal with Bloom.  There may be a conflict of interest for a bank that is an investor in a company advising the opposite party in a transaction with that company. 

I have informed the SEC of the possible conflict of interest as well as the 99% creaming of taxpayer and ratepayer money in the Delaware Bloomdoggle.  Credit Suisse’s take in the Delaware Bloomdoggle is approximately $230 million from taxpayers and ratepayers.

The three vile Swiss banks involved in the Nazi Gold scam settled for $1.2 billion.  A big sum that is far eclipsed by the huge sum of the Bloomdoggle that I now estimate at $4.2 billion.   Credit Suisse’s share of the Nazi Gold payment may have been $400 million ( a third possibly).   If the SEC, FTC, EPA, DOT and US DOJ do their jobs and we the taxpayers and ratepayers get treble damages, Credit Suisse could cough up twice as much in the Bloomdoggle as they did in the Nazi Gold crime.

I did contact Credit Suisse who at first said a lawyer (Lara Leaf) would talk to me and then they had one of their Swiss employees (Thomas Baer) working out of New York email me that they had no comment.  My guess is they must be hopping mad they crawled into bed with Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell in the Bloomdoggle.  AN UPDATE Ms. Leaf and an outside counsel Mr. Bansal did call me and ask about the Bloomdoggle.  I do hope that Credit Suisse assists the US EPA, US FTC, US SEC, US DOT, and US DOJ in investigating and ending the Bloomdoggle.

The Swiss are pretty good chemists and I am sure Thomas Baer can get a Swiss chemist to tell him that benzene, lead, chromium, and arsenic cannot be considered green chemistry when it comes to electron generation.  The German word for Green is Grun, and the German word for Gangrene is  Faulnisbrand.  The Swiss bank tax equity financed Faulnisbrand Bloom Coffins when they thought they would be making a lot of Grun Rucken (greenbacks).  Donald Trump would tell Credit Suisse that they were schlonged.
The word Schlong does have a German source.  Though Credit Suisse is normally the Schlonger not the Sclongee.  The words Thermanator and Bloomdoggle are my inventions.