Saturday, July 4, 2015

Yin and Yang of Green Explored

After more than 600 blogs on this site I have to admit I am tired of the incompetence, corruption, and greed in the green space.  I polled my readers as to whether I should have a name change from the “Green Machine” to “The Thermonator”.  The poll came back about 60% for the name change but many still like the nom de plume of “The Green Machine”.  My wife suggested that I sign blogs that actually point to real green technologies and trends as “The Green Machine”, and sign blogs that expose gangrene imposters as ”The Thermonator”.    This is brilliant advice.  I do hope to blog at least half of the time on positive trends in the energy space so the Green Machine will remain a guiding force for positive change.

Yin and Yang are actually complimentary and create a sum that is more than the simple addition of the two parts.  The Green Machine and The Thermonator will make Green Explored the real force for improvement in carbon emissions and the rule of law, at least the rule of the laws of thermodynamics.

There is leading Photovoltaic company called Yingli Green Energy.  They once led the world in solar module production and are now struggling and are facing shareholder lawsuits.  I wonder if they reorganize will they be called Yangly Gangrene Energy?

Arne promised he would be back.  The Thermonator promises to cover your backs.  It is July 4 and I wish America a happy 239th birthday.  Sadly the news is filled with terror threats and how fundamentalists wish to cause mayhem on our country’s birthday.   They actually wish to cause mayhem every day and take us back 1500 years.  The good news is we are not going back!  We are also not coming back! We are here and we move forward.  We have real science and real inventions that can make this world a better place.  The Green Machine and The Thermonator will simply point the light in the direction that will get us there.

God Bless The United States and God Bless Humanity – We should all thank God for creating Thermodynamics and the Universe and all start letting our Yins and Yangs work their synergistic magic.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Petition The BLOOMDOGGLE On Change Dot Org

I have never previously submitted a petition.  I felt compelled to do so regarding the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle.  The petition is on change dot org and linked below.  Please support.

It will be interesting if this web based way of petitioning one's government (the California Public Utilities Commission) can actually gain the support of those who care about thermodynamic truth.  I will report what level of support I receive.

Thanks  The Green Machine

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bloom Energy Adds 23 Employees In 9 Months

I just received the official report of employment at Bloom Energy in Delaware.  230 folks are employed as of June 30, 2015.  It was reported by the local newspaper in Delaware that as of September 30, 2014, 207 people were employed at the site.  This means 23 employees have been added in nine months.

Under the BLOOMDOGGLE agreement the state signed employment as of September 30, 2014 was to be 300, and is to be 600 as of September 30, 2015.

This means Bloom has to hire 370 people in three months.  I really doubt they will be able to do this.  They were unable to emit a maximum of 773 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour at their coastal zone site in Delaware as they promised under penalty of perjury in their permit application. 

The BLOOMDOGGLE in just the First State so far is as follows:

Less than half the jobs promised
More CO2 emissions per megawatt hour than was permitted
Hundreds of thousands of pounds of solid waste with sulfur that was hidden and never permitted
Over $82 million in subsidy from the poor and middle class ratepayers of DELMARVA Power to Bloom
Two members of the Governor’s cabinet have resigned
Bloom stealthily revised their product specification sheets on carbon emissions

Between September 2014 and September 2015 Bloom was supposed to add 25 jobs a month in Delaware.  They added 23 jobs in 9 months.  Bloom is just pathetic.  I am proud I called the BLOOMDOGGLE from day one.  

Now the forces for good and justice just need to bring this to its logical conclusion with the removal of those ugly boxes from the protected coastal zone of Delaware.   Bloom needs to pay a billion dollars in war on carbon reparations.  It is as simple as that we just want unconditional surrender. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Bloom Boxes Take 40.79 Years To Payout

Yes folks you heard it here first.  Real and official data from New Jersey under the freedom of information act show that at Middletown  where Bloom will install 4 brand spanking new ES 5710 fuel cells the project before government subsidy will take 40.79 years to payout.  This is longer than the Children of Israel spent in the desert!   This is longer than I have been in America!

Sridhar, Gore, Doerr,and Powell can claim their BLOOMDOGGLE is affordable energy.  This is unaffordable energy.  In order to achieve the 40.79 year payout, Bloom claimed 52% efficiency and 95% capacity factor.  Both of these claims will likely not be achieved and the payout period will likely be even longer.  NBC is still claiming the boxes cost only $800,000 each.  Brian Williams claims to have marched with Moses while Egyptian chariots were firing arrows at them.

The Table below does the math from the data from the State of New Jersey Board of Public Utilities October 10, 2014 official document.

ATT Middletown NJ
Boxes type
ES 5710
Boxes No.
kw per box
kw total
cost total
cost per box
cost per kw

savings per year
payout years
kwh per year

capacity factor

Monday, June 29, 2015

Bloom Boxes Cost Far More Than $800,000

NBC in their report on Bloom Energy claimed the boxes cost $800,000. 

“The state provides rebates to customers who purchase emerging energy tech. That means that California taxpayers subsidize the cost of Bloom fuel cells which cost about $800,000.”

I had given NBC all the data I received under the Public Records Act from AC Transit.  This included the invoices for the two Bloom Boxes as well as the installation costs.  The base price of the two boxes without installation or sales tax was $3,400,000 or $1,700,000 each.  With taxes, site preparation, engineering, permits, and installation the boxes cost approximately $2,800,000 each at AC Transit in Oakland California.  In New Jersey at the AT&T site where five boxes are being installed, AT&T swore under oath that the installed boxes cost $2,225,600 each.

I blogged that NBC only told you 35.95% of the real story on the BLOOMDOGGLE.  I have written an email to the NBC that I am dismayed by their reporting and that I had spent hundreds of hours over more than a year helping them with data and research and then they simply got scared off by Bloom who probably had one of their high level operatives call NBC executives to try squash the story.   I told NBC the only way the public will get the full 100% story on Bloom is when I release my Documentary Film on the BLOOMDOGGLE.

I have copyrighted the title “Celsius 1960 – The BLOOMDOGGLE” for the documentary.  The flame temperature of natural gas is 1960 Celsius.  1960 was also the year of birth of Governor Jack Markell of Delaware who is the grandest Bloomdoggler.   With a temperature of 1960 Celsius, the film will be four times hotter than Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911.  The BLOOMDOGGLE is four times bigger than Solyndra ($2 billion of rip off versus only $0.5 billion).

It is actually very disconcerting that two young and capable reporters at NBC who were given the biggest story of their lives on a plate, chose for reasons coming from above to soft sell the BLOOMDOGGLE.  Brian Williams at NBC embellished stories, NBC Bay Area edited out the real meat or sulfur in the story.  At a minimum NBC should at least report the real cost of a Bloom Coffin that is not $800,000 but far higher.

Saturday, June 27, 2015


NBC reported the stealthy revisions of emissions by Bloom Energy on June 25, 2015.

Of particular interest is Bloom’s statement to cover up their greenwashing.

“Although the original data sheet was factually correct, in order to avoid any potential misinterpretation, the data sheet was updated from an instantaneous efficiency and emission rate to include a range of efficiencies and emission rates over time. The original efficiency and emission rates were within the updated range.”

No doubt one of Al Gore’s high priced lawyers came up with statement.  But folks here is what Mr. Brockenborough the General Manager of Bloom Electrons wrote in his January 13, 2012 coastal zone act permit application in Delaware.

“each fuel cell has a base electrical output of 200 kw with a maximum natural gas usage of 1.32 MMBTU per hour”. 

Take 1.32 and multiply by 5 to get the gas usage per megawatt hour and we have 6.6 million BTUs.  Each million BTUs of natural gas emits 117 pounds of carbon dioxide (per the EPA) and we have the 773 pounds of carbon dioxide for the 6.6 million BTUs needed for each megawatt hour.

Brockenborough said “MAXIMUM” he did not say “INSTANTANEOUS”.  Brockenborough invented the low emissions to obtain a lucrative permit for Bloom in Delaware.  That fake permit has resulted in the transfer of $82,579,354 so far from the poor and middle class ratepayers of DELMARVA Power to Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell at Bloom.

NBC did not report on the sulfur waste as they simply are too chicken to report the full story.  They also got the part about combined cycle power stations all wrong.  New combined cycle power stations running on natural gas only emit 740 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hours.  The Bloom Box does not cost $800,000.  Data from a Certification given to a court in New Jersey show that 5 Bloom Boxes cost $11,128,000 or $2,225,600 per box.

The same Bloom lawyers who wrote the false response probably told high level executives at NBC to lay off the story.  NBC may be intimidated by Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell, but the GREEN MACHINE has no fear of these gangrene operatives of the complex.  NBC only reported 800,000 of a 2,225,600 story.  This is only 35.95% of the story.  This is like the tip of the iceberg.  The GREEN MACHINE has reported the full story that BLOOM the BLOOMDOGGLER is the largest green fraud out there.

I did not draw the image of the owl, I simply googled revised image and found the Bloom Tax Economy image.   Interesting the words concoct and fabricate are verbs listed.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

April 30 2012 – A Day of Infamy In Deal Away

I have often blogged how the corrupt state government in Delaware handed out tens of millions of dollars to the greatest greenwasher of all time, the BLOOMDOGGLER, Bloom Energy.

The corruption and crimes against nature and humanity have a start date.  That is April 30, 2012.  That is the day Collin Hide The Sulfur O’Mara a cabinet member in Magic Jack Markell’s administration signed the final CZA permit number 394 for the Bloomdoggle.

On that day Magic Jack appeared on Betty Loo on Bloomberg or as I call the channel BLOOMDOGGLEBERG

The BLOOMDOGGLERS at Bloom Energy hailed the day

As did other operatives in the “free” press, academia, and government.

The permit O’Mara signed is a fraud.  O’Mara should face justice.  In the past three years since O’Mara signed the fake permit, Bloom has extracted $82,579,354 from Delmarva ratepayers.  This amount increases by almost $100,000 a day.  O’Mara and Levin (two cabinet members) of Magic Jack’s administration have resigned.  Magic Jack should also resign.  Two down one to go!

On June 13, 2012 there was a hearing that the “authorities” in Deal Away deemed was not a hearing to appeal the CZA Permit 394.  I was supposed to testify to that hearing as an expert in thermodynamics.  I was not allowed to testify.  

Folks, democracy died in Delaware on April 30, 2012.  Democracy will be restored when Governor Magic Jack Markell resigns or is impeached.  He is simply a crook. O’Mara is a crook.  Bloom Energy is thermodynamic fraud.  The free press, academics, and other politicians like US Senator Coons are accomplices in the greatest greenwashing of all time, The BLOOMDOGGLE.