Saturday, May 23, 2015

Some Good News In The Old Karroo

I write so often of gangrene frauds and hucksters who fleece the taxpayers and ratepayers that it is often hard to find a green lining in greenexplored.  I have stayed true to the mission of this site that I set in 2007 and is as follows:

There are numerous opinions and claims about sustainable and green products. However, many of these opinions and claims are supported by neither science nor fact. Green Explored provides the reader with a humorous primer on green and sustainability that is easily understood by the layperson. Spurious claims are shot down while honesty is applauded. Those who break the laws of thermodynamics are punished with the Gangrene Award.

It is time to applaud some honesty.

In 2007 the Chinese as well as others in Japan, the US, Europe, and elsewhere started to set about to produce solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.  Most manufacturers settled on silicon as the basis for the PV cells.  Some went the thin film route with either cadmium telluride or CIGS as the chemistry.  Let’s applaud Silicon as it works, it is cost effective, it has become massive, and it has simply exceeded all expectations of generating hundreds of thousands of gigawatt hours of electrical energy that simply never existed a decade ago.

Of course many PV cells were installed in places with little sunshine and governments subsidized many projects.  These sunsidized (yes a new word for wrongly subsidized) projects span from the Bronx to Berlin.  But many cells have brought electricity to remote places that simply would still be in the dark had silicon PV cells not dropped massively in price.  Most of the price drop occurred in three years from 2010 to 2013 when China simply clobbered the competition by massive investment in the entire supply chain from metallurgical silicon to fully assembled solar panels (modules).    

China has it failed PV companies (STP and LDK) and two more large manufacturers may go bust in the coming months (Yingli and Hanergy).  But one thing China did accomplish is that it put PV power on the map.  Yes on the map from the Atacama in Chile to the Karroo in South Africa.  I feel proud that I advised on the first massive PV project in the Atacama (The CAP SA 100 megawatt project).  PV brought me to Chile for a couple of trips. 

I never imagined I would set foot in the Atacama but I did.  Growing up in South Africa, I certainly set foot in the Karroo.  Who knows I may get to be an advisor on PV project there as well.  I remember driving the road from Kimberly to De Aar that was straight as an arrow and wondering what on earth could ever grow there.  Well solar farms can grow on that arid scrubland.   PV can finally put De Aar on the map.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Science Does Not Matter At AC Transit Or In America

I received an email from Ms. Denise Standridge the chief legal counsel at AC Transit threatening me with a lawsuit over my blog that I am crying.  She demanded an apology.  I told Ms. Standridge that she is the one that should apologize for the crimes against humanity and nature going on in West Oakland with the AC Transit Bloomdoggle.  After all she wrote to her Board of Directors endorsing and approving the project to fleece us all.  I have Report No. 14-208 (September 10, 2014) from AC Transit that attests to Ms. Standridge’s complicity in the Bloomdoggle of using Bloom electrons to electrolyze water.

I also told her, that I had tried to get her and her board of directors to solve the problem but I now realize they are the problem.  I simply have to report that she is an operative of the Military Industrial Congressional Presidential Complex.  I pretty much told her that AC Transit is now the target of my investigation for the generation of solid waste with sulfur and the wasting of $87.6 million of taxpayer and ratepayer money on fuel cell bus BLOOMDOGGLE.  I again told her that the second law of thermodynamics precludes Al Gore’s machine from operating with an efficiency above 100%.

I keep thinking how AC Transit can believe that the Bloom Coffins that Al Gore invented are capable of 107.1% efficiency for the Month of March 2015???  I then start thinking that maybe Al Gore actually believes he invented a perpetual motion machine with more energy coming out than going in.  After all Al did invent the internet and then sold it to his cousin Al Jazeera.

I then start thinking of how Bloom Energy just announced Equinix as a customer.   Yes one megawatt of the dirty, expensive, and unreliable coffins will be placed at the Equinix SC 5 data center in Santa Clara.  They will use biogas. 

They (Bloom and or Equinix) will extract almost 50% of their cost from the SGIP PG&E ratepayers paid.  Another 30% of the cost will be a gift as an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) from the IRS.  In the end 80% of the cost of the thermodynamic fake out is covered by we the people.

Then I looked up Equinix as I remembered that John Scully, the operative from Quick Silver Resources the now bankrupt shale energy company who bought my assemblyman Mr. Levine for $100,000 has a large ownership position in Equinix.

Now we have Scully and his boys at Equinix sucking all this money from ratepayers and taxpayers and pretending they have green energy from the Bloom Coffins.  I will have to report Equinix as a generator of solid waste as soon as the coffins start up in Santa Clara.  Note the SC5 data center has 18,000 kw of backup diesel.  Yes dirty diesel backs up 18 times as much as the Bloom Coffins.  Maybe Scully’s other failing shale energy companies of Petroquest and Resolute Energy supply the diesel to Equinix?

Of course I asked Assemblyman Levine to comment and once again he is AWOL as he has been for over two years.  Mr. Levine and Ms. Standridge should go on dancing with stars as they certainly now how to keep in perfect step with their sponsors.  Al Gore should go on The Voice.  Not the Voice of America but the Voice of AlJazeera.

I can only shake my head in full belief how Scully, Gore, Doerr, and Powell get away with this fleecing of America.   One used to shake one’s head with disbelief but now we know how corrupt the whole greenspace is, disbelief is now full belief.  Disbelief in bad science is considered a crime.  Full belief in greenwashing is the norm.  AC Transit, UC Berkeley, The US DOE, CARB, and the CPUC all have 107.1% full belief in the lies Bloom Energy puts out there.

Happy Memorial Day. I do remember an America thirty years ago that actually cared for science rather than simply making the Operatives of the Complex even more wealthy. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AC Transit Believes Bloom And I Am Crying

After weeks of trying to tell AC Transit the data on their Bloom Cells for March 2015 is physically impossible, AC Transit wrote the following to me today:

Anne Fudge
1:45 PM (2 hours ago)

Mr. Lindsay:

The information you were provided was the correct data.  I have no other data to provide.


Anne Fudge, Executive Coordinator
Office of the General Counsel

What are the data?  They are

Project lifetime through March 2015 overall efficiency of 54.9% (lower heating value).  Project lifetime Capacity Factor through March 2015 of 85.7%

Project lifetime through Feb 2015 overall efficiency of 54.0% (lower heating value).  Project lifetime Capacity Factor through Feb 2015 of 86.5%

The project started on March 23 2013.  There were 738 days from start of the project till the end of March 2015 and 707 days till the end of February 2015. 

Performing the math for March only the following results are obtained from these data.

Capacity Factor March 2015 (31 days only)  67.5%
Efficiency Lower Heating Value March 2015 (31 days only)  107.1%

I bent over backwards in a dozen or so emails to tell AC Transit an Efficiency of 107.1% is simply IMPOSSIBLE.  Yet they continue to believe the poppycock Bloom feeds them

You also have to remember that entire board of directors of AC Transit refused to lift a finger to discover what solid waste they generate there in West Oakland.  You also have to remember the entire board of directors of AC Transit spent $87.6 million of taxpayer and ratepayer money for 12 Fuel Cell busses that have cost us a marginal price of $66,000 per ton of CO2 saved.  In Europe a US short ton of CO2 is worth less than $8.  We are paying 8,250 times too much for the CO2 savings under the AC Transit BLOOMDOGGLE.

I knew that AC Transit was corrupt.  I knew they were gangrene.  But when Ms. Fudge the Numbers emailed me today and stated the data was correct, I knew she is lost as we all know data is plural and if she wrote correct English she would have said “the information you were provided were the correct data”.  I really don’t care about her grammar but I am indeed flabbergasted that she believes the piece of junk that Bloom Energy sold AC Transit using our money can achieve an efficiency for the 744 hours in March 2015 of 107.1%.  Only Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell could make an Executive Coordinator with an IQ of 107.1 believe this.  The corruption of our public entities is now boundless just like the greater than 100% imagined efficiency a Bloom Box can achieve.  Cry Our Beloved Country.

Below are the data provided by AC Transit to me

Bloom Energy Customer Report
FeLifetimeAv365 Day
Feb 2015 Lifetime
Lifetime Av
March 2015 Lifetime
Site Address Oakland, CA AC Efficiency (LHV)
Performance Data for Month of March 2015 Total Output Factor
Performance Data for Month of February 2015 Total Output Factor

Customer Name AC Transit

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Timeline of the KIOR Caper

Here is more information on the Military Industrial Congressional Presidential Complex operative Vinod Khosla and his adviser Condi Rice in the KIOR Caper.

Here is The Timeline:

Mississippi passes legislation to loan KIOR $75 million on August 27, 2010

The term sheet for a billion dollar loan is executed with US DOE in Feb 2011

Hunt Refining executes offtake agreement with Kior on March 8, 2011

The State of Mississippi loan closes on March 17, 2011

Kior issues the first S1 for their IPO on April 11, 2011 with lots of discussion of the US DOE loan

Catchlight (Chevron Weyerhaeuser) execute an offtake agreement on May 3, 2011

May 10, 2011 letter from DOE to KIOR telling KIOR the DOE loan may take till June.

Fedex executes an offtake agreement with Kior on May 12, 2011

KIOR voluntarily “gave up” on DOE loan on May 15, 2011

SEC asks KIOR about the status of the DOE loan May 27, 2011

KIOR's lawyer replies to the SEC on June 1, 2011 linked below

Condi Rice announces she will join the board in July but this is announced on June 22, 2011 just two days before the IPO.

Amended S1 filed on June 22, 2011.  The DOE loan is out of the S1 document but Kior had already taken $28 million from Old Miss under the state loan

I believe there have to be records under the FOIA about the third party's view on the technology.  The April 11, 2011 S1 was full of statements about the third party hired by the US DOE that was to review the technology.  KIOR claimed the DOE loan was not taken because they had to start construction on September 30, 2011.  In the April 11, 2011 S1 the September 30 date is mentioned several times and was not a problem.  This timing issue is probably a smoke screen for other problems with the DOE loan. 

There has to be a third party report given to the US DOE around the end of April or early May 2011 on the technology.  I want to see if the third party reported that KIOR would likely not yield the quantities of diesel and gasoline they claimed.  This report will resolve if Khosla et al at Kior pulled a fast one on Mississippi as well as investors who bought into the IPO.

Also as the IPO was only source of funds for the company after the DOE went hasta lavista, the announcement that Condi Rice would join the board was probably made to prop up the IPO.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Energy Gone Wild and Crazy

It has been a crazy couple of weeks in energy.  A fire in a refinery in Southern California has caused a gasoline shortage and a massive price spike in the once golden state.  Governor Moonbeam did not relax the specifications on gasoline and hence gasoline refined in Texas and other nearby states cannot be used in Caliphate of Caliphornia.  Gasoline is being shipped from Europe and Asia to try to satisfy California demand.  One word for Moonbeam – Crazy!

In Nevada the home of Harry Reid but never Right they have a crazy idea funded by the US Government (Defense, Energy, Agriculture) to make jet fuel from garbage.  More nonsense of bio fools but this one they claim will be different from the myriad other failures the Feds have backed over the past several years.

Gevo the company I called Heave Ho announced Alaska Air will buy their jet fuel made from sugar. Their stock that had tanked for months and needed a fifteen to one reverse split, then soared for a day or two until Gevo announced they would now sell many more shares and dilute the existing shareholders.  Maybe Gevo will sell Alaska Airlines dilute bio jet fuel?  The shares tanked again after announcement of the dilution.

Talking of failures in bio fuels, I now have strong reason to believe that the US DOE knew in April/May 2011 that Kior could not produce their claimed amount of diesel and gasoline from wood.  In February 2011 the DOE and KIOR executed a term sheet for a billion dollar loan.  In April 2011 KIOR issued their S1 for their IPO.  In May 2011 Kior withdrew their request for the loan.  It was not like Vinod Khosla did not want the cheap and free flowing Obama money.  It was more like the DOE smelled a rat about the technology.  This week I filed a freedom of information act request with the US DOE for documents that relate to the KIOR debacle.  Remember Condi Rice joined the board of KIOR in June 2011 and she insider traded shares to make just over $80,000 on the now bankrupt company.  The state of Mississippi continues to sue Khosla and his cronies for fraud but did not include Ms. Rice as a named defendant in the case of missing weapons of mass combustion. 
I had written a little about KIOR the DOE and smelling rats back in August 2013.

Now I am becoming more convinced that Dr. Stephen Chu, Mr. Jonathan Silver, and Dr. Paul Bryan of the DOE had wind of the lack of potential success of Mr. Khosla thermodynamic fraud in Columbus Mississippi and pulled the plug on the billion dollar loan.  They did let Kior claim that Kior wanted out of the loan voluntarily and then Ms. Rice happily joined the board of the thermodynamic fake out a few weeks later.

I liked the wild and crazy guys on Saturday Night Live.  I am not sure I can even laugh at the incompetence of Moonbeam as I pay an extra 80 cents a gallon for gasoline.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thermo Bats 1,000

Folks Thermodynamics has been inviolable ever since the big bang.  Gore, Doerr, Khosla, and Musk cannot defeat thermo.  Here are some images I found about thermo.

The Laws are so Congressman. Huffman and Governor Markell learn to obey Thermo

This cartoon is for the benefit of Khosla Ventures and Kleiner Perkins

This cartoon is for the benefit of Ernie Moniz the secretary of entropy
And this cartoon is for all my readers who have a hard time relating to Thermo

Moniz May Not Strike Out

Our Secretary of Entropy Dr. Ernie Moniz has two strikes and is at bat.  He increased US CO2 emissions in 2013 and also increased them in 2014.  2015 could be a strike or a ball.  Natural Gas consumption is up strongly on a significant price decline in the Henry Hub (HH) price of gas.

Crude oil consumption is up on the also significant reduction in cost of the West Texas Intermediary (WTI) crude as well as Brent crude.

The item that may save Ernie from striking out is coal use.  Data from the first 18 weeks of 2015 show coal use in the USA could be down by 5% for the year 2015 versus 2014.  If this level of reduced coal consumption happens, CO2 emissions in the USA could be flat or ever so slightly down.  Also a cooler summer and a warmer early winter in the last months of the year may save Ernie.  All in all I do like Ernie’s smile but he is about as useless as all of his predecessors at the Department of Entropy. 

The shale revolution has killed coal.  I do hope it helps Ernie get a ball in 2015.  Perhaps Ernie can be on dancing with the stars and when he is kicked off in an early round (he does not look like much of a dancer) he will get the Mirror Strike trophy.