Sunday, July 6, 2014

Colin O’Mara - The Magical Environmentalist

For almost two years I have been hammering at the BLOOMDOGGLE in Delaware.  The corrupt politicians and supposed public servants simply are the worst magicians ever.  Colin O’Mara who was the Secretary of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and a member of Governor Markell’s cabinet made the solid waste that is hazardous and contains sulfur disappear in his now famous February 10, 2012 Completeness Report. 

On February 8, 2012 Mr. Paul Foster P.E. of DNREC issued the operating permit to Mr. William Brokenborough of Bloom for the 3 megawatt section of the project at Brookside.  This is a full two days before Mr. O’Mara made the sulfur disappear. 

In Mr. Foster’s permit approval letter we have Section 3 Operational Limitations and paragraph 3.1.6 “The desulfurization beds (filters) shall be operated and maintained according to manufacturer’s recommendations and good engineering practices to ensure that the rate of removal of sulfur from the fuel cells does not result in emissions (air) in excess of the rate contained in Condition 2.1.4 of this permit.”
Condition 2.1.4 of the permit states that “SO2 emissions shall not exceed 0.0001 pounds per hour and 0.00044 tons per twelve (12) month rolling period;”

Now we know that on or before February 8, 2012 Mr. Foster knew the sulfur was removed from the gas and resulted in a solid waste.  Two days later Mr. O’Mara the man in charge of the DNREC and Mr. Foster’s boss made the sulfur disappear.  The DOJ in Delaware under Mr. Beau Biden has refused to investigate the disappearance.  The US attorney in Delaware has not lifted a finger to find the missing sulfur.

I am sure that the manufacturer’s recommendations and good engineering practice instruct the operator to “handle the sulfur waste with great care and dispose of properly”.   The now famous “wonder-boy from Oxford University” Mr. O’Mara has taken the post of President of the US Wildlife Federation.    Dr. Doolittle who understands animal talk was interviewed by Fox News said all the foxes in the wilderness had told them they are now worried their dens will become burial grounds for the solid waste that contains the missing sulfur.  We have red foxes but soon will have yellow foxes.  Actually there are Yellow Fox Gerbils.

Gerbils are desert rats and it is fitting that Colin O’Mara is King Rat.

After waging war on the citizens in the coastal zone of Delaware with his BLOOMDOGGLE Mr. O'Mara landed a high paying job in a DC area based national organization.   He is not fit for the job of a dog catcher but someone out there thinks he did a great job in Deal Away.  I wonder which big dog in DC is his protector?   The next Secretary of the DNREC will have to see where are the skeletons are buried and better have some strong front paws to dig deep.  The poor dog will get a real whiff of the hidden sulfur and may just pass out.  One cannot make up this stuff!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Condi's KIOR Gets Four Months To Find Weapons of Mass Combustion

The gangrene thermo undynamic rip-off company KIOR got a 4 month reprieve to pay the state of Mississippi the money owed to the state. 

Condi Rice was a board member of the company until December last year.  Of course Vinod Khosla, Condi’s client, did not want to throw more money down the drain just to pay Mississippi what it is owed.   I wonder how many calls Condi made to Haley Barbour and vice versa to arrange the “face saving” reprieve?   You are going tell me Vinod was the sole negotiator here, or did he use the services of his trusted “advisers” Condi Rice and Tony Blair?

Yeah Toxic Tony is also a Khosla Ventures advisor.

The real amount that should have been paid on June 30 to the citizens of Old Miss was $1.9 million, but the good folks in Jackson settled for a quarter million payment to give the gangrene company four months of breathing room.    The next “government” in line that is owed money is the pension fund of Alberta (Aimco).  For over a year I warned Aimco of their toxic investments in Kior and Bloom Energy without any reply.  Aimco had a guy named Jagdeep Singh Bachher as their investment guru who sat on the boards of Kior and Bloom representing their large investments in these companies.  After resigning from Aimco, Mr.  Bachher now heads the University of California retirement fund.  I have asked my Assemblyman (Mr. Levine) and the UC Board of Reagents to investigate his hiring for the post of chief investment officer.  I do not believe he is fit for the job given his history on the board of directors of these two gangrene companies, and his cronyism with Kleiner Perkins and Khosla Ventures

It will be interesting to see who is going to be the white knight to help KIOR.  The horsemen of the green apocalypse are falling off their mighty steeds that were bought with tax payer dollars.    I can tell you that the second law of thermodynamics will always hold and buying four months of time in the Magnolia State is not going to change a thing that the magic catalyst cannot yield 2.8 barrels of usable products per bone dry ton of pine wood as KIOR claimed.

Condi I suggest you simply give up looking for weapons of mass combustion.  I love the way KIOR did this the day before a long weekend and no one is there for comments.

Happy Independence Day

It has been another year of independence and during the year a lot of things happened.  I could dwell on how poorly the president and congress are doing but even CNN viewers that were polled consider Mr. Obama to be the worst president since WW II. 

From a Thermo perspective, the year showed the laws of thermo to be inviolable just as they have been since the Big Bang.

Greenwashers and hypers were hit hard during the year.  The VCs at Kleiner Perkins and Khosla Ventures were given a big whack by the second law.  Vinod Khosla is now a seven time loser.  His losers include Cello, Range, Kior, Amyris, Gevo, LS9, and Light Sail.  Glad to see that the person, who was also sued for not letting surfers get to a public beach, lost his behind over the year.  Vinod your knowledge of thermo is about as low as one can get. 

Kleiner Perkins saw their behind in the Fisker’s bankruptcy.  They also have seen the Bloom wilt as another lawsuit in Delaware has been filed for overcharge to customer by their agent Delmarva Power.    Yes the BLOOMDOGGLE will be a big news item in the coming year.  No doubt form a laws of thermodynamics perspective the BLOOMDOGGLE is a far bigger case of crony corruption than Solyndra.    The dollars involved are far bigger and the politicians involved are all over the country.

By July 4, 2015 before our nation’s 239th birthday, I predict that I will report that KIOR is a goner and that the BLOOMDOGGLER’s will be fully exposed like nudists.  Condi Rice will have to apologize for her crimes against thermodynamics, humanity, and nature while on the board of KIOR and Colin Powell will likewise have to apologize for his role on the Board of Bloom Energy.  This is not a GOP scandal, the democrats from Dover to DC will also be exposed for their roles in the BLOOMDOGGLE.  Thermo has a way of applying fully to both sides of the aisle.  Thermo is universal and will always be universal.  Bloom is just a transitory ugly weed that needs a good dose of Round Up.

Mr. Obama fared badly in the CNN poll of the worst president since 1945.  Mr. Huffman is the worst congressman in my 39 years in the USA.  Boxer was bad, Woolsey was worse, but Huffman is by far the worst.  It is quite amazing how bad my representation has been in Marin County since I moved here 26 years ago.  Boxer would not fight MTBE in Gasoline even after I met with her and told her it was a poison that would cause havoc.  Woolsey did not use my sage advice to prevent Dr. Chu from wasting billions of dollars even after I met with her.  Huffman is simply too chicken to meet with me face to face so he uses his AT&T telephone to talk with me for 13 minutes and 56 seconds claiming his Twinkie, oops CLECA, defense for his years of gangrene crony legislation in Sacramento.

You have to say the Green Machine tells it like thermo says it is.  Happy Fourth of July.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Car Companies Lose Money To Be Green

As part of their Goodwill hunting auto companies are trying to out green their competition.  The auto companies do not want to suffer the same fate as the tobacco companies hence they will use the “green” defense when the lawsuits come for damages caused by rising sea levels and severe weather.

Two example of the goodwill hunting are Toyota and Nissan.  With a lot of fanfare Toyota announced the launch of their Hydrogen Fuel Cell car in Japan and the US.

I wrote a university level text book on hydrogen and fuel cells and therefore know a little about this subject.

Toyota is probably losing $100,000 to $200,000 on each fuel cell vehicle they will sell.  But that is a small price to pay for the publicity and goodwill.  It is kind of like a super bowl ad. 

Nissan is greening up with their Leaf Plug In.  They announced the cost to consumers for the replacement set of batteries.

The  price is a another loss leader and probably they will lose $5,000 on each set of batteries.  But they are also clever in requiring the owner of the car to have to trade in the old battery that they will probably use for grid electricity storage.

The fools in the green press believe the pricing is based on cost.  It simply is based on what the market will bear and the losses are simply the costs associated with the development of green goodwill and for the legal defense if and when global warming lawsuits come against the auto companies.  The oil companies have already lost their billions on the greenwashing they all came up with supporting bio fool  (fuel) startups.    The cost of a lithium ion battery pack is still above $600 per kwh and the cost of a fuel cell with 80 kw of power is still over $200,000.  The Green Machine is not fooled by the pricing.

Talking about Bio Fools.  Vinod Khosla is about to put KIOR into bankruptcy.  Vinod has a zero batting average in the bio fuel space.  His failures in the fuel space include Cello, Range, Kior, Amyris, Gevo, and LS 9.  The problem for Vinod is he did not have as much money as Shell Oil to waste on Bio Fools.  Shell actually knew it was all BS and wanted the Green defense against future lawsuits but Vinod really thought he could defeat the the laws of thermodynamics by green talk.  Of late, Condi Rice has been amazingly quiet on both Iraq and KIOR.    The BBC reported that the Russians will supply fighter jets to the Iraqis, I guess Malaki got tired of waiting for bio jet fuel from the US.

The Russians won’t be losing a trillion dollars in Iraq.  Only the US and the global oil and auto companies can afford to lose money to win the hearts and minds of people.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bloom Started WW III But William Whipple III Will End It

The beginning of the end of WW III has commenced in the First State.  Bloom Energy and their agent DELMARVA Power started the war by invading Delaware in early 2011.  These members of the Axis of Gangrene Electric Power had a blitzkrieg to get a corrupt government to declare the invading Boxes (Servers) as being generators of “renewable” power.  The plan was to make citizens of Delaware servants to the Servers and pay subsidies for twenty years.  The corrupt state government officials that allowed this to happen include Governor Markell and Colin O’Mara his Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

Then the remaining thermodynamic neophytes in government in Delaware (House, Senate, and PSC) agreed to a special tariff for the Bloom fuel cells under the how green is my valley scenario.  Since startup of the Boxes two years ago in June 2012, DELMARVA Power as Bloom’s agent has collected $46,830,748 of excess electricity charges  above the real market value of power from the citizens of Delaware who are DELMARVA Power’s customers.  This “subsidy” is given to Bloom as a gift for the super wealthy like John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins who own Bloom.

On April 8th 2014 I blogged about the fraud in Delaware in that the tariff used for customer billings exceeded the maximum amount of natural gas that was permitted to be used by the Bloom Coffins (Coffins equals Servers and Boxes) and that DELMARVA Power was fraudulently overcharging its customers.  I blogged that the operations of the Coffins as a power source in the Coastal Zone of Delaware should be ended as the Boxes simply cannot produce power with less than or equal to the permitted amount of natural gas.

I told the Delaware DOJ the whole permit was a ruse and was fraudulently approved by Mr. O’Mara as Mr. Magic O’Mara made tons of hazardous solid waste with sulfur simply disappear.  Joe Biden’s son Beau heads the Delaware DOJ as the Attorney General, he was copied on the allegations I made to the Delaware DOJ.  The Deputy AG Mr. Ralph Durstein who was copied in the allegations I faxed has been combative in a series of emails to me.  He probably was involved in the proceedings of the permit application and its approval.  His role in the granting of the permit needs to be investigated.

Now the Allies are finally fighting back against the Axis.  Mr. William Whipple III, a Delaware resident and a DELMARVA power customer, filed a class action suit against DELMARVA Power and its parent Pepco Holdings based on the fraud allegations that were enumerated in my blog.  Note William Whipple III can be shortened to WW III and he certainly is on the good side of this fight. 

I can’t wait to ask Mr. Whipple why he did not like customers squeezing the Charmin but really gets a kick out of squeezing the corrupt utility in Deal Away.  We all know Mr. Whipple vicariously did like squeezing the Charmin himself and got some good practice in performing a tight squeeze before going after the BLOOMDOGGLERs in Delaware.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Electric Harley

Harley Davidson motorcycles announced they will produce an electric motor bike.  It will not be for sale but will be given to folks to test.

The Harley bike is beautiful and I had always thought that lithium ion batteries are well suited for electric bicycles and motor bikes.  However, the electric motor bike business in the US has been horrible.  Vectrix a startup electric scooter firm went bust and had their assets auctioned.

That Americans like big cars not little E bikes may be the reason the battery powered two wheeler market has not developed in the USA.  Elsewhere in the world and in particular in Asia E Bikes are very popular.  Also The US and Canada have pretty detailed and restrictive rules about E bikes.

I was kind of thinking of the CODA car and what ever happened to the company Hank Paulson festered upon us?  They went bankrupt a year ago and gave up on cars but now are a grid energy storage company called Coda Energy.

Yeah Coda went from mobile to stationary.  Our friends at KIOR where Condi Rice greenwashed and fibbed about their diesel from pine had layoffs this week at their alchemic facility in Columbus Mississippi.  Kior is about to go coda blue soon.

The country is littered with failed green energy companies and Harley is probably right to produce only a few demo E Bikes and not overhype the potential of the alternative non gasoline powered motor bike.  They will let Elon Musk do all the hyping he wants. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

The US is Using More Fuel Despite Elon Musk

Despite all the chatter that we are greening up the US is using more fuel and emitting more carbon than it did last year.  Per the US EIA for the first five months of 2014 versus the same period in 2013 gasoline usage is up 1.7%, jet fuel usage is up 2.4% and diesel fuel usage is up 4.8%.    The good news on the flip side of this is that economic activity seems to be picking up.

Dr. Moniz the Secretary of Energy who I like to joke looks like he is from Mad Magazine, has been posting on Facebook how he and the administration are leading us to a greener more carbon neutral future.  Of course one year of data is not a trend but petroleum usage in 2013 was up over 2012 and 2014 is pointing to be up over 2013.

The utter chaos in Iraq together with increased global demand for oil is causing prices to rise.  The world loves liquid fuels and is burning it like there is no tomorrow.  Had the US not started producing shale oil and gas the price of oil would have reached $200 a barrel and natural gas would be selling for three times as much as it does now.  We are so bloody lucky that shale oil and gas came to our rescue.  The socialist nincompoops that still argue we should not be fracking are thermodynamic and economic idiots.  Even Dr. Moniz called the fracking of shale a boon to the US.  I say fracking saved our ass.

I had written a few months back about a Green Gringo in Seattle who has over 100,000 miles on his Nissan Leaf.  That guy did his part by tapping into the grid that has pretty low carbon emissions due to the large amount of hydroelectric power in the Northwest.    Elon Musk claims he will open up his patents on his gangrene Tesla which hogs lithium and really is not a green vehicle.  I think this is a marketing ploy by Tesla as their sales have already declined in the USA year over year and smaller EVs such as the Leaf are gaining market share.  Inside EVs dot com reports Tesla US sales  have dropped like a stone from 8,700 last year for the first five months to only 5,600 this year.

The Leaf has picked up sales with 10,389 vehicles sold year to date versus 7,614 last year.  Elon may think he should share his patents but Nissan does not really need his help.  The Model S has been one of the fastest flops in terms of model sales in the US.   The Mitsubishi I MiEV is another flop.   Elon has buoyed his stock price by hyping the Giga Battery factory that I call the giggle battery factory as it is a joke.  Don’t get me wrong the Model S is an engineering marvel and is the electric Aston Martin but there is only a limited market for that type of car and Tesla will not be the VW of EVs and the giggle factory is a joke.

The PV project I worked on in Chile is up and running and has taken the equivalent of over 40,000 cars off the roads in carbon emissions savings.    Since its introduction in 2012, the total sales of the Tesla Model S has only been 25,900 vehicles in the US.  We also know that an EV does not replace a  full ICE car by reducing CO2 emissions as the grid has CO2 emissions.  Perhaps a half a car is replaced by the Tesla Model S, meaning all Elon has done to date in the US is replace one third of the cars the Green Machine did with part time consulting gig to a Chilean mining company for the PV project in the Atacama.  The Green Machine wins hands down with one hand tied behind his back.  Actually my arm is out of the sling and my broken collar bone is healed and I am now fighting fit to take on the BLOOMDOGGLERs