Monday, July 30, 2018

Wazzup With Enphase

It has been quite a while since I blogged about Enphase.  Now I see some guys believe it is a sham.

All I know is that the SEC should investigate Enphase.  It has Kammen, Doerr, and Rodgers and that is cuase for concern to anyone who obeys the laws of thermodynamics

SHAM is Self Help America Movement.  SCAM is Silly Cons Attract Money.  Doerr and Rodgers are the whose who in Silly Con Valley

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What's In The Docs What Is Bloomdoggle Hiding???

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Bloom Energy Settled in 2014 for $16.7 million with Badger and Daubenspeck.

This is Stormy Times Forty Times 3.212

There has to be some real good stuff in the Docs.  What's in the Docs ???   Quoting for the WSJ article.

Mr. Badger told WSJ Pro that he would like to share information about the dispute, but “I am currently under a confidentiality agreement…and the company is currently seeking to prevent me from releasing the information I have and claiming I breached the agreement, a charge I deny.”

A Bloom Energy spokesman declined to comment on details of the settlement. But regarding the confidentiality agreement, a spokesman said: “AEI and its former executives are subject to legally binding confidentiality obligations in connection with their 2014 settlement with Bloom. We expect that they will honor those obligations, as we have.”
There has to be some real good stuff in the Docs.  What's in the Docs ???  Maybe Bloom should honor their obligation to Taxpayers and Ratepayers who have subsidized their ecofraud by over $1.5 billion.

Maybe Bloom should honor their obligation to Kiwi Pensioners who have lost $64 million in the Bloomdoggle.

Maybe Bloom should honor the Delaware coastal zone act and not lie.

Maybe Bloom should honor the country and fire all the officers and directors who were in place in July 2014 when the Stormy Times Forty Times 3.212 deal was struck.

Maybe Bloom should honor the rule of law and equal justice.

We want to know WHAT'S IN THE DOCS ????


Saturday, July 21, 2018

IRS is Investigating Colin Powell Case #2018-010627

I heard back from the IRS and they have opened Case # 2018-010627 into the real market price of shares given to Colin Powell by Bloom Energy in February 2009.

The IRS stated they will notify me as soon as all actions relating to my claim have been completed.  Of course I hope this can be done while Trump is still president, but I won't hold my breath.  The FTC has been investigating known greenwashing by Bloom for six years and is yet to notify me they lifted a finger.

The letter I received was signed on behalf of  Joseph Hebb, Program Manager, Whistleblower Office SPPA.  I am sure that Powell, Doerr and other Bloomdogglers are going to try squash this case and will enlist the help of Schumer, Carper, Coons and other deep swamp dwellers.

The Washington Times did expose these cronies in a piece on the Bloomdoggle having a Bumpy Future.

I can only hope the IRS is a big pothole for the War on Carbon Criminal Powell.

Dr, Shridhar's GREEN LIES MATTER more than Dr. Gillespie's.    Maybe Drew Barrymore will play the role of Susan Brennan the lying COO of Bloom.  There is a close resemblance.   Now that Barry Hussein Barry More is signed up with Netflix he will play the role of Powell.  Barry won't have to learn how to lie, he has already perfected that.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Kammen Scores 0.2% In Thermo 101 Exam

The fake voodoo scientist Dan Kammen of Berkeley scored 0.2% in his Thermodynamics 101 Exam.

This liar who was Crooked Hillary's and BHO's science advisor promised us 5.5 billion gallons of cellulosic ethanol for the year 2018.  These gangrene crooks delivered 5.5 million gallons for the first six months of 2018.   This means Kammen scored 0.2% on his Thermodynamics 101 for the academic year of 2018.

Kammen is a liar and a huge friend of Deep State Doerr the grandest Bloomdoggler of them all.  Kammen was the brains behind Deep State Doerr and Krooked Khosla's Proposition 87 in 2006 that failed.  These three stooges of thermodynamics were going to put Exxon Mobil and Chevron out of business with California taxpayer money.  They are the Triple Voodoo of the San Francisco Bay Area

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Soros Called Obama a Disappointment - Doerr Called Him the Greatest - I Call Him An Utter Disaster

I sent this email to many folks including John Doerr, Steven Chu, Ernie Moniz, and Rep Jim Jordan

Looks like Obama gave Soros the cold shoulder.

The worst president of my lifetime #44 gave Doerr's Gangrene  Companies  billions of dollars.  This has to be investigated

Rep Jordan you have to have a congressional hearing and call in Doerr under oath. Fisker was small potatoes.  Bloom and Amyris are the big losers.  Bloom lost $2.3 billion.  Amyris lost $1.3 billion.  Hillary lost the election.  Soros is no angel but compared to Doerr, Soros is wholesome.

Doerr is copied.  We the people are tired of being defrauded out of Billions of Dollars by Obama cronies.  

Doerr sits on the board of Bloom which is the largest ecofraud of the 21st century  Bloom extracted $1.5 billion in subsidies from ratepayers and taxpayers.while losing $2,3 billion for equity investors like the New Zealand pensioners who were lied to by Google where Doerr is also a board member.

Doerr sits on the board of Amyris a gangrene joke that promised us 200 million gallons of diesel from sugar and delivered zero gallons.  Lying Steven Chu and Lying Ernie Moniz are copied.  

Doerr is the poster child of why Oh Bummer was into Voodoo Science by the likes of Kammen and Keasling that cost we the people big bucks.

Had Soros had some crap fake gangrene green energy company lying Oh Bummer would have given him billions just like Khosla and Doerr were given.

Shame on all of you for being so naive and stupid to believe in Voodoo Magic.  Shame on all of you to disobey the laws of thermodynamics.  Shame on all of you to dislike President Trump who has to drain the swamp.

Ending the Bloomdoggle will drain 99.999999999999% of the swamp.


My Slide From When Oh Bummer Thought Hillary Would Win

Two years ago I created the slide below.  This was on July 27, 2016 when Oh Bummer addressed the assembled Dems in Philly at their 2016 convention.  They were all riding high thinking crooked Hillary would be #45.

DEEP STATE DOERR is a big contributor to the Oh Bummer library.  And YES the caveman was correct in thinking THERMODYNAMICS TRUMPS EVERYTHING

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Brockenborough The Bloomdoggler in Delaware Now Active at Ohio State University

I sent this email to Jim Jordan the Congressman from Ohio.  Of course the Bloom Board of Directors and the SEC were copied as was Tucker Carlson and dozens of others

Rep Ryan

Bill Brockenborough who lied through his teeth in Delaware to get the fake Coastal Zone Act Permit for Bloom to fleece DELMARVA ratepayers has now reared his head with ENGIE at Ohio State University.

This is a $1.05 billion deal with the University.

Rep Ryan this has to be investigated !!!!!

This makes the Doctor at OSU look like Albert Schweitzer 

GREEN LIES MATTER  even in Columbus Ohio

Is Doerr Worth 8,760 Times Powell ???

Doerr the grand Bloomdoggler who owns Obama, Schumer and the Senate Democrats told Ellen Pao that his time is worth $200,000 an hour.

Crooked Colin Powell is paid $200,000 a year to twist the arms of government on behalf of Bloomdoggle Energy.

There are 8,760 hours in a year.  Therefore Doerr thinks he is worth 8,760 Colin Powells.

Bloom Delays Maintenance To Screw New Investors

Lying cheating gangrene crooked Bloom Energy has a pattern of delaying maintenance prior to raising money so they can pretend to have better results.  After the money is raised, the losses mount as much money has to be spent on the delayed maintenance.  This is  called screwing the new investors.

The Kiwis were taken like fools back in 2014 when their national pension fund invested in Bloom.

I sent this email to he OIG of the SEC and a whole bunch of folks including the Kiwis and the board of directors of Bloomdoggle

I did some forensic accounting using the S1.

In 2015 and earlier Bloom deferred maintenance on their coffins (boxes).  Then in 2016 they had to spend approximately $155 million on service costs.

They raised money from the Kiwis and others in 2014 and 2015 and hid the real costs of service by deferring maintenance while they were raising money.

Bloom is again deferring maintenance on their coffins.  We know that in Delaware each month they report to the DE PSC that the coffins are unavailable 9% to 10% of the time for lack of spare parts.  This has been going on for at least a year if one looks at the dockets available to the public.  In the S1 Bloom claims to target 95% capacity factor but is only reaching 87% capacity factor in Delaware.  Why?  Because they are deferring maintenance to show better results prior to the IPO.  They did this prior to 2016 and are doing it again.

The SEC is forewarned that small investors are not being told the truth about service costs.


Here is my table of imputed service costs using forensic accounting.  Bloom must provide this data as part of their S1 rather than hide the data.

increase in service revenue Q1 2018 $             1,300,000
per cent increase0.071
q1 2017 sevice revenue $          18,309,859
q1 2018 service revenue $          19,609,859
q1 2018 service cost $          24,253,000
q1 2017 service cost $          18,219,000
q1 2017 service gross margin $                   90,859
q1 2018 service gross margin $          (4,643,141)
increase 2017 over 2016 $             9,300,000
percent increase0.137
year 2016 service revenue $          67,883,212
year 2017 service revenue $          77,183,212
year 2016 service cost $        155,034,000
year 2017 service cost $          83,597,000
year 2016 service gross margin $        (87,150,788)
year 2017 service gross margin $          (6,413,788)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bloom, Google, Cypress Semi and Advanced Equities Investors

Another email just sent to OIG of the SEC and many others including Doerr and Rodgers.

In early 2009 when Advanced Equities (The company that the SEC sanctioned for hyping Bloom) sold shares in Bloom to investors, part of the sales package included a testimonial Bloom prepared stating that Google was in love with the fuel cells Bloom had installed at Google HQ in mid 2008.  Bloom had Cypress Semiconductor of TJ Rodgers fame conduct the interview of Google to obtain the "Google Customer Testimonial".  The testimonial stated "the units have performed well."  "System operating at or better than expectations."

Remember Doerr sits on the board of Google as well as Bloom.  He was a board member of both companies when the Google Customer Testimonial was given.  

Rodgers used to sit on the boards of Bloom and Cypress Semiconductor at the time of the testimonial

We know those early fuel cells failed rapidly and many had to be decommissioned.

The OIG of the SEC must investigate why Burson and Stoltz of the Chicago office of the SEC did not add Google, Bloom, and Cypress Semiconductor to their investigation of Badger and Daubenspeck (Advanced Equities),  Certainly Doerr and Rodgers should have been investigated.

It is interesting that Rodgers was thrown off the board of Cypress and screamed Judas when this happened.  Rodgers resigned from Bloom's board in January of this year without any explanation.

Maybe the SEC does have a copy of the "Google Customer Testimonial"???

Maybe Obama protected his friend and HUGE contributor John Doerr??

We know for sure that Jack Markell the former governor of Delaware touted Bloom as having Google as a customer.  The "Google Customer Testimonial" is not worth the paper it is written on.


Ms. Brandt as the head of sustainability at Google you are hereby informed that Google is part of the Bloomdoogle.  We know Apple, AT&T, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, DELMARVA and myriad others are also part of the BLOOMDOGGLE.

Ending the Bloomdoggle wil drain 99.99999% of the swamp.  Mr. Pyle please tell Mr. Trump about the Bloomdoggle

Congressman Jordan please hold hearings.


The Green Machine

Monday, July 16, 2018

Google Gave Up On Bloom Energy

Google was Bloom Energy's first commercial customer way back in July 2008.  It looks like they did not ever do another project with Bloomdoggle.  Why?   Page attended the launch of Bloomdoggle in February 2010 and stated that if the Boxes work he would like to see them installed at everyone of Google's data centers,  Maybe Page found out the boxes don't work?  But surely Google the eavesdropper that knows everything should have informed the world that Bloom is a Bloomdoggle.

Gawking Google Failed To Inform.  Baby Fund My Fire John Doerr is on the board of directors of both Google and Bloomdoggle.  Lyin' Alchemy Gore is an advisor to Google and a partner in Doerr's Kleiner Perkins of Silly Con Valley.  This is pretty interesting why Google is not the number one customer or even the number ten customer of Bloom.  Google must know that Bloom is not renewable energy.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

My Email To Kate Brandt A Big Shot At Google

Ms. Brandt

Per Bloom's website the 400 kilowatt project at Google was operational in July 2008.  Per their S1 they state their first project at a client of 400 kilowatts started up in August 2008.  They do not mention Google once in the S1 but the 400 kilowatt project is at Google,

Did Google know that in April 2008 the American Society of Mechanical Engineers  rated the Bloom fuel cell as the worst on market by far?

 The attached timeline from the Bloom S1 shows that Bloom started to deploy Bloom boxes in their first power purchase agreement in October 2010.  We know that many if not all of these first deployments failed and had to be decommissioned.   Bloom has admitted to this.

It is therefore very likely that the boxes at Google which was Bloom's first commercial customer also failed.  The question is when?

If they were failing before February 2010 when Bloom launched and Google assisted in hyping that launch then Google is party to what I call the Bloomdoggle.?

You should note I have copied the office of inspector general of the SEC.  We have a case number  listed below requesting a full investigation by the SEC of the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle.

Given that John Doerr was on the board of Bloom and also on the board of Google we are particularly interested in what Google knew about the performance or lack thereof of the 400 kilowatts of Bloom boxes at Google.

It would be great if you answer the above questions.  If you choose not to I am asking the OIG of the SEC to include this request for answers in the case they have open for the Bloomdoggle.

Ms. Brandt as you once worked for Barack Obama you certainly must know that John Doerr and his wife were extremely big contributors to the Democrats.  My investigation has shown that Bloom is Solyndra times eight and Flint on steroids.

You can read all about that at


Not Your Cup Of Tea

The Bloomdogglers accused me of being a Tea Partier.  The truth is I am not.  The Bloomdogglers accused me of working for the Kochs.  The truth is I do not.  The Bloomdogglers accused me or being racist.  The truth is I am not.  The Bloomdoggle is simply not my cup of tea.

I wrote this to them and the SEC

To the SEC

When we put up stiff opposition to Bloom coming to steal money in Delaware, the swamp dwellers called us Tea Partiers.  I happen to be the Green Machine and do love Green Tea.  I am not a Tea Partier,  I do not work for the Koch Brothers.  I have never contributed a cent to any politician.  

Doerr and his cronies on the stage at the launch at eBay are the poster children of what has gone wrong with America.  They are all Bloomdogglers.  The founder of Google knew the boxes at Google had a half life of one year.  Shridhar did his magic under the black cape knowing full well his fuel cell was the worst on market.  The Walmart dude was there because the Walton family sent him there as they owned part of Bloomdoggle.  The Odwalla dude corrected lying Doerr that he was not the president of Coca Cola.  The eBay dude was there because Meg Whitman was soon to become a Kleiner Perkins partner.  That Feinstein and Bloomberg were willing to lie through their teeth for the Bloomdoggle is sickening.  That Powell made the slickest presentation of his life except for the one in which he lied that Saddam Hussein had WMDs is disgusting.  Crooked Colin was being paid handsomely under a consulting agreement signed the year before in 2009.  The collage of photos of Boxer, Con D Rice, and Toxic Tom Friedman with Shridhar just show how deep these Bloomdogglers went to camouflage the fact that their box was expensive, was inefficient, and required a stack change at that time every 18 months or so.

The SEC must demand that Badger and Daubenspeck testify.  The SEC knows they attended the board meetings and will be able to tell us all who really hyped the Bloomdoggle.  They will tell us exactly how much they were paid under the NDA.  I believe it is north of Stormy Times Forty.

We want equal justice and the rule of law.  That Doerr owns the Senate Democrats and Barack Obama is irrelevant.  We have enough proof for indictments.  Doerr kind of reminds me of McCabe plus 25 years.  Slick and full of himself and he plays the audience and the panel.  He did not fool me in 2010 and I called it an eco-fraud then.  That they called me a Tea Partier only shows how stupid and wrong they are.


Saturday, July 14, 2018

CASE# 127617264 Office of Inspector General for the SEC

This email was sent to the SEC, politicians, the press and the board of directors of Bloom including Baby Fund My Fire Doerr.

To the OIG of the SEC

CASE# 127617264 

Mr, Doerr is on the board of directors of Google as well as being the chief Blommdoggler at Bloom Energy.

In April 2008 the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ranked Bloom dead last by a mile in the fuel cell industry.

In July 2008 Bloom installed 400 kilowatts of fuel cells at Google.

These fuel cells probably failed and were decommissioned.  This needs to be investigated and confirmed.

Google helped Bloom launch and when Bloom launched Doerr exclaimed that the launch of Bloom was as big as the IPO of Google.

We all know Bloom is an ecofraud and is Solyndra times eight and Flint on steroids.

The State of Delaware bought into the fake deal in part because Bloom claimed Google as a customer.  Mr. Levin who headed DEDO is copied.   Governor Markell made huge statements that Google was a customer of Bloom


But now we have a case of conflict of interest of Mr, Doerr at Google.  It must be investigated in Mr, Doerr knowingly screwed the shareholders of Google to promote the Bloomdoggle?  We know he bought politicians in Delaware to get the fake CZA permit and bogus tariff approved.  The Delaware Bloomdoggle has cost ratepayers and taxpayers over $280 million so far. 

The New Zealand Superfund has lost a boatload in the Bloomdoggle.  I estimate the loss to Kiwi pensioners at $60 million US.  I am sure they also relied on the fact that Google was a Bloom customer to buy into the scam.

Please add this to 

CASE# 127617264 Office of Inspector General for the SEC


Harvey Weinstein Movie Roles For Sex

Remembering the Baby Fund My Fire Doerrs are Four Harvey Wallbanger Weinsteins when it comes to contributions to Federal candidates and causes I wrote this email to prominent politicians and government officials

Harvey Weinstein admitted he gave movie roles for sex

We have to find out what Doerr got for his contributions to the Senate Democrats and Obama???

The movie on The Bloomdoggle is progressing.  No sex in the movie.  But it is full of other sins.

Being Jewish, Poor and Ugly I get what Harvey said but disagree with him.  The actors in The Bloomdoggle do not have to sleep for their roles, they just have to understand how the swamp works.

It is pretty simple to explain the roles to the actors.  I will use the attached slides.  The actors will then be able to play the roles perfectly.

I am now interviewing the actor to play Huffman.  Andy McCabe needs the money but can I trust him to play the role honestly?  I doubt his sincerity.

If Barry Minkow gets out of jail soon enough I will have him play Doerr.



A virulent disease is plaguing the USA,  The symptom of the disease is CRONY CAPITALISM. 

The actual underlying disease is DOERR as in John Doerr the head Bloomdoggler.

DOERR equals Dumb Officials Extracting Real Revenue.  Doerr and his buddies like Khosla extracted Billions of taxpayer and ratepayer dollars in their  Bloomdoggle, Fisker, Amyris, Luca and myriad other gangrene energy schemes.  Doerr owns Obama and the Democrats with the occasional Republican thrown in.  Khosla the "lifelong republican" owned Obama and escaped prosecution in the KIOR ecofraud.

Doerr owned the most crooked academic Dan Kammen

Doerr owned the most crooked press people like Toxic Tom Friedman

What Doerr did not own was a brain for thermodynamics.  He is in fact a thermodynamic cretin.

It is high time to eradicate the DOERR disease.

The OIG of the SEC must do its job and investigate the Stormy Times Forty NDA.  The SEC must demand that Bloomdoggle submit an honest and complete S1 before their IPO can commence.  The voters in Delaware must first boot out Toxic Tom Carper, then Crooked Chris Coons and Jumpy John Carney and then end the Bloomdoggle there.

The GREEN MACHINE has exposed Doerr and the Bloomdoggle as well as many other ecofrauds like KIOR.  The Thermanator is DDT in the treatment of gangrene.  Debunking Dumb Theories in the green space

GREEN LIES MATTER and time to end CANCEROUS CRONYISM.  We must up our attitude to make science great in America again and drive from office Dumb Officials Extracting Real Revenue

Friday, July 13, 2018

KR Shridhar The DR Shredder Of Dollars

Shridhar the CEO of Bloomdoggle goes by the name KR.  There is a wood chipper company called the DR Shredder.  KR Shridhar has shredded $4.5 billion in the Bloomdoggle,  He has renamed DR Shredder

I compared KR to Minkow of ZZZZ Best Carpet Cleaning.  Minkow did not shred $4,5 billion.  Minkow did not get $1.5 billion in taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies.  And as far as I know Minkow did not generate million of pounds of hazardous solid waste.  Minkow was never hugged by Arnie and Schumer the Bloomer.

DR claims Professional Power Done Right.  KR claimed Better Electrons and we know we the people were Done Wrong.

Minkow got 25 years.

Shridhar should get the electric chair powered by better electrons

DOE Giving Money To Bloom Competitors

It is interesting that the DOE is giving money to 16 Solid Oxide Fuel Cell projects.

Bloom is getting none of the money.  Two competitors FuelCell Energy and LG Fuel Cells are getting money to offer lower cost fuel cells that could make the Bloom wilt.

I wrote the following email to the OIG of the SEC as well as the chairman and senior staff of the SEC

The US DOE award to LG Fuel Cells could also spell huge competition to Bloom

Techno-Economic Analysis of an LGFCS MWe-Class SOFC System. LG Fuel Cell Systems Inc. aims to perform a range of technical, cost, and economic analyses of the design for a MWe-scale natural gas-fired SOFC system for distributed power generation.
DOE Funding: $970,224; Non-DOE Funding: $242,556; Total Value: $1,212,780
LG is the massive Korean firm that could swallow Bloom in one bite.  I checked the S1 and there is no mention of LG being a competitor.

The more I think of this, the more I remember ZZZZ Best Carpet Cleaners.  Bloom claims to have better electrons and Minkow claimed ZZZZ Best was the best carpet cleaning company in the world.

Minkow appeared on Oprah, Bloom appeared on Leslie Stahl 60 Minutes.  Bloom knew the American Society of Mechanical Engineers has rated them as the worst fuel cell on market but appeared on Sixty Minutes as If they had a magic box.  Shridhar the CEO even told Leslie Stahl she would be the first person on the planet to see the inside of the box.  

The SEC is going to have another ZZZZ Best on their hands in the Bloomdoggle.  Minkow did not have Gore, Doerr, Powell, Sandell, Bush, Ayotte, Zervigon, Rodgers, Schumer, Coons, Carper, Obama, Stoltz, Burson and a thousand other swamp dwellers from New Zealand to Canada and Kuwait.  Minkow did not have Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley funding him.  Shridhar does.

Can the SEC tell we the people if folks like Shridhar and Kurtz ever sold their shares?.  Until the SEC can assure us that insiders did not dump shares over time how do we know they did not?????

Trump called Russia a "Competitor".  It is time for Trump to call Bloom a Bloomdoggle.  I will try call 1 800 247 3565

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bloom Still Shows Chambers On Board

We all know the S1 does not list John Chambers as a Board of Directors member.  The Bloom website that is famous for greenwashing still lists Chambers as a board member.

To the left of Chambers are the swamp dwellers Ayotte and Bush.  To the right of Chambers is Doerr the Bloomdoggler who owns Obama, Schumer, Coons, Carper and many other swamp dwellers.

My Email to SEC and Kiwis Bloom IPO Fees Are High

The investment bankers know Bloom is a very speculative piece of junk.  They are charging fees around 9% for the IPO.

A typical IPO of this size has fees around 5 to 6%

If the stock IPOs at $14 a share Bloom will only get $12.76 a share net proceeds.  This causes further losses to the New Zealand Superfund 

To the OIG of the SEC it looks like the Investment bakers that also own stock and notes in Bloomdoggle are playing games and have conflicts of interests up the wazoo.

To the Kiwis a wazoo is another word for a Bloomerang

My Email To Winston Peters Acting Prime Minister of New Zealand

I have told Winston Peters for years that the Kiwi Superfund investment in Bloom was destined for disaster.  He never lifted a finger.  The press in NZ should use this one slide that is attached to call Mr. Peters to the carpet for his apathy towards pensioners' money.  The idiots at the superfund bought into the Bloomdoggle at peak prices back in 2013 and 2014.

The CCPIB made sure they got the whole company as collateral when they loaned the Bloomdoggle money.

The real idiots/crooks are the SEC who went after Badger and Daubenspeck (Advanced Equities) instead of shutting down Gore, Doerr and Powell's Bloomdoggle in 2012.  Of course Obama was protecting his friends.  The OIG of the SEC must investigate and heads at the SEC must role.

I am now trying to find out why Bill Kurtz the former CFO of Bloom at the time the Kiwis invested is shown to have no shares in the company in the S1.  Did he unload his shares while the Kiwis or others were buying in??????

Mr. Whineray you should check the case of Kathy H Kurtz Vs William H Kurtz,  Looks like Kurtz had a divorce settlement exactly at the time the Superfund was buying into Bloom where he was the CFO.  This could be a coincidence???

We do know for sure that GREEN LIES MATTER

To the Kiwi press please send this to Matt Nippert of the Herald who is under Bloom's spell and reports fake news down under.


The email and the slide was sent to leading press folks in New Zealand besides the acting prime minister.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Why Does Bill Kurtz Show No Shares In Bloom S1 ????

William H. Kurtz is the Chief Commercial Officer of Bloom Energy.  He was the Chief Financial Officer unitil 2015.  He has been with Bloom Energy for 10 years.  Yet the S1 does not show a single share or a single option held in the name Kurtz.   Why?????

Did Bill Kurtz unload his shares?  Was he never given any options or stock units?  These are open questions.  The S1 does not state anything about Kurtz or other insiders previously selling shares in Bloom Energy.

I find it very strange that a very senior person in the C Suite does not have any shares or options.  I have asked the Inspector General of the SEC as well as the Chairman of the SEC to investigate why Bill Kurtz has zero ownership interest in the company????

Schumer and The Dems Bailed Out Canada's Pension Fund

Holly Macaroni

When Schumer the Bloomer, Crooked Chris Coons, Toxic Tom Carper, and the Senate Democrats bailed out Bloomdoggle Energy with the 30% investment tax credit they actually bailed out CPPIB the Canadian State Pension Fund.

It turns out CPPIB holds $231.5 million of the 6% secured notes in Bloomdoggle Energy.  These notes can be converted to equity and CPPIB will then hold 26.5 million shares out of a total of 114.5 million shares or over 23% of the Bloomdoggle.

Bloom Energy was dead until Chuck the Schmuck bailed them out with the 30% ITC.  In fact Chuck the Schmuck bailed out the Canadian Pension fund that would have had to take a massive writedown of their huge debt holding in the largest ecofraud of the 21st century.  THE BLOOMDOGGLE.

The boys at Breitbart need to tell Donald Trump to bring this up with the baby face Prime Minister of Canada next time he talks to him.

Here is the screenshot from the S1 that shows the CPPIB holdings of Bloom 6% notes.

Bye Bye Bloomie

Rodgers is like Californium 250 with a Half Life of 13 years

Case is like Sodium 22 with a Half Life of 2.6 years

Chambers is like Californium 254 with a Half Life of 60 days

The Bloom Six Percenters

The holders of the 6% secured notes in Bloom Bloomdoggle will make out like bandits in the IPO.

Page 56 of the revised S1 shows that:

27,656,148 shares of our Class B common stock issuable upon the conversion of our outstanding 6% Notes as of March 31, 2018, based on an assumed initial public offering price of $14.00 per share of Class A common stock, which is the midpoint of the price range set forth on the cover page of this prospectus, which notes will be convertible at the option of the holders thereof following the completion of this offering;

There are $245,039,000 of 6% notes.  This means the six percenters will be able to get stock at $8.86 a share if the IPO is at $14.  This is a 36% discount to the IPO price.  The lower the IPO price the more the six percenters make out.  These 27,656,148 were not included in the total number of outstanding shares in the table in the revised S1.

I will try find out who the six percenters are.  I am pretty certain Kleiner Perkins and NEA hold some of the 6% notes.

I founds out that Kleiner, NEA, Credit Suisse and the Canadian pension Plan own the 6% notes.