Monday, November 26, 2018

Bloom Has Applied To Replace Coffins In Delaware

Our favorite group of eco fraudsters now wants to replace 149 Bloom coffins in Delaware with new Bloom Boxes.

This will create 5.2 million pounds of waste just for the 134 boxes in the protected coastal zone.   I wrote this in email to many in Delaware government and others including the Bloomdogglers

I have real concern that if Bloom is allowed to replace the Boxes in Delaware they may resell these boxes in India or some other country.   The old boxes still produce some power.

Their trick may be to get US taxpayers to fork over $30 to $40 million in Investment tax credits and then sell the old boxes in a place like India.

That is why DNREC must make Bloom obey the CZA permit and only remove a maximum of 500 pounds of metal waste a year.

Senator Lawson the DE Senate has to investigate.

Let the Indians or others wait 10,000 years to get the highly subsidized boxes that pollute.