Thursday, December 28, 2017

Bloom Adds Almost 20,000 Cars to the Road in Delaware

A year ago the COO of Bloom lied in an OP ED in the Delaware News Journal that she took 120,000 cars off the road in Deal Away.

Latest data from the DE PSC show the Bloom Coffins need 7.683 million BTUs of shale natural gas to generate one megawatt hour of electric power injected into the grid at a Delmarva Power and Lies substation.

Adding the line losses to get the dirty worse expensive Bloomdoggle electrons to a home or business the CO2 emissions equal approximately half a short ton of CO2 emissions per megawatt hour.   There are 30 megawatts of highly expensive Bloom coffins feeding the Delmarva grid.  Therefore 15 short tons an hour of CO2 are belched by Alchemy Gore and his cronies into the air in Deal Away by Bloomdoggle.

With an 86% capacity factor and 8,760 hours in a year and the average vehicle belching 5.3 metric tons of CO2 a year, one can perform the tedious math to show Bloom added 19,383 vehicles to roads of DELAWARE.

So far the Bloomdoggle in Delaware has stolen $252,088,051 in Delmarva ratepayer and US taxpayer subsidy.  Joe Biden, Coons, Carper, Carney, Kaufman, Markell, O'Mara, Levin and dozens of other deep staters helped Alchemy Gore and his friends like Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, John Doerr, Colin Powell and others steal a quarter billion dollars while adding almost 20,000 cars to the road, when the alternate was to fund green clean solar at people's homes and businesses.

The Bloom Bloomdoggle must end and equal justice and the rule of law must be reinstated in the first state.  Joe Biden will not run for president in 2020, he will be running for cover in 2018 when he is asked about his role in the Bloomdoggle.  He will have to dodge the traffic of 20,000 extra vehicles when he dodges questions.

When Oh Bummer chats with Charles at Harry's wedding they may want to discuss the Voodoo Science of the 44th administration.  The Bloomdoggle is one of the poster children of the ecofraud that went on under Obama, Chu and Moniz.  Thermodynamics Trumps Everything including the fanfare of a Royal Wedding.  Sadly the Royals will not invite the Green Machine to the wedding but the Pecker from Necker may be there.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Al Gore More Gangrene Than Rick Perry

Al Gore's Bloomdoggle Bloom Energy took 160 megawatts of wind power off the grid in Delaware.  Yes the crooks at Bloom managed to get Crooked Collin O'Mara and Jack in the Bloom Box Markell to grant RECs to the gangrene Bloomdoggle at the expense of wind energy.

David Stevenson of the CRI estimates that the Bloomdoggle displaced 160 MW of real green wind power from being built and dispatched to the Delmarva Power and Lies grid in Deal Away.

Rick Perry as Governor of Texas helped get record amounts of wind power installed in the Lone Star State.

Alchemy Crooked Gore managed to displace a record amount of wind power in the One Party State of Deal Away.

In my next Blog I will demonstrate how the Bloomdoggle at AC Transit in Oakland CA generates power for $740 per megawatt hour.   This is perhaps the most expensive power in the world.  Our idiot governor Moonbeam awarded the Bloomdoggle at AC Transit his highest achievement award in the green space.  Moonbeam is such a Thermodynamic Cretin.  Al Gore is just a crook.