Saturday, November 8, 2014

Arcimoto SRK is Green

Finally the world is being offered a green electric vehicle.  It is the Arcimoto SRK.  I saw this piece on the BBC and I became interested in the Arcimoto.

Yeah this is not a car for a rich MD in Orange County who only wants prestige and tax breaks.  This is the EV of the People.  The Arcimoto even has the option to attach a shroud of light weight polycarbonate panels to keep the passengers from freezing.

Mark Fronmayer the man behind the Arcimoto is finally a UC Bezerkeley graduate who learned thermo and not junk in silly courses that Dr. Kammen and his cronies teach there in the Inappropriate Energy Lab.

This three wheel car is cool!  It is hip! It is bloody marvelous.   It has ample speed (75 MPH) and decent acceleration (0 to 60 MPH in 9 seconds) with ultimate simplicity and beauty in its form and function.   It has a simple battery pack using 2,000 cylindrical lithium ion cells.  This could be approximately 20 kwh of stored energy that feed the two motors that have 30 kw of power each. 

Mr. Fronmayer is the anti Fisker.  He has designed a car of utter simplicity effectively using a small battery pack to get folks out of large cars that simply make no sense for short trips in the urban environment.

I will send this blog to the greenwashers at Siemens who claim that carbon monoxide is best used to produce ethanol in the LanzaTech boondoggle.  The carbon monoxide in steel mills should be used to make the removable polycarbonate body panels for the SRK.  Of course the steel tubes that shroud the driver and the one passenger in the rear will come from the very same steel mill.

The SRK is named as a shortened name for a Shark.  Siemens may claim the SRK stands for Siemens Really Kares.  Of course I know cares in spelled with a C but many C words in English are K words in German.  

Perhaps there is a Great Green Shark?     There is a Greenland Shark.