Sunday, November 9, 2014

Green Machine Gives Delaware DOJ and DNREC Ultimatum

The Green Machine has drawn a red line in the gangrene sand in Delaware.  The line is the rapid and thorough investigation of the permit given to Bloom Energy in the coastal zone of Delaware for the 134 coffins placed at the Red Lion site.

I write very occasionally for Breitbart and my rare pieces on Breitbart have proved to be 100% thermodynamically true.

Below is an email I sent today where I provided the Delaware DOJ and DNREC the ultimatum to bring an end to the green BLOOMDOGGLE .  If they do not end the BLOOMDOGGLE by year end I will write another thermodynamically correct piece on Breitbart that follows my now famous other rare pieces on Breitbart that nailed Bloom, Ivanpah, and Advanced Equities.

“Sorry some were left off the distribution.  30 months ago I wrote one of my rare pieces for Breitbart (I actually vote Democrat more often than Republican)  as I knew Ivanpah was a boondoggle and Chu/Obama were wasting billions of taxpayers’ money.  Just before the Ivanpah piece, I wrote the now famous piece on Breitbart that Bloom Coffins emit more than 773 pounds of CO2 per mwh.  Unless I see some real action by the DE DOJ and DE DNREC on shutting the Red Lion site down based on the SO2 air emissions, the hazardous solid waste with sulfur, and the excess natural gas usage, I may have to write the next rare Breitbart piece that puts the nail in the Bloom Coffin and shines the light on the collective corruption from top to bottom in Delaware government.

My hunch is that the corruption goes 90 miles down the I 95 to DC but I am still working on that.  Note it is only a hunch and I have not made any allegations of that.  The smelly rat in the hunch is where O'Mara ended up and my questions on who gave him the job?  I do have all the data and evidence that show the Dover conspiracy of environmental criminality.    You have all been given the evidence and it is overwhelming just like the smell of H2S. Dover DE unlike Dover England has no white cliffs just yellow piles of sulfur.  For sure there is nothing green about Dover.

Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine”

Note a few months back Collin O’Mara resigned as Secretary of the DREC to become the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF).  I have informed the NWF that Mr. O’Mara hid solid waste with sulfur that is hazardous in the Delaware coastal zone and made tons of the unpermitted solid waste disappear from the Red Lion site that has 134 Bloom coffins.   We will see if I ever hear from the NWF which hopefully may soon stand for Notorious Waster Fired!


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