Saturday, July 29, 2017

Timeline of Hazmat in Bloom Energy Ecofraud in Delaware

January 13, 2012 Bloom tells DNREC (Ali Mirzakhalili) that there is sulfur filtered out of the pipeline natural gas before entering the fuel cells.  No disclosure of the resulting solid waste

April 4, 2012 Ms. Walling and Mr. Coyle of DNREC memo to Mr. Haynes in which you stated the following:

"Upon review , the Division of Air Quality agreed that the contents of the fuel cells are not hazardous; in the event of a mishap regarding these cells - a natural disaster, an explosion, or human error - the contents of these units will not pose a hazard."

April 30, 2012 Collin O’Mara as Secretary of DNREC grants Bloom the CZA permit

May 8, 2012 Mr. Leveen of California emails Coyle and Haynes to alert them there is something wrong with the Bloom CZA Permit application.

June 6, 2012 Bloom asks CA ETP for training money on Hazmat

June 13, 2012 at DE CZIB hearing Bloom under oath claims asking for CA ETP money was a mistake.  At the same hearing Mr. Robert Phillips Deputy AG DE DOJ barred Mr. Leveen from testifying depite Mr. Leveen being an expert on Fuel Cells and sustainability.

August 15, 2012 Bloom and CA ETP Amend Training agreement to remove Hazmat from training curriculum

October 10, 2013 Bloom finds out from Unicat in Texas that there is benzene in the desulfurization waste.  Bloom notifies US EPA of the Hazmat.

November 8, 2013 Stephen McDonald Deputy AG DE DOJ writes to Lindsay Leveen the DE DOJ cannot investigate the fake permit and DE DNREC will police themselves.

November 22, 2013 Lindsay Leveen writes to Steven McDonald Deputy AG DE DOJ that Jenifer Bothell is giving him the run around on the DNREC FOIA records with hazmat

December 5, 2013 Bloom receives a permanent ID from US DOE for the waste and a Notice of Registration (NoR)

June 2014 Collin O’Mara leaves DNREC in disgrace to hide in the wilderness as CEO of National Wildlife Federation (a payola job if ever)

July 11, 2014 DNREC starts asking Bloom lots of question on the solid waste

September 9,  2014 Sam Ghezavat the Director of EHS at Bloom admits to DNREC  that Bloom has lead, arsenic, chromium, and benzene in the hazmat

January 22, 2015 Bloom their lawyer Michele Corash and DNREC meet and Corash says Sam Ghezavat did not know what he was doing in admitting there was hazmat and she will get to the real answers.

April 2, 2015 Mr. Matthew Lintner Deputy AG of DE DOJ write to Lindsay Leveen that no crimes were committed in the Delaware Bloomdoggle

June 3, 2015 David Ormond Deputy AG DE DOJ advises David Small to agree with Bloom and use the manufacturing processing unit (MPU) defense to reclassify the hazmat as non-hazardous.  The same day David Small writes to Bloom and their lawyer Corash  to say DNREC is on Bloom’s song sheet.

September 8, 2015 US EPA Region 3 Shawn Garvin tells Small that he is wrong and the waste is hazmat

March 30,  2016 Corash and Bloom’s general counsel contact Avi Garbow the General Counsel of US EPA in DC to try get DC HQ of the EPA (Gina McCarty) and others to overrule staff.

September 29, 2016 Shawn Garvin region 3 of US EPA writes to David Small and tells him the MPU story is poppycock and Bloom has Hazmat in the protected coastal zone of Delaware.

October 3, 2016 US EPA Johnson Barnes EPA HQ DC to all Division RCRA directors issues an alert nationwide that Bloom has Hazmat.

October 26, 2016 David Small writes to general counsel of Bloom that DNREC will not fine Bloom for hiding the hazardous waste over the past four and a half years.

March 15, 2017 Shawn Garvin approved by the Delaware Senate to replace David Small as Secretary of DNREC.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Nazi Gold and Bloom Electrons

You must all think the Thermanator has gone nuts!  What do Bloom Electrons have to do with Nazi Gold?  The connection is the Swiss bank Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse settled big time for hoarding Nazi Gold and not returning the money to Jewish Holocaust Victims.

Credit Suisse is the tax equity partner for the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle in Delaware.  You all know about the fake coastal zone act permit, you all know about the bogus fuel cell tariff that invented renewable shale natural gas, you all know about the hazmat, you all know about the decoking, you all know about the high CO2 emissions, but you did not know a greedy Swiss bank that hoarded holocaust victim gold for 60 years got 99% of the tax and cash benefit of the Bloomdoggle in Delaware.

Also what you may not know is that in 2009 the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) did a peer reviewed study of 18 fuel cell systems and Bloom came in dead last.  Yes Siemens, GE, FuelCell Energy and others had far better systems.

Credit Suisse was also reported to have invested $30 million directly in Bloom and also to have advised Exelon in Exelon’s Bloomdoggle deal with Bloom.  There may be a conflict of interest for a bank that is an investor in a company advising the opposite party in a transaction with that company. 

I have informed the SEC of the possible conflict of interest as well as the 99% creaming of taxpayer and ratepayer money in the Delaware Bloomdoggle.  Credit Suisse’s take in the Delaware Bloomdoggle is approximately $230 million from taxpayers and ratepayers.

The three vile Swiss banks involved in the Nazi Gold scam settled for $1.2 billion.  A big sum that is far eclipsed by the huge sum of the Bloomdoggle that I now estimate at $4.2 billion.   Credit Suisse’s share of the Nazi Gold payment may have been $400 million ( a third possibly).   If the SEC, FTC, EPA, DOT and US DOJ do their jobs and we the taxpayers and ratepayers get treble damages, Credit Suisse could cough up twice as much in the Bloomdoggle as they did in the Nazi Gold crime.

I did contact Credit Suisse who at first said a lawyer (Lara Leaf) would talk to me and then they had one of their Swiss employees (Thomas Baer) working out of New York email me that they had no comment.  My guess is they must be hopping mad they crawled into bed with Al Gore, John Doerr, and Colin Powell in the Bloomdoggle.  AN UPDATE Ms. Leaf and an outside counsel Mr. Bansal did call me and ask about the Bloomdoggle.  I do hope that Credit Suisse assists the US EPA, US FTC, US SEC, US DOT, and US DOJ in investigating and ending the Bloomdoggle.

The Swiss are pretty good chemists and I am sure Thomas Baer can get a Swiss chemist to tell him that benzene, lead, chromium, and arsenic cannot be considered green chemistry when it comes to electron generation.  The German word for Green is Grun, and the German word for Gangrene is  Faulnisbrand.  The Swiss bank tax equity financed Faulnisbrand Bloom Coffins when they thought they would be making a lot of Grun Rucken (greenbacks).  Donald Trump would tell Credit Suisse that they were schlonged.
The word Schlong does have a German source.  Though Credit Suisse is normally the Schlonger not the Sclongee.  The words Thermanator and Bloomdoggle are my inventions.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

My Email on July 23 2017 To US SEC Enforcement

Mr. Peikin and Ms. Avakian

You lead the enforcement at the SEC

I am a US Citizen.  I am an award winning Chemical Engineer.  I am an award winning Journalist.

Under the Obama Administration the SEC had two enforcements in the green energy space that I know of.  The first was the case against Advanced Equities in Chicago for the Bloom Energy stock sale fraud.  The second was in Dallas Fort Worth against Kior in their IPO fraud.

I believe in the Advanced Equities case others like Kleiner Perkins, John Doerr, and Collin Powell should also have been defendants.  In the Kior case the SEC let Vinod Khosla and his team off the hook with a minor slap on the wrist.

Doerr and Khosla are connected very big time to Barack Obama.  Collin Powell's connections need no further explanation.

In Kior,  Condi Rice insider traded the shares of Kior as a Board Member and she hyped the voodoo science company as a reality.  Steven Chu and his DOE had a report that showed Kior was a hype job.

My five year investigation of Bloom Energy (Doerr and Powell on the board of directors) has revealed it is Solyndra times seven and Flint on steroids.

I expect you both as co-directors of enforcement at the SEC to contact me and that a full fledged investigation of all the eco frauds like Bloom, Kior, Amyris, Gevo, Solazyme, Range, Cello, Zeachem, A123, Fisker, Solyndra, Joule, and myriad others be fully investigated and the powerful like Doerr, Gore, Powell, Khosla, Podesta, Rice, and many others see equal justice to Advanced Equities and the two minnows Badger and Dubenspeck.  

Thank You

Lindsay Leveen

The Green Machine

Note the Chairman of SEC, Commissioner Stein of SEC and the Office of Inspector General of SEC were copied on the email.  Also Joel Pollak of Breitbart, Tucker Carlson of Fox, Anne Thompson of NBC and Shachar Bar-On of CBS were copied

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bloom Energy Took Investor Money After Bloom Knew They Had Hazmat

The Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle involving my congressman Jared Huffman is the largest ecofraud ever.  What is really interesting is those who invested in Bloom after October 10, 2013 probably have a case against bloom, its officers, its directors, and its major shareholders like Kleiner Perkins and New Enterprise Associates on the basis of fraud.

Under the FOIA, I have an email dated January 25, 2016 from Sara Kinslow of the US EPA to Melissa Ferree of Delaware DNREC that has Bloom stating the following answer to US EPA’s question:

5. How Bloom initially found out VOCs (benzene) and metals were present on/in
the used filter material?

Prior to October 2013 the filter media was managed in California and disposed of as a California (non-RCRA) hazardous waste due to metals content. After cleaning operations were transferred to Unicat in Texas, additional samples of the filter media
were collected and analyzed. Results received on October 10,2013 from Precision Petroleum Labs, lnc. indicated that some of the media exceeded RCRA limits for benzene. At that point cleaníng operations were stopped pending confirmation testing.
Additional analytical results from October 22,2013 confirmed that some media exceeded RCRA limits for benzene. ln November 2013 profiles were submitted to a TSDF and Bloom applied for an EPA lD as hazardous waste generator at the Unicat facility. Bloom received preliminary approval from TCEQ in late November and a
permanent EPA lD and Notice of Registration (NoR) on December 05, 2013. ln addition, all personnel at Unicat were trained to ensure compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations.

Bloom was selling their company and their company’s stock and debt as being the purveyor of “better electrons”.  

They were the darling of the Obama administration in the green tech field.  Their board member John Doerr was on Obama’s jobs council and now is on the Obama foundation to build the Billion Dollar Library.  In fact in February 2015 Doerr and Khosla (another Bloomdoggler) had dinner in the Whitehouse with Barack Obama and others with high profile till 2 am to come up with plans for Obama after he left the Whitehouse.

In March 2014, the New Zealand State Pension Fund invested another $50 million in Bloom.

Were they told of the benzene laden hazmat?  If they were the citizens of New Zealand have a case against their Superfund.  If they were not then the Superfund has a case against Bloom, its officers, its directors, and its major shareholders like Kleiner Perkins and New Enterprise Associates.  In fact all investors large and small who bought shares or loaned money to Bloom after October 10, 2013 have a case based on being defrauded that they were investing in a green clean better electron energy company.

My guess of the total Bloomdoggle is now around $4.2 billion.  $3 billion of debt and equity and another $1.2 billion in taxpayer and ratepayer subsidy.

The ecofraud goes back further than October 10,2013.   Between 2006 and 2009 the US DOE funded testing of a Bloom fuel cell in Santa Clara County CA.  A report was issued on July 10, 2010 on the testing.

DOE Award No.: DE‐FC26‐06NT42812

Much of the testing had to do with coke formation on the fuel cell stack.  Remember I have reported that in Delaware, Delmarva has provided dozens of documents to the Delaware PSC that Bloom fuel cells in that state require decoking 3 to 4% of the time.  Bloom never revealed to permitting agencies what is blown into the air when the units are decoked.  The DOE funded study was a taxpayer funded study and Bloom knew as early as 2006 and for certain by July 2010 that coking was a problem in fuel cells.  

The question is did they inform investors in their stock or bonds that they had to decoke their units that they claimed generated better electrons?  If they did not investors in stocks and bonds going all the way back to 2006 could have claims against Bloom, its officers, its directors, and its major shareholders. 

Folks I previously said that Bloom is Solyndra Times Four and Flint On Steroids.  Now it looks like Bloom is Solyndra Times Seven and Flint on Opioids.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

History Repeating Itself at Stion and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

I must have blogged a hundred times about the thermodynamic cretin Vinod Khosla extracting tax payer money from the crooked Obama administration.  Well Donald Trump and Rick Perry are making the same mistakes.
Khosla controls an almost failed solar company called Stion.

Stion faked out the state of Mississippi just like Kior the other Khosla ecofraud did. 

It now is reported that Stion owes taxes in Mississippi. 

But the US DOE is coming to the rescue and providing Stion almost a million dollars of taxpayer money now that #45 loves solar energy.

I have asked the US SEC to continue their investigations into Khosla fake green companies like Amyris, Gevo, and Calera,  and of course have asked the SEC to add Stion to the list of gangrene enterprises.

Khosla was a lifetime republican till he met Barack Obama.  Now it looks like he is returning to the GOP fold with Trump in office.  Khosla is a business partner of Jared Kushner and the other other Kushner brother. 

As much as I loathe the Democrats, I may have to vote for Bernie in 2020 as it is beginning to look like business as usual at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Maybe Brannon will fix things up after Jared Kushner moves to Moscow.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Justice in Brazil Versus The USA

Sunday, July 9, 2017

More Russian Connections To John Podesta

The company providing the technology to Red Rock the Joule subsidiary is a company called Velocys

Velocys is 20% owned by Roman Abromovich a Russian Oligarch with reported close ties to Vladimir Putin.  Some have even reported the Roman gave Vlad the $35 million yacht Vlad sails around the Black Sea

I cannot tell if Roman gave Vlad the yacht but I can safely report that Velocys is tied in with Red Rock that is tied in with Joule that is tied in with John Podesta who is very tied in with Clinton and Obama.

Trump's son and son in law met for fifteen minutes with a Russian lawyer in Trump Tower in June 2016.  The Trump side said it was to discuss the adoption of Russian orphans.  The New York Times said otherwise.

It it quite amazing how Russia owns 20% of American uranium thanks to Hillary Clinton.  How Russia owns 20% of Velocys who will build Red Rock's plant in Oregon.  And how a Russian lawyer met with the Trump team in the Trump Tower in June 2016.  All of this is just goes to show how this Russian thing just won't go away.  There are just too many Russian Connections.  Soon Russia will own 20% of the TV show The Love Connection and it will be renamed From Russia With Love.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Podesta's Putin's Obama's Red Rock Lakeview Oregon Project Is Fantasy

In 2015 Greg Cross of the Bend Oregon Bulletin reported that Red Rock Biofuels could be up and running in late 2016.  His article showed a map of the site in Lakeview OR.  Just south of Kadmas Road and between the rail road track and highway 395


 I did a Google earth today and the site has seen zero construction activity.  Not a single red rock has been turned. 
What happened?  But mostly we have to find out if any of the $70 million of taxpayer grant given by Obama/Moniz via the USDA, the USDOE, and the US Navy was given to the Podesta/Putin company?

No matter what the Joule Red Rock project is a boondoggle and that the Obama administration could have granted $70 million to the project goes to show close in bed Barack Hussein Obama was to John Podesta and Vladimir Putin.

I actually would prefer a ten minute meeting with John Podesta than my crooked congressman Jared Huffman.  His interview with Maria Bartiromo was a piece of cake.  I would grill him at 1961 degrees Celsius that is the flame temperature of shale natural gas.  Fahrenheit 911 is in the ice age compared with Celsius 1961.  By the way Barack Hussein Obama was born somewhere in 1961.  Maria was born in Brooklyn NY in 1967 during the late summer of love.


Joule Red Rock Podesta Russians and Dumb as a Rock Obama


Tucker Carlson interviewed Peter Schweizer on Fox News about John Podesta’s company Joule that had Russ Putin as an investor.  Schweizer said that Joule had technology the Russians wanted.  Actually Joule was pure Voodoo Science to make liquid fuels from CO2 and sunlight.  Purse crap like Bill Gates’  Sapphire Energy.  Schweizer is the author of the bestselling book on Clinton Money.

 But what is ten times more interesting is that in late 2015, Joule acquired a company Red Rock that has received $70 million of Taxpayer money via Title III DPA grants from Obama.  This means Podesta and Russ Putin were funded directly by Obama.

Red Rock is highly unlikely to make the promised amounts of transportation fuels as their gasification and Fischer Tropsh Synthesis technology is expensive as hell.   The Red Rock facility in Oregon is under construction and could be the next Kior or Kemper.

Actually we now have Podesta as Being as Red as a Russian and as Dumb as a Rock.  Or is it Obama being as Red as a Russian and as Dumb as a Rock?  Donald Trump needs to look under all the Red Rocks to drain the swamp.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Elongate and July 4, 2017


Happy birthday America.  I have not opined much on Tesla but feel compelled to do so today.  Elon and his team have come up with a fantastic car in the Model S, a mediocre SUV in the Model X, and maybe a dud in the Model 3.

Sales of the Model S and X combined have petered out in the US (see the chart above).  The Model 3 cannot be sold for the price stated with any profit to Tesla.  Hence the Model 3 will have to be sold for a lot more than the mid thirty thousand dollars folks are hyping.

 My real analysis based on Thermodynamics and facts shows that the batteries are still costing between $200 and $225 per kilowatt hour for the cells only.  Real data show that the learning rate in the past 7.5 years since I wrote my testimony to the US Senate on lithium ion batteries is only around 5% a year at best and 2% at worst.  Panasonic has a learning rate of approximately 5.2% per year and the manufacturers of lithium ferro phosphate batteries only have enjoyed a learning rate of 2%.  Forget the double digit learning rates the hypers of these battery chemistries have published.

By my estimation Tesla will have to sell the Model 3 at an average price of $58,000 before rebate to stand a chance of being profitable.    They may do this but will they be able to sell a million model 3s in 3 years???  I really doubt this. 

 If Elon and Tesla are stretched too thin we will experience Elongate.  This will make Watergate seem like only a petty crime as according to the majority of people the future of the world depends on Tesla's (EV's) success. 
My bet is that Tesla remains a high priced niche player in the automotive industry and the Model 3 will sell 300,000 vehicles in total in the US in 3 years and the average price of these will be $55,000 or higher.    Tesla stock price will reduce and when the dust all settles Tesla will have a market cap of approximately $20 billion not $200 billion.

Of course I could be completely wrong but like the founding fathers I am willing to declare my thoughts in writing.  Time will tell if I am right or wrong.  We will know the answer by America’s 244th Birthday in 2020.  Happy July 4 to all and long live Government For, Of, & By The People.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Bloom Energy Ecofraud in Delaware This Year

Bloom will soon report to the DE PSC their story for the year June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017
I have a preview of the report that will be pretty close to what Bloom reports
Bloom had to use 9.177 billion banked BTUs during the 12 months as their Boxes become less efficient. 
This means Bloom emitted on average 888 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour.  From PJM the average in 2016 for base load generation for the GRID we have grid average CO2 per mwh of 992 pounds.  This means Bloom is slightly better than the grid average.  Bloom lied under penalty of perjury the CO2 emissions would be no more than 773 pounds per mwh.
If one performs the tedious math Bloom saved approximately 11,744 short tons of CO2 over the year.  The subsidy Delmarva asked their ratepayers to save these tons was over $35.5 million.
This means that Delmarva ratepayers were taxed at a rate of approximately $3,015 per short ton of CO2.  This is approximately $3,334 per metric ton CO2.
In the Moonbeam expensive caliphate of California the Cap and Trade in September 2016 was only $12.91 per metric ton of CO2.  In Europe the value of a metric ton of CO2 is less than $6.00
This means Delmarva ratepayers were taxed at a rate 258 times as much as the overly taxed morons like me who live in Caliphornia. 
If this does not explain just how corrupt the Delaware Bloomdoggle is, I cannot come up with a more vivid and simple explanation.
The board members of Bloom (copied) and Christopher Crane of Exelon may want to shed light on just how crooked the Bloomdoggle really is.
One should note that Susan Brennan the lying COO of Bloom claimed in her piece to the local newspaper that the Bloomdoggle would take 120,000 cars off the road.  In fact the 11,744 short tons of CO2 saved is like taking only 2,300 cars off the road.  The lying COO should be fired just like the lying journalists at CNN
Another interesting point is that for $35.5 million and only 2,300 cars this like giving $15,400 to each motorist each year.  Maybe the Delaware Lotto prizes should be handed out to 2,300 lucky motorists.
Bloom won the grand prize in the Delaware Lotto.  They will win over $600 million if it is not stopped and they did not even buy a lotto ticket.  They just bought all the politicians in the First State.  Of course they also had Big Joe in the Whitehouse and baby Beau in Dover helping them.
Happy 4th of July
I still believe in government for, of and by the people with equal justice for all
Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine