Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bloom Energy Massaged US DOT With Rubbing Alcohol

My investigation into the Bloom Energy Bloomdoggle continues.  Under the freedom of information act we have records that US DOT was asked to investigate Bloom for transporting hazardous waste in multiple locations around the United States.  Of  course this is the hazardous solid waste with benzene that Bloom creates in those desulfurization canisters.

Instead the Oh Bummer US DOT paid a visit to Bloom’s HQ in Sunnyvale California on August 4, 2015. Bloom showed them a bunch a documents that relate to isopropyl alchohol which is rubbing alcohol.  The US DOT inspector was very happy and allowed the Bloom COO Ms. Susan Brennan to sign off on a “release” and the inspector then  noted the result of his inspection as “NO FURTHER ACTION”.

Yes Bloom and its COO gave the US DOT  a rub down.  But the Thermanator has told the US DOT under President Trump to go back and do a full baked inspection of Bloom’s scores of sites at clients such as AT&T, Apple, Walmart, EBay, Genentech,  IKEA, etc. and get all the manifests for the hundreds of thousands of pounds of hazardous waste in those shiny sealed metal canisters.  I have to question if the half-baked inspection of Bloom corporate HQ on August 4, 2015 was directed from the Oh Bummer Whitehouse?

I did find some interesting stuff on the US DOE EIA’s web site on the performance of the Bloomdoggle fuel cells at Apple’s data center in Maiden NC.  For the year 2015 these 50 dirty expensive coffins only had a capacity factor of  70.8% not the 95% Bloom hypes to commercial customers or the 100% Bloom lied about in Delaware.  The heat rate of the ugly boxes for the year 2015 was 7.97 million BTUs per megawatt hour or 20.7% higher (more fuel) than Bloom hyped on their web site when these were installed at Apple.

I have written an email to Tim Cook the CEO of Apple and the US SEC office in San Francisco that small shareholders in Apple were being screwed by Bloom and that because Al Gore has a hand in Bloom through Kleiner Perkins and Al is also an Apple board member, there is a massive conflict of interest  in the Bloomdoggle at Maiden North Carolina.  It is also reported that Apple will install multiple Bloom coffins at the new flying saucer spaceship HQ in Cupertino, California.

Cupertino and Sunnyvale are neighboring towns.   Perhaps the US DOT will visit the Apple HQ to ask about the hazmat from the Bloom coffins and Apple will show them the carnauba wax that is used to polish apples.  Apples are coated with carnauba wax to keep them shiny.

As for Bloom, I feel I am playing whack a mole with them.  I actually like the game as moles also have a chemical meaning.  A mole of substance has Avogadro’s number of molecules.  That is a boat load of molecules.

Perhaps an Apple computer can calculate the number of molecules of hazardous waste Bloom and their customers generate in a year across these United States?.  I just know that the Isopropyl Alcohol story told to US DOT at Bloom’s Sunnyvale HQ was Bloom hiding the mountain of nationwide hazardous waste in a mole heap of rubbing alcohol.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Are Bloomdogglers Snake Charmers or Simply the Biggest Eco Fraud Ever ?


I once opined that KR Shridhar the CEO of Bloom Energy “reminds me of a snake charmer.  He makes a gangrene sulfur filled poisonous cobra pretend to be a smooth green snake that is harmless.”

Of course I was referring to his company hiding the hazardous solid waste while pretending to sell affordable, better, greener, and cleaner electrons. 

In the blog I then linked the following you tube

We all know that Bloom sells dirty electrons with massive ratepayer and taxpayer subsidy.  My estimate of this subsidy is approximately $1.2 billion.  My estimate of the dirtiness is a million pounds a year of hazmat.  The California EPA and the US EPA are investigating the waste.  Operatives of the military industrial complex, like Mike Bloomberg, Di Fi, and others  appear in the video with Shridhar in selling the fake green energy story.  They are all Blooming Bloomdogglers.

The question is, do I still think KR Shridhar is like a snake charmer?    I did some investigation into snake charmers.  Wiki has an interesting link on snake charmers.

I really was taken by this paragraph that I quote from the Wiki link.

 “The early 20th century proved something of a golden age for snake charmers.  Governments promoted the practice to draw tourism, and snake charmers were often sent overseas to perform at cultural festivals and for private patrons.  In addition, the charmers provided a valuable source of snake venom for creating antivenins.”

The early 21st century has proved to be something of a golden age for thermodynamic fakers and greenwashers in the green energy space.  Bloom is one of a dozen companies that Kleiner Perkins (Gore, Doerr, Shridhar and Powell) , Khosla Ventures, and other promotors festered upon us.  Governments, particularly the US and several states like Delaware, California, Connecticut, and New York promoted the practice of greenwashing to enrich cronies and drew billions of taxpayer, ratepayer, and small investor dollars in BS schemes to save the world from carbon emissions.  Sadly in the early 21st century, the BS the greenwashers hyped provided nothing valuable, but just toxic waste that stinks and no antivenins. 

I do not think KR Shridhar qualifies or is honorable enough to be a snake charmer.  The right comparison is that KR Shridhar invented, hyped, and is running the largest gangrene ecofraud ever.  He has the title of Chief Bloomdoggler in a gangrene company that is Solyndra times four and Flint on steroids.  The sulfur waste metaphor in my blog that referred to snake charming is far too soft and kind.  I should have simply called KR Shridhar the Joe Isuzu of green energy. 

I once did blog about Bloomerangs and how the sulfur waste came back to bite Bloom in the ass.  Boy has it ever bitten Bloom and their customers like Apple, AT&T, IKEA, Coca Cola, EBay, Home Depot, Genentech, Walmart, and others in the ass.

Joe Isuzu  hyped the 1988 Impulse with Lotus handling.  Sridhar hyped his 2010 fuel cell with better electrons.  Better electrons than coal maybe.  Maybe not.   Some things never change from century to century, especially the laws of thermodynamics.  Yes Thermodynamics Trumps Everything.  Donald Trump would never have funded the Bloomdoggle as unlike Oh Bummer he does not need Doerr and Khosla to build his billion dollar library.  President Trump is an expert at building things.

Monday, March 13, 2017

CAL EPA and US EPA Agree Al Gore’s Poop Stinks

First from CAL EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control that Bloom Energy, Al Gore’s wonder-child Bloom Energy has hazmat.

Next US EPA hammers Bloom.

It is pretty much over and the Bloomdoggle will end once the world like the CA EPA and US EPA realize that Al Gore’s poop does stink.  NBC the network that operates in a cess pool still thinks Bloom is a Rose.

The Thermanator – Hasta Leveenta Baby

Post Script   Al Gore does look a younger George Soros