Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bloom Extracts Over $100,000 A Day In Delaware

The BLOOMDOGGLE in Delaware (Deal Away) has reached epidemic proportions.  Delmarva Power as Bloom’s agent requests funds to be extracted from its customers (ratepayers).  The Deal Away Public Service Commission are all dentists who believe in extraction instead of plugging holes.  They simply go along with the deal to enrich Al Gore and cronies at Bloom each month.

For the 365 days in 2014 the extractions average $101,823 each day for each and every day in the year.  Delmarva has asked to extract $108,437 for each of the 59 days in the first two months of 2015.

So far since the BLOOMDOGGLE began $65,473,770 has been extracted by Delmarva on behalf of Bloom.  The tooth fairy pays about $3.40 on average for a lost tooth.

This means approximately 19,256,991 teeth equivalent have been extracted in Deal Away by Bloom so far.  The population of Delaware is estimated at 925,749.  Dividing 19,256,991 teeth by 925,749 souls we have each Delawarean losing 20.8 teeth.  Let’s round down to 20 teeth.   There are 20 deciduous (baby teeth) in a human’s mouth.  Bloom has extracted the equivalent of all the baby teeth that the entire living population of Delaware had or will have.   This is quite a feat.

The famous Colin O’Mara who as secretary of the DE DNREC granted the fake permit and then headed to the wilderness was toothless to enforce the coastal zone act.  Beau Biden the first state AG has been toothless to enforce the rule of law at the DE DOJ.   I wonder how O’Mara and Biden eat food with no teeth?  Perhaps Al Gore does their chewing?    Perhaps Vitamix can sell a blender to each household in Delaware and put some of those dirty, unreliable, and expensive Bloom Electrons to good use.


I found two other photos that I could have used for this blog.  They are shown below

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