Friday, December 26, 2014

Delaware was the Smoking Gun – AC Transit is the Murder Weapon

My side reporter Kim King got some pretty fantastic evidence that might finally indict Bloom Energy for their crimes against nature and humanity.   Kim got AC Transit the Bay Area public transportation authority to send internal documents on their purchase of 400 kilowatts of the Bloom Coffins.

The data in these documents show greenwashing and bloomdoggling on a scale that exceeds the crime in Deal Away.  AC Transit gave away all 52 cards to Al Gore and his partners in their Bloomdoggle.   I had blogged in September calling the AC transit deal a Rube Greenberg. 

We now know the extent of the rip-off and here is the content of an email I just sent to legal and technical staff at AC Transit.

“Dear all at AC Transit

I spent an hour reading the information you provided Ms. King.  There was a treasure trove.  Bloom claims to have 52% efficiency lower heating value.  They also claim 97% capacity factor.  The economic model shows 25% of the fuel will be fossil natural gas and 75% will be biogas.  The memos claim 1,500 metric tons per year of CO2 savings.  Also claim the 65 kg per day of H2 will be produced using electricity from the Bloom 400 kw fuel cell system.

I then did some math:

The 65 kgs of H2 have 7.406 mmbtu/day of LHV.  With 67% efficiency in the electrolyzer 11.053 mmbtu/day of electricity is needed .  This is 135 kw running for a day.  Approximately a third of the capacity of the Bloom Boxes.  The remaining 2/3 of power is used to offset power that would have been purchased from the grid.

Had the hydrogen been produced in a steam methane reformer at 75% efficiency 9.875 mmbtu LHV per day of gas would have been needed.  The Bloom boxes at 400 kw and 52% efficiency LHV use 62.99 mmbtu LHV per day.  135 kw of Bloom boxes use 21.26 mmbtu per day LHV.  Hence the hydrogen if made from the biogas going to a simple steam methane reformer would have used only 46.5% of the biogas the Bloom boxes used to generate the electricity that was used to electrolyze water to hydrogen.  This is a Rube Greenberg !!!!!

The memos then talk at length about competitive bidding yet only one bid for a "solid oxide fuel cell" was received.  The three other bidders who did not bid Accumentrics, Versapower, and Ztek could not supply the large fuel cells.  Accumentrics makes cells from 500 watts to 2.5 kw.  Versapower had been working on a 10 kw system. Ztek likewise had never been in the business of selling 400 kw of fuel cell systems.  See the links at the end of this email.  This bid was rigged!!!

Now we know the bid was sham and let's get to the pricing paid to Bloom for the systems.  The document shows $5,596,250 paid to Bloom for 400 kw.  This is $13,990 per kw.  At the very same time Bloom sold systems for $10,318 per kw.  See the cash flow sheet.  In Delaware the bloom boxes averaged just under $9,000 per kw.  Can you all explain the higher price paid by AC Transit???????

Now we know the whole project is a Bloomdoggle and a Rube Greenberg to waste precious biogas and ratepayer and taxpayer money, I suggest a meeting be held with the executive management of AC Transit, Ms. King and I.    The memos show Mr. Armijo, Mr Pachan, Mr Ewing, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Levin, Ms Mary King, Mr Butler, and Ms. Babington all had a hand in approving this Bloomdoggle.  I suggest each of them attend the meeting with Ms. Kim King and I.  We want this meeting ASAP.  Note I have copied Elizabeth Wagner and Vicky Nguyen of NBC Investigates as they did a wonderful investigative piece on the greenwashing by Bloom Energy.  Also copied is Matt Nippert of the New Zealand Herald who has written an article on the Kiwi involvement in the funding of Bloom Energy.


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine”


  1. Great analysis. I hope you get a response from AC Transit. Go to the press out there and expose this waste of tax dollars. It may be that those who live in CA don't care about tax dollar waste because that is the method of operation for the state.

    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering.

  2. It's becoming more clear, the well-intended leadership at AC Transit has fallen short.

    Making enquiries on behalf of the AC Transit ridership was the least I could do--especially because I am a rider, and wondered why bus fare has been jacked up so much in recent past years. Wondering how much of this fare increase is being earmarked for the inefficiencies in this schema.

    I also tire of hearing misinformation about performance of fuel cells, and hope the AC Transit leadership will do what it can to tune, optimize and fix this short-sighted installation.

  3. Kim the whole project was a scam. Bloom knew how much taxpayer and ratepayer money was available and they charged the Max. AC TRansit knew they were not paying for it so they did not give a hoot and they saved money compared to buying power from PG&E as the taxpayers and ratepayers paid for the facility. Our assemblymen and governor thought it was brilliantly green and you can wait for the next bus that ain't coming.

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