Friday, November 20, 2015

Musk Loses To Gore At CPUC

After a six month battle the CPUC has decided to waste Ratepayer money on Bloom Energy rather than Tesla.  These two gangrene companies have looted the SGIP fund for over half a billion dollars with Bloom outpacing Tesla four to one.

The CPUC has decided to let Bloom continue the greenwashing Bloomdoggle by continuing to “qualify” as a low carbon alternate for self-generation of electric power.

My take on all the gangrene nonsense is that Musk tried very hard in Sacramento to get the lion’s share of future SGIP waste for his grid battery storage.  Al Gore and his team at Bloom own the CPUC and President Picker who is no different than President Peevey and is in Al’s camp, probably because Moonbeam (his boss) is in Al’s camp.   Personally both companies are gangrene not green, and all the SGIP money should come back to ratepayers who have funded their greenwashed lies for years.

President Oh Bummer was asked to comment on Musk’s setback and Oh Bummer stated that although the Bloom Box is only a junior varsity team in the field of power generation their players are very well paid and could soon join NBA teams.  Al Gore is happy that President Picker is picking blooms for Moonbeam’s office that is otherwise drab.   The Green Machine just shed a tear for the ratepayers in the Caliphate of Caliphornia where the movers and Sheikers are still the lobbyists for Kleiner Perkins.