Sunday, October 25, 2015

Former GOP Secretaries of State Advising Businesses That Are Bad

I have often opined on Con D Rice and her insider trading of shares for a profit in the now bankrupt and disgraced Kior.  Colin Powell is equally disgusting for his role in Bloom Energy.

Now the geriatric former Secretaries of State, Henry Kissinger and George Schultz are caught in a scandalous company called Theranos.   Kissinger is 92 years old and Schultz is 94 years old.  Yet a star dropout at Stanford convinced these two “diplomats” to join the board of her company  Theranos.

She also got Sam Nunn and Riley Bechtel to join the star studded board.  But the problem is the Wall Street Journal reported that Theranos is not quite legit.

The story is unfolding and there probably is some truth to the reporting by the WSJ that Theranos is faking blood test results by saying their technology did the testing while in fact most of the tests were conducted never using Theranos equipment and methods.

Yes Theranos may well be another Bloomdoggle or a Kior, time will only tell.   But what is for certain is that Hillary Clinton did not join a startup as a board member after she resigned as Secretary of State, she was too busy wiping servers and deleting emails to do that. 

I doubt that Kissinger and Schultz use email much as they have a hard time remembering their passwords.   These two guys in their 90s should forget Theranos and should be vacationing on Mikonos.  When Kerry retires he will be vacationing in Kish Iran together with Ernie Moniz.



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