Monday, October 19, 2015

Professional Engineers in Delaware

Engineers take their profession very seriously and the licensing of Professional Engineers (PEs) is perhaps the most regulated aspect on the engineering profession. 

As you all know I have the Delaware Association of Professional Engineers (DAPE) investigating the professional conduct or misconduct of five PEs in Delaware.  I got a call three days ago from the Chairman of DAPE’s ethics committee.  He informed that one of the five engineers was not a registered PE in Delaware and there were no records of her registration.  I told him I have documents going back 10 years that the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) claimed she was a PE and that I have a copy of her business card for DNREC that clearly states PE after her name.

She played a central role in approving and in issuing the fake Coastal Zone Act permit to Bloom Energy (Al Gore and his cronies) under which the solid waste with sulfur was made to disappear from the protected coastal zone.  It turns out that Delaware requires direct licensing of engineers as PEs and that her licensing in Delaware should have been done years ago, and that for all intents and purposes she is practicing engineering in Delaware without a license.

DNREC and this engineer are now in a deeper pit than simply the one that covers the hidden sulfur waste.   Any permit she ever worked on or touched going back the many years she has worked at DNREC is suspect and is invalid as it never had valid PE review.  The chairman of DAPE’s ethics committee told me today he will be interviewing her on Monday.  

I am sure that the DAPE verdict on the gang of five will take a few months.  It is quite amazing how the corrupt Governor (Magic Jack Markell) and his Secretaries of DNREC are digging themselves a hole the size El Chapo’s escape tunnel trying to protect El Gordo and his mobsters in Bloomdoggle Energy. 

Bloomie is the bird that sings in Bye Bye Bloomie and I think the masquerading Delaware PE will sing like Bloomie the nightingale.  Her voice will be so sweet it may make Jack Markell resign.  For sure she had pressure from above to rubber stamp the fake permit for Gore, Doerr, and Powell.


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