Saturday, November 7, 2015

Obama and Kerry Prefer Iran to Alberta

All this talk about the keystone pipeline comes to one thing.  Who do Obama and Kerry love?  They wanted Iranian crude to reach market not Albertan syncrude from the tar sands.  Now that the worst negotiated deal in the history of man (the nuke deal) has happened approximately one million barrels a day of additional heavy and light Iranian crude will reach the global market.

Had the Albertans been Ayatollahs and threatened the existence of Manitoba they too would have got their crude to market via a pipeline.  The CO2 story is a smokescreen, it is all about the geopolitics of threatening western civilization that gets Obama to become weak kneed and drop to his prayer mat.  Also the oil companies who are reeling after the drop in global oil prices did not want more oil to flood the already oversupplied market.

I did a quick calculation that the $50 per barrel drop in prices has caused global GDP to drop by $1.7 trillion given the 93 million barrels a day of oil that is produced worldwide.   I am happy that consumers from Capetown to Calcutta have more in their pockets and that sheiks and Russian oligarchs are eating less caviar and only having sex each night with 12 women not 20.   But I am actually quite concerned that Alberta will now ship their syncrude  over the Rockies and off to China where the oil will be refined with even less concern than at an Exxon Mobil refinery in Texas.

My idiot congressman will applaud Obama as the defender of the environment.  I think of Obama as a weak kneed leader in a world that has an existential threat from countries like Iran rather than provinces like Alberta.  I do worry about CO2 concentration in the atmosphere but on a scale of worries, I worry much more about Iran and their nukes than the Keystone pipeline. 

Our solution is sociological and our victory over completely screwing up the environment will come when we actually live closer to work, drive less, own more efficient cars, and start electing honest politicians who follow science rather than the money given to them by lobbyists.  The Keystone pipeline is irrelevant in the quest for a greener world.   The Tesla gigafactory is irrelevant in a greener world.  The pundits have one or two idiotic poster children that they think make a dent in what is going on.  Good science and educated people can make for a more perfected world. 

We don’t need Theranos we need folks to understand Thermodynamics and that entropy will always increase but if we do fewer exothermic or even endothermic reactions we add less entropy to our surroundings.  Theranos fakes their pinprick blood testing, Bloom fakes their CO2 emissions, KIor faked their wood to diesel chemistry, and Obama fakes his green credentials.  Actually Obama is just a talking head.

 I do not know if Carson faked being a violent teenager, but he certainly slowed down his rate of increasing entropy when he became a “low energy” adult.  The Donald creates massive entropy each time he opens his big mouth.  We need more adults like Ben who should use the campaign slogan “I am low entropy”


  1. Great posting. I did not think about the U. S. refining the Alberta tar sands oil would be done more cleanly than anywhere else in the world. The Keystone XL was going to handle 800,000 barrels per day. That would save using 720 rail tank cars for transportation. Rail is far worse than pipelines for transportation due to accidents at intersections and derailments. The ayatollahs in Washington have no regard for American's lives.

    James H. Rust, professor of nuclear engineering (ret.)


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