Saturday, October 17, 2015

Why Con D and Joe Will Not Run For Office?

I sent this in an email to a political reporter at the Huffington Post. She is Mollie Reilly.  She wrote an article that Con D Rice has quit politics.

Ms. Reilly

I enjoy reading your articles such as this one

The reason why Con D Rice won't run for office is that she was very involved in a bankrupt company Kior as a member of the board of directors.  She insider traded stock for a profit and hyped the "reality" of Kior to replace oil imports.  Kior went bust and owes the State of Mississippi $75 million.  Old Miss is suing Vinod Khosla (Dinner host to Obama) and his close cronies for fraud to recover the $75 million.  Con D escaped this suit but I am after her for my movie Celsius 1960 - Fake Science and Bloomdoggles.  see the attached poster.

Read my blogs what Con D did

There are many more blogs I have done on Khosla ,Con D, and Toxic Tony Blair.  Con D and Toxic Tony are "advisors" to Khosla.  Khosla is gangrene not green and he brought us the following greenwashed failures.  Cello, Range, Coskata, Mascoma, Ls 9, Amyris, Gevo, Calera, and of course Kior.

Now why won't Joe run?  It is another faked out green company that he brought to Delaware.  Not Fisker but Bloom Energy.

Read my blog of my I accuse letter to President Obama

You may ask who is Lindsay Leveen?   I am an award winning Chemical Engineer as well as a National Newspaper Association award winning Journalist.  NBC featured me when they busted Bloom for greenwashing in Delaware and California.  I have copied Vicky and Liz of NBC on this email

Here are two of their pieces on the Bloom Energy gangrene fake out that I named The Bloomdoggle.

Please contact me after you have read and watched the links.  They tell all about why Con D Rice will not run for even the post of dog catcher in Palo Alto.  Joe will not run because I have the scoop on him how he made the bogus tariff in Delaware happen that has so far in 30 months transferred over $100 million of ratepayer money to Al Gore and Al's partners including John Doerr (Dinner host to Obama) and Colin Powell.  The bogus tariff will continue 18 more years unless folks in Delaware revolt which is what they are starting to do

You should note I have asked the President of Stanford University to make Con D Rice and Stevie Chu available for interviews in my movies.  1960 C is four times as hot as Fahrenheit 911

All this high level corruption is why the Donald and Bernie are doing well.  People know they are being screwed left and right.


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine AKA The Thermonator

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