Saturday, October 3, 2015

Delaware Is No Longer Delunaware

Folks in Delaware are waking up to the Bloomdoggle.  Mr. Wayne Rutman of Wilmington wrote the following letter to the editor of the News Journal that is the largest newspaper in the first state.

Newspaper should expose Bloomdoggle

“I found the focus of your recent article on Bloom Energy to be very odd, as an important part of the story is buried in the 21st paragraph.
That’s where you note Delmarva Power customers have directly subsidized Bloom’s operations to the tune of $100 million in the past three years.  And that bill is rising every month.
If that is not bad enough, we know that this “green energy” boondoggle isn’t really green at all.  Bloom merely uses an inefficient method to generate electricity with natural gas, a process that costs 60% more than the conventional method.
So instead of a puff piece on the supposed good citizenship of Bloom’s chief operating officer, perhaps the News Journal should focus on holding accountable our elected officials who agreed to this corporate welfare Bloomdoggle.
Additionally it would be nice if the News Journal explored how Delawareans might get relief from the hundreds of millions of dollars of further subsidies we are all now expected to pay to Bloom.”

I contacted Wayne Rutman.  We communicated by email.  He apologized for using the word Bloomdoggle.  I thanked him for using the word Bloomdoggle.  He has read my blogs and has become educated on how he and others in Deal Away are getting screwed with dirty, expensive, and unreliable power when the Governor et Al Gore promised affordable, green, and reliable power.

When people become educated the rip off will stop.  Al Gore and his cronies at Bloom had a strategy to screw millions of ratepayers of a few dollars per household each month with hidden fees in power bills.  This was the strategy of death by a million mini shocks.  They thought it would go unnoticed in the SGIP in California and the QFCP in Deal Away.  Little did Al Gore and his friends know that their dirty lie of the sulfur laden electrons would be exposed.   The end of the Bloomdoggle started when people woke up.  Delunaware became Delaware when Mr. Rutman and his neighbors started to read the Green Machine. 

Governor Markell and Attoney General Denn think they can hide and live through 2016 without resigning.  Sadly for them, I now have priests, rabbis, liberals, conservatives, and all types of citizens in Delaware aware of the fraud that went on in the name of “green energy” to enrich Al and his buddies.  Mr. O’Mara and Mr. Levin have resigned for their roles in the Bloomdoggle’s now that Wayne Rutman and his neighbors know that Levin and O’Mara had their strings pulled by Markell and perhaps Joe Biden is time for an independent counsel to be appointed at the Delaware Department of Justice to investigate the Bloomdoggle and bring criminal charges for the greenwashed fraud.  Note Matt Denn is simply too tarnished as he was the Lieutenant Governor under Markell before he became the AG.  

Matt Denn’s father is a famous chemical engineer and a distinguished professor.  His Dad will need to explain to him the problems of the hidden sulfur waste in the protected coastal zone.  I must have written fifty emails to Matt Denn and his assistant AG’s that the DE DOJ has chosen to ignore thinking the problem would go away and that silence is Golden.  Matt Denn it is almost over and you and Jack Markell must resign.  Others must go to jail and Bloom must return all the $100 million in ill-gotten subsidy plus fines.  Bloom can forget about extracting another $600 million in subsidy from Delmarva ratepayers over the next 18 years as Markell has promised them.


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