Saturday, October 24, 2015

Markell Bought By Koch or Koch Bought By Markell?

This is one crazy blog.  Jack Markell the Governor of Delaware who is a distant cousin of the truth and honest government settled his lawsuit with FuelCell Energy.  FuelCell Energy is the Mini Me of Dr. Evil Bloom Energy.  These two companies fleeced the California SGIP fund of half a billion dollars for electrons with solid sulfur waste that ends up treated in EPA licensed facilities.

The state of DE will pay FuelCell’s lawyers $45,000 and the case will go away from Federal Court.

But who are FuelCell’s lawyers Cause of Action, they are a group funded by the Kochs.

Hence Delaware taxpayers are now funding Koch’s political reach.  But it gets worse, the minute the settlement was announced it was revealed that Markell will be giving a keynote speech early in November at a Koch sponsored event. 

The lawsuit was a sham simply to pretend that somebody cares about free trade in America.  The real lawsuit that should have happened was the lawsuit by Whipple that Delmarva ratepayers are being defrauded by Bloom in the Bloomdoggle.  Markell got his superior court judge to toss out that case as they all knew that the poor and middle class households are being screwed royally in their electric bills to give Al Gore and his cronies at Bloom $3 million a month in subsidy.  Each Delmarva electric customer pays approximately $5 per month.   This is death by 600,000 shocks.

The crook Markell had promised clean, reliable, and affordable power from Bloom.  Bloom delivered dirty, unreliable, and massively expensive power.  That is the real story.  NBC has reported on the story.  Breitbart has reported on the story and I certainly have over reported on the story.

Forget the claims in TV ads by the Kochs that they are nice.  Forget the claims by Markell he is an honest governor.  The Kochs are as evil as Bloom and Markell is as honest as Nixon.  The story here is that Bloom is a thermodynamic fraud and for the next 18 years unless is stopped the subsidy to Bloom by the poor and the middle class will be approximately $36 million a year.  Yes if the Bloomdoggle continues, something like three quarters of a billion dollars will be transferred from John and Jane Doe to Al Gore and his cronies for dirty sulfur laden unreliable power that should never have been generated.

Yes there was pure fraud in the issuance of the permit in the protected coastal zone.  Collin O’Mara led that fraud when he issued the CZA permit and he hid the tons of sulfur waste that are generated each month and hauled away secretly to an EPA licensed Hazmat facility for treatment.

Markell and Koch can have their love fest, but folks in Deal Away wake up you are being shafted for the next 18 years at the rate of $36 million a year unless you force your government to be accountable.  Don’t rely on the Kochs or Markell for help they are conjoined twins and cut from the same cloth. 

I suggest each Delmarva ratepayer deduct $5 each month from their bill and let Delmarva try to collect the $3 million a month through the courts.  Then the courts can determine if the $5 a month charged to many poor and middleclass households is fraud or legitimate.  Any court that is not filled with Kangaroos and judges appointed and behooven to Markell will rule that Bloom is a fraudulent Bloomdoggle, and that Collin O’Mara should serve time.  

Markell should just join a Koch company as their CEO and pretend to be a democrat. 


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