Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas and Green Energy

Santa moves his sleigh through the air and on land using reindeer.  If only real life could be that green.  Gevo which is a failed Khosla company claimed they would produce jet fuel from sugar.  Of course the story was thermodynamic BS but Richard Branson of Virgin bought it hook, line, and sinker.  I wrote that it was BS years ago.

GEVO is one of the worst performing stocks in the NASDAQ for 2015.  Last Christmas bio fools were buying the stock at $5.55 a share today the same share can be bought for $0.74.  Khosla has a bigger bio fool bust than GEVO in his KIOR debacle that the state of Mississippi has called fraud.  KIOR shares are worthless.

Perhaps Santa can also run his sled on lithium ion batteries?  He could have a Nissan Leaf sled.  Nissan leads the world in EV production and sales.  The problem for EVs in the USA in 2015 is that gasoline is cheap and sales of all EVs in this country are down compared with 2014.  This is the fifth year on market for the Leaf in the USA and sales of the Leaf for the 11 months through November are only 15,922 versus over 27,000 for the same period last year.  This is a bad omen for a supposed growth market.  Santa will likely stick to reindeer rather than lithium ion batteries.  The batteries in hoverboards are catching alight and Santa has banned the transport of this hot gift in sled for fear of burning his butt while hovering over the North Pole.

At least Santa is not carrying lumps of coal for gifts this year.  Coal production in the US dropped like a black stone.  Low natural gas prices allowed utilities to generate more power from natural gas and less from coal.  Peabody Coal (BTU) the top US producer saw its shares drop from $117 a share to $9.47 over the year since last Christmas.   Oil companies also experienced large drops in their share prices.  Petro Quest (PQ) dropped from $3.85 a share to $0.38.  A portfolio of GEVO, BTU and PQ is worth a dime on the dollar versus last year.

I have no clue what stocks will do in 2016 but I know for sure that Santa will still be using Reindeer to propel his sled come next Christmas.  Also by next Christmas we will know who our next president will be, and the one good thing about this is that Ernie Moniz will be vacating the top spot at the US Department of Entropy.  Ernie might look like Alfred E Neuman and think that hairstyles are still the same as when Jimmy Carter was president, but sadly he is utterly incompetent to set energy policy even for Santa Claus.  He would make a cute elf to assist Santa making toys for tots, but Santa cannot let Ernie have any role in the selection of the propulsion system of the sled.

I do wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  It can only get better.


  1. WHAT ME WORRY?? That was what Alfred E. Neuman said when I was little. Ernie Moniz is the logical replacement today. He may still head the Department of Entropy is Hillary is elected in 2016 and we can all claim to be Alfred E. Neuman.

    Merry Christmas

    James H. Rust, professor

  2. Prof FeO Ernie will retire and run a green energy company for Al Gore. The company WMW Inc will not be What Me Worry Inc but where's my watts Inc. ????

  3. Prof FeO Ernie will retire and run a green energy company for Al Gore. The company WMW Inc will not be What Me Worry Inc but where's my watts Inc. ????

  4. ACTUALLY, this book gives us INTERESTING answers. Including thatpf Santa's Sleigh Power.

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