Saturday, October 31, 2015

Bloom Kabloom Bloomerang Bloomdoggle

I love the blooming onions at Outback.  I just wish the blooming liars at Bloom Energy would end their greenwashed business to nowhere.  Bloom is no green onion.

Delaware (Deal Away) issued the employment report and it is Blooming Dismal.

224 Jobs instead of 600 promised.  I had written three months ago that Bloom was wilting.  They had 230 jobs as of the end of June 2015 and now have fewer jobs as of September 30 2015.  

6 jobs were lost over the last three months when they are supposed to add 25 jobs a month.

My take from the latest excuse from Bloomdoggle Energy:

Interesting the gangrene monsters at Bloom are blaming slow local permits for their crappy performance.

The local governments know Bloom pollutes and creates solid waste with sulfur that ends up being treated in an EPA licensed Hazmat facility in Texas

The Crook O'Mara certainly had the same information, but he handed out the fake CZA permit to Bloomdoggle to assist Al Gore and his partners to rip off Delmarva ratepayers.  Now the crook has a $300,000 a year cushy job at the NWF that Big Al helped him land.

O'Mara was assisted by Ralph Durstein and these two must be indicted for dereliction of duty.  The five pretend Professional Engineers need to be stripped of their licenses except we have found out that one of them working for DNREC has no DE PE license to be stripped of.

No jobs, a fake permit, a bogus tariff, no licenses, and the $$$$$ money is in Al Gore's and his friends' pockets.   

The Green Machine AKA the Thermanator is once again batting 1,000 by simply following the laws of thermodynamics and following the MONEEEE

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