Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bloom Energy and Transparency

I have reported that the Delaware PSC has mandated that DELMARVA spell out the cost of the Bloomdoggle on each and every ratepayer bill each and every month the gangrene fraud continues.

The News Journal reported a front page article today on the Bloomdoggle in Delaware.

Quoting a Bloom Operative the article states:
“Matt Ross, a spokesman for Bloom, said the company supports transparency, but claimed this process targeted Bloom.
"This should be applied to all projects and initiatives equally and not selectively only to some," Ross said. "This approach will better inform the public on both the in-state projects which support jobs such as Bloom fuel cells, along with out-of-state projects that do not, which Delmarva relies upon to meet its renewable portfolio standards obligations for electric power in the state."

Matt Ross is trained and highly paid to promote the Bloomdoggle.  Transparency and this company are very distant relatives.  These gangrene imposters hide solid waste with sulfur, and lied about their efficiency.  They even paid Mexican laborers working in Silicon Valley sub minimum wages and in Pesos not Dollars.

Ross thinks shale gas is renewable?   Only in Deal Away can shale gas derived dirty electrons from a Bloom Coffin be called “renewable”.

Matt is also the thermodynamic cretin that told the New Zealand reporter that NBC was comparing oranges to apples to rocks, when NBC exposed Bloom’s Greenwashing last year.

Matt you are either as dense as a rock or simply a liar.  Your stinking company quickly and quietly changed your website after the NBC report.

Yes Matt we are targeting Bloom for the fraud in Delaware and to recover the over $100 million you all extracted from DELMARVA ratepayers.  Your stinking company promised clean, reliable, and affordable power but all you delivered is dirty, unreliable, and exorbitantly expensive power.   Matt go crawl under a rock.  The next action of DE PSC will be to declare the Bloom tariff as BOGUS as the heat rate in the tariff does not match the heat rate in the fake CZA (Coastal Zone Act) Permit that should never have been issued.

After the crook O’Mara who issued the fake CZA permit is sentenced to five years of hard labor in prison, he will be happy to slice apples and oranges in the state prison kitchen rather than breaking rocks on a chain gang.  O’Mara will then know the difference between oranges, apples, and rocks and will also remember to permit sulfur waste that winds up being treated at an EPA licensed facility.  O’Mara will mutter “them rocks have sulfide”.  

Oh Bummer's presidency will be remembered for massive greenwashed failures and Bloom is Solyndra times five.  Why do all these gangrene imposters have to talk about stones and rocks???