Sunday, October 11, 2015

DC Gets Green Sewage

A friend from New Zealand sent me the cartoon.  Here is the scoop on poop in DC.

The Washington Post article is well written and very informative and I will not repeat what Ms. Shaver wrote.  What I did find interesting is that the facility cost $470 million and will save $23 million each year when you add the power savings, the trucking savings and the chemical savings.  A 20 year payout.  Most non-governmental projects have to payout in 5 years or less.  Most governmental projects never payout so this could be one of the better ones.

The Norwegian technology is pretty interesting and employs thermal hydrolysis which means reaction with water using heat i.e. steam.  The cartoon from Kiwiland is also clever.  Washington insiders do normally use power to generate waste.  Look at Bloom Energy they have to haul solid waste with sulfur in sealed metal canisters across state lines to an EPA licensed HAZMAT facility for treatment.  Vinod Khosla with the help of Con D Rice and Toxic Tony Blair used power to generate waste steel and copper at their 2 year old Kior facility in Columbus Mississippi that is now being sold piecemeal as scrap. The auctioneer calls this a “TREMENDOUS SCRAPPING OPPORTUNITY” see the last line of the link below.

If I was the auctioneer I would have just said we added the S to crap and come get this taxpayer funded facility for pennies on the dollar.


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