Wednesday, July 4, 2018


For years I have explained to readers that Theranos was the Bloom of Blood.  Now we have a Chinese solar company Yingli that is the Bloom of PV. 

I asked Greentech Media to report on Yingli and they responded by having their star retired editor Eric Wesoff write an excellent piece.

Wesoff and I have a love hate relationship but he did sometimes report on GTM that Bloom was a scam.  He also reported that I called KIOR an ecofraud very early on.

It is July 4th and I celebrate the diversity of thought and freedom of expression in America.  Smart guys like Eric Wesoff when they have their thinking caps on can report real news.  Eric I salute you even though you email me to have sex with myself.

As for Yingli they need a Dingy.  Maybe the Chinese commies have a Schumer The Bloomer who will bail them out with a 30% investment tax credit.


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