Saturday, July 14, 2018

Harvey Weinstein Movie Roles For Sex

Remembering the Baby Fund My Fire Doerrs are Four Harvey Wallbanger Weinsteins when it comes to contributions to Federal candidates and causes I wrote this email to prominent politicians and government officials

Harvey Weinstein admitted he gave movie roles for sex

We have to find out what Doerr got for his contributions to the Senate Democrats and Obama???

The movie on The Bloomdoggle is progressing.  No sex in the movie.  But it is full of other sins.

Being Jewish, Poor and Ugly I get what Harvey said but disagree with him.  The actors in The Bloomdoggle do not have to sleep for their roles, they just have to understand how the swamp works.

It is pretty simple to explain the roles to the actors.  I will use the attached slides.  The actors will then be able to play the roles perfectly.

I am now interviewing the actor to play Huffman.  Andy McCabe needs the money but can I trust him to play the role honestly?  I doubt his sincerity.

If Barry Minkow gets out of jail soon enough I will have him play Doerr.