Thursday, July 12, 2018

My Email To Winston Peters Acting Prime Minister of New Zealand

I have told Winston Peters for years that the Kiwi Superfund investment in Bloom was destined for disaster.  He never lifted a finger.  The press in NZ should use this one slide that is attached to call Mr. Peters to the carpet for his apathy towards pensioners' money.  The idiots at the superfund bought into the Bloomdoggle at peak prices back in 2013 and 2014.

The CCPIB made sure they got the whole company as collateral when they loaned the Bloomdoggle money.

The real idiots/crooks are the SEC who went after Badger and Daubenspeck (Advanced Equities) instead of shutting down Gore, Doerr and Powell's Bloomdoggle in 2012.  Of course Obama was protecting his friends.  The OIG of the SEC must investigate and heads at the SEC must role.

I am now trying to find out why Bill Kurtz the former CFO of Bloom at the time the Kiwis invested is shown to have no shares in the company in the S1.  Did he unload his shares while the Kiwis or others were buying in??????

Mr. Whineray you should check the case of Kathy H Kurtz Vs William H Kurtz,  Looks like Kurtz had a divorce settlement exactly at the time the Superfund was buying into Bloom where he was the CFO.  This could be a coincidence???

We do know for sure that GREEN LIES MATTER

To the Kiwi press please send this to Matt Nippert of the Herald who is under Bloom's spell and reports fake news down under.


The email and the slide was sent to leading press folks in New Zealand besides the acting prime minister.

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