Monday, July 9, 2018

Bloom had a Reverse Stock Split Pre IPO

This email was sent to the OIG of the SEC as well as the Chairman of the SEC

Folks it gets worse.

Look at the new S1.  Fewer shares outstanding than in the previous S1.  means Bloom did a 3 for 2 reverse split.  The Kiwi pensioners came in at say $25 and now need $37.50 to break even,  This means the Kiwis lost 66% of their money even if the propped up IPO happens.

The SEC must call me, Badger, Daubenspeck, Nichols, and others to testify what the hell went wrong in the Bloomdoggle,  There is no doubt a NDA between Bloom and Badger/Daubenspeck and my guess is the Stormy times Forty could be even higher.  The NDA may be on the books for more than $5 million.

Crooked Colin Powell is just one of the players.  This could go all the way to Obama.  It certainly goes to Joe Biden.

Very few IPOs that have insiders buying to prop them up survive.  KIOR went public after the DOE canned their billion dollar loan.

To the OIG of the SEC this IPO is a sham.  Period the end.