Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Why Does Bill Kurtz Show No Shares In Bloom S1 ????

William H. Kurtz is the Chief Commercial Officer of Bloom Energy.  He was the Chief Financial Officer unitil 2015.  He has been with Bloom Energy for 10 years.  Yet the S1 does not show a single share or a single option held in the name Kurtz.   Why?????

Did Bill Kurtz unload his shares?  Was he never given any options or stock units?  These are open questions.  The S1 does not state anything about Kurtz or other insiders previously selling shares in Bloom Energy.

I find it very strange that a very senior person in the C Suite does not have any shares or options.  I have asked the Inspector General of the SEC as well as the Chairman of the SEC to investigate why Bill Kurtz has zero ownership interest in the company????

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