Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bloom, Google, Cypress Semi and Advanced Equities Investors

Another email just sent to OIG of the SEC and many others including Doerr and Rodgers.

In early 2009 when Advanced Equities (The company that the SEC sanctioned for hyping Bloom) sold shares in Bloom to investors, part of the sales package included a testimonial Bloom prepared stating that Google was in love with the fuel cells Bloom had installed at Google HQ in mid 2008.  Bloom had Cypress Semiconductor of TJ Rodgers fame conduct the interview of Google to obtain the "Google Customer Testimonial".  The testimonial stated "the units have performed well."  "System operating at or better than expectations."

Remember Doerr sits on the board of Google as well as Bloom.  He was a board member of both companies when the Google Customer Testimonial was given.  

Rodgers used to sit on the boards of Bloom and Cypress Semiconductor at the time of the testimonial

We know those early fuel cells failed rapidly and many had to be decommissioned.

The OIG of the SEC must investigate why Burson and Stoltz of the Chicago office of the SEC did not add Google, Bloom, and Cypress Semiconductor to their investigation of Badger and Daubenspeck (Advanced Equities),  Certainly Doerr and Rodgers should have been investigated.

It is interesting that Rodgers was thrown off the board of Cypress and screamed Judas when this happened.  Rodgers resigned from Bloom's board in January of this year without any explanation.

Maybe the SEC does have a copy of the "Google Customer Testimonial"???

Maybe Obama protected his friend and HUGE contributor John Doerr??

We know for sure that Jack Markell the former governor of Delaware touted Bloom as having Google as a customer.  The "Google Customer Testimonial" is not worth the paper it is written on.


Ms. Brandt as the head of sustainability at Google you are hereby informed that Google is part of the Bloomdoogle.  We know Apple, AT&T, Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, DELMARVA and myriad others are also part of the BLOOMDOGGLE.

Ending the Bloomdoggle wil drain 99.99999% of the swamp.  Mr. Pyle please tell Mr. Trump about the Bloomdoggle

Congressman Jordan please hold hearings.


The Green Machine