Sunday, July 15, 2018

Not Your Cup Of Tea

The Bloomdogglers accused me of being a Tea Partier.  The truth is I am not.  The Bloomdogglers accused me of working for the Kochs.  The truth is I do not.  The Bloomdogglers accused me or being racist.  The truth is I am not.  The Bloomdoggle is simply not my cup of tea.

I wrote this to them and the SEC

To the SEC

When we put up stiff opposition to Bloom coming to steal money in Delaware, the swamp dwellers called us Tea Partiers.  I happen to be the Green Machine and do love Green Tea.  I am not a Tea Partier,  I do not work for the Koch Brothers.  I have never contributed a cent to any politician.  

Doerr and his cronies on the stage at the launch at eBay are the poster children of what has gone wrong with America.  They are all Bloomdogglers.  The founder of Google knew the boxes at Google had a half life of one year.  Shridhar did his magic under the black cape knowing full well his fuel cell was the worst on market.  The Walmart dude was there because the Walton family sent him there as they owned part of Bloomdoggle.  The Odwalla dude corrected lying Doerr that he was not the president of Coca Cola.  The eBay dude was there because Meg Whitman was soon to become a Kleiner Perkins partner.  That Feinstein and Bloomberg were willing to lie through their teeth for the Bloomdoggle is sickening.  That Powell made the slickest presentation of his life except for the one in which he lied that Saddam Hussein had WMDs is disgusting.  Crooked Colin was being paid handsomely under a consulting agreement signed the year before in 2009.  The collage of photos of Boxer, Con D Rice, and Toxic Tom Friedman with Shridhar just show how deep these Bloomdogglers went to camouflage the fact that their box was expensive, was inefficient, and required a stack change at that time every 18 months or so.

The SEC must demand that Badger and Daubenspeck testify.  The SEC knows they attended the board meetings and will be able to tell us all who really hyped the Bloomdoggle.  They will tell us exactly how much they were paid under the NDA.  I believe it is north of Stormy Times Forty.

We want equal justice and the rule of law.  That Doerr owns the Senate Democrats and Barack Obama is irrelevant.  We have enough proof for indictments.  Doerr kind of reminds me of McCabe plus 25 years.  Slick and full of himself and he plays the audience and the panel.  He did not fool me in 2010 and I called it an eco-fraud then.  That they called me a Tea Partier only shows how stupid and wrong they are.