Monday, July 16, 2018

Google Gave Up On Bloom Energy

Google was Bloom Energy's first commercial customer way back in July 2008.  It looks like they did not ever do another project with Bloomdoggle.  Why?   Page attended the launch of Bloomdoggle in February 2010 and stated that if the Boxes work he would like to see them installed at everyone of Google's data centers,  Maybe Page found out the boxes don't work?  But surely Google the eavesdropper that knows everything should have informed the world that Bloom is a Bloomdoggle.

Gawking Google Failed To Inform.  Baby Fund My Fire John Doerr is on the board of directors of both Google and Bloomdoggle.  Lyin' Alchemy Gore is an advisor to Google and a partner in Doerr's Kleiner Perkins of Silly Con Valley.  This is pretty interesting why Google is not the number one customer or even the number ten customer of Bloom.  Google must know that Bloom is not renewable energy.

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