Saturday, July 14, 2018


A virulent disease is plaguing the USA,  The symptom of the disease is CRONY CAPITALISM. 

The actual underlying disease is DOERR as in John Doerr the head Bloomdoggler.

DOERR equals Dumb Officials Extracting Real Revenue.  Doerr and his buddies like Khosla extracted Billions of taxpayer and ratepayer dollars in their  Bloomdoggle, Fisker, Amyris, Luca and myriad other gangrene energy schemes.  Doerr owns Obama and the Democrats with the occasional Republican thrown in.  Khosla the "lifelong republican" owned Obama and escaped prosecution in the KIOR ecofraud.

Doerr owned the most crooked academic Dan Kammen

Doerr owned the most crooked press people like Toxic Tom Friedman

What Doerr did not own was a brain for thermodynamics.  He is in fact a thermodynamic cretin.

It is high time to eradicate the DOERR disease.

The OIG of the SEC must do its job and investigate the Stormy Times Forty NDA.  The SEC must demand that Bloomdoggle submit an honest and complete S1 before their IPO can commence.  The voters in Delaware must first boot out Toxic Tom Carper, then Crooked Chris Coons and Jumpy John Carney and then end the Bloomdoggle there.

The GREEN MACHINE has exposed Doerr and the Bloomdoggle as well as many other ecofrauds like KIOR.  The Thermanator is DDT in the treatment of gangrene.  Debunking Dumb Theories in the green space

GREEN LIES MATTER and time to end CANCEROUS CRONYISM.  We must up our attitude to make science great in America again and drive from office Dumb Officials Extracting Real Revenue