Sunday, August 16, 2015

Tianjin and Bloom Energy

The news from Tianjin China is beyond sad.  I know that city, I helped build Motorola’s semiconductor fab in Tianjin in 1998.  My heart goes out to the people of Tianjin.

The Guardian has reported that the warehouse operator had 70 times the permitted quantity of sodium cyanide in the warehouse.

The owners of the chemical company that caused this disaster are under investigation.  The truth will reveal they were politically connected and city officials were keeping a blind eye to what was going on.  This is a Chinese BLOOMDOGGLE.

Our American Bloomdoggle actually has a former Vice President and a former Secretary of State.   Our Bloomdoggle has infinitely more solid waste with sulfur than was permitted in the protected coastal zone of Delaware.  Zero such waste was permitted.  Our Bloomdoggle has been given approximately one billion dollars of taxpayer and ratepayer money.  Our Bloomdoggle includes Apple, Walmart, EBay, AT&T, Delmarva Power, Exelon, Google, Maxim Technologies, IKEA, AC Transit, and another dozen prestigious US companies.

We can all talk about Chinese corruption and a blind eye to safety and permits.  However Al Gore and Colin Powell managed to hoodwink Arnie, Mike Bloomberg, and Senator Feinstein to make appearances at the launch of this thermodynamic fake company in February 2010.  Al and Colin got Collin O’Mara now the CEO of the National Wildlife Federation to hide tons of solid waste with sulfur in the protected coastal zone of Delaware.   Al and Colin got the millions while their Bloomdoggle generates, dirty, unreliable, and completely unaffordable power.

Al and Colin have negative learning rates.  Their Bloomdoggle now costs $11.1 million per megawatt (AT&T in New Jersey) versus $8 million when they launched.  Al and Colin don’t need to learn a thing, they know how to extract mucho money from corrupt politicians and asleep and scared civil servants.  Who needs to go to school when you own it all?  The Donald is correct as he exposes the Complex.

The 700 tons of sodium cyanide in Tianjin is only matched by the hundreds of tons of solid waste with sulfur at myriad sites Bloom Energy and their “green” clients create.   Yes the American Bloomdoggle has created over 100 tons of undeclared solid waste with sulfur that ends up at an EPA licensed facility for treatment.

The burned out cars in Tianjin kind of remind me of the burned out Fiskers after Hurricane Sandy. Al and Colin also brought us the Fisker Fiasco thanks to Kleiner Perkins the main VC behind the Bloomdoggle and Fisker Fiasco.


  1. Nice commentary and very relevant. I thought the Chinese used a bullet to the head to treat corrupt officials. Maybe we could learn from that.

    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering

  2. Prof Rust I am not sure the Bloomdoggle while a high crime against nature and humanity is a capital crime. I would be happy with restitution of a billion dollars and giving O'Mara a hundred years in the Penn. Markell should also get a hundred years. Gore a thousand years. Powell ten thousand years if you add the War crimes.

  3. They only use a bullet to the head of those corrupt Chinese officials who embarrass them by getting caught or causing some disaster that brings public attention. If all corrupt Chinese officials received a bullet to the head, there would be no Chinese officials. "Corrupt officials" is redundant in China. Unfortunately, not only in China.