Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Crazy Week

This week was a crazy week for matters green.  NBC reported on the BLOOMDOGGLE. 

The Donald called Kerry “what a schmuck” and continued to surge in the polls.

The inspector general of the Department of Energy said that senior executives at Solyndra lied to get the DOE loan that Oh Bummer and Chu gave them.

We know that Thermodynamics never lies.  We also know the hypnotized never lie.  Anderson Cooper may try to keep them honest, but The Thermonator hypnotizes them before they can ever lie.

All the news can be boiled down to a simple fact.  People are sick and tired of the Complex stealing from them.  Al Gore, John Doerr, Colin Powell, Vinod Khosla, Condi Rice, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and all their cronies are in retreat as the majority no longer remains silent while they plunder.

Oh Bummer stared at the Solyndra solar cell in the photograph while his cronies lied to get the DOE money.  The Chinese produced hundreds of millions of silicon solar cells while Dr. Chu made speeches about the wonders of CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) in PV.  Just this week TSMC a major Taiwanese microchip firm gave up on CIGS after wasting $400 million on the junk Dr. Chu dreamed of.

I have a question for Dr. Chu who now bends the young minds at Stanford after Dr. Rice has already distorted them with lies.  Dr. Chu did you really think that the laws of thermodynamics stopped being applied just because you and Oh Bummer could throw billions at junk science sponsored by Oh Bummer’s cronies?

The Donald has been asked to express the Yiddish term for Dr. Chu as it relates to his negotiation skills with Solyndra.  One word the Donald may use is Putz.

My Yiddish word for the entire Military Industrial Congressional Presidential Gubernatorial State House Complex is Ganovim.  Ganovim is the plural for Ganef.

China will throw a few dozen of their ganovim in jail for the Tianjin disaster.  The US should learn from the Tianjin disaster that hiding hazardous chemicals in places with fake permits can lead to disaster.  This is exactly my point about the solid waste with sulfur from Bloom Energy Coffins.

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  1. Lindsay, have you attempted to use the RCRA (Resource Conservation And Recovery Act) RCRAInfo Search to track the hydrogen sulfide waste stream from the Bloom Boxes? I understand one can "determine identification and location data for specific hazardous waste handlers, and to find a wide range of information on treatment, storage, and disposal facilities regarding permit/closure status, compliance with Federal and State regulations…"

    If you can obtain a Facility Identification Option Value, we can search on a Facility. There is also a Geography Search.

    I am quite concerned about this hydrogen sulfide waste stream being transported across municipalities and state lines w/o the proper permits and manifests as per RCRA. It's a disaster waiting to happen...