Saturday, August 15, 2015

Ratepayers’ Money Matter

A new national organization to protect ratepayers is being formed and I will be the chairman.  Ratepayers’ Money Matter will take to the streets, the internet, and the air waves to make sure that public utility commissions around the USA do their job of protecting ratepayers.

This email was sent to Mr. Michael Picker the President of the California Public Utilities Commission  (CPUC)

We have formed a new organization that will soon be protesting nationwide.  I am the chairperson of the organization.

Yes Black Lives Matter and so does Ratepayers' Money Matter.

The police have mistreated Blacks and they won't be quiet and stand for this nonsense any longer.  Good for them to make their voices heard.  The CPUC and other public service commissions from Delaware to California have ripped off ratepayers with pure greenwashed nonsense to enrich Al Gore and his Cronies.

We are not going to stand for these rip-offs any longer and I suggest you listen fast and hard that we want action and we want it now.  We want civil servants and politicians that aided and abetted in the crimes against humanity and nature to be brought to justice.  We want the dirty polluting expensive junk Bloom Coffins to be removed and our money to be returned.  We want a full accounting of all emissions and solid waste. We want scientifically correct SGIP Impact Reports.  We want a full accounting of all money flow both ways.  We want to know if the White House put pressure on the DE PSC and the DE Legislature to approve the Bloomdoggle.  We want to know who at the CPUC and the CA Assembly and Senate were tied in with Al Gore and his cronies in the Bloomdoggle.  We want to know all the lobbyists that pulled the wool over the eyes of politicians coast to coast.  We want to know why Arnie, Mike Bloomberg, and Diane Feinstein all made appearances at the Bloom Energy Launch at the EBay HQ in February 2010 with glowing statements about the fake technology.

This is an enormous scandal and a national disgrace.  A third rate technology was launched in 2010 by a huckster revealing magic sand under a black cape with the help of CBS and Leslie Stahl and you all were misled and bloomdoggled.  I wrote a textbook in 2003 on Fuel Cells and was knew the day Bloomdoggle launched it was a thermodynamic lie.   

Mr. Huffman not only are people listening to me now they are following me!  If you don't come straight on your role in the Bloomdoggle your political career is toast.  We don't want to hear the CLECA Twinkie defense, we want answers.  You and your staff in Sacramento jerked me around claiming your staff had gone to CA AG in 2012.  I won't be fooled again.  

This is not going to go away.  The BLM movement is here to stay and the RPMM movement will gain equal steam that career politicians and crooked or dumb civil servants ripped us off blind to enrich cronies like Al Gore who sold us gangrene power instead of green and clean power.

I look forward to the day when those who wield political and economic power obey the laws of thermodynamics.  You can fuel some of the people some of the time but you cannot fuel all of the people all of the time.  I was never fooled for a moment by the Bloom Fool Sell.


Lindsay Leveen The Green Machine

Dark matter accounts for 21% of the universe.  Solid waste with sulfur accounts for a third of the Bloomdoggle matter.  Carbon dioxide accounts for another third, and expensive unreliable power is the final third.  Yes Al ratepayers’ money matter and you are not going to run for president even if Hillary’s mail server reveals secrets that matter.


  1. Dr Shin Thermo rules while Gore Doerr Khosla's. Rice and Powell have greenwashed for billions Moniz knows the lies. Oh Bummer is too stupid to even comprehend the problems he caused. Joe Biden is the man who probably worked over the DE PSC to approve the Bogus Bloom Tariff. We need to get phone records around July August 2012.

  2. The possible Biden conspiracy is that Joe was pushing to get the Bogus Bloom Tariff approved while Beau refused to investigate how the bogus tariff did not match the fake coastal zone act permit. Killary has server problems, Joe has Bloomdoggle problems so we may have Bernie Sanders as the Dem candidate. I need to tell Bernie how these operatives of the Complex forced the Bloomdoggle on Delmarva ratepayers.